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Wednesday, April 19, 2017



1 - It's been one week since Jeffrey L. Orridge stepped down as Commissioner of the CFL and the trail has already gone cold. Aside from the inevitable merry-go-round of rumours, no real credible name has been put forth as a replacement for Orridge.

I guess the major markets of the CFL are too wrapped up with the Stanley Cup Playoffs to give this story any coverage.

"It's too soon for that," advised one national reporter out of Toronto on Tuesday.

Says who?

If Roger Goodell resigned as NFL Commissioner, ESPN would have a list of a dozen candidates drafted by noon. Let's get with it.

2 - Former Rider President Jim Hopson - the architect and oversee'er of the Decade of Decadence in Saskatchewan - replied via email to my question of whether or not he's interested in the Commissioner's job.

"Flattered to be mentioned as a possible candidate," Hopson wrote. "But being realistic, I'm not sure the CFL governors would see a 66 year old retired guy as the answer."

Dammit! I can't tell if that's a yes or a no.

Here's another name not to be discounted: Brad Wall.

That rumour is out there.

Here's another Brad:  Brad Elberg.  The CFL and Queens alumnus from Regina is a corporate lawyer splitting his time between Toronto and Regina and would be a perfect fit.  There's a groundswell of support for him growing.

3 - Other names which have come up in connection with the job include: TSN's Duane Forde, Blue Bombers President Wade Miller, Rider Hall of Famer Scott Schultz (who turns 39 today) and Argos legend Pinball Clemons. Don't forget two of the other names who weren't successful two years when Orridge was hired: Tom Anselmi and Skip Prince.

Former Rider players Luc Mullinder and Mike Abou-Mechrek said on Monday's SportsCage on 620 CKRM that the CFL is a far different league from the NFL, and a "Roger Goodell-lite" type isn't necessary. They'd like to see a former player in the Commissioner's chair (surprise, surprise).

I'm not sure I disagree.

I thought former Alouette Larry Smith did a remarkable job keeping this league alive during a tenuous time in the 1990s.

4 - To the Regina Pats, who are off to the WHL's Eastern Conference Final against the Lethbridge Hurricanes. The 'Canes finished off Medicine Hat in Game 7 of the semifinals Tuesday night by a 5-4 score in overtime. Either team would've given the Pats a good run, but the Pats-Hurricanes match-up is salacious. Lethbridge must feel they have some "unfinished business" after losing to the Pats in Round 1 last year, a series in which lots of bad blood was spilled.

"I'd prefer Lethbridge only because of the rivalry!" Pats goalie Tyler Brown cheerfully answered on Tuesday's SportsCage. Now he has his wish.

5 - To the fans outraged by ticket scalpers for Round 3: You Snooze, You Lose. I've been warning Regina for months that they should get their tickets in advance because this is going to be a deep run. The longest in decades.

You should've listened. I bought my four packages weeks ago and now get to play God with whomever is looking for a pair.

6 - When my head hit the pillow after Game 7 of the Pats-Broncos game on Monday night, my ears wouldn't stop ringing. The meter the Pats used hit 110 decibels and long-time arena staff said it's the loudest the Brandt Centre/Agridome has ever been, save for the Justin Bieber concert a few years ago. The American Health & Speech Safety Association describes 110 decibels as "extremely loud".

Thanks tips.

The crowd at the 2013 Grey Cup at Taylor Field registered 118 decibels, or the same as a jet airplane at takeoff.

Regina might be giving Winnipeg a run for its money for the country's loudest fans.

The fact is, Reginans finally have something to cheer about.

What's Winnipeg's excuse?

7 - The ploy by Pats coach John Paddock to dress injured captain Adam Brooks for Games 5, 6 & 7 of the Swift Current series was sheer genius. Clearly the Pats Most Popular Player was nowhere close to playing since he never saw the ice in three consecutive elimination games, but his mere presence was obviously incredibly inspirational.

The Voice of the Pats Phil Andrews said on Tuesday's SportsCage that Brooks is "close" to a return, and we could see him in Round 3.

8 - Pats fans - me included - were deliriously happy Monday night after the Game 7 win, with the fact the Pats are headed to the Eastern Conference Final for the first time since 1993. But a voice in my head reminded me as I was walking out of the Brandt Centre long after the crowd had left, "Act like you've been there before."

I guess we can take the same advice we doled out on this blog to Oilers and Leafs fans a few weeks ago. But the fact is, for many of us, we've never been this far before.

9 - The WHL on Shaw crew will roll in to broadcast the Conference Final which means I'll be bumped from the play-by-play chair. I was informed of the news on Tuesday, and offered another role on the broadcast.

Miffed? Not on your life. This type of thing happens in the NHL all the time and you have to park your ego at the door.

I got to call the first ever Game 7 in Agridome history on Monday night, and the Pats won.

I'm good.

Bring on the Hurricanes.

10 - Hockey fans are marvelling at how much "fun" the Stanley Cup Playoffs have been but rememember; Round 1 is always the best round in the NHL. However the storylines have been tremendous:

First and foremost, the games have been devoid of annoyingly lengthy video reviews and challenges. (Applause)

Where's Ovie against Toronto? (The same place he always goes in the playoffs. Down his hole).

What happened to the Flames? (That franchise unfortunately won't win a Stanley Cup any time soon, despite the tremendous experience, knowledge and talents of Burke, Treliving and Gulutzan).

What happened to the Oilers in Game 4? (It doesn't matter. The 7-0 loss in San Jose means the same as a 1-0 loss. It's over so move on and get ready for the next one).

These are just a few of the thoughts I've had. Now get out there and enjoy the hockey!


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Anonymous said...

I'd say Hopson left the door open. He didn't say "No".


Anonymous said...

Schultz for Commissioner? A little late for April Fools.

Anonymous said...

Pt 10: I have no intention of coming "home" as you call it. I quite like it here in the US.
Stanley Cup

Anonymous said...

Why is this so hard for you to comprehend.

Anonymous said...

That franchise (Flames) won't win for a long time. Hopefully this applies to the Oilers and Leafs as well.

Anonymous said...

Great read as always Roddy!!! Was lucky enough to be at game 7 and it was by far the loudest I have EVER heard at a Pats game. I could've sworn I saw the decibel meter hit 120 in the third period though...but my eyesight isn't the greatest as I'm often told I need glasses. Hoping to take in a game of the conference final - gonna get even louder I'm thinking!!!


Brian said...

I hear Scott Mitchell, of the Tiger-cats. Huge for CFL and big loss for Hamilton if it happens. He's the best if he applied..

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your play by play with hockey and football. You are informative and entertaining to listen to. You bring a professional touch to the broadcasts.
I feel the passion that you have for the game.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I understand Rob's quote "What's Winnipeg's excuse?" What's their excuse for what? For having the loudest fans in the country? Despite having an under-performing team for several seasons, your blog post says they're the loudest. Not sure what Reginans have to cheer about either (aside from a new stadium)... the Riders didn't look all that good last year and I'm not convinced they have found an answer at QB this year either.

Anonymous said...

J Hopson - the architect and oversee'er of the DECADE OF DECAY in Saskatchewan.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that the Riders just cut Justin Cox!!

BombersJets said...

I also don't really understand the jab at Winnipeg.. We cheer loudly for our teams even when they aren't doing well (MTS Centre is notorious for some of the best crowd chants in the NHL... "Mario's Pool Boy at Crosby", "Silver Medal" at Ryan Miller, "Eric's Better" at Jordan Staal and vice versa "Jordan's Better" at Eric, etc.)

Bomber fans are also loud and raucous at games, and if you're claiming we're the loudest I'll gladly take that title. Not sure what excuses we're looking for or making..?

Rod Pedersen said...

Rivalry stuff.

Anonymous said...

Violence against women is wrong. No justification for it.
Enough is enough.


Anonymous said...

you forgot "KATY PERRY" one of my all time faves! It's nice to see some noise finally coming from the Brandt center.Too bad it takes till game 7 of the second round...Very Reginaish!

Anonymous said...

Your so professional you call him the "big Swede". Last I checked his name was Filip Ahl.

Anonymous said...

Brad Wall????? You gotta be effin' kidding!!! He would bankrupt the league in no time flat just as he and his band of bozos are bankrupting this great province!! Leave your National Enquirer rumors to that type of reporting and use some common sense!! Brad Wall knows NOTHING about running a province, let alone a country-wide football league. I wouldn't even trust Brad Wall to run the outhouse on my farm.

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!

mister winnipeg said...

What's our excuse? Excuse for what, building a shiny new stadium years ago while the only improvements being carried out at Taylor Field was maybe the occasional roach spraying? Or building a shiny new hockey rink and landing a NHL franchise? Am I getting closer? :)

Anonymous said...

Gene Makowsky would be a better pick than Brad Wall for Commish (even setting aside the positive that Wall is a Raider (Las Vegas?) fan).

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ok that is pretty funny. You know he reads these. Right?


Anonymous said...

To "Fu** now I'm mad."

I agree, when I was growing up sports heroes were role models. They kept their hair cut and their nose clean. They were like current players John Chick or Weston Dressler or from bygone years George Reed or Warren Moon.
It doesn't seem to matter in today's 'win at all cost' world. But at least Commissioner Orridge has informed the other eight CFL teams that he won't approve it if one of them signs Cox. Good on Jeff.


Anonymous said...

LMAO the only time you hear from the Bummer fans is when the team is winning so please dont say you are the loudest fans

Anonymous said...


I sure hope you are correct that Orridge has told the other teams he would not be happy if someone signed Cox.


Stuman said...

To be young and healthy playing the game of professional football is a priviledge some of us can only dream of! Opportunity lost forever because of bad decisions is a lesson for us all!

Anonymous said...

Brad Wall... What could he privatize and sell off? There goes the players union!!

Anonymous said...

The Brent Burns/Joe Thorton look, very stylish and professional. It would behoove the Roughriders team player members to emulate that style of grooming wouldn't you agree SWC?

Anonymous said...

To Cory;

Orridge will refuse to register the contract should someone sign him.


Anonymous said...

I see the NDP'ers are out in full force.

How sad, once the darling party if the, not so much.

Anonymous said...

NDP, stands for NO DARN PROGRESS! If you think Brad Wall Bankrupted the Province, He doesn't even begin to compare to the big and intrusive government the NDP provided us in their 50 year reign! Why don't you give your head a shake.

Weather it s the NDP or Sask Party, the best type of Government is the one that can't get anything done!

Political Atheist

Anonymous said...

One two three strikes your out! At the old ball game

Anonymous said...

10 "What happened to the Flames? (That franchise unfortunately won't win a Stanley Cup any time soon, despite the tremendous experience, knowledge and talents of Burke, Treliving and Gulutzan)."

The reason they won't win a Stanley Cup any time soon is because they hired Brian Burke who just happens to be the biggest dinosaur in the game.

Anonymous said...

To political atheist and the other anonymous above: This has nothing to do with being an NDPer. This is all about Brad Wall's qualifications to be commissioner of the CFL. He does not have any football or financial acumen to do so. You saw how he hid the truth about the province's finances until AFTER the election. Do you want him to run the cfl into the groun too??? Think about it. By the way, where did the boom money go Brad?????

BombersJets said...

To the ANON talking about the Bombers fans claiming to be loudest... did you read the article?? none of the Winnipeg people on here were claiming that at all... ROD was, which is why I'm confused how this is an insult or "rivalry stuff" as it was so eloquently put.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't know or have a clue