Realty One

Monday, April 24, 2017


The Saskatchewan Roughriders have announced their coaching staff for the 2017 season.


Chris Jones – vice president of football operations, general manager & head coach

Craig Dickenson – special teams coordinator

Stephen McAdoo – offensive coordinator & assistant head coach

Jarious Jackson – pass game coordinator & quarterbacks coach

Markus Howell – receivers coach

Kent Maugeri – running backs coach

Stephen Sorrells – offensive line coach

Jason Shivers – defensive backs coach

Ed Philion – defensive line coach

Merritt Bowden – linebackers coach & special teams assistant

Craig Davoren – defensive assistant

Mike Scheper – defensive assistant

Ty Robinson – quality control

Cam Robinson – quality control

Clinton Spencer – strength and conditioning coordinator


For a full list of staff bio's visit


Anonymous said...

Where's the mediator? With 15 coaches someone has to make sure not everyone's talking at once. I suppose that must be Chris - add that to his title as well. LOL. Seriously though, it seems to be that all the teams need at least a dozen coaches these days. I'd be curious to know what the "football ops" total salaries are compared to the team's actual salaries.

John Knight said...

Almost one coach per one player. A little overboard

Anonymous said...

Hmmm,looks like Jones forgot to include his FOURTH title of Defensive Coordinator.

truenorthern said...

One coach per 4 players. Similar to NFL/NCAA, this allows the coaches to truly prepare the starters and maybe more importantly the backups. Better prepared means more resiliency, higher individual and team performance, less mistakes, more wins.
This is how you build a long term winning program.