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Thursday, April 27, 2017


VERO BEACH, FL - Just like that, the Saskatchewan Roughriders 2017 Florida minicamp has come and gone. Here's a brief recap of Thursday's happenings. We'll save the best stuff for today's SportsCage at 4:00 pm on 620 CKRM:

- Thursday's workout was scaled back to a one-a-day session which ran from approximately 8:30a-10:30a ET. One of the biggest reasons for this was players and staff have flights to catch out of Orlando and West Palm Beach this afternoon.

- Due to injuries or various other reasons, the number of players dropped to 27 from the 35 who participated on Days 1 and 2. For instance, defensive back Zavian Bingham was absent because he had to get back for his graduation at Jackson State. Most of the offensive linemen were unable to participate except for veteran Dillon Guy.

- On the topic of Dillon Guy, he was ecstatic to get the opportunity to participate in this camp and try out the injured knee which kept him on the shelf for all of 2016. However due to the limited numbers at his position, he was completely exhausted by the camp's conclusion.

"On Day 1 I took 274 reps," Guy recalled Thursday morning. "After that, it was just a blur."

- The top quarterback on Day 3 was Bryan Bennett. This was borne out by the numbers, and coaches' assessments.

- Vince Young graded himself a "C+" for his performance in Minicamp, but says he wouldn't have changed a lot with his physical and preparation over the past six weeks. He said he did a great deal of learning this week, and knocking the rust off which could only come with getting back on the field, against live competition.

- Head Coach & GM Chris Jones told the players at the camp's conclusion that their effort was "outstanding" and told reporters that the top 3/4 of these players will advance to main training camp which begins May 28 in Saskatoon. That includes Vince Young.

- Just like Day 2, veteran quarterback Kevin Glenn was a witness for the pass skeleton sessions on Thursday. Again, this was to spread the reps around with the other four quarterbacks.

- We'll have plenty more info later on tonight.



Young John said...

Training Camp 2017 .. its just gonna be fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

Rest up Kevin Glenn, we all know what you can do and you will be the guy that brings a calm cool presence to our team on the field and on the sidelines. Once the camps are done and the roster is set I expect to see KG as the starter, at least part of the season if not all.

Anonymous said...

Was there ever any doubt that Young would be at the Main Camp. As long as he came to this camp standing upright and completed a couple of passes, he was going to be in. The Riders wouldn't have signed him if they didn't plan on him being at camp in June.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that the team loves them some #97.

Anonymous said...

I hope #97 ain't the defensive version of Terrance Nunn.

Anonymous said...

That's the thing. Nunn was great but when the lights come on it's a different story. Listening to the interviews & comments from coaches & players for the Riders, Als, Argos, Ti-Cats, you name it, there's a certain common thread running through all of them. There's a lot of good athletes out there, we're impressed, a whole bunch are getting invites yadda yadda yadda. It's exciting but nothing to get excited about at the same time.