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Thursday, April 20, 2017


Running back Matt Walter - who spent the 2016 CFL season with the Saskatchewan Roughriders - announced his retirement on Facebook on Wednesday.

The 5'10", 215 lb back had a five-year career in the CFL, and spent the first four with his hometown Calgary Stampeders.

The University of Calgary product was a Grey Cup champion with Calgary in 2014.

Last season Walter signed as a free agent with the Roughriders but injuries limited him to just six games where he rushed the ball six times for 32 yards and caught one pass.

Walter mentioned injuries as the primary reason for his decision to call it a career.


Anonymous said...

another cfler retire - what happened to another ride retires

the truth hurts

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The riders released him in December. He was a free agent dumb asses.

3RD and 1 said...

I can't get over the ignorance that oozes out of some of the self serving rejects. Matt was a back up RB in Calgary to Jon Cornish. With a Canadian all star RB it's imperative you have a back up Canadian RB for times of injury and or fatigue rotation. Matt is a great person but as a player it was his Canadian status that employed him. Jones gave him a shot and it did not work out. After being released by the Riders in December Matt was not picked up by any other CFL team this off season. Obviously no interest as well n So it made sense for Matt to retire as an unemployed player. Not attached to any team.
So take your ridiculous sanctimonious comments and beat it. When you post comments like that in an attempt to try and lay the blame to an organization and then hide behind Anonymity. It really shows how finger pointing stupid people can be.

Anonymous said...

3RD and 1
Yup. Move the yardsticks.