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Sunday, March 5, 2017


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Regina, SK – The Calgary Hitmen used a balanced attack getting goals from six different players in a 6-3 victory over the WHL’s top-ranked Regina Pats on Saturday night in the Brandt Centre.

Beck Malenstyn and Luke Coleman tallied three points each with a goal and two assists while goaltender Kyle Dumba made 32 saves to record the win.

Tristen Nielsen, Vladislav Yeryomenko, Matteo Gennaro and Jake Kryski rounded out the scoring for the Hitmen who led 4-1 after the opening period and 6-2 after 40 minutes.

Adam Brooks netted a pair of goals for the Pats with Braydon Buziak adding a single.  Jordan Hollett made 26 saves in the Regina goal.

Regina outshot Calgary 35-34 but saw their record slip to 44-12-7-1.  It was also Regina's season-high fourth straight loss.

The attendance was 5547.

The victory moves Calgary one point ahead of the Saskatoon Blades for the final Eastern Conference Wild Card spot with the two teams to clash on Wednesday at the Scotiabank Saddledome. 

The Pats will try to avoid a fifth straight loss Sunday in Brandon in a 4:00 pm faceoff on 620 CKRM.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha. You could see it coming . The Patsies are slowly dropping out of Canada's Elite WHL team . With all the goals that they are allowing maybe they should be allowed to have two Goalies in the net at once. No more sell outs ! What has happened to this city and their Loyal fans? Perhaps it's because they are getting ass kicked at home so often . Go Warriors Go.

Anonymous said...

5500 fans for a team that is struggling and lost four in a row.

The fans continue to support this team even though they are struggling, a true hockey town. Moose Jaw/ Saskatoon take notes, this is what true WHL fans look like.

Anonymous said...

Paddock said yesterday a goalie was never in the plans and acted like the reporter was stupid for asking.
I've been sitting behind the net for 3 years and assumed for the entire season they were going to get one at some point this season. It was so blatantly obvious of need I'm shocked that he didn't see it.
Add that to the 4 horrendous trades and man what a tough turn of events

I plan on enjoying watching Brooks, steel Hobbs, Zborovskiy etc finish out this 3 year run. Not their fault. I don't think they will be around past the 2nd round.

Them as well as the traded players are the ones that really deserved a mem cup run. Not the team of throw togethers next year

And if a new goalie not acquired before next season it's inexplicable

Anonymous said...

Kyle Dumba .. any relation to the Dysart Dumbas?

Anonymous said...


william weppler said...

The biggest loss tonight was young Pierce. One of the better players of late and looked bad coming off the ice. JP hinted it may be a serious one.

Consistently giving up odd man rushes against any team is going to cost you and that was very evident tonight. Think Hitmen scored on every one of them in the 1st period.

Ahl didn't look like in great shape tonight so really didn't make much of an impact but should help once he gets his legs back. Need his big body in front of the net.

MJ's on a roll so going to be interesting to see if the Pats can get something going these last few games and hold down 1st place in the Division. They helped us tonight by knocking off the Hat...THx Warriors!

A few more posts and another, correctly, called back goal...earlier in the season these were going in.

Oh well maybe we'll surprise Brandon tomorrow. Will be watching.

Anonymous said...

To the second poster , when are the warriors hosting the memorial cup or have they ever hosted?

Anonymous said...

The new owners talked about wanting to win Championships. Paddock built the best team in the CHL to start the season and many fans could sense that the Pats were for real this year and knew that this was the year. Fans could sense that something special was happening within this organization. This was the year to beef up a little bit at the trade deadline and win a Championship, get into the Memorial Cup tournament through the front door and have a chance at winning the Memorial Cup. But then something happened. Something changed.

Paddock and co. had other plans. They used the bait and switch technique on long-time, die hard, loyal, Pats fans. Paddock traded the heart and soul (depth / work horses) of this team away for "next year" instead of winning a Championship this year. As a result, the Pats have created a two year ca$h grab instead of a championship caliber team.

This is absolutely sickening. I've never felt so excited for a Pats season as I did before this one started / throughout the first half of the season. I could tell in the off season (as did everyone else) that this was going to be a very special year. I'm absolutely disgusted about what Paddock did to the team before the trade deadline. It's rare to have the top two scorers in the league, the top scoring defenseman in the league, the fastest skater in the league, the top scoring rookie in the league and a pretty good surrounding cast. The Pats blew it big time and I don't think I will ever be able to trust anything this ownership says again after the stunt they pulled off this year.

I especially feel bad for Adam Brooks, Dawson Leedahl and Chase Harrison, who have played outstanding for this team and were cheated out of a real opportunity to win a Memorial Cup as well as the 19 year old's who won't be back and all of the players Paddock traded away that played their hearts out in a Pats uniform. But the new owners should make a few $dollars over the next couple of years, so it's all good, right?

The new owners claimed they wanted to win Championships and make money, but I think it's clear that making money is their only interest.

Anonymous said...

Crash and Burn, Off the Rails, the Wheels have fallen off. Was it too good to be true? They have the Rider flu it looks like, losing has all of sudden gotten contagious with this team. They look to be in big trouble right now.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Pats fans have been spoiled all year with the winning that a losing streak has everyone in a panic. I won't lie, as a season ticket holder, I am concerned with the slump but mostly concerned with the injuries. Horrible timing with the playoffs around the corner. I hope the Pats can prove all you naysayers wrong that have then counted out before the playoffs even begin. If you think negative, negative happens. Have a little faith in these kids and keep supporting them.

GO Pats!

Anonymous said...

The Pats will be fine they have needed adversity all year and they finally have it. You can't blow out teams all winter and expect that to last as teams play up to them now. They have way to much skill to go away quietly they will now regroup, bare down and get ready for playoffs. They seriously needed this losing streak to get them back to playing structured defensive hockey.

Anonymous said...

What does that make a difference?

Anonymous said...

Everyone has given up already. Nice support!

Anonymous said...

So hostin a memorial cup makes your team good...hahaha. Your actually going to compare the size of a major city to a smaller town/city, that is what makes the big difference here for a major event and has nothing to do with how good the team is or a city like Medicine Hat would have held one already and they are mostly always a stronger team so to the Pats fan who is using hosting a memorial cup in that kind of nature please go and train your brain...duh

Anonymous said...

"jus win baby"...only corrective action acceptable!!

Tyler Welder said...

Finally some logic. Nicertainly to read something other that chicken little philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Last night between periods I couldn't find one fan who is ok with what's going on. That they are deeply concerned is a huge understatement. Even the rose coloured glasses types were changing their tune. This team is in free fall and the brain trust haven't got a clue. Paddock talking about mailing in out "confidence" to players shows a coach who really doesn't get it. It's one thing to coach 30 year olds in the AHL trying to feed their families, but it's altogether different in the WHL with 19-19's. There is no life behind the bench from any of the coaches. Even Herauf who can't do much isn't encouraging the troops. It's a bad state of affairs to say the least.

Paddock only has three years in this league and his assistant only had two years as a head coach. They are now making trades and doing deals that have become harmful to this team. The Saskatoon connection really bothers a lot of fans. It's not like Kelly McCrimmon or Bruce Hamilton making deals. These guys deconstructed a great hockey team that only needed some mild tweaks. No thought was given to our depth up front for this season. We are free falling because we lost a third line centre? Where would things be if Brooks had gone down. Not enough attention to detail and foresight for this season. All this team really needed was a goaltender and if you pay heavy, a goalie was the piece you needed. They rolled the dice and lost. The defence was fine and just needed a gritty 19 year old. Despite his numbers Harrison could have been easily moved in order to obtain a 20 year old goalie. His spot could have been filled by any solid 19 year old. The defence they brought in were young and not what we needed now. Our defence and goaltending are no better in fact maybe worse, that before the trades. Yet to accomplish this they destroyed our forward depth.

If Constantine had this team even now they would likely have won 10 in a row. This coaching staff doesn't know how to teach defence, the trap, or 5 man units. The players haven't needed to and haven't been taught. Now the players won't listen it seems. Guys are slow coming back, flying the zone, d-men pinching too deep, cheating in the neutral zone. They either refuse but more likely don't know how to play defence. The scribes were all giddy at the 7-3 games but now that you're losing and don't know how to play tough "eye glazing" hockey they don't know what to say. Offence puts them into the seats and defence wins championships. Some are just too daft to get that. They would rather lose pretty than win ugly. The only hope the Pats have is to play trap the rest of the way and learn how to score on turnovers. Barring that it will be sad.

To be in a tailspin with 8 games left is very dangerous. It's quite unlikely we will see much of a a turnaround before playoffs. Playoffs will be short and the autopsy can begin. Fans are very unhappy and ownership better be paying attention. People in the community a pretty hockey savvy. They know management has taken a very good team and turned into a mediocre one.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the teams on fire right now. Med Hat, Lethbridge and Moose Jaw. Even Brandon and Calgary are getting better. All teams the Pats are having difficulties with the past couple weeks.

william weppler said...

...and yet the Sun still came up today.

Anonymous said...

Wow all the fans are upset no not really. True fans know what was done at the trade deadline they improved the team for next year because paddock new we weren't going to make it out of the dub this year. We have a good team here that could still win this year and paddock has shown he will change his style come playoff time. There were no (zero) upgrades at the trade deadline for goalies so we stayed status quo. There are a lot of teams that have a shot to win this year so making moves were tuff. The pats will be in tough come the second round but so will be the team they play. It's going to be tough for Medicine Hat in the second round also. My prediction is Prince George vs Lethbridge final. I'm a pats fan but we're focused on next year at this point just like the riders of 2013. If we win the memorial cup next year all will be forgotten about this years moves.

Western MB Riders said...

Either Regina will lose its fifth in a row this afternoon, and third straight in Brandon, cementing further all of the worry and naysayers, or use this game as an opportunity to show that even good teams have adversity, and become great teams by pulling out a win when no one expects it. I am hoping for an exciting game, with Patrick's line against Steel and Duke's line against Brooks. With all of the skill and speed, if there is some heart and return to fundamentals without mistakes, the Pats win. But if there are goal posts and give aways, and a soft goal, sorry, but the losing streak may continue and cast doubt on how far this team can really go when limping into the playoffs. But you know, good players and good teams do not just all of a sudden forget how to win. So, what has changed? Is it a rut which many teams experience mid season and not this late in the regular schedule? Is it untimely injuries? Maybe some of the guys are playing banged up and no one has released that to the media? Did the trades at the deadline affect chemistry and depth? Were the trades supposed to help now, or as some say, were they more about next year when the Memorial Cup comes to town (if it was even partly for the latter, that is disappointing as this was and still can be a strong team, and a contender this year). Is there some in fighting in the dressing room? Or a combination of the above? I just know that we have been treated to consistently good teams in Brandon for many years, in a small market, and when it appeared Regina was finally climbing out of the realm of mediocrity from the Parker Era, the prospect of a solid rivalry was promising. And yet, for the games here at least this year, Regina has been average; not horrible, but not playing like the best team in the league or the country. Regardless, support your team. It may be a bunch of teenagers, a few of whom will actually make a living at playing the game, but hockey is hockey, a great game, and getting behind your team is support for these young athletes, and your community. The debate on here keeps it interesting for sure as well.

Anonymous said...


william weppler said...

Well said last Anon.

Yup if JP had tried to do/or not done what a lot of bloggers are saying (i.e. make the moves at any cost to make a run for the Cup) and didn't win it, then the same naysayers would be on the Owners for "selling out the fans" this year, and then have no chance at fielding a better team next year when Pats host the Cup. The armchair GM's think you can get all the pieces just by asking another team to get involved in a trade that is going to make the Pats better. They (armchair folks) may be gullible enough to think that but the other GM's are much smarter.
For example all these complaints about the Goaltending. Which WHL Team is going to give up thier #1 "star" goalie (Ingram; Hart; Sawchenko; Papirny; Skinner; Outhouse; etc) to the Pats so the Pats can make a Cup run? ...I would think NONE of them would even consider it, becasue those Teams have the same objective.
So unless there is some unproven unknown goaltender playing 1st string or backup on a WHL Team that you guys know is going to take the Pats to any Cup appearance please let the Owners and us know. Some examples please so we can be sure the Pats are successful next year as you have already wrote off this year.

Anonymous said...

Two words in the first paragraph to this article - "balanced attack" (something the Pats don't have anymore) speaks volumes to a team on the downslide. Pats will struggle next year trying to be competitive onwards to a Memorial Cup title, you can see it coming. They had a very good team this year needing only a proven goaltender plus one or two veteran player aadditions to solidify their drive to a championship 2017 and next season on home ice, don't see it happening now as they will have totally retool the roster again moving forward.


Anonymous said...

"Just Win, and All Will Be Forgiven"

Father Fry

Anonymous said...

All I keep hearing is, they are just kids. YES and I also don't hear anyone blaming the kids. All the blame is being put on the front office who blew up the team that got them to where they were at Christmas. Do you think the kids don't know that Struch is a Saskatoon guy and wanted his boy Slobosian here.
What was the point of the Team building exercise in Shylo at the start of the year? How many of those guys are still part of this team? 50%? When the front office guts a team that was #1 in the country all year, the players loose trust in you as well. Those were friends, team mates, school mates, room mates, that all had tremendous success together, to bring in a captain of a rival two guys that you hated and eliminated you in last years playoffs that you deserved to win. Do you think these guys just walked in and everything was A-OK?

Tronald Dump

Anonymous said...

Where is dean?
Dissapointed he never gave weppler his two cents. #letdown

Anonymous said...

Paddock will sell the farm next year to be memorial cup worthy and leave shortly afterwards leaving the patsies to suck in the years to follow. They'd better win next year or these new owners can take a hike will be interesting how "Roddy" and the rest of the ckrm clique spin this on Monday the only one who sees the elephant in the room is remple. GO WARRIORS

Anonymous said...

MJ has won 9 straight and won Sunday 11-2. They are salivating to get Pats home and home next weekend and prove they should have been in the top 5 in CHL this season, with those Toasted Patsies.

Anonymous said...

So MJ is crying that they haven't been rated this year in the top 10. Thanks for clarifying.