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Friday, March 10, 2017


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Regina – The Regina Pats clinched the East Division title on Friday night with a 5-0 win over the Moose Jaw Warriors at the Brandt Centre.

The Pats opened the scoring in the first on the poweplay when Adam Brooks picked up his 37th of the season.

In the second, Josh Mahura, Nick Henry and Sam Steel all scored and it was 4-0 after two periods.

Steel would add his second of the night, 48th of the season in the third to make it 5-0 and that was the final score.

Steel led the way with two goals and two assists to reach 123 points on the season while Tyler Brown made 26 saves for his fifth shutout of the year.

The Pats outshot the Warriors 43-26 in the contest, the powerplay was 2/4 and the penalty kill was 6/6.

Quick Hits
- The Pats clinched the East Division with the victory.
- Regina has set a franchise mark for points in a season with 102.
- Adam Brooks has points in five straight games (4G, 7A).
- It was another sellout crowd of 6,484.

What’s Next?
The Pats will visit Moose Jaw for a rematch on Saturday night. Puck drop is at 7 p.m. on 620 CKRM and Access 7/Shaw. Next home game is March 14 against Saskatoon. Tickets are available at or at the Brandt Centre Box Office.

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Anonymous said...

As a dejected Warriors fan tonight, the Pats deserved the win. They out skilled us, outworked us, destroyed us hitting and just outclassed us. It will be a different game Saturday in Moose Jaw I guarantee that.

william weppler said...

Great win guys. Division clinch and helps on the Conference standings as well.
Wasn't at game but must have been rockin' hey!!

Go Pats Go!!

Morgan said...

Oh what a night it was in the Queen City tonight in the confines of the beautiful Brandt Center! It may be icy cold outside but the beloved Regina Pats were red hot inside that world class venue tonight! A complete royal whooping was laid down by the former 4-Time Memorial Cup Champions! The lowsy warriors from bumb town Moose Jaw looked like fools for showing up! The prime result of the evening:
Pats win the East Division!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm offended Rod!

The Pats beat a team that had won 9 in a row and had finally been successful in their whining to be a top 10 CHL team.

Tyler Brown had a shutout.

Sam Steel was the best player on the ice

Depth guys played well

Paddock outcoached Hunter


Reider said...

Great win by the Pats tonight. They played as a team for a full 60 minutes and were solid in every facet of the game. It was a playoff caliber effort and performance. It was the most complete game that I have seen them play this year. It may not have been Moose Jaw's best effort or performance, but that's okay because they play each other again in Moose Jaw tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

Rock N Roll baby... No disrespect to MooseJaw as they have a great team. The Pats recent 4 game losing streak came at what everybody including me thought was a bad time. Now in restrospect it was the perfect time to wake everybody up and show them what happens when you decide your not going to play together for 60 minutes. As well as the next guy up has to perform at a top level.
The Pats needed this game and Since the Jawbones were off since Sunday. I believe the Pats caught MooseJaw flat footed.
Way to go boys. Taking the division on an evening playing a great arch rival makes it that much sweeter.
There is a very good chance that these 2 teams meet a couple series into the Playoffs. So landing a left hook into the Jawbone of the Moose with a 5-0 romp was absolutely perfect.
Still there isn't a Pats player or Coach that dosent have the utmost respect for this MooseJaw team. They know that if you let your guard down then you are going to pay.
Keep it up boys and let's go all the way.
Friday night Hockey in Regina
PATriotic Queen City Boys

Anonymous said...

You were saying Moose Jaw lol...

So much for being in the top 10

Larry said...

Pat's dominated the Warriors last night from start to finish.
Playoff atmosphere and a very loud sold-out rink.

Anonymous said...

That's the type of effort they'll need for the playoffs!! Nice to see! Hope they bring that tonight.


Anonymous said...

Supposedly a lot of Warrior Fans made the trip. Usually they are loud and proud but the Pat's gave them nothing to cheer about. Total team win.

Anonymous said...

I love it - when the Pats absolutely dominate the 2nd best team in the league from the first puck drop - there are no comments on Roddy's blog. The Pats lose one game and holy shit the team is imploding and will be out 4 straight games and Roddy's comment section has 100 comments. The Pats proved tonight who is the best team in the League. Keep it going fellas. The playoff run is going to be fun.

Anonymous said...

Pats need to keep getting better heading into the play-offs. A tough road ahead to the Cup. Another win on the road will be another boost.

Anonymous said...

Warriors are done now. Will lose to SC in first round. Book it. Broncos and Pats in 2nd round!

Anonymous said...

Pats actually out worked a team. Let's see if they can do it 2 nights in a row. Then you can start thinking about a playoff run.

Anonymous said...

The hicks from Moose Jaw have internet service today I see. I'm guessing they are some businesses wi-fi!

LOL at the "I'm offended" comment. It is so true and add the fact Mahura was one of the best Pats. #veteranleadership

Paddock has forgotten more about the game than 98 percent of the trolls that come on here. #fact

Anonymous said...

Great game and effort I thought our 3rd line dominated the game. That's the effort we need from them to win and solid shifts from the 4th line. After tonites game in Moose Jaw it's time to rest some of the guys.

Anonymous said...

Pats won't win a 7 game series vs Warriors... not tough enough, don't work hard on a consistent basis, goaltending goes to hot garbage at times, no depth... a 2 line team. Enjoy last night while you can

Anonymous said...

Last night the Pats were the team that we had seen for most of the season. From start to finish they dominated Moose Jaw. Now they just need to keep that going and we should be fine. They are a fun team to watch when they are on their game. GO PATS GO!

Anonymous said...

From what I saw from Moose Jaw last nite their a 1-2/3 line team and only 2 good dmen. They will have their hands full with swift who I predict will beat Moose Jaw in 6 games

Anonymous said...

Not tough enough, that's hilarious coming from a Warriors team where I saw a couple of their starts that were the size of a 5th grader

Anonymous said...

Lol, 2 lines are better than none

Anonymous said...

Pats won't win a 7 game series ... not tough enough, don't work hard on a consistent basis, goaltending goes to hot garbage at times, no depth... a 2 line team.

You've described the Warriors perfectly, Howden and Jeannot get hit and they start pouting and taking cheap shot penalties. Sawchenko is a good goaltender but was lit up for 5 goals. Enjoy the 6 games the Warriors will play in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Warriors are not that good. There's a reason they weren't in the Top 10 all year, that's right, they're not good. There token placement this week in the Top 10 was laughable and the Pats showed why Moose Jaw won't make it out of the first round. I agree with above poster that Warriors lose quickly to Swift in first round and then Broncos lose to Pats in a sweep in 2nd round. I'm always right.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter. The WHL champ will be a team based far to the west of your cities.
Slim Pickens