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Monday, March 6, 2017



1 - Welcome to March. That one month out of the year when Canadian men pretend like they've been paying attention to NCAA basketball for the other 11 months. A.k.a. March Madness.

2 - The Western Hockey League has its own form of March Madness, and it's called the WHL Playoffs. They are only a few weeks away but the Regina Pats have a few things to sort out before then.

The Pats threw the wolves a bone with a 4-2 victory on Sunday in Brandon, snapping an alarming four game losing streak. The victory certainly helped them in their quest to nail down the #1 seed, but it also may have dispelled some doubt which might have seeped into even their own minds.

The MMG's analysis is that I'd far rather have a four game losing streak now than in the playoffs because by then, it's curtains.

This should be one of the most fun springs around here in quite some time, and it's clear everyone has picked up and taken notice of what all the Saskatchewan WHL teams are doing.

3 - One staunch Pats observer pointed out this rough patch started on February 18, the exact same day that Regina was named the host team for the 2018 Memorial Cup.  However I don't agree. The team is 4-4-1 since that day and John Paddock is currently directing his ship out of troubled waters.

They'll get a couple of days to collect some rest before visiting Swift Current on Wednesday, and then facing red-hot Moose Jaw in a home-and-home series next weekend.

The Pats also have seven games remaining with the chance to tie or set a club record for wins (49). They currently stand at 45 victories however it's more important to be playoff-ready than to try to get into the record book.

4 - Regina and Calgary seem to be similar in at least one way. Whenever the hockey team loses, everyone blames the goalie.

5 - Saturday's Leader Post report that the new owners of the Regina Pats have lost millions since taking over the team in 2014 got a lot of tongues wagging. "If they lost millions under QCSEG, how much did they lose under the prior ownership?" one Pats fan texted me on Saturday.

It's complicated but the fact is the new owners spend far greater than the old owners and, up until this season, didn't rake in as much revenue. That will even out over time -- provided they enjoy sustained success.

The QCSEG didn't purchase the Pats to make a bundle, but they didn't get into this to lose a bundle either.

6 - Chatting with a local construction/architectural executive this weekend, I asked him what he thought about a new hockey arena in Regina. "It's at least 5-10 years away, if it happens at all," he predicted.

So the Brandt Centre it is for the foreseeable future. I love that place anyway.

7 - The Swift Current Broncos clinched a playoff spot Saturday night in the first season under Head Coach and G.M. Emmanual Viveiros.  "Vive" has turned out to be a very solid hire and the Broncos board should take a bow. And don't forget the contributions of Ass't Coach Jamie Heward.

8 - March in the CFL will belong to Regina, and Marks CFL Week. As of today, the countdown is on and we are only 15 days away! The inaugural event is scheduled for March 21-26 and it's been broken down into two distinctive parts: 1) The heavy CFL player involvement and CFHOF announcement on March 21 and 22, and 2) the Regional and National Combines and U-Sports Passing Showcase March 23, 24, 25, 26.

CFL officials have said if you want to see the CFL stars, come early in the week.

Frankly, going back to my days as a kid and CFL fan in the 80's and 90's, I'd have gone out of my mind for a chance like this. Back then, it would've been mind-boggling to meet the likes of Doug Flutie, Matt Dunigan, Allen Pitts, Dave Sapunjis, Chris Walby, Glenn Kulka, Kent Austin, Bobby Jurasin, etc., etc.

Now you have YOUR chance. I think it'll be fantastic.

9 - Many fans are still trying to get their heads around what exactly CFL Week is but it's something the CFL has been doing in Toronto for several years.  The Combine, GMs and Rules Committee meetings, player photo/video shoots are all nothing new. But the League was urged to take the show out on the road and give fans in Western Canada a chance to be involved.

Let's make sure it's a success.

10 - The CFL added 100 more tickets for the Combine after the initial 300 were quickly snapped up by alert fans who visited in the past weeks. If you're not too sure what the Combine is all about, hopefully you watched the NFL's version in Indianapolis which aired all weekend long at NFL Network. It's not for everybody (the football types salivate over it but it can leave the casual fan wanting), but it appears to be a hot ticket in Regina.

11 - Saskatchewan's Adam Casey won both his games at the Tim Hortons Brier on Sunday and enters the week in a logjam for third-place very early on in the round robin.  Kudos to his foursome who've given Saskatchewan curling fans some hope that the Brier drought, which stretches back to 1980, may actually end this year in St. John, Newfoundland.

12 - Rumours abound that Kelly Bates is to be named the next Head Coach of the University of Saskatchewan Huskies football team.

**Kelly Bates assured me Monday morning that he was never in the mix for the Huskie job and he intends to honour his contract at SFU. An announcement from the Huskies on their new Head Coach is expected soon.**

Kelly would also like you to know registration for his football camp opens on Tuesday at


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Anonymous said...

Maybe the first MMG that you don't try to sell something Roughriders to your readers.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy the events are sold out, but god damn it would of been nice to know ahead of time for tickets. I have season tickets and I never saw an email for CFL week tickets, never saw anything on twitter and their website never showed it. Hopefully whoever gets it next has better organization.

Anonymous said...

I feel like point #1 was a tad on the racist side...

Anonymous said...

Rod what are the odds the CFL rules committee take a serious look at changing the replays/challenges and stupid PI rules. From Glen Johnson's comments last year he's determined to keep those rules in place no matter how ticked off the fans are. It's the hill he'll die on. They MUST do something about it as all fans are upset and they'll abandon ship if things don't change for the better. Myself I'm a huge Riders supporter as you know but I'll take a serious look at cancelling my season seats if things don't change.

Gunderson's Yorkton

Anonymous said...

No instead he's trying to sell Russian Woman.

Anonymous said...

Pats: they do have a problem in goal, it is obvious.

Anonymous said...

It's shaping up to be another fascinating Monday in the cesspool!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Gunderson's. These stupid rules have destroyed the game by making most games unwatchable. My son in Vancouver who is a huge Rider Fan says last year he turned games off, as did I. Want to lose more of us? Keep these stupid replay and PI rules. That should do it.

Anonymous said...

Saskatchewan skip Casey .....from Charlottetown PEI. Only in an insignificant sport like curling.

Anonymous said...

Why the cheap shot at March Madness? And then to go right into junior hockey? Few people care about junior hockey. 5000 in a city the size of Regina. Pretty miniscule.

Rudyman said...

Yea, I am with Anonymous #2 post. CFL marketing on this thing sucks. As a Season ticket holder why not email us on it. Maybe Season Ticket holders across the league could have gotten emails regarding.

Will the CFL marketing department even bother to show up on the Cage and explain ?

They couldn't have booked this in a rink and had the combine stuff at ice level, and had us fans in the crowd watching? 300 tickets to stand and look thru people to watch? Not going to be kid friendly.

Pat's will either raise their work ethic, or they are out first round. They have the skill to win a lot, but I am not so confident on their work ethic.

joe bunyawk said...

actually this is one Canadian man who has followed U.S. college hoops since 1983...and quite enjoy it from tip off in the fall to one shining moment in yes I do look forward to March Madness...everyone has different each their own...

william weppler said...

If you actually take a close look at Brown's stats compared to the top 2 goalies stats-wise in the league (Hart & ingram) you will notice that the differences are very very small.

Brown - at least as many wins (28) as both but fewer shutouts (4)
- fewer losses (8) than both Hart and Ingram right now
- in 1,000 shots Hart and Ingram make only 18 more saves or about 1 more save every 50 shots
- he lets in less than 3/4 of a goal more in a game compared to Hart and less than 1/3 of a goal more in a game compared to Ingram.
- not too bad when his Team plays run and gun and don't worry a lot about defense.

I agree that too many people blame the goalies for a loss when its a Team game.

BTW - Ingram has let in 11 goals in the last 1 1/2 games after being pulled midway in one of them (5 goals on 27 shots). Not a very good save percentage coming down the stretch.

Anonymous said...

The "Russian Women" add is the users issue. It's based on your search engine history. We've already had the discussion on here previous. LOL

Anonymous said...

Mr. Yorkton,

With all due respect, a "huge supporter" of a team would be someone who would never cancel their season's tickets (unless they lost their job or worse).

Anonymous said...

Pats could get elimated in 1st round of who playoffs

Anonymous said...

does the big win in Brandon mean the Pats will be ranked no. 1 again????

Anonymous said...

Insomuch as the WHL playoffs are concerned I don't think there is any crystal ball to determine where any team will be eliminated. Top teams often are eliminated but that's not say the Pats will be. There is also a lot of false bravado being spewed by some fans very unsure of what might happen. Teams limping in sometimes find another gear and win it all. Some teams playing well towards the end of the season fizzle right out. There is no way of knowing. Caged or hurt animals can be very dangerous.

The injuries befalling the Pats right now is very concerning. A couple guys gone for the season and now Leedahl hurt is a tough spot to be in. The fact that there are no depth forwards available is also very concerning. There seems to have been a grave misunderstanding of the situation, or mis-calculation by someone. Depending on how things turn out that misstep will be a major talking point for quite some time. All we can do now is see how it plays out.

Anonymous said...

Pats will WIN Memorial Cup the next 2 years! Book it haters.

Anonymous said...

Vote Kellie Leitch, PC leadership.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. March Madness is my favorite sporting event. Win and move on, loose and go home. Upsets all round!

Anonymous said...

Russian Mail Order Brides for everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

buddy, the Russian and latin and chinese women thing has nothing to do with browser history, unless it's Pedersen's browser..I only read this blog at work and the work computer has no seedy browsing history believe me and every time I read this one sided blog it's on here..Pedersen's no dummy i'm sure he gets big bucks every time some fat old lonely farmer clicks on it! Cause lets face it thats prob at least half his readership.

Anonymous said...

The next Saskatchewan championship will be the Saskatchewan rush..

Anonymous said...

So, insignificant then.

Anonymous said...

Here's the truth!
Mr Mitchell Blair is a far better play by play calling football announcer than Rod Pedersen.

Now here's another truth!
Rod Pedersen better suited for play by play calling hockey games.

Anonymous said...

hot garbage today, hot garbage... I don't care what the Pats goalie stats are for the season, how have the goalies played the past two weeks? Playoffs start Mar 24th people!

Anonymous said...

Paddock says Moose Jaw best team in the division and looking forward to the playoffs to start. Paddock getting his boys ready for playoffs deflecting heat that a boy John.