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Friday, March 24, 2017


Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

-- The CFL has scored a touchdown! The lead-up to CFL Week may not have been the best, but the CFL has done a tremendous job this week with everything that has been going on over at EVRAZ Place.  It has been fantastic, and as one fan said to me on Thursday while I was touring through Fanfest, they should have this here every year. I don't know if that would happen, but I wouldn't complain, Good job CFL!

I don't know if the fans are enjoying this more or if the players are,  They have conducted many informal interviews with members of the media from across the country who have come. They have had a chance to socialize with one another in an environment where they can relax and not prepare for a game and have some fun they might not otherwise have when visiting Regina.  As for the fans, they are loving it and why wouldn't they.

Gainer is having fun, but does he realize whose neck he is squeezing. Riders chair Wayne Morsky could have him digging holes in Grand Coulee if he doesn't smarten up! Somehow, I don't think Wayne minds. Like everyone else, he's loving what has been happening at Evraz Place.

While the players are enjoying it, Darian Durant may be enduring it.  It doesn't look right seeing him in the colours of the Alouettes and I am sure it is uncomfortable for Durant to be in Regina not wearing green-and-white. You can tell by listening to him that his heart is still in Regina. It will probably be that way until he heads to training camp, and it may never ever leave.  I think the same can be said for Weston Dressler.  He's had his  year away from it, but Darian hasn't.  You have to wonder if at some time those two have spoken about what could have been here,  They arguably could have ended up as the greatest passer-receiver combo in Riders history,

-- Congrats to former U of S Huskies football coach Brian Towriss for getting named to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. That didn't take long!

-- Congrats to former Rider Tyron Brackenridge who has joined Marc Trestman's coaching staff in Toronto. I get the feeling Brackenridge could join the likes of guys like Orlando Steinhauer, Barron Miles and Mark Washington as former CFL players who are going to go a long way in this league as a coach.

-- The CFL love gets put on hold tonight as the Regina Pats start what will be hopefully a long playoff road as they take on the Calgary Hitmen to start the WHL playoffs. Playoffs are a different animal, and things can change from shift to shift.  There's no reason to think Regina won't skate to 4 or a 5 game win, but in the playoffs anything, and I mean anything can happen and we all know that!

-- The Portland Winterhawks won 40 games this year and it was only good enough for a wild-card spot in the Western Conference. There is going to be some great hockey played across the mountain during these playoffs.

-- The player who delivered a blind side elbow to former Edmonton Oiler Ryan Smyth during an Alberta senior league game leaving him with a concussion was handed a 16 game suspension this week.  I am guessing if this similar incident had occurred in the NHL, the guilty party would have had about 2 or 3 games. Would I be right NHL player safety?

-- Would NHL player safety even consider calling Sidney Crosby? The Penguins captain left Ottawa's Marc Methot with a dangling finger after a two handed slash on Thursday. It was dirty. The slash shattered Methot's finger and he will be out for weeks. Should the NHL suspend Sid? Would the NHL suspend Sid? If it was Chris Neil doing that to Evgeni Malkin or Milan Lucic doing it to Nathan McKinnon, there would be a suspension. Your move NHL! Do you want to open this can of worms or not?

-- Some in Edmonton believe Oilers goalie Cam Talbot is making a late run at being a finalist for the Vezina Trophy.  Is he? He has had a solid year, but he isn't one of the top 3 tenders in the league as far as I am concerned.  That would go to the trio of Bobrovsky, Dubnyk and Holtby.

-- A massive investigation led to the discovery of Tom Brady's Super Bowl winning jersey in Mexico.  The FBI were involved in this.  The FBI? Local law enforcement is left to deal with missing persons and other more serious matters, but damn it when a Super Bowl winning jersey goes missing, the FBI is brought in.  I can't be the only one shaking my head on that one!  By the way, does this enhance Trump's argument to build a wall?

-- The University of Regina's athletic review is out.  That's about all you can really say on it.  Let's just say I weeded through 21 pages expecting more. Did I miss a page or two?  The one thing that did stand out besides a new AD needs to be hired to replace Dick White is Cougar Athletics needs a re-brand. Yes, it does. I hope the U of R even after losing some money in the provincial budget can find the right amount of cash to do a proper job of marketing. I think a limited budget in that area hurts them a lot.  There are good people, and good athletes at the U of R who deserve more than they get.  I am also guessing there are many businesses in our fair city who would like to throw some dollars the U of R's way, but they don't get a call for whatever reason.

-- That's all I got. Enjoy your weekend. Get down to Evraz Place and take in some of CFL Week while catching the Pats in a sports weekend we haven't seen like this around here in a long time.  Maybe even go check out "Hoopla" if you can!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for acknowledging that there were teams other than the Pats in the WHL this year. The central and west and American division all had great success.

Anonymous said...

Very valid and somewhat sad point on Brady jersey. Have to wonder how much $$$ was spent on that investigation.

Anonymous said...

If Methot slashed Crosby and leaves his finger hanging, what happens? Exactly!

Saw both of you fine gents at CFL Week yesterday. Soundin good and lookin good!



Anonymous said...

You're right Crosby should be suspended but I highly doubt the NHL has the balls to do it.
If the shoe was on the other foot it would be a half season suspension.

Anonymous said...

Cam Talbot? Really! have you seen his play lately? I'm guessing you wrote this before the Colorado game last night. Guess I'll give you a muligan on that one.

Anonymous said...

No Regina Patsies on here ? Just as well , they will probably be gone after the first or second round anyway. Go Wheaties Go !.

Anonymous said...

The Crosby slash is not suspension worthy! Give your head a shake.

Result was unfortunate but these types of stick on stick checks happen 100's of time a game. It's dirty because a guys hand got caught between?

This is getting attention because it is Crosby. Any other player would be a foot note.

Anonymous said...

If fans aren't being selfish and want to see a strong CFL they are insane to say they want this here very year. If the CFL spent a million dollars in promotion every year for a week like this in some of their weaker markets it would do a lot more to help the league. It's fine for the first one to put it in a strong market but if this isn't in Vancouver or Toronto next year the league is crazy. The riders don't need the league's meager budget to pump tires 3 months before it opens a brand new stadium.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the Saskatoon Blades in the playoffs. Oh wait!

Anonymous said...

Agreed! How many times a game does Sid and other players get whacked? Gaudreau's finger was broken after 21 slashes in a game against the Wild. Should everyone on that team be suspended? No. If the League is so worried about safety, they should call a penalty with every slash to the hands. That would make the players think twice.

willie said...

What do you mean , Crosby's Slash is Not Suspension Worthy? Have you seen the Replay? The end of his finger was severed and Hanging there and he will be gone probably until next year. It was Brutal and just because it was Crosby, To Hell with what you or anyone else say they have got to SUSPEND Crosby for this one. Or will the NHL crack down on every little touch of the hand now and call a slashing penalty? if they do that will show you what the NHL is made up of and that would be a bunch of chicken shits who are afraid to step on the so called Big Stars.

Anonymous said...

I am no Crosby fan but watch the replay again in slow was a normal stick check but when Crosby is in motion partly Methot shoots the puck in zone which made him extend his hands/wrists forward which then led to Crosby's stick to contact his fingers instead of the stick. Looked at this with a group and until I pointed this out they all thought suspension but then agreed it was totally accidental. If you suspend on that type of play you have to suspend on everyone else on stick checks then and you may not have anyone left in your line up because that is a routine stick check with a bad and unlucky ending. Slash for four minutes yes I agree but no way that is intentional.

Anonymous said...

willie - is your reasoning to be suspended that his finger was dangling or that it was a dirty slash.

They are two different things!

Anonymous said...

Not hard to find the Sid-lovers in today's cesspool. Those thinking Sid shouldn't be suspended would change their tune if that happened to them in an adult safe league where they likely think they are Sid. Give your head a shake boys!

John Knight said...

There should not even be a discussion, Crosby MUST be suspended

Anonymous said...

The NHL ignoring that slash puts them in the same class as 'Stampede Wrestling'. The employees are nothing but meat.

Anonymous said...

Yeah big investigation. How do you know that someone didn't rat the reporter out and it didn't cost the FBI anything but the cost to receive a phone call?

wilie said...

Two Different Things....Of course it was a Dirty Slash. You just don't take half a finger off with a Tap on the hand. Look at it again Crosby swung his stick hard like a Tennis player hitting the ball at 90 miles an hour. It already looks like he wont be suspended as the League announced today that they would Not be looking into it. Pure Garbage just Pure Bloody Garbage.

Anonymous said...

Saw you at the Pats game Friday Scruffy, nice U of R jacket on too

Western MB Riders said...

Kudos to the CFL and the Riders for holding what from all accounts appears to have been a very successful CFL Week. However, and sorry to pour some water over the flames, but apart from Regina and those who follow the Riders, has there been much attention garnered elsewhere? The CFL is strong in the prairies. Maintaining that strength is wise but the game will not be grown in Vancouver or in Ontario, and elsewhere for the future of the game, without some innovative marketing in those tough to Crack markets, a skill of which the CFL is seemingly devoid.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter if the slash was accidental or not. You are responsible for control of your stick.
An accidental Slash to the head or slash to the hand makes no difference.
If injury result, there should be a suspension

The Ref

Anonymous said...

Saw Scruffy talking to Brian Towriss last night and some gorgeous looking woman whose husband was upstairs doing a TV broadcast.

Anonymous said...

A great footbal legend (Mr. Roy Shivers) once said, "Mitchel Blair should be the GM of the Saskatchewan Roughriders". Agreed, no problem with that, he's astute, analytic, and a stickler for the fine details of any game.

Jeffary L Porridge