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Friday, March 10, 2017


Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order:

-- What was mocked by many of you a few weeks ago got real on Wednesday night when Vince Young touched down with his family at the Regina airport.  It got bigger Thursday as the former NFL quarterback signed a contract with your Saskatchewan Roughriders.  As someone said to me Wednesday night at a local establishment "Is this really happening?". The answer is yes!

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are making football headlines across North America. While driving home from work Thursday night, NFL Radio was talking about Tony Romo's future, they were talking about Jay Cutler's future and yes, they were talking about Vince Young's future!  The Riders are being mentioned on all the big outlets in the U-S,  and I am guessing the signing is as big in Texas as it is in Saskatchewan.

Can he do it? Many have their doubts, and admittedly I do too. He said all the right things at his news conference and on his appearance on 620 CKRM's Sportscage, but once he gets on the field and the bullets are flying, can he do it?  We are going to find out.   Players like Dwayne Jarrett and Limas Sweed came to Riderville hoping to revive their football career and it didn't pan out. So did players like Kory Sheets and it turned out well for him.  The onus is on Vince Young and his desire.  If he wants it bad enough, like many others he will get it. If he doesn't, he is getting perhaps his last 15 minutes of football fame.

Some are still bewildered over the fact Chris Jones would do this. Why not?  There is no harm in getting players to sign a contract and bringing them to training camp to see if they can play. You could say the same about every player that comes to training camp. You want the bodies to see what they can do.  If Young doesn't make it, he gave it a try much like the  many who will be cut at camp. If he does make it, it means good things for the green-and-white. This is a gamble the Riders are more than willing to take.  Good on them for doing so win or lose.

The only thing that bothers me with the whole scenario is this.  Jones said Darian Durant was "moderately successful" in what led to his eventual departure.  If Durant was "moderately successful" in his CFL career, what was Vince Young's NFL career?  Yes, the money that would have been spent on Durant went to Derek Dennis and others and at the end of the day, the Riders are probably better off, but it still leaves me with that question.

-- Canada started play at the World Baseball Classic Thursday night losing to Jose Bautista and the Dominican Republic. Who are these guys playing for Canada?  Ryan Dempster was the starting pitcher? Was Fergie Jenkins not available? Is Eric Gagne the closer?  The Canadian team would look a lot better with the likes of Joey Votto, Michael Saunders, Russell Martin and yes Brett Lawrie on it.  The game is growing in Canada because of these guys. It would be nice if they were participating,  That being said, there has been very little or no buzz for this event in Canada as far as I can tell. That is disappointing.  What wasn't disappointing was seeing both North Battleford's Andrew Albers and Regina's Dustin Molleken pitching for Canada!

-- The Edmonton Oilers are going to make the playoffs by the looks of it. By the sounds of it, the team's first playoff appearance in a decade is going to be costly for fans. Ticket prices for playoff games are reportedly going to be up 40 percent from regular season games. That is absolutely absurd. Does Daryl Katz and OSEG not realize what is happening in the economy right now.  Oiler fans will snap those tickets up, but at what cost?  Katz likely doesn't care and why should he because as mentioned, Oilers fans will snap up those tickets. That's the way it goes. You don't have to like it, but you do have to accept it.  One wonders what Stanley Cup ticket prices will be in Toronto. I can't see them doing the same thing.

-- Not a good day for Canada West basketball.  The Cougars and Huskies lose at the USports womens championship and Alberta and Calgary lose at the mens championship.

-- What type of optimism do you have if you are a Cleveland Browns fan?

-- Some of the early free agent signings in the NFL make me go "huh".  Seeing Seahawks kicker Steve Hauschka go to Buffalo makes me go "NOOOOOO".  Does this mean Blair Walsh is the kicker? Again, NOOOOOOO!!

- Adam Casey finishes 5-6 at the Brier. I think that's where many thought he could end up. What a week it has been in St. John's. If Brad Gushue wins it all, the Rock might never be the same

-- Pats and Warriors in a home and home this weekend. In the words of John Frenzy, "its just going to be fantastic!!" A road trip may be have to be done Saturday.

-- I've got to quit my bad habits, but I'm no quitter

That's all I've got.  Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Great point on "moderately successful"

Anonymous said...

If Gushue wins the Brier this year, it will be Newfoundland's equivalent of the Riders 2013 Grey Cup Championship

Anonymous said...

What are Pats playoff tickets going for this year?

Anonymous said...

If Gushue wins the Brier this year it will be Newfoundland's equivalent of a sk hillbilly (donniemacmorres) celebration getting drunk on their moonshine.

13th man
"Don't drink and drive!"

Anonymous said...

Looks like DR will be the team to beat at the WBC.

Although what I watched yesterday against Team Canada may not be much of a measuring stick. Team Canada fielding was terrible.

Freddie what were you thinking when you wanted to play for Team Canada.

Canada should not have a team at the WBC, we can't even have a Canadian Manager. Ernie is from Detroit.

I hope this does not impact our young talent's progress to the MLB.

Eric Gagne and Ryan Dempster - get back to the Independent Leagues. Your name will sell some tickets in the smaller Non-MLB markets. But clearly MLB game has passed you by.


Anonymous said...

Playoffs! (Queue Jim Mora rant!)

Long time Oil fan, lived in Edmonton a few years back-way back!

The town goes nuts when the team is in the playoffs.

I may even venture back to Rogers to watch a playoff game.

Anonymous said...

For Hockey people that are not familiar with Curling I will try to put my analogy in hockey terms.

The top teams in the world play on the Grand Slam tour and in curling this would be equivalent to the NHL with all of the top 15 teams in the world battling head-to-head in Grand Slam events all year long.

Many of the teams at the Brier would be similar to AHL or ECHL teams in which they aspire to play on the Grand Slam tour so it is no surprise that Saskatchewan’s Team Casey did not make the playoffs as they are not ranked high enough to play in the Grand Slams.

The four teams that made the playoffs(McEwen, Jacobs, Gushue, & Koe) at this year’s Tim Horton’s Brier ALL play on the Grand Slam tour so it is no coincidence these are the four teams that have made the playoffs. For the most part the other teams are just fodder.

Anonymous said...

Safe to say VY's career has not been moderately successful.

Anonymous said...

If the Browns stay on course and the owner doesn't do anything stupid, they will be a strong team in a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Thanks but still don't care. Actually after that I care even less. It's not even a fair competition.

Anonymous said...

In Scruffy we trust

Anonymous said...

Horrible comparison on the mis-quoted moderately successful comment.

Your taking a .500 record quarterback in the CFL and comparing him to a NFL starter that has a 31 wins in 50 starts.

Regardless of opinion on it all it's a terrible comparison. Be better scruffy!