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Thursday, March 9, 2017


Courtesy Lee Jones/CTV

1 - The moment I saw Justin Dunk's report six-or-so weeks ago that the Riders had added Vince Young to their negotiation list, I thought to myself "This is real". It's not a publicity stunt or a gimmick, because Rider boss Chris Jones doesn't go in for that.

So when Vince Young landed at the Regina International Airport Wednesday night and was met by a throng of Regina reporters, it really was no surprise that it's come this far.

Kudos to TSN's Gary Lawless for breaking the story on Wednesday.

2 - As the report on Wednesday went, Young and his agent Leigh Steinberg were travelling to Regina to finalize details on his contract with the Riders. Presumably if all went well, a news conference would be called for Thursday and frankly, I'm expecting any moment to get an email from the Riders blaring, "RIDERS CALL NEWS CONFERENCE". However so far, nothing.

*UPDATE*: AND THERE IT IS ... The Riders have called a news conference for 11:30 am at New Mosaic Stadium.  We'll be there!

3 - Young obviously seems serious about this comeback with the Roughriders so I don't envision any snags in their negotiations. Provided the -12 temperatures didn't turn him off overnight (why couldn't he have come last week), this should be a slam dunk. I wondered where and how Chris Jones would wine and dine the Vince Young contingent Wednesday night but as you can see by the photo, Young brought his little son with him and that changes everything. A quick supper and a visit to the hotel water park was likely more than satisfactory.

4 - What about the money terms? My suspicion is that will be a closely-guarded secret. It's doubtful the Young camp will want America to know how little he signed for here and the Riders likely hold the same view. If I had a guess, it would be for no more than $150,000 but that's just a guess. However if the dollar figure gets leaked, that'll be HUGE news. America is watching this story unfold BIG TIME, however that's not what's important.

5 - So can he play? That's what's importat and I guess we'll find out soon. At 6'5", 235 lbs and being the #3 pick of the 2006 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans, you know he's got all the physical gifts. I'd be leery of his knowledge of the CFL if it wasn't for his agent, Leigh Steinberg, who knows this league exceptionally well. Vince Young doesn't want to embarrass himself so I can't imagine he's not physically and mentally ready to play.

Young wore #10 with the Texas Longhorns and Tennessee Titans to honour his mother who was born on June 10. It just so happens the Riders have #10 available after the release of CB Fred Bennett.

Some things are just meant to be.

*EDIT* Rider LB Henoc Muamba is reportedly now wearing #10. It appears there will need to be a Rock, Paper, Scissors competition.

6 - But hold the phone! Scruffy said in the CKRM newsroom on Wednesday that there's no way Vince Young ever takes a snap in the CFL. He feels there's just too much that could go wrong between now and the preseason opener on June 10 against Winnipeg at New Mosaic Stadium. However I'm not so sure.

If Chris Jones thinks this will work, then I think everyone needs to get off his back and let this play out. Again, Jones has been hired to turn the Saskatchewan Roughriders around. Let him try to do it.

7 - You'll have to help me out on something. All these sports radio shows across the country are calling me and asking "What's the Rider Nation saying about Vince Young?" So I've posted a Titan Auto Poll on the top left side of the page (under the Molson Canadian ad) and would love for you to vote on it.  Thanks!

8 - Beyond all of that, the club has made some critical signings at other positions which is exactly what Jones said he was going to do: take the pressure off the QB position by enhancing the talent around him. Wednesday's signing of DB Jeff Hecht provides an excellent 1-2 punch at Canadian Safety whatwith the free agent signing of Marc-Olivier Brouillette.

Tuesday's addition of Canadian DT Eddie Steele was earth-shattering. The Rider defense will have strong Canadians right up the middle with Steele, Henoc Muamba, and Brouillette/Hecht.

Now we learn the Riders are in the running for the services of Canadian offensive lineman J'Michael Deane.

Look out Nelly.

9 - All is right in the world: The Regina Pats posted back-to-back wins with a 4-2 triumph in Swift Current Wednesday night. The Pats are now three wins shy of a franchise record with six games to go.

However the club slipped to #3 in the CHL rankings while the rival Moose Jaw Warriors snuck into the Top 10 at #10.

This all sets up a mind-bogglingly massive home-and-home series this weekend between the Pats and Warriors beginning Friday in the Brandt Centre. We'll have Saturday's broadcast from Moose Jaw on Access and Shaw.

Whether it's this weekend, or a playoff meeting this spring, let the best team win.  Hopefully it doesn't denigrate to fan fights in the parking lot and vandalized cars.

10 - Saskatchewan's Adam Casey had last night off at the Brier but at 5-4, he's likely going to bite the dust. He sits 7th and as you know, the top four make the playoffs. As far as I can tell he hasn't been officially eliminated but he has a tough row to hoe.

However his five wins are better than most predicted he'd be able to collect and it's been a decent showing for the Green & Yellow in St. John's.

And if I may, does anyone know of a decent curling app with up-to-the-minute curling scores and standings of the Grand Slam Events? It's a major pain to have to try to search it on or, particularly when you're doing a sports radio talkshow on the fly.

If there is one already, I apologize, and please let me know what it is. If there isn't, somebody needs to get on it.


BIRTHDAYS: Happy 25th Birthday today to Rider linebacker Dillon Grondin, and Happy Birthday to former Rider quarterback Dalton Bell! (2008-2009).


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Rudyman said...

I can't understand the mindset of deciding, without testing, a guy to see if he can play. Bring him in, educate him and see what he can do.

The coaches will know at spring camp if he can still contribute to football or not.

I think we are starting to see the fruit of last years cuts and the salary cuts. Getting Deane would be incredible!

What will be the nickname of our Canadian D?

Darcy said...

Jones is looking desperate if you ask me. We should of had someone here last year under DD learning the game if DD was not in Jones long term plans. After the trade of Darian we look like are scrambling and desperate to find someone who can play quarterback.

enduro155 said...

Rod. Go to for all curling scores

Anonymous said...

all of America is watching this unfold! F*ck Pederson look at the ego on you and your semi pro league. nobody gives a rats ass about this anywhere other than saskratchabum. wow

Rudyman said...

I would love to see a hidden camera show, where someone shows up at these cowardly posters homes and and asks them why they post such garbage.

It would be great TV!

Anonymous said... has its own app which shows real-time stats for curling. Also, if you want to know the most current world rankings for both men's and women's curling has this.

Anonymous said...

Actually wrong. Go on social media and you will see the buzz this has created down in the wonderful US of A.

And for curling, I use lol

Anonymous said...

Pedersen LOL I was just on espn and not one mention of Young.

Anonymous said...

Anon. Your a dusty peasant who cares enough to read and comment.

I hope you realize you just proved to yourself that your gutless and have little to no excitement and a fat wife to come on here and show us how terrible things are for you.

Beat it.

John Knight said...

I would be happy to see all commenters who used "anon" NOT be posted! If it wasn't a real name, leave it off

Tim from Kansas said...

I was just reading about this on ESPN.

It came up on sports radio this morning on my drive to work.

I think this is awesome. Training camp is supposed to be about bringing in competition at every position, so let's see what he can do. Why would you not want to let him try? If it doesn't work out, he won't make it out of camp. There is no downside. Unless you're from Winnipeg or Calgary.

Warren File said...

Good morning Rod, this is where I stay up to date on curling news from down here in Mesa:!/competitions/2254/standings

joe bunyawk said...

PLEASE go back to banning anonymous posters. The Curling Zone app is really good for updates from all events as has been mentioned already. Millions of Canadians actually DO care about curling. And yes there is interest in the Vince Young story down south. All he can do is throw his hat in the ring like the rest of the players signed and invited to camp and see what happens. Scott Mitchell reported that the contract terms are reasonable so let the chips fall where they may. Athletes are driven to compete so why begrudge a guy for wanting to keep playing?

Tom Pura

Anonymous said...

here is a link for ESPN

Anonymous said...

Ok, couple of things.

First, the Riders should've taken Vince Young and Steinberg to Memories. Best food in Regina by far!
Second - Henoc Muamba should keep #10 as he'll contribute far more to the Riders and some wins than Vince Young will.
Third - while generating publicity, the Vince Young experiment is doomed to fail and not a long-term solution for the Riders.
Lastly, this move has got to throw serious doubt on Jones' credibility and football acumen. Boy o boy do I hope I'm wrong!!

Anonymous said...

BINGO!! Tim from Kansas gets it.

As they say on the cage...


Anonymous said...

On this morning's curling broadcast on TSN the commentators talked about the Vince Young signing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah what about fox sports news?

Anonymous said...

AHH... let em post away, it's water off a ducks back .. If you people truly get insulted by an anonomous ahole than mabe you should stick to getting your news on CTV..for me I enjoy a little colorful banter. Go Vince GO he looks like a monster! I'm sure he's experienced in handling larger balls! he'll light up the CFL lord knows we have a bulging stable full of receivers to throw too. I smell 5000 yards.

Dustin Cherniawski said...

Following this closely from Dubai where Vince paid a visit to the Emirates American Football League a couple years ago. (yes, we call it American Football over here). Our players are very much interested.

Anonymous said...

I'm other Roughriders news!

Armanti Edwards loading up his guns as he prepares for his tryout at the qb position. Therein lies the answer to who will step up as the next great Saskatchewan Roughriders legend and their current team connundrum at the qb position moving forward.

Graham Young said...

Rod- Do you have any contact with Ben Heenan these days? Any chance if he is healthy he would return to football in either league?

Anonymous said...

He looks like he walked in to the Twilight Zone

Anonymous said...

Listening to the news conference now. He says all the right things!
Willing to give him the chance. Glenn has had all the chances he could get and can't get it done. I don't even want to hear about Franklin anymore and Edwards ??????

Anonymous said...

If someone cannot even properly spell Saskatchewan it may be a sign they are not from Rider Nation.

As far as Armanti Edwards I hate to break it to the Armanti for QB booster, but I think his injuries last year may have cost him a chance to stay on the roster. He will need a great camp and stay healthy to even break into the well stocked receiving core.

Anonymous said...

8 - Beyond all of that, the club has made some critical signings at other positions

So how did last year's FA signings pan out?

Anonymous said...

"curling live update app" = SLOWEST APP EVER...set it to update every 10 minutes! haha

Anonymous said...

How fast does a curling app need to be

Anonymous said...

Vince is gonna come in and do whatever he wants in this league. He has an rocket for an arm and can run over people. He will be the savior for 6 -7 years. Watch. Book it. Mark it on your Drew Callendar. This guy is unbelievable and he got a raw deal in the NFL with how it all worked out. In a situation like this he will thrive~

Bobby Football

Anonymous said...

I've read some disrespectful comments before. However the dickweed using the F bomb to try and get his totally incorrect point across has to be the Zero of the Month. Anyone who does a drive by like that using Aninymous is nothing but a chicken shot loud moth. How is someone who reports a story using his ego? If you read other sources for your sports you would see that there is a lot of interest down South. They want to see what they remember as immature Vince Young fall flat on his face. They don't care who he's playing for or what league it is. They just want to see either a Cindirelka story or an ugly train wreck.

Reginald of Regina