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Wednesday, March 29, 2017



1 - The Regina Pats will attempt to complete a first round sweep of Calgary Thursday evening when they visit the Hitmen in Game 4 of their WHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinal (7:00 pm, 620 CKRM, Access/Shaw). Regina leads the series 3-0, but they're at an interesting point in their season. The team's coaching staff has pointed out repeatedly this week that the club could do a lot more.

That's got this Pats fan scratching his head saying, "They've won 11 in a row!"

However clearly John Paddock knows what he's doing, and is wily like a fox. When the club lost four games in a row late in the season, the Pats boss was preaching for calmer heads and now he's flipped the script, presumably making sure those same heads don't get too fat.

Can they reach another level? For sure. Will they reach it when the time comes? Absolutely.

But I think it's little late in the season for lessons. They'll be just fine!

2 - *EDIT* The Colorado Avalanche signed UND star Tyson Jost on Wednesday, who's also a prospect of the Regina Pats. This appears to have thrown a wrench into the Pats' hopes of having the 18-year old winger - who'll be 19 next year - in their lineup when they host the Memorial Cup in 2017-18. He now has three options: 1) playing with the Avalanche, 2) playing in the AHL or 3) playing playing in Regina. In the end, it'll likely be up to him.

3 - The Moose Jaw-Swift Current series is now down to a Best-of-3 after the Broncos dumped the Warriors 5-2 last night in the Frontier City. As many predicted, this would be the longest first round WHL series.

4 - It was a quiet week in the CFL after last week's hectic Marks CFL Week in Regina. However there was positive news out of Montreal as former Rider defensive lineman Marcus Adams Tweeted on Tuesday that he's been hired as a scout by the Alouettes, "making my second dream come true."

That is fantastic news for Chunky, and the Als.

5 - The Riders still have some news to announce regarding their coaching staff for 2017. On February 9, linebackers coach Phillip Lolley joined the Hamilton Tiger-Cats leaving a void at that position. However Riders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones said on Monday's SportsCage that the position "will be filled internally".

6 - Fighting words out of Calgary? :) Flames/Stampeders/Hitmen/Roughnecks President Ken King took a potshot at their rivals to the East on Wednesday's Prime Time Sports with Bob McGowan on Fan 590 Toronto.

"If you want to see a football stadium in the CFL you should go to Regina," King said. "Holy Mackerel. That may be the only reason to go to Regina, but it's magnificent what they've done.  Beautiful, beautiful facility."

Meh. It's mere stadium envy.

7 - The citizens in Calgary are split on the Calgary-NEXT project, and the notion of spending $1-billion of mostly taxpayers money on new homes for the Flames and Stampeders.

For those aganst public money funding sports facilities, don't forget the 2013 Grey Cup generated $97-million for Regina and area and the 2018 Memorial Cup will leave $25-million behind.

Also, don't forget about the civic pride created by our teams which is immeasurable.

Oakland, San Diego and St. Louis might all be regretting the "no public money" stance now that their NFL teams have skipped town.

8 - CFL people noted last week that although Winnipeg and Hamilton have lavish new stadiums, Investors Group Field and Tim Hortons Field don't have the convention/meeting/party facilities that Mosaic Stadium offers. That's a big reason why our new home is so jaw-dropping.

It's also the biggest reason the Dallas Cowboys have become the most-profitable team in the NFL despite the fact they've only won two playoff games the past 20 years; AT&T Stadium.

These days it's all about the venue, and the massive profits it can generate. The Riders were right on the bit there.

9 - It's going to be a very exciting spring around the Queen City, whatwith the Edmonton Oilers clinching a playoff berth for the first time since 2006, and this being an Oilers town. My Facebook and Twitter feeds have been crammed with exuberant Oilers fans still elated over Tuesday's 2-1 win over L.A., and what the victory represented.

Was it too much of a celebration in Edmonton? Maybe, for a simple playoff berth, but that task has been anything but simple for the Oilers over the past several years and the Decade of Darkness is now over.

Let the Oilers and their fans have their fun! They've been through hell.

10 - I immediately wondered who should get the credit for the Oilers' post-season berth: GM Peter Chiarelli, Head Coach Todd McLellan, franchise saviour Connor MacDavid, the NHL's Draft Lottery balls, or Kevin Lowe and Craig MacTavish et al for putting them in position to win the lottery year after year.

However 630 CHED Edmonton's Brendan Ullrich pointed out on Wednesday's SportsCage that the credit should go to Oilers President Bob Nicholson for putting most of the men above in place.

11 - Last summer when the Roughriders visited Edmonton, you couldn't help but notice GM Peter Chiarelli was getting skewered by the fans and media for dealing Taylor Hall to New Jersey.

Our thought at the time was, "Wasn't he hired to make unpopular moves to improve the hockey team?"

And now this week my thought is, "Is it much different than the unpopular moves Chris Jones has made in order to make the Roughriders a contender again?"

12 - The Calgary Flames failed in their bid to clinch a playoff berth Wednesday night, stubbing their toe 4-1 at home against the L.A. Kings. However it's just a matter of time before they do, and first year Head Coach Glen Gulutzan should get some consideration for the Jack Adams Trophy. Around December 1 they were talking about firing him, but the Flames have to have had one of the NHL's best records since.

How did Gulutzan do it? He got the Flames' best players (Johnny Gaudreau, Dougie Hamilton, Sean Monahan, etc.) to actually be their best players.

13 - It took two Saskatchewan boys - Todd McLellan (Melville) and Glen Gulutzan (Hudson Bay) - to get the two Alberta NHL teams back into the playoffs.

14 - The Regina Pat Canadians open up the Midget AAA Regionals on Thursday in Manitoba against the Winnipeg Wild. We plan to have full coverage of their progress right here.


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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

9 - Rod asks, "Is it much different than the unpopular moves Chris Jones has made in order to make the Roughriders a contender again?"

Rod there is NOTHING SIMILAR in what went down in Edmonton and what your boy Jones pulled in Riderland.

Two months in did Chiarelli release half of the team without having replacements?

After observing for a year, Chiarelli realized he needed a defenseman and traded a forward for him. Believe it or not he traded Taylor Hall without bad mouthing him.

After observing for a year Jones realized he wanted a different QB so he publically belittled a QB who gave his heart and soul to the franchise then peddled him for a pittance.

You're going to have to do better than that to convince me that Jones is the answer to anything other than 'who needs firing?'


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If you think Colorado isn't going to use him your very mistaken...the Avs are overhauling and will be using him no doubt...honestly look at there record depth, easy fit in but the avs probably want to make sure the Pats are stacked up because that makes so much sense.

Anonymous said...

Jost can't go back to UND. My understanding is that the rules around juniors or the NHL only apply to a player who was drafted while he was a member of the junior team and they have his rights. Jost has never been a member of the Pats, so he might also be able to go to the AHL. If is isn't NHL ready it will might make sense to send him to the Pats and play for a team guaranteed to be in the Memorial Cup, but I don't think that is forced on him and the Avs.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is he not eligible to play in the AHL period due to the CHL/NHL agreement. Rod can you confirm this?

Rod Pedersen said...

I think it's simply an AHL rule that you can't play in that league under the age of 20.

Anonymous said...

Paddock isn't crying like chicken little. A short while back the Pats won 11 in a row and Paddock was talking about poor play and habits but the scribes couldn't see past the 11 wins. That promptly lead to a 4 game losing streak. Everyone knows what a four game losing streak would mean right now. The Pats are winning but playing like crap. Paddock knows it but most fans and writers don't.

Jost has two options depending on his play. It's either Colorado or the Pats. The Avs are i
n a rebuild and Jost is a centrepiece. It's highly unlikely that we ever see him in a Pats uniform. Good money is on him playing the year in Colorado. The only chance may be if he is under performing by the mid point of the season then they might loan him to the Canada Juniors. After which they might send him (loan) him to the Pats for the balance of the season. The way he is playing it's almost a certainty he plays with the Avs all next season.

The Pats gave up a first round pick for his services next season. If he were by some chance make it here at the mid point of the season, would the compensation still be a first round pick.

Anonymous said...

Per AHL By-Laws, the age limit for eligibility to compete in the American Hockey League is 18 years or over, on or before September 15 of each season of competition.

Anonymous said...

He will be with the Pats next year playing with his good friend Sam Steel. Incredible outlook for 2018.

Anonymous said...

Its a CHL & AHL agreement that you have to be 20 to play in the AHL.

College players (Jost) and European players (provided they are drafted out of Europe, even if they later play in the CHL) are not covered by this agreement.


Andrew Wiens said...

Unless things have changed in the last couple of years, players are allowed to play in the AHL at 19. A couple of years ago Bronco's fans thought that the Stars had to send Julius Honka back to junior because he was 19; but, it was eventually explained to us that the Broncos didn't actually own Honka's rights since he had previously signed a contract with a team in Finland and was just 'on loan' to the Broncos. That meant that the WHL/NHL agreement didn't apply and he played a full year in Texas at 19. If Jost has never actually signed with the Pats I would assume the situation could be similar.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you can, look up Alex Nylander. While I don't think it was the Avs plan to sign him and send him to Regina, hosting next year makes it a nice option. To top it off, Colorado is one of the cheape$t teams in the league. If he doesn't come out flying I don't envision them burning a year off a contract.

Anonymous said...

There is also a CHL/NHL agreement that prevents players from playing in the AHL

Anonymous said...

Do us all a favor and cheer for the Als. Your heart is with Durant, why fight it.

Anonymous said...

St Louis, San Diego and Oakland will be fine without the NFL. Say no to public funding for billionaire owners.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Rod...Jost will make the decisions of where he plays while he is under contract now, could you please re-read that and actually make sense of it...if you think a rookie player gets to choose of what he does under a NHL contract with a club you are very mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Duchene and Landeskog will be out of Denver this summer, it's a total rebuild so chances are Jost will be with the Avs all year

Anonymous said...

The stadium is great but the city surrounding it is still a dump... is what King was probably implying. This supposed "stadium envy" is a product of your imagination.

3RD and 1 said...

How about you cheer for who you want to and let SWC cheer for who he wants too just because you don't agree with the person doesn't give you the right to tell a person what to do. As there are just as many fans that agree with SWC as there is who take your position.
It's a free country and everyone is entitled to their opinion without being told to get lost.

CM said...

Jones doesn't have a GM's track record like Chiarelli. Jones' coaching resume is good, but his GM record unproven. Look at what he got for DD versus what Bombers got for Willy. No one thinks Willy is better than DD. If you trade you need foresight. Trading on the spot yields lousy returns (see Lemon, DD). Tillman was a great trader. His acquisitions like Getzlaf etc were great trades.

Anonymous said...

What the heck! Why all the Oiler and Flame love? This is in fact a Leaf town too! The fans here have just been beat down and razed for so many decades that they have been in hiding. Come on man, the Mike Babcock magic is surely worth some comment.

Anonymous said...

CM, you're off base pal.

Willy was young and had years of contract left. DD was about to be a FA and was leaving for nothing.

It's bizarre how people on this blog keeping saying Jones didn't get enough for DD. He was walking ...

Awesome when Tillman traded Ray for Grant Shaw. Esks were sh#t until they fired Tillman.

RWAH said...

I believe Jost was drafted from the BCJH Penticton so he would fall under the CHL/NHL agreement meaning that if he is reassigned from the Avs he must be returned to Junior (Penticton or Regina). Under that agreement if he plays less than 9 games in the NHL and is then reassigned the full 3 years of his contract remain. That allows the Avs 4 years before this contact expires. I see it that if he does not burn it up in the first 9 games he would be reassigned to Regina

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like the Avs might be planning on having Jost suit up for the end of this season still which is the reason for the timing of the signing. Does that change anything if he plays with them this year?

Anonymous said...

Denver Post - The Avalanche on Wednesday night signed Jost, its 2016 first-round draft choice, to a three-year entry level contract, and he is expected to join the NHL team Thursday and possibly play as soon as Friday against the St. Louis Blues at the Pepsi Center.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! That's just mean! Lol.

Anonymous said...

And Habs, Hawks, Wings, Bruins, Flyers etc, etc, etc.

Dan said...

The dollars for the NFL in the USA dwarfs money available in Canada. If a new stadium for an NFL team can't get built in cities like St. Louis and Oakland, bigger cites with a larger tax base, it should not be a surprise that it is also a hard sell in Calgary. Saddledome is a nice place to watch a game for anyone that can afford to buy a ticket. A new arena is not needed for the average fan to enjoy the game. This is a money grab for the mega rich owner to make even more money on the backs of the Calgary taxpayers. As a Calgary taxpayer I would not be happy spending $2000 to support this. ($1.1 Billion / 1,100,000 Calgary residents = $1000 each x 2 for me and my wife = $2000). It is not that I am not a Flames fan, I just don't see the need to spend the bucks.

Not sure how much leverage the team has. Unlike NFL teams that have multiple markets begging to spend money to buy an NFL team, where would the Flames move to?

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious how some people still wage the stadium war by saying public money shouldn't go to billionaires. The fact of the matter is, building new facilities has a tremendous public benefit. It comes in not just money spent at the stadium itself but also in the community for events the stadium hosts. Restaurants, bars, hotels, public transit and many other services benefit from the events the new facilities host. And all those aforementioned services pay taxes which goes to the public purse. The guy who commented earlier saying that STL, SD and OAK will be fine obviously has no idea how those cities will be impacted by the loss of their NFL teams generating revenue in the community. Calgary lost nine sold out Garth Brooks shows to Edmonton because the Dome is outdated. Heck, same thing is happening in this province with concerts stopping in MJ instead of Regina. The idea that no tax dollars should be spent on a stadium because billionaires are the primary tenants is completely ignorant. Nenshi will find that out the hard way if he keeps up his hardline stance. Perhaps a good solid playoff run by the Flames will help.

Gunderson's Yorkton

Anonymous said...


You are correct, right up until you mention Nenshi. Alberta is in a massive financial shortfall with no end in sight. The Calgary Next project is asking for hundreds of millions of dollars from the public sector to build a private facility. That's the #1 difference. It will be owned and operated by private owners.

People of Saskatchewan and specifically Regina are complaining about the minimal tax increase from the new stadium. A very small amount of the stadium will be paid for by tax dollars. The majority (over 100 million) will be generated through user fees.

Imagine if city residents were asked to shell 300 million like they are asking in Calgary.

Anonymous said...

Durant was leaving after Jones belittled Durant publicly. That was Jones' plan so that people would blame Durant for being greedy and leaving. Apparently the plan worked to some extent; you and others belive it. Given respect and a decent contract offer, Durant would still be a Rider. Would you work for someone who went to the media to criticize your work?

Dustin said...

He clearly means his play will dictate where he plays, which in turn is his all up to him

Anonymous said...

Bingo! Id have been against releasing DD regardless of how it was handled. However, if it was done with respect AND with a viable long term successor, Id be done talking about it by now.

Jones was two-faced and the "negotiation" was a hack job. That is on him and so is fielding a team AND QB that will make people forget that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right Pedersen, this is an Oilers town because your facebook & twitter accounts are saying so. There are as many or more Habs, Leafs, and Bruin fans. The difference is we don't use the social media platforms that your dumb ass followers use. Some of the stuff you post is just friggin...amazing!

Anonymous said...

Jost must be returned to Junior if he doesn't make the Avs roster next year. Since he was drafted as a member of a Canadian Junior league he falls under the CHL/NHL transfer rules.

Him playing NCAA has no effect on where he ends up because of this. If he was playing for UND when he was drafted the rules would be different and he would be allowed to play in the AHL.

Anonymous said...

Whoever runs that stadium better start drawing some acts to help pay for that place. I got my GnR ticks but last I checked there's plenty left and I haven't heard any other major anouncments for acts beating down the door to come here. Trouble is bands have trouble selling out the Brandt let alone a stadium that size. Bands like coldplay, Metallica ,Roger Waters should all be able to fill that place but they seem to be skipping right over us and heading north to that shiny new place in Edmonton.So whoever's in charge of drawing acts here get your sh** together and get it done. An empty building has zero economic benefit to our community.

RidersYYC said...

Ok, yes new stadiums may bring economic benefits, but its not the only consideration. One should look at what other projects there are that could use gov't money.
Anyone have kids in overcrowded schools? How about schools that are falling apart? What about healthcare, could we put that money into reducing wait times?
Best value for the dollar spent should be the criteria. Maybe that is a new stadium, but we should expand the debate to more than a binary yes/no on a new stadium.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ..... Not in Regina. Regina and the Sk govt should have found the necessary extra monies for a retractable roof on their stadium build to maximize incoming revenue. A part time stadium sitting idly by decaying in the harsh Saskatchewan weather elements not to the benefit of the taxpayer or to the entity unto itself. Regina built a part time venue that will hardly dent the aforementioned public purse with minimum hosted events. The bills alone to maintain and host such extra events will consume any return to a pittance resulting in long term deficit. As it sits, it generates zero.


Anonymous said...

As usual, Gunderson's Yorkton may well be on to something. Indeed, I submit that 'public money' from Calgary tax-payers can be used to put in place a roof on the new stadium in Regina.

That would then result in a multi-purpose state-of the-art sport facility for year round use. It would become a nice, big, beautiful hockey arena during the CFL off-season.

Then, in 2019, the final key step is to move the Flames to Regina. The nicest part, they would still be the 'Calgary Flames'. It will give more business to our local airport as wealthy Calgarian season ticket holders fly in on their planes. Brad Wall can even drop the puck at the first home game. Heck, the Pats could even use it now and then, especially during the play-offs. A win-win for everyone!

Anonymous said...

G Yorkton. You need to update your information. The biggest falicy out there is that stadiums do the things you claim. It's a loosing gig for taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Jost will be in San Antonio or Denver next year, so you thick skulled reginans can start letting that soak in.

Anonymous said...

To the people who come on here please readpublic money for pro teams on the internetand not one of these articles saying spending public money on arenas ball parks or stadiums is in the publics interest. There are various reasons they all give and nobody has made a sound agreement for doing this . If all of these buildings made econoic sense don't you think the smart business people that run these teams would build it themselves but it doesn't so they don't I notice that no city who has lost a team has suffered any more than a team with a team Remember Mr King was ringleader of needing salary cap to help Canadian teams as they couldn't compete there salary cap was 40 million now 10 years later the teams all spend 70 and things are fine..Barnum and Bailry were right are sucker born everyday. Don't give me all the reason why read the articles and ask yourself the question Why

Anonymous said...

Yes... yes... yes... I hear what your saying, like it, like it, yes... yes.
NO! NO! to Bad Wall dropping a puck anywhere Sask, he doesn't even know how to drop a writ.

Austin Powers

Dex said...

Jost was never a CHL player. He was drafted out of the BCHL which is not part of the agreement.

He can play in the AHL next year.

18 year olds can play in the AHL. It just doesn't happen that often because there are so many good junior leagues.

The examples of Nylander and Honka aren't relevant either as they were drafted as Euros before they came to play junior.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous above, Dude, Roger Waters would NOT be able to sell out the stadium!! Its bad enough we got some geriatrics such as Guns n Roses to come here to play on their past glories. Sensible people are not flushing their hard earned cash down the crapper for G n R. Roger Waters???? ROTFLMAO!!

And get off your fancy notion that a roof is gonna be added to the stadium.....not gonna happen, not in this lifetime, where is the money gonna come from??? Brad Wall's already on the path to bankrupt the province like his buddy Devine, and the city should not be payin' for the stadium on the back of ENTIRELY should be paid by user fees added to the cost of tickets for those who use it....I'm probably never gonna attend a game there so why should I pay my hard earned money for it?? Taxes are supposed to be used to benefit ALL members of society, not just a select few.....something Brad Wall can't get through that thick skull of his.

Anonymous said...

Geez here we go again! Must show the demographic that reads this Blog .. LETS GO OUT AND PAINT THIS WHOLE TOWN GREEN! OOPS I MEAN ORANGE! I think I just got a Notley in my stomach.