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Friday, March 10, 2017


Vince, Candice & Jordan Young, Agent Leigh Steinberg
Years removed from his glory days in the NCAA and NFL, Vince Young faces an uphill battle trying to resurrect his pro football career with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The CFL club took a flyer on Young on Thursday, signing the former Texas Longhorns star to a two-year deal (one year plus an option). The 33-year-old spent eight years in the NFL but last played in a regular-season game in 2011 with the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I wouldn't say (this is) a comeback, I'd just say an opportunity,'' Young said at a news conference in Regina. "I always wanted to play football again but didn't know how it was going to happen.

"God always works in mysterious ways.''

The six-foot-five, 232-pound Young was 30-2 at Texas and in 2005 led the school to an NCAA title. He went in the first round, third overall, of the 2006 NFL draft to the Tennessee Titans and was the league's top rookie and a Pro Bowl selection that season.

Young, a 2005 Heisman Trophy finalist, started 50-of-60 career NFL games and in '09 was its comeback player and earned his second Pro Bowl nomination. But the Houston native has been out of football since 2014 when he retired after being released by the Cleveland Browns.

Young said he's remained active in retirement, playing flag football, breaking down game film with Longhorns quarterbacks and coaching his son's youth squad. Young added he started his off-season conditioning program last month.

However, his biggest challenge isn't simply chipping away the rust. It's trying to do so while venturing into a completely different game.

Canadian football is not only played on a longer, wider field but also features one less down and one more player on the field. And while in the NFL only one offensive player can be moving when the ball is snapped, unlimited motion is allowed in the CFL, sometimes creating organized chaos.

Canadian football is predominately an aerial game requiring pinpoint accuracy from the quarterback. Every CFL starter last year completed at least 65 per cent of his passes and overall league quarterbacks completed 68.3 per cent of the roughly 5,900 passes thrown.

At Texas, Young was a 61.8 per cent passer but sported a 57.9 per cent mark over his NFL career. He threw more interceptions (51) than touchdowns (46) despite posting a 30-17 record as a starter.

"It's certainly a different game,'' said Chris Jones, Saskatchewan's head coach/GM. "It's going to be a little bit of an adjustment but again we've got mini-camp and (training) camp and I'm fully confident that he can make that adjustment.''

Young was a mobile quarterback in the NFL, rushing for 1,459 yards (5.2-yard average) although he lost 12 of 40 fumbles. And while Edmonton's Mike Reilly was the CFL's top-rushing quarterback last year with 406 yards (four-yard average), he also led the league in passing (5,554 yards) and owned a gaudy 70.8 per cent completion average.

Calgary's Bo Levi Mitchell, the CFL's outstanding player last year, completed 68 per cent of his passes and had four times as many TD passes (32) than interceptions (eight).

Few quarterbacks have succeeded coming to Canada after starting their pro career in the NFL. Doug Flutie was the exception, starring in the CFL with B.C., Calgary and Toronto (1990-97) following stints with Chicago (1986-87) and New England (1987-89).

Flutie was the CFL's outstanding player six times and won three Grey Cups. He returned to the NFL with Buffalo (1998-2000), San Diego (2001-04) and the Patriots (2005) before retiring.

Should Young require inspiration, he need look no further than Kerry Joseph, who came north in 2003 after being released by the Seattle Seahawks following four seasons as a safety. In the CFL, Joseph played quarterback with Ottawa (2003-05), Saskatchewan (2006-07), Toronto (2008-09), Edmonton (2010-13) and the Riders (2014), winning the league's outstanding player honour in '07 before leading the Riders to a Grey Cup title.

Despite his accomplishments, Young was emphatic he's not taking the Canadian league or its players for granted.

"It's football and when you put on that helmet you can get your head knocked off out there,'' he said. "I always respect the game ... because you know what players go through behind the scenes.

"We're human and we live life as well so I respect each and every last guy who plays this game.''

Saskatchewan has been looking for a starter since trading veteran Darian Durant's rights to the Montreal Alouettes in January. However, Young will compete with veteran Kevin Glenn, 37, Canadian Brandon Bridge and Americans G.J. Kinne, Jake Waters and Bryan Bennett, all of whom have time invested into the Canadian game.

"Vince knows what's in front of him,'' said Jones. "We've got some good quarterbacks and they're all going to be in competition for our No. 1 job.

"If you look at Vince's record (31-17), that's pretty good regardless of what league you play in. He certainly can make all the throws ... but I think it's much more than just his physical tools. He brings a lot of intangibles that winners bring.''

Young, for one, isn't the least bit daunted by the task before him.

"I've got to put in the work and get in the film room and transfer the film work and mental stuff to the football field,'' he said. "It's not my first rodeo ... I've played this game, I know football.

"It takes some time but at the same time I love to learn from my mistakes. I'm here to compete. The main thing is I want to tell my teammates that it's not all about Vince. I don't want them to think I'm coming here big-headed ... it's all about the team, it's all about the city and whatever we can do to win.''

Young also said he's not using the CFL as a springboard back to the NFL.

"My focus is being the best teammate I can be, the best guy in the community here,'' he said. "I'm thinking about trying to win games and trying to win a Grey Cup.''



Rudyman said...

Seems like a humble man who just wants to play.

Going to be a show this year!

Lewis Grant said...

Wow! We just signed the next Timm Rosenbach! Plan the Grey Cup parade route!

Seriously, when is the last time a washed-up big-name NFL quarterback had any success in the CFL? This is only going to hurt the development of Brandon Bridge. (Or hurt the development of any other young (not Young) guy who might be able to unseat Bridge.)

Lewis Grant said...

Plus, Vince Young is a WHOLE YEAR YOUNGER than Darian Durant!! Behold the future!

Bob said...

Well, at least the first comment outta the gate is positive but I can hear "fans" already bashing this move. Do I think it will lead to him hoisting the Grey Cup..No....but is there ANY harm in letting come to camp? N downside that I see.

Anonymous said...

The guy hasn't played a game since 2011. I would say he is rested, and if players like Hank and Calvillo can play into there 40's Vince could be with us for 6+ years. Not sure why everyone is so up in arms about this? He has trained this winter, has worked out for the Riders, and has been learning the CFL game since last year.

Everyone needs to sit back, take a deep breath, and let the professionals do there job. There's a reason you're not the one making these decisions, because we'd be over cap and Durant would be making 600K a year.

Anonymous said...

Durant could have played till 40 to. Why go through all this and waste 2 more years trying

Anonymous said...

Cue the circus music......

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Saskatchewan Vince and family. Good to see you here and it will be great if you can contribute.

No expectations, no hype, just results, thank you!

Go Riders !


The Professor said...

As a wise woman once said, "The future remains to be written".

On December 31, 2017 when it comes time to read Rod's annual list of all the year's highlights we can only wonder what stories about Vice Young and the Riders will have be written about on this fine blog, - and will Vice Young's future here this year be a short story or the start of a novel?

Don said...

Come on people,give the guy a chance and let him show that he can still play and be effective.The bigger field could be the difference for this athlete as he would not be invited and signed if he no longer has the tools to do so.Welcome to Canada Vince!

Anonymous said...

We could have waited and went after either Tony Romo or Jay Cutler. At least they have played recently. Do we know what is going on Jonesy?

Anonymous said...

I am sure that when young Dan Clark was a Regina Thunder that he could never have imagined that he would some day be snapping the ball to Vince Young.

Anonymous said...

The more this goes on it seems like this is more and more all about jones .

Anonymous said...

If anything, Jones has been able to keep the Roughriders brand in the media almost every week during offseason. This is just another example of good off-field entertainment. I, for one, am enjoying it. Good brands like Maple Leafs, Canadiens, and Roughriders don't need to have winning seasons. That's just a bonus.


Anonymous said...

Well, whom ever coined the phrase "you can't fix stupid" was clearly talking about a minority of Rider fans. This signing clearly has only an upside, no downside at all. It either works out or it doesn't and the Riders move on.

Anonymous said...

What if Riders win most of their games including the Grey Cup with Vince as our Quarterback?........What if?

Anonymous said...

29 tickets left on Ticketmaster to watch the Pats mollywhop the Warriors. Get em while u can!

Curtis said...

am i wrong or did Jones meet with Vince Young before he traded away Durant

Anonymous said...

Jones is covering the bases. If he has a record near the same as last year by Labour Day he will be coaching flag football and look he already has his quarterback. He is just planing for the future.
As for the brand comment please dont compare Leafs and Habs brand to the Riders. Look at net worth of franchise and realize you are comparing pic a pop to Pepsi. Lets stay in the real world

Anonymous said...

I listened to him live in the CKRM studio on way home from work with Roddy, and the guy won me over.

Roger & Gene said...

Two Big Thumbs up to the great interview on the Sports Cage with Vince Young. We will be pulling for him to prove wrong the doubters.

Anonymous said...

Durant is gone. Move on.

Anonymous said...

The Riders being Pepsi and the Leafs and Habs being pic a pop.

Anonymous said...

Steve from Victoria, To anonymous who stated you can't compare the Rider Brand to the Leafs or Canadiens, The Riders are the third top sports brand in Canada| Correct me if I am wrong Rod, but I read last year that the Riders brand outsells a couple of the N.F.L. teams. I believe it was the Panthers and the Jags.Also last year in this column a C.F.L. source stated the Rider Franchise had a value of $100 million dollars. So enjoy your Pepsi

Anonymous said...

He seems like a nice guy from what I heard but that doesn't get you much on the field. Other than his name, he is not young. He has not played since 2011 and the last couple of years that he did play, he didn't play much. He stated that he just started working out seriously in February (which was just a week ago). He has never played CFL football before and sometimes those NFL quarterbacks have a very tough time with our brand of football.

It will be very interesting to see where this goes. As long as this doesn't cost us a lot of money in form of a signing bonus, I guess it won't be a big loss for us if it doesn't work out. If nothing else, it's publicity for the team.

I wish the season was starting tomorrow. I want to see how this one works out.

Anonymous said...

Pic a pop to Pepsi? You anons are killing me HAHAHA! Vince sold me in his interviews already. Give it your best game and compete. All good.
Bart in regina

Anonymous said...

That guy looks like a bad Donald Trump impersonator.

Clay P. said...

If all you people weren't negative what would you do with yourselves?
Good grief there is little if any risk with giving Young a good look. Maybe instead of throwing the ball into the turf
He could throw the long ball to one of the many EXCELLENT receivers Jones has put together.
You are all whimpering over the fact Durant is gone. Move on. Did you want to stay with the old regime?? The biggest joke
Was that DD bragged about how elite he was!!!!!!!Guess he didn't know what elite is.
This organization is turning this team around & then what will you bitch about?.
Clay P.

Anonymous said...

anon wrote;
"The Riders are the third top sports brand in Canada| Correct me if I am wrong Rod"

I'll correct you. That was true back when 'Grampa' Miller was coaching and everybody loved 'em.

Rider sales have dropped big time in the last two years and Blue Jay sales have went through the roof.

Sorry to burst your bubble....The Realist

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your 3.5% pay cuts fools

Anonymous said...

Get the coach to help him say SASKATCHEWAN right......ha ha. Looking forward to next year. I have a hunch this guy will bring us the next 2 Grey Cups....sorry no pressure. Just faith in you. Go Vince!

Lewis Grant said...

From David Naylor in TSN today:

"In David Epstein’s excellent book The Sports Gene, he explains that successful athletes in any team sport don’t so much react to what they see as they learn to subconsciously memorize patterns they have seen hundreds or thousands of times, essentially seeing into the future by being able to anticipate what’s going to happen through experience and repetition.

It’s true in every sport, and it’s why even the most physically talented players need seasoning to reach their potential, especially when going from one level to another where the rules or speed of the game changes."

Anybody remember Cleo Lemon?

Anonymous said...

If we remove all personal comments and ideas and just look the facts. There is a few scenarios that will eventually unfold.
A) Vince takes his new found opportunity, his last chance and incredible desire to play football. As well as his raw athletic ability combined with his 6'5" frame. Mixes in his desire to make his intelligent and pretty wife and fine looking Son proud of him and ends up having a hell of a camp. Plus the unselfishness, solid play and tutoring of a fine team mate and gentleman like Kevin Glen. The two of them have a one two punch like the CFL has never seen before. If this scenario works out. It will put us Saskabillies (as we are seen now) on the map and change many attitudes towards the Province, City and football fan to more of a regular place with a small city growing into a great City. As well as a Province of people who are as crazy about football as every Texan where Vince comes from.

B) the SK fish bowl, combined with ridiculous pressure, rude remarks and dumb past comparisons from what seems to be an unhappy media who are not the voice of the Riders and presently run a talk show on a competing radio station and print in the newspaper. End up bombarding Youngs every move and do not end up giving the guy half a chance to be successful. Add in a particular Nye who is their hockey guy that is involved in the NHL making loud CFL comments that are most often self serving opinions. Youngs only hope their is that a former Safety for the Riders gives Vince some room to catch in before putting Young in a radio choke hold.

C) Vince never makes it to the field of play but lives being back in football so much that Jones hires him as a Positional coach looking after the QB's and every and all QBs not only learn but are inspired by Vince Youngs wanting to remain with the Riders.

D) Vice throws a few TDs during preseason games and catches the hearts of fan base

E) Vince throws several INT's during pre season and the fan base boo and taunt him into leaving town.

As a person with some compassion and Dignity. I hope "A" becomes the reality of this story that's is still to be written. I hope that it feels good to be called a Rider fan once again. Instead of only wanting to cheer for the Riders and not be linked to what is known as a Rider fan. We can help Vince Young turn his image and career around. Just as much as Vince a young can help remove the stigma around what is known and considered a Rider Fan. Trust me when I say that throughout the CFL the name Rider Fan is not spoken in a positive manner. Simply because of a small group of a Rider fans that have made asses of themself at competing teams stadiums.

Keep in mind the year's salary for Vince Young is half of what Darian wanted up front as a signing bonus. So financially there is very little to lose. Let's all try and give Vince and his Family a chance to be a proud member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Go Riders and Good Luck Vinve Young.

William Wallace Wishing Wild and Wonderful things for the 2017 World of the SK Riders and Rider fans alike.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it takes REAL pinpoint accuracy to throw a bubble screen or a 10 yard pass to a receiver whose sitting in a zone by himself. That's why completion percentages are so high in the CFL and all football for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Beacuse nobody does a value on cfl teams lets give you benefit of doubt at 100 million for riders which i believe is far to high. According to forbes value of the following
Habs 1.2 Billion
Leafs 1.1 Billion
Jags 1.5 Billion
Bills 1.4 Billion
So we are comparing BILLONS to smaller millions so lets not get carried away here.By the way Cowboys most valueable at 4 Billion so you have a few dollars to make up

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Riders Vince and family,wishing you all the best.

Definitely didn't come up north for the money,came up to the CFL to play football.hopefully it works out for him and the riders.

If he is able to pick up and play the CFL game,I don't see a down side.

Development of a QB for the future in this fish bowl we call Ridernation isn't a easy thing to do.Being a coach for the Riders will always have you between a rock and a hard place.

The young QB's that have been hanging around waiting for their shot need to get their reps,Who knows maybe one of them will out shine everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Where were you all when the rest of the great signings happened this last couple of weeks? Or are you just sitting, hiding behind your keyboard waiting to throw darts? Sad way to live.

Please, one of you nay sayers, state FACTS as to why this is a bad deal? I'll wait. It costs nothing and the Riders can cut bait if it turns out poorly. Without giving anything up.

I look at all that has transpired through the free agency season. This team looks like it got a whole lot faster, tougher and meaner. I can't wait to see what this team does to others.

Vince would eat DD for breakfast. And I really want to see him run over people. But if he doesn't, it'll be a preseason game and will be irrelevant come November. I can't understand why we won't just cheer for team.

Dex said...

I have doubts that this will work, but hope it will.

How long will both Glenn and Young stay on the roster?

Riders have signed some star free agents. They didn't come here to play for league minimum. The salary cap has to be an issue going forward soon. Even with the money saved on Durant.

Anonymous said...

I, for one wasn't a fan of getting this deal done, but now that it is, I have to get behind the Riders and Vince Young and hope he shoots the lights out. Welcome to Saskatchewan Vince Young and it was great to see your family with you!

Anonymous said...

Go Als!

Anonymous said...

Jay cutler? Seriously man? Excuse me while I vomit haha

Anonymous said...

With the CFL zero contact on a receiver has allowed QB's % to much higher in recent years.
Go Vince!

Anonymous said...

Another addition to the group of men here to try and make our team better. Don't look at age or the job they left behind. Look at their work and progress in training for their job. If they are hired our team will be better for it. Kudos to our Coaches and Management for the job they have done so far.

Anonymous said...

Pop Warner football rocks.

CM said...

jones is not boring. no risk in bringing in Vince. wish him the best. lets hope he can dominate.

Anonymous said...

Go als!

Anonymous said...

Everybody Ive talked to about this, most of whom are long time fans with pretty solid football acumen, think this is a complete joke.

It was really cute to see how smitten Jones was with his big name (former) NFL signing in the press conference and mentioned numerous times how they went to dinner together. Awwww!

Anonymous said...

So the solid football acumen means they work in the industry? Spent time scouting, working out football players at a professional level? Or are they long time fans and played some high school or maybe some university football?

Guy hasn't even taken a snap yet and everyone is all over how bad of a deal this is. He will be playing the entire season for half of what DD wanted up front! Nobody has seen him play CFL ball, with his size and ability I am looking forward to seeing what he can do in preseason. If he fails miserably he gets cut and we have Kevin Glenn and a stable of young QB's to fall back on. I don't see how this signing is a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I said they are fans, that understand football, not experts or coaches working in the industry.

IF he makes it out of camp, you better believe he'll only be making half of what DD is.

You're right though - He hasnt taken a snap here yet, nor has he done so, in pro ball in OVER 5 YEARS.

Kevin Glenn is a career journeyman / backup.

That is what weve swapped DD for. Were paying these two guys instead of Durant.

This is not what most fans would like to see from Jones after he refused to come to terms with a proven CFL starting QB. It does not resemble a solid strategy. It resembles a rookie defensive minded GM with no checks or balances experimenting with the QB position.

It is on Jones to prove doubters wrong - so far he's 5-13. Until that changes he gets no slack from me and alot of others.

Anonymous said...

So have the Riders quit looking under stones?

Anonymous said...

I will wait to be too critical of the Young experiment even though I think it is a waste of time. He won't get a large salary; you usually get what you pay for. But I will wait. At the same time, you could refrain from comparing Young and Durant. I don't know how you could possibly make those comparisons when no one has seen Young play in SIX years and Durant played behind the worst O line in recent Rider history. But I can wait. I will put my money on Doubles but time will tell. One of us will be proven right. One will be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Youngs career NFL stats over 5 seasons: 46 tds, 51 ints and under 9000 yards. And jones cites his win-loss record of 30-17 as some sort of cure all - while dispariging Durants record that includes the 2011 and 2016 seasons (i.e. terrible football teams).

Is anyone buying this garbage?

Anonymous said...

No one has seen him play any football, CFL or NFL , since 2011. There is the problem.

Anonymous said...

The Jones fans are buying it hook, line and sinker.

Anonymous said...

Haha - tells people to state FACTS, then says VY will crush DD and run over defences after not playing for 5 years.

Young is an experiment. If he makes it out of camp at all thatll be a huge win for him. Durant is the undisputed starter for the Als.

Let me guess, when Ricky Williams came up here, you predicted hed dominate the CFL?

JPR said...

Let the man have a chance to prove if he is still capable,if not so be it. To all th Anon whats the problem with posting a name oh sorry you guys are all the next best coach to come forward. Your 2 cents are almost a contribution if you understand football or any sports at all this is a win win for the riders and for tge cfl.

Anonymous said...

Over the course of last year Jones watched doubles and judged that he was not worth the big money. But Doubles did turn down a very good contract offer from the riders after all. So let's move on anons! Bridge looked like he was ready to take it to the next level last year. Glen can win with a good cast around him. Young interests me greatly. Who knows maybe he could pull a Joseph.

Anonymous said...

Jones offer to DD was not ever in the ballpark that would have led to a deal. Jones had made up his mind by the end of last season.

Say what you want, but Lets not pretend Jones was operating in good faith. He was not. Now its on him to bring in a better option - and a 37 year old career backup and a 34 year old NFL washout are pretty sad alternatives.