Realty One

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Glen Johnson Wednesday in Regina
REGINA - The CFL's rules committee wants to limit when coaches can challenge plays to enhance the flow of play and overall fan experience.

A recommendation tabled by the committee Wednesday requests coaches no longer be able to challenge a play following a television commercial. It approved, coaches would have to throw their flag within the first 30 seconds of the break rather than be allowed to wait the entire duration before doing so.

The committee also wants to change what coaches can challenge, limiting what can be contested on roughing-the-passer calls when a quarterback is in the act of throwing or slides head-first across the line of scrimmage. It suggests unnecessary roughness penalties against the passer behind the line of scrimmage, such as facemasking or horse collar tackles, as well as actions that occur when the quarterback crosses the line of scrimmage with the ball no longer be challengeable.

In addition, the committee requested the replay official only change a call that was clearly wrong rather than try to officiate plays to ensure they're right.

"What we've done is take three of four things that as a package will make the whole coach's challenge process better,'' said Glen Johnson, the CFL's senior vice-president of football and chairman of the rules committee. "There will be less of them, they'll be shorter, they won't impact the flow of the game.

"When you bundle this all together, it should result in a reduced number of challenges and result in a better flow of the game and better fan experience.''

Johnson said the roughing-the-passer recommendation will further streamline the coaching challenge process.

"They'll only be able to challenge the specific roughing the passer rule,'' he said. "That's when they're in that vulnerable position of passing or about to pass, or have just passed.''

Johnson said limiting the replay official to changing just calls that are obviously wrong is in keeping with the original spirit of the replay format.

"We brought this in to fix big mistakes,'' he said. "We didn't bring it in to try and officiate the game to perfection.''

The committee would also like to retain a rule adopted last year that coaches lose a timeout if they get a challenge wrong.

Another recommendation was increasing a replay officials' duties to correct errors when flags are thrown for:

- a line of scrimmage penalty (offside or procedure)

- an unnecessary roughness penalty following a play and the video official sees other unnecessary roughness infractions

- an illegal contact call on a receiver that should be changed to defensive pass interference because the ball had been thrown

The committee also requested changing all 10-yard illegal low block penalties to 15-yard unnecessary roughness calls. Another recommendation was preventing a kick-return team from putting a player on the field just prior to the snap to hide him so he can receive a lateral pass from the kick returner.

That play would be subject to a 10-yard penalty.

The recommendations must be reviewed by the CFL's competition committee and ultimately approved by the board of governors to become official.



Anonymous said...

I can't recall the exact plays but I remember that there was two separate plays a week apart that the review committee admitted they got it wrong.
One in particular when all of the TV commentators and viewers from coast to coast could see what happened but the command centre ruled otherwise, then a few days later apologized.
I think Glen Johnson and his review committee should be reviewed.

Anonymous said...

Sounds better than what we have. Also as much as it is important to protect the QB I believe some of the roughing calls should not not be made. There are too many instances where a defender is forced into the QB by the offensive blockers. For the most part, hire and train better officiating and let he game be played.

Clay P said...

I see where they are content with the STUPID NO YARDS ON PUNTS INTO THE WIND THAT LAND ON THE TURF & bounce back against the kicking team. Should be a dead ball where it hits the turf in that situation.
Clay P

Anonymous said...

The absolute most important thing I read here is this: "The committee is also proposing that the replay official only a change a call where there is clear and indisputable evidence that it is wrong, rather than attempt to officiate plays to ensure they are correct."

Now - This represents a major philosophical change to the biggest problem with how CFL has been approaching replay - and IF the CFL applies this as a consistent standard, it should drastically reduce the number of challenge flags thrown as "fishing expeditions".

You can't get every call right in football, nor should you expect to - there's too much subjectivity. Allow your officials to call the game as they see it, trust their judgement as a general rule and allow coaches the opportunity to have BLATANT missed or incorrect calls overturned.

Anonymous said...

Will they still flag an illegal contact on a receiver if the DB simply tugs lightly on a receiver in a situation that does not effect the play? I feel if a player actually influences the play then yes a flag but some obscure touch not in the play does not. Video has changed the game for both good and bad calls. Lets remember not to let a coach watching the Video enable crappy out of the play ghost calls.This has taken away great plays and ruined the game for me.
One more thing....once a fan is pissed off and frustrated because of stupid calls he/she is lost to the league for a long time. Me included.

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed that the Rules Committee never took away some of the plays that coaches are able to challenge. Particularly Roughing the Passer and Illegal Contact. I'm not convinced having reviews during commercials is going to make the game flow better or increase the entertainment value. Commercials are not very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the point for a missed field goal...worst rule in sports, it's like a participation ribbon for losing.

Anonymous said...

The only rule change I need to see is in the hiring of competent refs so we don't need instant replay every 5 minutes of the game.

Western MB Riders said...

Whatever the CFL does, keep it simple and "let em play". Yes, it sounds less analytical and more like Don Cherry, but the fact of the matter is that last year, the frequency of flags was disruptive and to the point where the overall quality of the game for the fans in the stadium and watching on TV or online was seriously effected. I thought the referees were to blend in, and call the obvious or serious infractions, but not overtake the game from the players or dictate the outcome. I am certainly not paying $60.00 or whatever sum it is per ticket to see some unwavering and yet at times inconsistent referee blow his whistle all over the field. At times last year, the games ground to a halt. Think player safety. Think the core rules only. Use quality and current technology. Think of the fans. It is to be entertaining. Apply common sense and make the rules less complicated if there are improvements.

3RD and 1 said...

I agree 110%... get rid of the single point for a missed field goal. To win a game like that is embarrassing for the league. The CFL will always be looked at as a minor league when there is participation points awarded.

Anonymous said...

To all you Yankee wanna be's;

You don't get a single point for missing a field goal!

You get a point for kicking the ball through the end zone or when the returner is tackled in the end zone.

Same as when you punt the ball.

Anonymous said...

How many games have you seen that have been won on an intentional attempt for a single?

The rouge is the least of the CFL's issues. Now, the no yards penalty after a ball hits the ground? Thats a stupid rule.

15 yards for no yards if caught by the returner - but once the ball hits the turf, the punt team should be able to down it.

Anonymous said...

BOOOO another crappy season full of B.S laden flags over contact away from the play!

Anonymous said...

When the single is awarded on a missed field goal, the opposing team gets the ball from where the kick was attempted. You are giving up field position for the single point. For the wannabes, if the NFL had this rule it would be the greatest thing to happen to football since the forward pass. Nothing wrong with the CFL being unique.