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Thursday, March 23, 2017


The 2017 Canadian Football Hall of Fame VIP Gala Wednesday evening was the first event ever held in Mosaic Stadium. This year's induction class includes Anthony Calvillo, Geroy Simon, Kelvin Anderson, Mike O'Shea, Stan Schwartz and Brian Towriss.

Here are some photos!

Commissioner Jeffrey L. Orridge brings greetings from the CFL ..

TSN's Rod Smith served as MC for the evening ..

Chris Jones and Dave Dickenson ..

Don Narcisse, Belton Johnson and Matt Dominguez ..

Gene Makowsky and Narcisse were two of several CFHOF'ers in attendance ..

A group of CFL players including Jon Jennings and Chad Owens ..

Huskies Head Coach Scott Flory and former Rider Chris Best ..

TSN's Gary Lawless and Argonauts President Michael Copeland ..

The Voice of the Calgary Stampeders Mark Stephen and the man he calls "Alberta's most popular politician" ... Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall ..

Mrs. SportsCage (in the black), her friend Celeste, and star CFL QBs Drew Willy, Ricky Ray, Matt Nichols and Mike Reilly ..

Huff and RedBlacks coach Rick Campbell ..

Putting a cap on the night ..

From the Main Stage at Fan Fest, the inaugural Respect Camp sponsored by the Red Cross and Shaw ..

Respect Camp speakers Dan Clark, Bo-Levi Mitchell, Nic Demski, Spencer Moore, Mike Reilly and Rob Bagg ..

And making the rounds on the media circuit, Blue Bombers receiver Weston Dressler ...




Anonymous said...

Alberta could fix their problems to a large extent if they would follow Brad Wall's way with a 6% PST. No PST these days is insane!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures you beautiful man. Your beautiful wife no doubt stole the show, lucky guy.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that stadium is incredible

Anonymous said...

Great pix of all of the festivities and the Stadium. Hard to believe these pix are from Regina.Fantastic shots of the new Mosaic... Thanks for sharing so much of this week with all of us.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Chris Jones and Dave Dickenson have kissed and made up!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rod, thanks for taking a couple of moments to sign your book for me yesterday......I was there on Tuesday and saw you but didn't have the book with me, so was hoping to catch you on Wednesday and I did. Didn't mean to interrupt or rush the interviews you were doing when I got to your table. So thanks again.

P.S. I'm also the one that got the "Fylin" Hawaiian autograph from Chad Owens as indicated in your comment section from Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, How far in debt are we. BRAD WALL. lol.

Anonymous said...

Gary Lawless without a cold beer in his hand does not look quite right.

Glenn said...

Great pictures Rod.


Anonymous said...

There is more to the world than how much revenue governments can soak up

Anonymous said...

Where's Willy's other hand? Pretty big smile on Mrs.Sportscage!

GPB said...

Just because Chris Jones puts on a suit it doesn't turn him into classy.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is brad wall doing there, made a great event into a crap event, oh yeah you and brad are buds

Anonymous said...

Just a tremendous event enjoyed by all the guests, good job CFL and Brad Wall!