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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Veteran CFL quarterback Kevin Glenn is back for a third tour of duty with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and he was a popular target of interview hounds on the first day of Marks CFL Week in Regina. Here are some of KG's comments:


KG: Free publicity! If you have something that you want to promote, and I'm not saying Vince isn't just a football player, but with the amount of media coverage and social media, the people in the USA are going to feed off this. We might have every Rider game on ESPN, not just TSN. I think it'll more publicity for the team and the league.  And competition is good for everybody.

Remember who was in Winnipeg before I got there? Two guys who were drafted ahead of Tom Brady. This is what pro football is all about. Sometime people look at it differently but I say it's football and this is what happens.

Everybody has to compete and play.  I just can't wait to play. I think it's going to be great and having another mind like Vince's - who's been successful in the pros and college - it's just going to be great. And I think it took a lot for him to say 'I'm coming back to play pro football and Saskatchewan is where I want to do it'. For him to take on that challenge, that's something big.


KG: As much as he wants and he needs. I think that's why teams keep signing me in the CFL; not just because of my play, but because of the type of person I am. Coaches want someone who will help the other guys at your position because we're all fighting for the same goal. If I'm not playing, I'm going to help the guy that is playing because I want us to win. I think it's because I'm the oldest of five children ... I was always helping them growing up and that was instilled in me which I carried over to my adulthood.


KG: I'm just glad that I can play it. I was here when they started building it and I just wanted to still be in the league and be able to play that. Now, I've done that. I haven't been in it yet, and I'm trying to time it for lunch time!

I'm excited to see my locker room. I've seen some of the pictures on social media and it looks amazing. I'll be taking a lot of pictures to show the family back home.

I think I got the most seniority of anybody in there so what do I get? Haha. Somebody told me I'm the oldest player in the league now with McCallum and Hank gone so I should get some sort of seniors discount.

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion the smartest signing so far. Kevin Glenn will be everything he says he will be, on and off the field. The key to any successful team is having a veteran presence to keep the team focused on what it takes to succeed. Can't wait to watch the team this year, so many positive changes.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Kevin...what a class act! Now we need to find a young QB who can be mentored by KG.

Anonymous said...

Classy guy. So glad he is back. Maybe not the starter but tremendous as a backup who can give advice to Bridge and maybe Young too.I for one am looking forward to the new season. Whoever the QB is he will have some good targets.If Owens stays healthy our return game improves too.
Go 2017 Riders