Realty One

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Saskatchewan Roughriders great Ray Elgaard (1983-1996) appeared on 620 CKRM's SportsCage on Tuesday from his home in Las Vegas to discuss the move of the NFL's Raiders to Sin City and also the fledgling Golden Knights of the NHL.

The Hall of Fame receiver also spent some time discussing the biggest off-season move for his old team in Saskatchewan.

"I think it's interesting," Elgaard said. "I was thinking about the Vince Young thing and it reminded me of back in the day when the Riders signed Tony Rice (in 1990). With all due respect to Tony, he didn't have the toolbox to succeed in the CFL but it was great from a media standpoint. That was back in the day when the Roughriders were craving some good media attention but it wound up backfiring a bit.

"Vince Young, I remember watching him in college with Texas and he was a frickin' stud. What is he? 33? He's not that old. I mean I don't know the guy from Adam but he's definitely got the skills to be a top-flight CFL quarterback if he's interested in being that.

"So I thought it was interesting. I thought it was an interesting move and I hope it works out for the team."


Anonymous said...

"Interesting" is just a politically correct response, another version of "There's nothing to lose."

Has there been anyone say that signing a guy that hasn't played in six years is a good idea?

Anonymous said...

Las Vegas tax payers will pay big money to build the Raiders a stadium. If the support isn't there in 5 years the NFL will find another sucker to pay to have the privilege of having a high priced NFL franchise. Sucker born everyday.

Anonymous said...

The NFL is running out of cities to run to after holding tax payers ransom. Where else are they going to go now after LA and Vegas