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Thursday, March 2, 2017


Former Rider and Ram Steve Mazurak MC'd Gordon Currie's Memorial
Friends, family, fans and former players filled the Conexus Art Centre on Wednesday for the Celebration of Gordon Currie's life. The Hall of Fame coach and mentor passed away last week at the age of 93.

Mr. Currie's many remarkable teaching and coaching accomplishments have been well-chronicled in the past week so I won't go into them again here but there was a tremendous touch added to Wednesday's service. Printed inside the Memorial Card were some legendary quotes attributed to the fabled football, baseball and hockey coach.

In today's age where everybody's in a rush, details are ignored and proper respect for the pioneers and trailblazers is rarely given, I thought it would be prudent to publish these quotes here as a reminder of what's important.

Remember too, that Mr. Currie was mentored as a teenager by Father Athol Murray at Notre Dame College and later coached by Al Ritchie. He in turn would pass on the guidance he received to the hundreds, if not thousands, of boys and girls he touched throughout his life.

Some of these theories can easily be transferred to the world of business and leadership.


"I came to believe that the most important aspect of coaching can be summed up in one word - relationships. Relationships with people; relationships based on trust, respect and caring."

"I must confess that much of what I learned came form the kids and young men - through listening, watching reactions, responses both verbal and non-verbal."

"The biggest role for a coach would be to create an environment that would breed success. An environment that makes each person feel important - that each person has a special role."

"If I ever learned anything, it was to place sufficient emphasis on the scoreboard in your heart."

"It's all about caring, sharing, feelings, attitudes, and ebracing the qualities of character."

"In all honesty, to be recognized at this level for coaching has been and still is unbelievable. Certainly, it has caused me to reflect about what in coaching is truly important. You see coaches struggle trying to define what success really means, what winning is all about."

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Anonymous said...

I look at the guys coaching today and their motives along with the parents associated with this stuff and want to puke.