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Thursday, March 16, 2017


Saskatchewan Roughriders Head Coach & General Manager Chris Jones appeared on The Waggle podcast on with James Cybulski and Davis Sanchez this week. Here are some of his comments:


CJ: Once it became evident that we weren't going to be able to re-sign Darian, I looked long and hard at a lot of different quarterbacks who had NFL experience, because even if they didn't have CFL experience, at least they had NFL experience.

(Vince) had been on Montreal's neg list for years but he'd popped off of it a few years ago. I had a scout friend in Texas who had his number and I called Vince on the phone. He sounded like a really good dude and I told him I was gonna be in Texas and we could meet up and have dinner.  Me, him, Jarious Jackson and Stephen McAdoo. We created a friendship and it just went from there.


CJ: You sign these guys for a reason. There's a lotta conversations, a lotta film work and a lot of thought goes into signing these guys.  You feel very good about it and it's kinda like Signing Day in the NCAA.  You feel very good about what you've got, (but) the guys still have to come in and #1 stay healthy and #2 come in and compete and make plays.

Quite honestly we felt very good about last year's free agent class and it didn't go very good for us. We're staying realistic with it. We do remain positive and optimistic that we made the right decisions. Character is something that we weighed very heavily this year.


CJ: The common catchphrase is 'You're gonna be under the microscope' or 'You're gonna be in a fishbowl'. I grew up right here on the Tennessee-Alabama line and in my hometown, right now, it doesn't matter that I'm coaching pro football. It's 'How good were you as a high school football player for the South Pittsburgh Pirates?'

So I've been under scrutiny since I've been a kid when it came to football. The thing I think most is you have to dot your I's and cross your T's as far as some of the fines we got this year. Some of the things we did was no different than what's done everywhere else but unfortunately for us it became a negative and a little bit of a distraction from time-to-time.

I learned that we've got to play exactly by those rules because that's the way we'll be governed. If everybody else doesn't get governed like that, then so be it. The Saskatchewan Roughriders are going to be (governed) exactly by the CFL book, in everything that we do. If we lose a ball game, I don't want to be because of anything we do off the field that's causing distractions.

If there's one regret, that's probably my biggest regret of the year. I'm referencing they fined us $60,000 for throwing our 6-game quarterbacks post-practice. If that's the way it's going to be and they're going to govern it by the Letter of the Law, that's the way we'll live. Unfortunately we were on the wrong end of that fine.

That's something I really, really regret.

*You can listen to the entire interview here:


Anonymous said...

Rules are rules and apply to everyone how hard is that to comprehend ,you dont need a degree from MIT to grasp this

Anonymous said...

So everybody in the personality clash came out a winner.
Darian got his big bucks and Jones got a discount QB.
I'm not sure the Rider Nation won though. I'll need convincing.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that he does not regret a losing season - badly.

Anonymous said...

CJ said, "I'm referencing they fined us $60,000 for throwing our 6-game quarterbacks post-practice."

I guess he never had anybody out there catching those passes. LOL

Anonymous said...

There were a little more than some extra QBs out there at practice and everyone who had been at a practice can confirm that. He should regret that stupid decision as well as a number of other stupid decisions that he made. Hoping that this year he'll do better but trying to hold a session in Montreal wasn't a good start.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is, as you will find out, they don't apply to everyone. There are always the chosen ones, the favorites etc. It's called life.

Anonymous said...

Life is full regrets. Losing a few football games in the grand scheme ain't that big of a deal.

Anonymous said...

They were throwing to each other.

Anonymous said...

If it were me, I would be regretting trying to save your sorry franchise. You clowns don't deserve a winner.

GPB said...

With all that whining Jones fits right in with all the Rider fans.

Anonymous said...

STAMPS, ha ha.

Regular Season Champions!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interview notes Rod. Thanks CJ for the candidness.

It would be nice to know exactly when CJ realized that DD wasn't going to be "The QB". Looking back, that moment for me was the final ceremonies at Taylor Field - Mosaic. It just looked like it was DD's moment of realization, unfortunately.

Being a RoughRider fan for years it was very apparent even going back to the 80's that the league treated different teams differently when it came to the rules or when Edmonton, Calgary and BC chose to make their own.

As a fan it's hard to support CJ n Company when they blatantly break the rules. As a CFL fan it is even more difficult to watch players like Bo "Beak" Levi spout the Riders as rule breakers when many know that his club was/is breaking the rules.

Who polices the CFL and who is their office of oversight?

Go Riders


Anonymous said...

Is it safe to say Jordan Reaves won't be a part of CFL Week?

Anonymous said...

It appears the Stamp fans are filling the time while collecting EI trolling a Rider blog. How last season end for you?

3RD and 1 said...

There are Donkey's and then there are Asses. Both of which reside in Alberta. However the Ass from Calgary was just allowed to post on here. if any City didn't deserve a CFL team it would have to be Calgary. They have so few fans and now the oldest and crappiest stadium in the league. I guess if your going to have some old nag running down the sidelines. Dropping its hay and oats during games. Having that dump of a stadium is fitting.

Anonymous said...

Hey head injury stamps fool. Nothing better to do than to troll on a Rider fan site? Feeling a little insecure of your team,loosing your grip on reality hey? When will your team with a crybaby fan base get a new stadium? ...too much contaminated land? I guess never. Go back to your little hole in your mother's basement little boy and behave yourself.

Anonymous said...

Riders ha ha. 4 Grey Cups. 4 in how many years? Now that is funny.

Anonymous said...

Better than it ended for you and your 4 cup franchise.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, that hurt. Lol. How are those wage cuts working out?

Anonymous said...

Correction- Jones comment should read when we "decided not" to re-sign Darian, not "weren't going to be able to" re-sign him. Be straight with it Jones.

Pretty telling how much of a longshot this Young experiment actually is, if he was on MTL's neg list for years and they dropped him, even with the putrid QB options theyve had over there since Calvillo retired.

And Jones jumps all over it so he can have dinner with a big name former NFLer. Thats at least the third time Jones has mentioned their dinner date.

Anonymous said...

Aw yes the old reliable how many cups, so original. How many cups for the flame outs?

Anonymous said...

Oh little all are feeling the pinch while most of us including myself are enjoying record profits. Ha...ha..joke is on you.

Anonymous said...

How many Stanley cups for Saskatchewan...that is what I thought. Your province is that much of a nugget they aren't able to have a team...Alberta has two. Also the NHL is built on 30 teams not 9 and is noted the most difficult trophy to win so shove it.

Anonymous said...

Man Calgary fool. You have to get some new Material. That 4 cups thing is weak and old. All that matters is what is here now.
You keep looking back fool because that's how idiots live. Looking in their rear view mirror. You be concerned about what happened in your Grandfathers time. Like the building of your stadium. While we watch games in a new Stadium. Let's see what happens in 2017. Will Bo look to the sideline with eyes of disgust each time his pass is over thrown or intercepted. The dude lost a lot of his fellow teammates respect with his poor attitude and play in the GC. Not to mention how the Stamps lost a whole lot of talent this off season. It looked to be a mass exodus in Cow Town. The City that smells like the cattle that surround it.

Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...

Hey I am no Calgary guy but will just let you know saying that here and now is all that matters is absolute crap...every team, city, province, and country is built on the past history and makes today what it is so I think could close your yap now. If you are saying only here and now matters then I guess the riders really suck all the way around seeing as your record in the past 3 years. Also the Stamps and Eskies have very capable GM's and Coaches standing behind them and they rely on there continuity and scouting to bring in talent, not signing guys through free agency for a quick fix because they don't know what they are doing outside of that like your green and white team does.