Realty One

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Notes from around the CFL:

- The Edmonton Eskimos released non-import DT Eddie Steele on Monday. The Manitoba product has spent the past four seasons with the Esks, winning a Grey Cup in 2015. He also played all 18 games for Edmonton last year.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are reported to have the cap space available to sign Steele, and are interested according to Gary Lawless.

- Hours after the Toronto Argonauts hired Jim Popp and Marc Trestman as their GM/Head Coach combo on Tuesday, the Twitter account CFL_News reported Corey Chamblin will replace Rich Stubler as the Defensive Coordinator of the Double Blue. The announcement of Stubler being dumped is expected to come out on Wednesday.

Chamblin's been out of work since being fired by the Saskatchewan Roughriders on August 31, 2015.

- Also, for some reason, before Popp and Trestman even left the news conference room at BMO Field Tuesday morning, TSN reporters (i.e. Dave Naylor and Gary Lawless) were adamant the Argos should pursue free agent quarterback Johnny Manziel. We all know the Tiger-Cats own Johnny Football's CFL rights, however perhaps a trade is in the offing.

Where there's smoke there's fire, and all signs point to Manziel playing north of the border in CFL in an effort to revive his pro football career.

However the Texas A& M star and former Cleveland Brown has some personal issues he needs to clean up before setting foot on a football field.

- The Saskatchewan Roughriders have yet to name a Linebackers Coach for the 2017 season. Philip Lolley jumped to the Tiger-Cats on February 9.

- RUMOUR ALERT: And finally, a source told me Tuesday evening that the Roughriders have shipped CFL footballs to Vince Young in Texas in order to get him further acclimated to the CFL game. I asked the source - who is in no way affiliated with the Roughriders - how confident he is in his information and he said "Very".

Young - the former NFL'er and Texas Longhorn star - has been added to the Riders' negotiation list, but has not signed.

Forever Young.



John Knight said...

Wow, Argo now have three fired people at the top echelon. Popp, Trestman and now Chamblin

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to johnny football and rider story. Seems to have died

Anonymous said...

it died because it wasn't true. Hard to keep chasing a lie.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Knight can you name any top echelon football people that have not been fired? Not sure what point your trying to make!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Knight could name one Chris Jones as a "football people" who has not been fired.

Anonymous said...

Mr. John Football would be an excellent addition to the Argos as a tactic to get more fans in the seats at their wonderful BMO Field!

Anonymous said...

Luc Mullinder has to be way over the moon to hear that Eddie Steel could be on his way to Saskatchewan! Can't wait to hear Luc interview him on the Sports Cage.

Nice to see Mr. Chamblin back in the CFL.

Anonymous said...

we want Vince

Anonymous said...

I did not think Cory Chamblin was a great co-ordinator when he was with Hamilton. But Good that he is back in football.

Vince Young will need to get accustomed to more than the size of th football. He needs to get the motion down. Huge hurdle for any US Qb


Anonymous said...

I was a Chamblin fan until I saw his interview shortly after he won coach of the year. I knew then that his days with the Riders were numbered as he had transformed from a humble man to an ego maniac who thought he could do no wrong. Anyway, it'd be great if he's become grounded again and makes it back to the CFL but my question is this. As he's under contract with the Riders until the end of the 2017, does he or the Argos have to negotiate a reduced buyout of the contract in order for him to be eligible to coach in the CFL in 2017? I would assume so but can someone who knows comment? It would be nice if the Riders cold eliminate part of that coaching salary this year (even though they had conservatively written it all off in 2015).

3RD and 1 said...

Treat man was never fired in the CFL. In fact he left a super stud. His Chicago Bears Head Coaching job was marred with an over paid over rated QB. A whole different scenario than having Anthony Calvillo in Montreal.

Anonymous said...

So are the Riders off the hook for Chamblin's salary?

EnvisionScienceMagazine Campbell said...

What is Drew Willy? Over paid and over rated.

Anonymous said...

People are nuts

Gerry Teigrob said...

I can hardly wait to hear that we have finally signed Vinc3 Young! I'm not convinced that Journeyman Glenn is the right man for the job!