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Saturday, March 25, 2017


Larry Schwentke & Chris Jones
By: Larry Schwentke
Edenwold, Sask

Fellow CFL fans,
On day 3 of CFL Week I entered the facility the same time as Rider GM/Coach Jones so it was time for a hand shake and photo op.

On the Main Stage the first guests were hall of fame inductees Kelvin Anderson and Anthony Calvillo. Anderson has the most consecutive 1,000 yard rushing seasons with 8 – ('96 to '03. George Reed leads with eleven 1,000 yard seasons from '64 to '75, but missed getting 1,000 in 1970 .

Next up for interviews were Weston Dressler and Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge. Shortly after TSN’s Rod Smith reviewed the achievements and football obstacles faced by Warren Moon, Anthony Calvillo and Mike Reilly.
My night ended at the “You Make the Call” session with head ref Glen Johnson. While last year the CFL refs got 94% of the calls right I only was correct on 10 of 14 calls reviewed. Of the 110 people participating only one person was correct on all of the plays. All questions had four options and for one call 42% picked answer three and 42% picked answer four. Johnson’s response was “That is where the refs have to decide!”
Johnson’s funniest story was from his first CFL game as a young ref where the Riders happened to be playing. He saw Ray Elgaard push off, turn and catch a pass. Later Johnson saw the same thing happen again. Shortly thereafter he approached Ray and said “Mr. Elgaard, that action is close to bing a penalty”. Elgaard’s response was “Look kid, call it a penalty or get the f*** off my back”.
Day 4 was highlighted with three Riders (Nic Demski WR #9, Derrick Dennis OL #63 and Jarriel King OL #61 ) being interviewed on the main stage. At the back of the crowd were also Riders Josiah St. John OL #59, Willie Jefferson DE #7 and Justin Cox DB #1. These were just some of the 34 current and former players I was able to identify during the week.
Later I happened to be walking by the Grey Cup when Anthony Calvillo and his boys were getting their photo taken by Mrs. Calvillo. Finally as I was heading out who should be coming in to sign autographs but Darian Durant. And he stopped to talk with Eric Tillman which allowed me the chance for another photo.
On Saturday it is off to watch the nation combine activities which lead up to the CFL Canadian draft which takes place in early May.

Ah the freedom of retirement is sure great! And the fan friendliness of the CFL is just as great!!



Anonymous said...

Wonder what Arash has to say on CFL week. Anything good?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Larry, what a great event, what other league has this kind of accessibility to it's past and present stars. Hopefully this becomes an annual event.

Anonymous said...

Yo, lay off my main man Arash!

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones really has turned this thing around in the offseason.

Glenn said...

Good to see Larry again! Long time since U of R!

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones has turned what around? Nothing is proven in the off-season. Until the Riders start winning games, all he has done is make some moves. It will take several games into the season to know whether Jones has made the team better as a whole or worse.

Anonymous said...

94%?? Let's not suggest that the reffing or rules are remotely adequate for this league. The game has become unwatchable. One play, a qb will get the crown of the helmet in the chin with no call and the next play may be a brush of the hand to the helmet which is deemed a penalty. Interference on a player who has no bearing on a play, nor can their actions have any influence on the play will magically produce a flag. Johnson should be held accountable for that crap rather than create the impression that everything is hunky dory!