Realty One

Friday, February 17, 2017


BRANDON - The Regina Pats dropped a 5-3 decision in Brandon to the Wheat Kings on Friday night.

Brandon got two early goals and led 2-0 after 1.

In the second, the Wheat Kings scored twice on the powerplay, the Pats got one with the man advantage and trailed 4-1 after 40 minutes.

In the third, the Pats outshot Brandon 23-9 and got to within a goal but Stelio Mattheos put it away with an empty netter and the Wheat Kings took the two points.

Adam Brooks picked up his 300th career point in the second and added a goal and an assist in the third. Connor Hobbs also recorded a goal and two assists in the loss.

Logan Thompson made 45 saves in the Brandon goal and was named first star while Jordan Hollett made 24 saves for the Pats.

Quick Hits
-  Adam Brooks picked up the 300th point of his career in the second period.
- Sam Steel had an assist and extended his point streak to 10 games (3G, 13A).
- The Pats fall to 3-1-0-1 in the season series with the Wheat Kings.

What’s Next?
The Pats play their fourth game in five nights on Saturday in Moose Jaw against the Warriors. Puck drop is at 7 p.m. on 620 CKRM. Next home game is February 24 against Swift Current. Tickets are available at or at the Brandt Centre Box Office. Come into Subway and order a Pats Fresh Value Meal (sandwich, 21 oz. drink and side) and receive a free bronze level ticket to a Pats home game! While supplies last at participating restaurants in Regina.

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WesternMBRiders said...

The result tonight in Brandon is probably due to one or more of the following factors: (1) It's junior hockey, and we forget they are teenagers, not pros, such that consistency can be an issue (2) It is a long season and some nights are just going to be off nights (3) It is never easy on the road and (4) Some teams really struggle against a particular team, even if they are well ahead in the standings. I was at the game tonight, and whatever is the cause, the fact of the matter is that this is now the second game in a row here where Regina has lost, and did so in a similar fashion. They started out well,and the skill and speed up front, and from their defence as well, was immediately noticeable. But, just like in late December,they did not capitalize when there had chances early, either because of great goaltending or not being sharp around the net.Then,the puck finally goes the other way, and in it goes, on a play where the D zone coverage was sloppy. Next thing you know, a lucky bounce, and they are down 2-0. The Wheat Kings were keeping the Pats to the outside but challenging and not giving them much time or space. And Brandon was also doings a lot of shot blocking and playing physical. So, 2-0 after the first and 4-1 after the second. In the the third, Regina woke up, and put the pressure on. The Wheat Kings were reeling but it was too much of a hill to climb in the end. Steel was largely ineffective, and it was telling that no one stood up for him when Tyler Coulter lumberjacked the stick out of his hands or when Nolan Patrick was slashing or bumping him to get him off his game. It was if the Wheat Kings are not intimidated at all by Regina. On the bench, Paddock seemed angry over a lack of execution (needless offsides when there could have been a 3 on 1 being an example). There was even a bit of mouthing off or noticeable bickering between some of the players who were out on the ice when the Wheat Kings scored the empty net goal. At the end of the day, the Pats are a very good team. They deserve to be in first place right now, should win the East, and maybe the Dub. The franchise is back. However, I would not be planning a parade just yet, because as much as it would not surprise me to see this team be in the Memorial Cup in May, I would not be surprised either if they were to got knocked off in the playoffs, and even if the regular season is such a success for the team. I say so because as solid a team as they are, after watching Everett and Moose Jaw play here, the Pats are not miles ahead of either of those teams. But, enjoy what has been a great year thus far. Just avoid Kelly's Wheat Kings in the playoffs if I were you.

Anonymous said...

Win some , lose some

william weppler said...

Did't see 1st period on WHLLive as "technical difficulties" but did listen to Phil's P by P. From what I saw in 2nd & 3rd defense was not there on 5 on 5 and PK. Thought Hollett played very well and the 3 goals he gave up were nicely set up with little chance for him to make the stop, as lack of D. I don't include the empty netter or the one that deflected off our defencemans skate.

Struch actually wasn't too upset in his post game comments and he knows more than us. I didn't think Wheaties G (Thompson) had a lot of difficult saves to make but with the quantity I guess it leans to 1st star status. Pats shot a lot into his "belly protector".
Maybe they were looking ahead to tonights game in Moose Jaw but did give the effort in the 3rd but too little to late. Wheaties will likely make the playoffs and based on that performance should not be taken lightly, but as the Brandon commentators said Wheaties were getting worn down in 3rd basically running 2 lines. Over a 7 game series that won't work for any Team.

Anonymous said...

The half full guys say they are doing fine with only a few losses.
The half empty guys say they are fading quickly.
The realist says they are a good team not not necessarily a great team.
The Pats have built their team on big stats playing inferior opposition in the eastern conference. 6 of the 11 teams in the eastern conference are below .500 and only 5 above. In the western conference only 1 team of the 10 is below .500 and the other 9 are above that mark. That clearly shows they are in an extremely weak and soft conference. One has to look at their record and CHL rating with a grain of salt, and realize how it was built. The Pats have only won 4 of 10 games against the west. That should tell you something. Trades and and serious injury have destroyed the third line plus Lescyshyn is a super good player. Now that line is cobbled together with inferior players because they have no depth. They didn't make enough moves at the deadline as it looked like Paddock did not go all in for this great season. He paid huge to get one defenceman you would have thought he could have acquired one or two more veteran forwards. The lack of depth is now killing them. Can they not find a veteran free signing somewhere to help them. If all they do is win a pennant it will be the biggest waste of a season and rate with some of the bad ones under parker. Malcolm Cameron even won a pennant but was gone in the first round. It happened to saskatoon a few years back as well. Moose jaw of a more balanced team, Swift Current has a good goalie who can win a series, Medicine Hat and Lethbridge will have something to say too. All of that even before you get to where the good teams are.

william weppler said...

It's always a treat when some bloggers come on and brow beat the Pats when they happen to lose 2 in a row. As most don't have a name it is hard to tell if they actually have anything to say when Pats are on a 10 game winning streak. I think we know that answer.

To the Anon "realist" - having 9 teams above 500 in a conference doen't mean that all those teams are superior to the Eastern may mean those teams are more evenly matched in the Conference (i.e. all poor, average, or great). "tongue in cheek" lol

If you want us to take the Pats record and CHL rankings with a "grain of salt" then how about taking the records of all teams with a grain of salt because you must agree that the regular season and playoff season are very different.

I do agree that Pats have won 4 of 10 against Western Conf (but also lost 2 of 6 in 3 on 3 OT) so actually were leading or tied in 6 of 10 at end of regulation. There is no 3 on 3 OT in playoffs and that is to the Pats benefit.

The Pats play Western Conf teams 1 time during regular schedule so we're talking a "1 game series". If you want to believe that the result of one game is going to relate to what actually occurs in a possible 7 game playoff series, feel free, but I wouldn't advise you to bet the farm on it. If that is the case then no doubt Broncos or Wheaties will be the WHL rep in the Memorial Cup as they have just beat the #1 Team in CHL.

As a true Pats fan I am really enjoying this season, as I am assuming most fans are, and will stand behind them til their season is done whenever that occurs. Are they going to have bad games; down games; great games? They are, as all WHL teams do.

I doubt that the "realist" is a Pats fan, or even from Regina, as he won't put a "name to the face" so to speak. But he is entitled to his opinion and that is what is so great about RP having this blog.

Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

Come on Weppler!!! you make too much sense in your post for the mouth breathers that have to criticize everything Pat's,Riders or Regina for that matter. Great post and insight.
Go Pats Go