Realty One

Sunday, February 19, 2017


MOOSE JAW - The Moose Jaw Warriors - and specifically 19-year old goaltender Zach Sawchenko - spoiled the party for the Regina Pats before 4715 fans in Mosaic Place Saturday evening.

On the same night Regina was named the host team for the 2018 Memorial Cup, Sawchenko made 37 saves in a 4-0 Warriors victory over their top rival.

In a predictably tight contest, the game's first goal didn't come until the 17:39 mark of the first period when Josh Brook scored on the powerplay for the locals.

The teams kept it clean through the second period, and although the Pats cranked it up in the third, the Warriors' Jayden Halbgewachs made it 2-0 on a disputed goal with 4:49 remaining. It was a crease crash, which went to video review.

Things got hairy from there as the Tribe's Brett Howden scored a 90-foot empty-netter - making it 3-0 - with 1:16 remaining. He was belted into the boards on the play by the Pats' Connor Hobbs which touched off a mild melee.  Hobbs was assessed a 5-minute checking-to-the-head major which led to Branden Klatt's powerplay goal with 8 seconds remaining to cap the scoring at 4-0.

The powerplays were somewhat lopsided, with Moose Jaw going 2/5 and Regina just 0/1.

The shots ended 37-28 Regina, and Pats goalie Tyler Brown took the loss in goal.

The Pats (41-9-6-1) return to action Monday at 4:00 pm on 620 CKRM. Their next home action is February 26 versus Swift Current.



Anonymous said...

Warriors will beat them in the playoffs too

Anonymous said...

Classless move by Hobbs. What a clown. This guy will cost the Pats yet, you watch. His act is well known around the league. Warriors had 2 top scorers out too. Oh boy.

Anonymous said...

There is no way the Pats can beat the Warriors in a seven game series….they have no guts and no grit. Poorly built team...

Anonymous said...

The Pats:
- Do not have a Memorial Cup caliber goaltender and often get outplayed by other better goaltenders (Hart, Thompson, Sawchenko etc.)
- Are short two quality forwards with the season ending injury to Jake Leschyshyn (Hint: John Paddock gave / traded them all away)
- Do not have a right winger for the first line. Filip Ahl does not belong on that line as he looks out of place (slow and clunky) against fast / hard working teams. The Pats need a fast skating skilled right winger for the first line.
- Have young / weak defensive depth
- Lack team grit and toughness
- Lack real team depth (once again, it was traded away at the deadline to build for next year)
- Still take a lot of bad penalties

This is all on John Paddock, who shot his team in the foot by over shooting the runway, when he traded (gave) away too much current
depth for next year.

Case in point. Why was Zablocki included in the Red Deer trade? Why did Paddock accept a 3rd round draft pick instead of receiving two forwards for the two sent Spokane's way? Or why didn't he just trade one forward for Sloboshan and forget about trading away the second forward for a draft pick? Now the Pats are short up front and it's painfully obvious.

Either way, there's a lot of red flags with this post-trade deadline Pats team. This was the year to go for it all. Paddock could have built an absolute powerhouse this year. But no, it's all about the almighty dollar. The Pats would rather ca$h in on hosting a Memorial Cup next year instead of going through the front door and winning a Memorial Cup this year. I feel bad for Adam Brooks, Dawson Leedahl, and Chase Harrison, who have all been cheated out of a real opportunity to win a Memorial Cup this year.

Lets all just get out our wallets, shut our mouths, and watch the Pats not win anything over the next couple of years. Because we are hosting again, that's why. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt in 2001 and have been disappointed with the Pats organization ever since. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Profit over championships is the name of the game in Regina. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

15,307 in Saskatoon tonight to watch the Rush beat Colorado 8-7.

william weppler said...

Pats are going to have to learn how to generate some offence when they are in these types of games for sure. Last night and tonight they weren't given any room to move with the puck. I trust that JP and crew will figure out the answer in time for playoffs.

Looking at the replay on TV several times, which gave a good angle, it didn't look like there was contact with Howden's head but the lower body may have taken a beating from both Harrison(?) and Hobbs. Announcers said Howden remained on the bench so that is a good sign for him and the Warriors for sure. The league usually acts quickly on these investigations so should find out the "sentence", if any, early next week.

To the nameless Anon who said "Hobbs act is known around the League" can you give some specifics or just spouting off? If you're referring to his "scoring act" yes he does that a lot.

Sawchenko was solid but like last night Pats didn't make him make the big saves very often...too much perimeter shooting, or trying the perfect setup which resulted in no shot! Brown messed up on the attempted "stick check" which resulted in him being out of position or doubt they get the 2nd goal on that play i.e. turning point.

Pats did certainly looked bagged in the 3rd period and made some dumb a&* passes (Wagner are your ears ringing?), but all teams go through a period where a lot of games in few nights so got to suck it up.

Get back on track Monday afternoon boys!

Go Pats Go!

WesternMBRiders said...

Not surprised with the outcome. Two very good teams. Far closer than the score suggests. Playoff atmosphere and pace. Well coached.Great for the fans. Regina should be congratulated for both having a strong club, with lots of speed and skill, and for landing the 100th Memorial Cup. However, while I believe most would reasonably assess they are deeper up front and on D than the Jaw, there is a possible difference maker whom I think you saw in his offices tonight. It is not that Brown was poor. He played fine. It was not his fault. It is just that Sawchenko can and did make the big saves when the Warriors needed it most, and the Pats got frustrated. Maybe it is now Moose Jaw and Brandon who Regina has trouble with? And yet the Wheat Kings, who played so well for 40 minutes last night and held on for dear life in the third against the Pats, were completely putrid and absolutely stunk out the joint tonight, losing 4-1 to PA. Credit to the Raiders; they have a good goalie and work hard, and it paid off against a team who has high end players, although like with Regina, those high end players get pouty if they get bumped around or if they are not winning. Nolan Patrick did not look like a first round pick, let alone the first pick overall tonight. Because of his size, I still think Brandon was wise to grab him as opposed to trying to move up and draft Steel when they were both in the bantam draft. But Patrick is the captain, and did zero to inspire the bench. Instead, he was either swinging and chopping at players who got too close, or was in the face of the refs whining about the draws. NHL teams look at the whole package; skill, team play and and maturity, something the premier players need to remember too. Oh well, that is what junior hockey is fun, as you never know what you may get on any one given night.

Anonymous said...

As much as i am a diehard pats fan my whole life i predicted this loss as the warriors are just a better team overall and it starts with zack in net for mj,the pats struggle all year with mj and struggle like hell to beat the lowly blades sorry to say it spring comes early for my pats

Jimmy K. said...

Pats get Shutout by Moose Jaw in an easy win for Moose Jaw. Hobbs should be suspended for his GOON hit . And in Saskatoon the RUSH beat Colorado 8-7 before another sell out of over 15,000 . Now that's SWEET !.

Anonymous said...

Clean hit, talk about clowns? Look at Thrower, he's the dirtiest around.

Larry said...

That was no GOON hit by Hobbs, he hit his shoulder, not his head.

Should have been a double minor for boarding at best.

Anonymous said...

The people criticizing John Paddock on here are probably people that yell at their kid's coach in atom hockey. Good to know the idiocy that is on this blog doesn't just specialize in football.

JENNIFER J said...

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Anonymous said...

Media have hyped up the Pats - they are not as good as they think. Out of playoffs in second round?

Anonymous said...

Hey saskatoon how many fans you average at blades home games 1500?you only support a winner good thing you got the rush out of edmonton and were already built to be a winner once the rush goes downhill so will your support of the team ! ask how many players actually live in saskatoon and how many just fly in for the games check it out toon fans only support a winner thats why the blades will never get any fan support shame on you

Anonymous said...

Pats and Warriors season series is tied 3-3. Not sure how anyone is stupid enough to claim the Warriors will win a playoff series against them.

If they meet in the playoffs, which I hope they do, it will be a beauty of a series that could go either way.

Anonymous said...

'first of all Shame on Saskatoon hockey fans. Second, Howden ducked down to avoid the hit and it wasn't a head hunting hit by Hobbs whatsoever. No suspension at all or the WHL is a farce.

Anonymous said...

and 3, Pats will lose to MJ if they meet in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Every time Crich officiates a Pats game, it's a gong show! Biggest Pat killer to Loraas

Incompetence galore…wonder where he's from.

Anonymous said...

Lot of Moonshine drinkin and cousin lovin in the Jaw after the Memorial Cup win in February.

Anonymous said...

Hey Regina your team isn't that good, Moose jaw will make short work of you in the 2nd round. Pats are soft and can't respond when push comes to shove, pair that with a below average goalie not much hope for the patsies

John Knight said...

To the last idiot post, ave attendance for past 9 years
Do your homework

Anonymous said...

Reply to above comment, Lack of depth, too much question.

Anonymous said...

As if your Patsies had sell outs for the last how many years ? How many games did you go to before the Patsies started winning? How long have you been on the Patsies Band Wagon. Only real Losers like you make a comment like you just did.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Saskatoon on being in bottom 5 attendance this year out of 22 teams in the WHL. 3,764 fans a game averaged at home, and that includes the freebie day for school children Jan 30th 8,665 fans

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon above.... You asked how many players on the Rush from Saskatoon? I ask how many players on the Pats from Regina? Answer... ZERO (0). Get a life buddy.

Anonymous said...

Hey that is Funny . Pats have NO players from Regina but they have ONE (1) from Saskatoon. lol

Dan ( season ticket holder) said...

For all the idiots who are hockey experts blaming the coaching staff or paddock especially, and all of them who know everything about hockey you look completely stupid and should get your heads out of your butts as there is a lack of air being generated.

Every team can go into a series of bad games and yes we have lacked in being aggressive and creative in the past couple of games and the performance shows.

As for the expert about what we have traded in the past, wake up and look into the future,oh yea, you probable can not comprehend what is going on.

Did any of the experts who watched the game in the second,see that MJ did not get a shot until the 12 minute mark of the period.Also the last two goals that MJ got one was empty net and the other a PP goal with very little time left. If you put that into perspective the score does not show the game that was played.OH but the Warriors are great.WOW!!!!!!

In the first period or so the teams went end to end for almost 11 minutes without a stop in play.Pats had a lot of good scoring chances but were stopped by a very good and at times lucky goaltender. Full credit goes to the MJ goalie.

The hit that Hobbs was called on was complete crap as the player from MJ was going up the boards as as Hobbs was starting to line him up for the check, the MJ player was knocked down by one of the Pat players along the boards and as he was falling Hobbs could not stop,so contact was made. Watch the replay.Hobbs is bad.REALLY!!!

This team will rebound and figure out what has to be done in the very near future to get back on track.Lets get back on track boys as we still have some hockey to play.

This is a very talented young team with great veterans and they will get back on track. Hell we lost a game. WOW ARE WE BAD!

Now for all the experts, try buying a ticket for the next game at home for the pats and come back to Rods blog and tell people that you went to your first WHL game in your life as your comments show.

GO PATS GO!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If the Pats don't hit 50 wins, there will be hell to pay!!!

Anonymous said...

How many Rush players live in stoon? Zero
How many pats players live in regina? 22
What about blades? 22.

Good lord did you see the kiss cam in MJ, brothers and sisters kissing.

Anonymous said...

Anon Above... You sound like just another Thin Skinner from Regina who likes to hand it out but can't take it back. Loosen up and enjoy life.

donna Campbell said...

Winner of West Coast Division will represent WHL in the Cup. I agree Moose Jaw will beat the Pats easy!

Anonymous said...

You don't fare too well against other elite teams the silver tips outclassed the pats big time. The Warriors will beat the pats maybe even in 5

Anonymous said...

The idiot factor is off the charts!

1) I saw the game on Access. If you are a Pats fan who doesn't think the Hobbs hit was dirty, you need to take the blinders off. That was a cheap shot

2) Will the Warriors beat the Pats in the playoffs? NO! Regina is too good over a long series. MJ doesn't have the horses.

3) Can MJ be in the equation next year and join Regina at the Memorial Cup? It all depends on what Al Millar can do in the off-season. The building blocks are there.

4) Are we really going to have the hometown argument? Are we that immature to have that discussion. Who cares where they are from? They are representing Regina, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, whatever. This is why you moan and cry when someone like a Getzlaf leaves the Riders. OMG, you can't do that because he is local. Local doesn't win! If your skull is too thick for that, that's your problem. FWIW: Six players are from Saskatchewan that are on the Pats and I think that says a lot.

Troll away d-bags!


william weppler said...

Well VOICE OF REASON I will say it again and I am a Pats fan - "Looking at the replay on TV several times, which gave a good angle, it didn't look like there was contact with Howden's head"

But neither of us really have the final say...unless you are on the WHL Disciplinary Commmittee, which I doubt. Will leave it to those folks to decide Hobbs fate, and I am sure they will make the correct decision no matter what we think we saw.

Morgan said...

It's almost like some of these warriors fans don't believe that their team is a legitimate contender this season... the way they are talking down to the pats and their fans after am impressive win at home and most notably an amazing performance by their goal tender. You guys are contenders... so are the pats. Finally I can say that. This is a return of the good ole days. If the pats don't win it all then I'm rooting for you warriors.

william weppler said...

The WHL Disciplne decision so far - "TBD for charge major and g.m. at Moose Jaw on February 18". Hobbs sits out today's game pending final decision on wehther more than 1 game suspension.

As I said after reviewing replay, there was no contact with the head so WHL changed from "Check to the Head" to "Charging".

And I think even Charging is questionable? WHL said Howden was in a vulnerable position. He was checked into the boards by Harrsion and was in the process of going down when Hobbs came in. Looked like 90% of Hobbs hit was on the boards not Howden.

I am thinking length of suspension may depend on whether Howden plays the next Warriors game, which I think is a dumb way to determine a length of suspension.