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Monday, February 6, 2017


This is what can happen when you don't quit. But was it the greatest Super Bowl ever?  That would depend on your definition but Sunday's 34-28 overtime victory for New England over Atlanta in Houston constitutes the largest comeback in the history of The Big Game.  (It's not the greatest upset ever like Calgary's choke job in the 2016 Grey Cup, but it's close).   However the Patriots overcame some serious sloppiness in the opening 45 minutes to claim the improbable win.  They did not look like a championship team throughout and colour commentator Troy Aikman oft mentioned how "off" they were. ... And who really thought the Patriots were capable of the comeback anyway?  Fox Sports loudmouth Skip Bayless tweeted that the game was over with 8:07 remaining in the second quarter.  Heck, I tweeted to "Start the bus" when it was 21-0 Falcons so I'm no better.  However the resolve of Tom Brady, Head Coach Bill Belichick and the "men in that locker room" proved to be too much for the scrappy young Falcons. .... When you don't care who wins, you really don't have an opinion on NFL overtime rules, I've found.  Similar to shootouts in international hockey. ... Call it the Old Bull versus the Young Bull.  The old bull always wins. .... The halftime show featuring Lady Gaga was simply sensational and anyone who thinks otherwise will never be impressed.  She jumped off the roof of the stadium. The only way to top that is to parachute in next year. ... It was a tough night for the broadcasters.  Fox play-by-play man Joe Buck was misidentifying players and stumbling over his apologies for it while halftime host Curt Menefee forgot the sponsor line for Pepsi No Sugar which provided an awkward moment. ... All-in-all however, it was one of the greatest spectacles ever and if you turned your TV off at halftime, you're a dodo.

2 - Monday morning in the Regina Airport, a nice man came up and handed me a Roll Up The Win winning coffee cup.  "They don't have these where I'm going," he smiled.

What a great start to the week!  And I'll try to pay it forward.

3 - There's something incredibly special brewing right under Regina's nose right now.  In fact, it's brewing under the orange top known as the Brandt Centre on Exhibition Way.

Saturday night's crowd of 6,484 was the 10th sellout of the year for the Queen City Kids and the #1 team in the country quickly put the visiting Edmonton Oil Kings in "the sleeper", chewing them up 7-1 for their 37th win in their 50th game.

Keith Hershmiller Photography
4 - Rob Vanstone's article in the Leader Post about Saturday evening is a masterpiece.  To quote legendary hockey writer Dickie Dunn, he "really captured the spirit of the thing".  The Pats threw a pregame party next door at the Agribition building to kickoff Hockey Night In Regina as presented by the Brandt Group of Companies.  When the doors to the hockey arena swung open at 6:00 pm, the arena filled almost immediately and the VIBE was pulpable.

Everyone was handed blue glow sticks (pictured) to help with the celebration and the atmosphere created was astonishing.

I was beyond thrilled to be able to call the game on television regionally throughout Western Canada and I pray the electricity was conveyed on the Access/Shaw broadcast to the four western provinces.

It seemed to have been, because my social media was lit up by posters from Winnipeg to Victoria and everywhere in between Saturday night.

5 - To see this city (and surrounding area) respond to the club like this truly brings a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat.  The fans around here were held hostage for far too long, but now they have a powerhouse to be proud of and they are responding in kind.

Vanstone wondered what the atmosphere will be like in the spring if Pats Fever is hitting a crescendo right now?  The fact is, we've got a long, lonnnnnnnggg ways to go and I'd suggest we're at a "6" on a scale of 1-10 for hysteria around the team.

The blessed new Pats owners have already added extra seats to accomodate the rush.  They could likely add more.

And, what about the atmosphere outside the Brandt Centre?  Are storefronts adorned with Pats merchandise?  No.  Are downtown lamp posts decorated with Pats banners?  No.  Is there a Pats flag flying at City Hall or has there been a Pats Day designated by His Worship Mayor Michael Fougere?

The last I checked the answer is also, no.

But to quote famed Charlestown Chiefs coach Reggie Dunlop to the aforementioned Dickie Dunn, "That situation is about to change.  I guarantee it."

As team President Todd Lumbard said on CKRM last week, "Our goal was to be at the forefront of the local sporting community."

They want the coverage, deserve it, and therefore will get it.

Saturday's Rider camp in Las Vegas
6 - The Saskatchewan Roughriders on the other hand, might be temporarily dwarfed on the local sports landscape for awhile due to the Pats hype however I suspect they're okay with that.

The team held open tryouts in Las Vegas over the weekend, and had staff meetings in Sin City too, but nothing is known about either.

Similar to the CFL meetings in December which were held in Winnipeg under a cloak of darkness.

Of course the Riders added former NFL quarterback Vince Young to their top-secret negotiation list last week but no comment was made on the transaction.

The CFL apparently wants to have another off-season "under the radar" just like last year.

So let's respect their wishes.

7 - Oh, except the inaugural CFL Week is scheduled for March in the Queen City.  Uhhh, that's next month.

The website mentions that a Gala Dinner is planned but sadly no date is listed.  Rumour has it a Fan Fest will be featured as well.

But, I know nothing about any events.

- Meanwhile it's not too late to join us in Phoenix this week for the Riderville Arizona Tour III!  We'll be broadcasting the SportsCage live on 620 CKRM on Thursday from Salt Tacos & Tequila at the Westgate Plaza next door to the Coyotes' Gila River Arena from 3:00-5:30 pm MT.  Rider alumni will be on hand along with franchise star Naaman Roosevelt.  That night the Coyotes take on the Montreal Canadiens and you can get your tickets at (use the promo code RIDERS).  Afterwards, we'll take our traditional postgame photo with the group on-ice.

The first year in 2015 we had 350 Rider fans, last year we welcomed 1,200 and this year I'm hoping for literally thousands more!  If you can't make it, be sure to tune into the SportsCage and follow my social media channels including Snapchat at: Pedersenmedia.

But it doesn't end there.  We've got another Rider Fan party at The Draft sportsbar in Mesa, AZ on Friday from 12:00-3:00 pm featuring George Reed and more Rider alumni.  I'll likely check into the SportsCage from there with host Derek Meyers.

Then Friday night, join us at the Chicago Bulls-Phoenix Suns NBA game at Talking Stick Resort Arena in downtown Phoenix.  I'm not sure how many fans have purchased tickets with the promo code RIDER at but I can assure you I'll be at the game along with my personal attorney William Howe!

What a success story the Riderville Arizona Tour has become.

9 - Another fine movie for you to attend: Gold starting Mathew McConnaghey.  It's the true story of a down-on-his-luck prospector in Reno, NV who discovers the largest gold find in the history of the world in Indonesia.  It doesn't rate up there with Patriot's Day, but it's a worthwhile way to spend your evening.  Mathew is Mrs. SportsCage's favourite.

But DON'T waste your time on Masterminds with Zach Galifianakis and Owen Wilson like we did early Sunday afternoon.  It was good for some cheap laughs but I'm glad I didn't shell out theatre money.

10 - If you're habitually late for meetings and appointments, you're showing a lack of respect for the people you're meeting.  Stop it.

BIRTHDAYS: Happy birthday today to Rider great and Hall of Famer Nate Davis! (DT, Indiana, 2001-2007)




Anonymous said...

Didn't the Grey Cup have Ottawa jump out to the huge lead, only for Calgary to fight back, coming up just short?!?

Not a collapse by any sorts for CGY, they started slow, but fought hard to get back in the game.

Anonymous said...

Well Gold is a terrible movie in my opinion, but it is in fact based on a Canadian story. The Bre X scandal from the late 90's.

Anonymous said...

If you never thought an inch was important watch a reply of the PGA's Waste Management golf tournament from Phoenix yesterday. Last hole tied for the lead
Hideki Matsuyama comes up what looks to be less than 1 inch short to win and forced a playoff with Webb Simpson who also came up about an inch short on one of his putts in the playoff. Matsuyama did go on to win and pockets over $ 6 million bucks.Graham DeLaet came in tied for 9th and had a good payday of about $180,000. Pretty good drama before the SuperBowl.

Anonymous said...

I think the Calgary collapse referred to was the season they had and then lost. It was quite a game at any rate as was the Superbowl. Unfortunately it was the coin toss that sealed the fate of the Falcons. Not saying they could have scored on an initial drive, they had lost momentum but still in my humble opinion a crappy way to finish the biggest game of the year in the NFL. Kind of like an NHL shootout but they are not quite that bad and at least not used in playoffs.

stephen preston said...

Can't wait for a new commish- this one is useless.

George Porge said...

Whoever thought that "sudden death overtime" should be a thing in football? I'll take the CFL overtime rule any day.

Anonymous said...

Don't know which OT rules are worse, hockey and soccer's shootouts or the NFLs rule on the td score. Each team needs at least one possession.

Anonymous said...

The NFL is so talented. Why, the Patriots' placekicker only missed five converts all year. Sarcasm off.

Anonymous said...

Pedersen if you think for one moment just because your Patsies are away out front in the standings and that they are the best in the CHL means that they will win the Memorial Cup you need to start on some new beer. Many teams have gone all season with outstanding win records and then get to the playoffs and get their asses kicked in the 2nd or 3rd round so don't think it won't happen to your so called Canada Team.

Rod Pedersen said...

Touchy, touchy!

Harvey Dad said...

The cold hard facts are that the Pats may win the Memorial Cup this year, or they may not - all the games need to be played first before any victor can be decided.

My own predictions are usually only right half the time; indeed last night after the third quarter I predicted to my friends sitting with me drinking beers and watching the Superbowl that The Falcons were the 2017 World Champs and was proven wrong within the hour! How do you like them apples?

Anonymous said...

Hey Roddy,

Great call on Saturday night as Shaw picked up the game so we watched from BC. Thought the Superbowl was very entertaining and couldn't help but think the Falcons felt a little like Shane Falco from the Replacements and his "quick sand speak". Not surprised by the comeback, but must admit I am surprise by the all the way back and win it comeback.


Anonymous said...

The OT rules in the NFL are crazy. Why even bother playing after the coin toss. Just toss the coin and that's the winner. It's what happens anyway! When New England won the coin toss last night, I told my husband that they won and quit watching. The CFL could teach them a few things about making OT something to watch.

Anonymous said...

#1 team in the country and its still not good enough. The better you are the more haters come creeping out of the gutter. Haters can't wait for them to lose just to post, " I told you so! "

Anonymous said...

Wah wah wah!!! So many whiners don't like hearing about the Pats success this year. Too bad! It's been a long time since Regina has had a great hockey team like this and those that live there have every right to brag. If you don't like it, go read a different blog.

Anonymous said...

"The blessed new Pats owners have already added extra seats to accomodate the rush."

Can you please provide more details on these new seats? How many are there and where are they located? I haven't read anything from the Pats or Leader Post about these additional new seats. The sold out crowd against Edmonton 6484 was the same number that a sell out always is. In addition, these new seats do not appear for sale on ticketmaster.

Anonymous said...

Monteal just released Cato...there is the riders new QB and enjoy lol

Anonymous said...

An upset warrior's fan

Anonymous said...

70 extra seats hahahahaha

Rod Pedersen said...

That's $17,500 in revenue before the playoffs even begin.

Tinhead 296 said...

hey Rod: Just an observation...notice how the patriots receivers Hogan and Edelman are shorter but fast, run good routes and seem to get open? We had 2 just like that in Weston Dressler and Ryan Smith. But they were not good enough for our coach to stay here. Sure Dressler was due a bonus, but we could have kept Smith. Those types of players are good enough for a Super Bowl team, but not here. I hope Mr Jones watched the super bowl. Maybe he could learn something from Belechick on how to run a team.

Anonymous said...

I have been going to the pats games religiously for years now. The building is rockin, amazing atmosphere and amazing to watch these guys perform!

One thing I want to add. A little off topic, however for 15-18 bucks you can't beat it. I even said this when they weren't very good.

Now that the building is full, the concourse is full.

Not to really complain or anything, but they should add a few more beer stands or have guys selling beers up and down the stairs.

I can barely get to washroom, get a beer and to my seat before they are done. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Not so hilarious now math boy, that's a lot of free show dough

Anonymous said...

Did you just compare Hogan and Edelman to Dressler and Smith?!?! hahahahahahahah.

What's next, you'll compare John Chick to JJ Watt?

Tinhead 296 said...

Only comparing size and stature. Our coach only likes tall receivers, but shorter players like Dressler and
Smith can play very well. Dressler still had 1000 yds. last season. Smith's best years are ahead of him. Our cast offs always seem to thrive on other teams. Durant will smoke the riders on season opener.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of Rod and all of the Regina Pats and Saskatchewan Roughriders fans I would like to take this time to thank all of the mutants, basement dwellers and mouth breathers for coming to our blog regularly and showing how jealous you are and how much this all truly stings you. Every time you write in to our blog it makes us feel great and lets us know we are indeed at the top of the heap in hockey. That one touchy fellow really made me feel great, just reading the despair and jealousy flowing from his typing fingers onto the page was a thing of beauty.

Thanks for being you non Pats & Rider fans. And thanks for letting us know where we stand in your view. Only the best and most revered get attacks like this so thank you very much one more time. We love how great you make us feel. We're flattered actually.

Pon Jaddock