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Friday, February 17, 2017


Friday promises to be another lively day in the Saskatchewan Roughriders' hot pursuit of free agent NFL quarterback Vince Young.

On Thursday, American sports agent Leigh Steinberg Tweeted that he and his client Vince Young have entered into contract negotiations with the Roughriders.

Young is a very big name on the American sports landscape, after leading the Texas Longhorns to the 2006 Rose Bowl, being a 3rd overall pick in the NFL Draft, and spending six seasons with the Titans and Eagles.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith
However ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith is not fond of the idea of Young jump-starting his career in the CFL.

"I think it's over for him," Smith said on ESPN on Thursday. "He hasn't played in the NFL since 2011. You're playing the most important position, you were not the greatest passer in the world to begin with, you were decent, 31-19 as a starter.

"I personally believe that his growth was stunted in Tennessee because he played for Jeff Fisher who never really wanted him to begin with.  But even when you were there, the best season he had was 2007 where he completed 62% of his passes.  The last three years he was there, he completed 58%, 59% and 57% of his passes. These are not stellar numbers.

"He's never thrown for more than 2500 yards in a season in his career, or 12 TDs. When you look at those numbers - which are relatively suspect to begin with - and you take into account his absence from the game, and couple it with the sabbatical he had to take while he was playing because the shrapnel of criticism was too difficult for him to take, all of these things lend us to say 'You are a talented guy, you were phenomenal at Texas under Mack Brown, but in the end as a professional NFL quarterback, you didn't measure up to snuff when you were playing'.

"So why six years later should I believe you're going to be able to do it now after such a lengthy absence? What's happened to him in his career is unfair to him, but I don't see it working. His career is over as a starting QB in the NFL.  It's done. It's over.  It's a pipedream."


Anonymous said...

Stephen A Smith is one of, if not THE most annoying analyst in the entire sports world! This guy, I mean just look at the pic of him in this article!! He's a meat head and nothing he says ever resonates with me. Total disregard for everything he says. He's allowed his opinion but I'm not listening!

Anonymous said...

You say this because he is talking about a player being pursued by the riders...just to let you know that what he is saying makes 100% complete sense. This is where Jones is going for a qb lol

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blog Mr. Trump.

Anonymous said...

We found another quarterback under a stone. I sure hope we run out of stones to turn over soon.

Morgan said...

Guys like Smith are paid to make comments like this. He isn't paid to sit on the fence and be afraid of offending anyone. That being said, he's likely right but there is no harm in seeing what young has left in the tank by bringing him to camp. If young makes a comeback it would be an unreal story and I guarantee you that stephen a. Smith will admit he was wrong and will be happy for the guy.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that Young's agents announcement yesterday was more to let NFL teams know that Young is serious about playing football again, and that there is already a professional football team interested in him.

If the Riders are seriously looking at him, hope they bring him to a mini-camp before signing him.

Anonymous said...

Young is done , why would Jones even think about him as it would take him a long time to learn the game up here and he wasnt that good in my opinion anyway . Keep Glen and a couple of the your guys we got and try to develope them this year and maybe go after Adams . Or wait until next year and go after Franklin . Problem is that really neither Adams or Franklin have not proved anything yet . What they did show was some promise but never got to get into some real games . Season ticket holder for 25 years , im willing to wait to make sure we get the right guy that will be around awhile. Young and Mans
el are a waste of time and money

Anonymous said...

Stephen A. Smith has no idea how desperate Chris Jones is.

Anonymous said...

Rider "fans" are hilarious.

Ian said...

If Young is in fact not that great of a passer it is likely that he will struggle with the big field in Canada. But, perhaps he can surprise ..

Anonymous said...

Adams and Franklin could be like Drew Willy a couple of years ago. Comes in wins a few games and people think they are great. Ask Winnipeg how that worked out...

Anonymous said...

Does it really hurt to give the guy a chance? If he does good, then great. If not,then on to the next guy. Too many idiots here jumping to brainless conclusions too fast.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who watched willy for the riders coukd see he made slow decisions. He had a great o line. Everyone says qb is the most important position but unless your Doug Flutie your nothing without protection up front. The stamps have been doing it right for years. I'm saying that as a homer forever rider pride roughrider fan. Make your o line great and it will make your qb so much better.


Ed said... always makes me laugh when all these true and loyal rider fans wish for Jones to fail....whats wrong with you people? A real "fan" wishes for success.....there seems to be very few of those type's in the Queen City.

Anonymous said...

100% support Jones in this endeavor. What does it possibly hurt to look into the option. If he turns out to be crappy then cut him. He's gone.

But what if, even if it is a 5% chance, he's able to turn back the clock? I for one like that Jones isn't afraid to take a chance. It only takes that one time when it pans out. But if you don't take the chance then you never get ahead.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Look at his record. Look at his stats. This is either a publicity stunt or an act of panic and utter desperation. I have thrown as many TDs as he has in the last five years... and I am not a quarterback. Hell I am not even a football player. We tried this with Kerry Joseph when Darian was hurt. Didn't work out so well.

To those who think it won't hurt- ya it will. This reduces our credibility as a team.

Vince Young- the latest boxcar of the trainwreck led by Chris Jones.

What's also troubling is him saying (and I am paraphrasing here), that a QB needs a good line in front of him to perform well, yet Darian was throwing while bring flung horizontally by the opposition and it was DD's fault for winning only five games.

Jones is a two-faced idiot.

And for the love of the English language- will some of you posters please figure out the difference between your and you're, there and they're and their, and two and to and too. I feel like the cheese in the children's rhyme.

Mark from the northeast.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with everything Mark says. Toronto is the grease fire in the league and Saskatchewan is the joke. Does that not bother anyone?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous text fans who judge others are even more hilarious. Remember that.


Anonymous said...

Mark I enjoyed the 1st past of your comments. Then you turned into a spelling Nazi... what's up with that? 2/3rds of these comments come from people's phones. So who cares if they do not put an apostrophe in a word...... JESH