Realty One

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


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Regina – If Tuesday's WHL clash in the Brandt Centre was a preview of the Western Hockey League Final, the Regina Pats have some work to do.

The Pats saw their 11 game win streak come to an end with a 4-2 loss to the U.S. Division-leading Everett Silvertips before 5,484 fans.

The Pats trailed 1-0 after one and 4-1 after two periods in the contest.

Regina got to within two in the third on a goal from Dawson Leedahl but Carter Hart shut the door from there, enroute to a first star performance.

Sam Steel picked up an assist in the loss, his 100th point of the season.

The Silvertips outshot the Pats 31-28 in their one and only meeting of the season.

The Regina powerplay was 0/3 and the penalty kill was 4/4.

A slow start victimized the Pats and they faced a well-prepared Everett team which was clearly aware of Regina's #1 national ranking.  Everett's Carter Hart won the goaltending duel, making the timely save time-after-time while Regina could only briefly erase the two-goal deficit.

Quick Hits
- Sam Steel picked up his 100th point of the season in his 48th game.
- Tyler Brown suffered his first loss in his seventh start since returning from his lower body injury.
- Dawson Leedahl scored his 27th goal of the season against his former team.

What’s Next?
The Pats are right back at it Wednesday night in Swift Current against the Broncos at 7 p.m. on 620 CKRM. Next home game is February 24 against Swift Current. Tickets are available at or at the Brandt Centre Box Office. Come into Subway and order a Pats Fresh Value Meal (sandwich, 21 oz. drink and side) and receive a free bronze level ticket to a Pats home game! While supplies last at participating restaurants in Regina.

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william weppler said...

A great hockey game tonight and Pats now know what they are up against if they get out of the Eastern Conference. Tips played a very aggressive game in offensive zone and neutral ice which is something Pats aren't use to. A good lesson for them.

Didn't agree with Hart being named 1st Star. I thought he and Brown both played well but Hart wasn't that much better (with the 1st goal being soft), and Brown not even earning a Star selection.

Also where did Hart get that ego from? Thought after he s*&t the bed in the World Juniors he would be a little more modest. Doing a waltz with a teammate at their blue line after all other players had left the ice is something best kept for your home arena Mr Hart. Also whipping his glove hand up like he made a fantastic save after the Pats basically shot right into was a bit too much for me....but I could be biased :))

I thought the 1st Star(s) tonight were the guys in front of Hart by holding the Pats to 9 shots through half the game...that is unheard of ! Although I thought Pats should have attempted more shots, but they have a tendency to look for the “perfect goal” which usually works against most Teams. Not tonight!

Turning point for me was the late 2nd period goal by the Tips...the only one Brown would probably want back with the rebound he gave up...BUT Mahura was standing 2 feet from the goal scorer and just looked at him as he scooped it into the net.

Was a good 3rd period and Pats just couldn't notch that 3rd goal to get within one...not that they didn't have the chances. They didn't lie down and let the Tips run ransack over them so a sign of good Team that know they have to play better for 60 minutes and have a bit more puck-luck. Not to worry boys.

I feel sorry for the Broncos tomorrow night....could be a lickin' coming.

Anonymous said...

I was there, outplayed from start to finish. Can't believe it, but there is a better team than the Champs.

Anonymous said...

The Pats were out played, out hit, out worked, out muscled and out coached! The Tips have been taught how to play big boy hockey. They have been taught how to play defence in all three zones. It wasn't that the Pats didn't try, it was that the Tips simply didn't let them do what they do we weak Eastern Conference teams. In a seven game series against those guys the Pats would be lucky to win two. All season long they have been run and gun, but seldom paid any attention whatsoever to defence. Some fans were gushing when the won 7-5 against a team like PA, but they're not gushing now.

Sloboshan's line failed to cover the points twice which lead to goals.The defence was a confused joke all night playing weak $ss and running around like confused fools. It's not their fauilt because they haven't been taught how to properly play the position all season. It may be too late now. The Pats have done poorly against Western Conference teams and if they played there they would be barely above .500. Mahura, Slaboshan and DeWitt were terrible. Some poor and needless trades. Whoever comes out of the West (Everett) will dispose of the Pats in five game. That is provided the Pats can get out of the East

Anonymous said...

Why were you there if you aren't a Pats fan? And if you are a Pats fan, why are you calling them the Champs when they haven't won anything?

The Pats lost to Prince George on the B.C road trip and they lost to both the Tri-City American's and Everett Silvertips at home (although the Pats really should have won the Tri-City game). Also factor in the Seattle Thunderbirds playing strong right now and the road ahead looks extremely tough for the Pats. If they manage to make it to the WHL finals, they are going to have an extremely difficult time winning a Championship. Never mind a Memorial Cup.

But that's the price you pay when you only have one foot in the door and aren't all in. The Pats built for next year too, which may cost them something this year. We saw a glimpse of it tonight.

Anonymous said...

Uhh Roddy, preview to the WHL final??
There are some teams in the east that might have a say in that.
In typical Regina fashion, planning the parade early are we?

Rod Pedersen said...

Check the standings Chief.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a fairly even game, but it took the Pats way too long to figure out how to beat the aggressive trap in the neutral zone. Hart made the big key saves when he needed to. Not sure what Mr. Weppler was referring too as a soft first goal as Hart was double screened and it was tipped. I hope Brown can find a way to make the key saves in the playoffs because they are going to need it. You can sure tell the western conference is a lot stronger and the Tips we used to playing in tighter more playoff like games. The Pats showed they can dominate when they get the cycle going, they just need to string together a full 60 min and they will be fine. Looking forward to some great playoff hockey. Go Pats

Anonymous said...

Yeah you have to get through 3 rounds of playoffs before you get to the final, if you think they are gonna waltz through those you mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Best thing that happened to them was losing that game. Those win streaks in the regular season are great, they've clinched, but a loss like that shows where they need to tighten up. Personally they played well they just looked exhausted. Rest up and push hard again. All last night did was tell Paddock who'll be getting ice time in series as there are some guys you can't count on in certain situations against stronger teams.

They will be fine.

Anonymous said...

At least I didn't get the runs from the Taco in a Bag special.

Anonymous said...

Last anon, who said they were going to waltz through?? This was a good wake up call for them last night losing to a very good team in Everett. They need to play 60 minutes. It's easy to take 20 minutes off against a PA or or Calgary and easily come back to win it, but that's not going to happen against the strong teams out west.

It was only their 7th regulation loss in 54 games. They're going to be fine!

Can't wait for playoffs. It's going to be a tough road but I have faith in them and I'm enjoying every minute of this season.

A new winning streak will start tonight!

GO Pats!

Anonymous said...

I like how people who watch a game in February think they can judge what will happen in playoffs. A 7 game series is how you decide who the better team is. Also the guy who started listing off the U.S divison and saying the pats road is tough. Doesn't know how the playoffs work. We only have to play one west team if we can get out of the east. The pats have the best record for a reason . People that cry over February losses after a 11 game win streak can get off the wagon, you don't deserve this team.

Anonymous said... haven't got the runs, yet! The Pats are having an incredible season and it makes me sick hearing all the negativity in these comments about them. Can't we just all agree that they are having an amazing season and whatever happens when the playoffs start we can discuss then. They're going to lose every once in a while, nobody goes undefeated. Some of the posters on here are ridiculous!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that they're having a great season!!! It's been a fun ride so far!

GO Pats!

Anonymous said...

Long time between losses for the haters to spew there garbage. I agree let's enjoy the ride. I expect that if the pot shots continue Stackhouse's Soap box will set you trolls straight.

Anonymous said...

I think if the fans yell SHOOOOT louder while the Pats are on the power play and we just entered the offensive zone we will win the Memorial Cup!!!

RWAH said...

I'm with you enjoy the season, the playoffs will be what they will be. My comment on the game is the Tips were faster and aggressive on the puck giving the pats less time. They won most of the battles on the boards. They won those battles by out manning the Pats. By the third period the Pats negated those two tactics, be it the Tips could have been more prevent orientated. Systems and execution can neutralize so a seven game series will be very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Second anon ... "Champs", or did you mean "Chumps" ? This team is very good when they play many, many Weak Eastern teams but wait until the Nitty Gritty time of the season comes and IF they get out of the East the WEST will take it to them . Mr. Weppler is such a home towner that you will never see him comment very much when they lose a game. He did this time with more excuses about the Pats but not admitting they were beaten by a Superior team.

william weppler said...

Uhhh. ...did you actually read my post Anon?
Lots of kudos to the Tips Team just not Hart.
I like reading YOUR comments when the Pats win or lose....oh hold on ...don't know when YOU comment because YOU dont have a name.

Anonymous said...

You were right anonymous when you said YET on the Taco in Bag..... Tidal Wave of epic proportions.

Anonymous said...

A superior team? Last I looked it was the pats still first in the CHL. The Silvertips are a very good team and they were the better team Tuesday night.

GO Pats!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Weppler I agree with most things you say but I have to disagree on your opinion about Hart. He was the big difference as to why the Pats lost the game, but in saying that the Pats power play was brutal, stopped by the constant pressure of the Silvertips! Hope to see them play each other in the finals!