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Friday, February 17, 2017


Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

 -- How ya feelin' Rider Nation?  You got Doubles back this week (Derek Dennis) and he comes with the Flyin Hawaiian. With Chad Owens in Rider green, are you trading watermelon helmets in for pineapple ones? I think you have to be very satisfied with what Chris Jones and the /=S=/ organization have done in free agency.

Yes, there was that excitement last year and the free agent class fizzled tremendously, but I think Jones has learned from his mistakes in year 1 as a general manager and is maybe doing a little more homework as to what is/was out there and who can help this football team moving forward. Then again, it looks like the Vince Young story has legs to it and he may be coming north of the border. Like many of you, I don't really understand that move and don't see a lot of positives in it.

-- I can't help but think Vernon Adams Junior will be a Saskatchewan Roughrider by the time training camp starts. It seems as if he has no future in Montreal, and it seems like he isn't a Kavis Reed guy. Many of you have suggested the Riders have enough receivers and could afford to give one up to get the former Oregon standout whom Montreal acquired for a first round pick from BC last year. I can't see Naaman Roosevelt joining Darian Durant in Montreal and you know Duron Carter isn't going back. It sounds like Armanti Edwards is now out of the equation leaving guys like Ricky Collins Junior and Caleb Holley. If a trade is made, my money is on one of those guys. That being said, Ernest Jackson is now an Alouette so perhaps they don't need another pass-catcher.

-- What ever happened to Compete Street? Where's the sign? Questions that need answering.  If anyone knows where that sign is, they should send it over to Michael Ball. It would look great in his backyard!

-- If the Edmonton Oilers knew what they were going to get out of Patrick Maroon this year, would they have signed Milan Lucic to the contract they did? Maroon definitely let Brandon Manning know what happens when you mess around with Connor McDavid.  Its not like Semenko with Gretzky, but the muscle is there if needed.

-- Who saw Claude Julien coaching the Habs before the season was over after he was fired by Boston?  I don't know about you, but I really want to see a Boston-Montreal playoff matchup now.

-- Why doesn't anyone talk seriously about Patrik Laine when it comes to rookie of the year talk. Take nothing away from the Leafs duo of Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner, but Laine is right there and is arguably ahead of the pack. For that matter, why isn't Matt Murray involved in the ROY conversation?

-- What has happened to the Toronto Raptors? Oh wait, this is Saskatchewan.....not many people care.

-- Congrats to Cliff Mapes.  He is back in the WHL working with the Saskatoon Blades as their new VP of business operations. Great hire! If Cliffy could have success in Regina dealing with some bad Pats teams and other factors, he can succeed in Saskatoon.  The Blades imprint on Saskatoon is about to get larger.

-- While passing out congrats, one also goes to perhaps the biggest all-around degenerate in Regina, but also an overall good schmuck and that is Josh Shaw.  He has been named  the director of operations at the new Mosaic Stadium.  I'm guessing this means he will have a big office where he will sit in a big chair and do absolutely nothing, but hey why not.  I shudder to think what could play on the big screen late at night though.

-- When watching the Scotties this week, remember Penny Barker is representing Team Saskatchewan and Michelle Englot is representing Team Manitoba.  I think many of us will be confused as the week goes on.

-- Canadian tennis star/model Genie Bouchard paid up after a Patriots fan asked her if she would go out with him if New England came back to win the Super Bowl via Twitter.  The two went to a Brooklyn Nets game Wednesday.  C'mon Genie, as a Canadian you couldn't have taken the guy to a hockey game?  Doesn't really matter though as the two are going to go out AGAIN! As one friend has says, it will prompt men to start sending messages via Twitter to models.  Why not! It apparently works!!!

-- The stars of "High Impact Wrestling" do their thing at the Hungarian Club Friday night at 7.  What does the monthly meeting of Gronkville have in store this time around?

-- If you haven't read Corey Hirsch's article for "The Players Journal", do so.  It is worth the time you will take to read it.

-- Has anyone seen the ESPN 30 for 30 on the XFL yet? I hear it is one of their better efforts. Who scored the first points in league history.  The answer would be Paul McCallum.

-- The Salt Lake Screaming Eagles of the Indoor Football League allowed fans to call their offensive plays via an app Thursday night in a game vs the Nebraska Danger (love that name).  Let's hope the CFL doesn't turn to this to engage the fans.  Oh yeah, as I type this, the Screaming Eagles were losing 63-39.  Did the fans turn on one another for their shoddy play-calling as the game progressed?  I wonder if the Eagles have Vince Young on their neg list?

Have a good weekend!


John Knight said...

You are right Scruffy, this is Saskatchewan and no-one here cares about the Raptors

Anonymous said...

Thank you Scruffy, agree 100%

Anonymous said...

Raptors made a huge trade for Serge Ibaka the other day, should help out a lot down the stretch! Not sure how that doesn't make it on this sports blog...if it did I totally missed it but I doubt it because this is Saskatchewan and nobody cares about the Raps right??

Rod Pedersen said...

Because there's SO much Raptors coverage on this blog.

Anonymous said...

The Compete Street sign could probably be found in a dumpster behind the Jolly Roger! That dumpster could be on fire too!

Anonymous said...

Glad your all happy that you picked up a receiver with no 1000 yard seasons in the past four years and hasn't played over 13 games in the past 5 seasons....awesome move and so excited, get real lol. You talk about about good moves by getting rid of older guys but yet are replaced with even older guys and that have done less in past 4 it 5 years...I can't wait to laugh again lol.

Anonymous said...

I'd much rather watch the Raptors in a Grade A well-run league that employs the best players on the planet than a Grade C league that has no idea what its doing and has a bunch of wannabe American players on it thinking they are better than what they are.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Laine in on the discussion much? Simple. He doesn't play for the Leafs. If he ties or beats Teemu's hat trick rookie record. Laine should be a shoo in for top rookie.

Anonymous said...

Don't care about ANY Toronto based sports team. matter how much tsn and sportsnet try to cram it down our throats.

Anonymous said...

Vince Young will have no problem adjusting his qb game against 8 other teams in a semi-pro league, Armanti Edwards would also do likewise at that position leaving no stone unturned in the Riders search.

Dickie (Green Koolaide) Vitutci

Anonymous said...

Ok, would people please stop referring to Vernon Adams Jr as an Oregon standout? He is/was not an Oregon standout, he played 1 year with Oregon as a graduate transfer from Eastern Washington. Just like the Riders post DD, Oregon did not have a succession plan post Marcus Mariota. They went from a team that contended for the National Championship the previous year to a 7-3 record and playing in the Alamo bowl with Vernon Adams. His QBR in 2015 with the ducks 80.0 which is 10 points below Mariota's QBR in his final year with Oregon in 2014.
2015 Passing Stats: att-comp-int 375-236-10 8.95 avg per attempt 258.31 yds/game 33 TDs
2014 Passing Stats: att-comp-int 474-236-4 9.89 avg per attempt 312.47 yds/game 44 TDs.
Point being Adams is good but definitely not a standout, trust me I watched enough Oregon games.
Be better!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha the I only watch world class (American) sports league snobs have to make an appearance.

Anonymous said...

Then watch the Raptors who is stopping you...just so you know, there are quite a few Cfl players making the NFL rosters now so you should probably know what your talking about before speaking.

Anonymous said...

ANSWER for Scruff- D.O.G.G. (that's the D-O-Double G to us common folk) :

Patrick Laine plays with at least one superstar nightly (sometimes 2)and Marner plays with ave players who have had minimal success up till this year and Matthews plays with rookies. Laine however is ALWAYS in the talk, what news or who are you paying attention too?

Murray is also "in the talks" but when you have superstars like Matthews, Laine and Marner he takes a back seat.

Matthews is a center which in pro hockey is a MUCH much much tougher position especially when it comes to the D zone and responsibility, so it gives Matthews another leg up on Laine AND Marner in the views of hockey minds and those in hockey power positions who know the game intricately.

If Laine or Marner wins the ROTY award they will have to win the rookie scoring race by at least 10 points minimum or in Laine's case atleast 6-7 more goals. Not sure that will happen but anything can right?

Hope this clears up some issues. :)

Pon Jaddock

Anonymous said...

To the annon moron saying Vernon Adams Jr. is not a standout.... how did he get noticed and scouted for pro ball ? hahahhahahaahha "BE BETTER" what a tool!!! hahahahha

Bill Belhichecker

Anonymous said...

Probably no one noticed and probably not worth mentioning, but when Crosby hit 1000 points last night it was Regina born Chris Kunitz who took the pass and scored the goal last night.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy watching Maroon play. He has such an obvious joy in playing but can be real tough when required or make some decent skilled plays as well. Like he once said about himself. I'm a big guy who also has soft hands. I always thought Lucic was more of a goon but then I was never a Bruins fan.

Anonymous said...

Any reason as to why you wouldn't include Matt Tkaczuk to the rookie conversation? He is right up there with the other guys mentioned.

Anonymous said...

The last item in this blog shows the complete stupidity of fans who think they know a lot more than they actually do.

Let the football minds take care of the game and keep your mouth shut while buying the merchandise. It proves many of you don't have a clue about the game so zip it and let those who do do what they do best.

John Q Public

Anonymous said...

How was Adams Jr a standout? What did he accomplish? I didn't say was unable to play the position, but I hardly believe that he could be called an Oregon standout. You provide no basis for your argument other than he is currently listed on a roster of a 'pro football' team (no slight on the CFL intended here are all). There have been a lot of guys in the past that have been on a CFL roster, does that qualify them as having standout college careers where they played for 1 season? I don't believe that qualifies him as a standout in his time at Oregon nor do I believe his stats do. Yes you could call him an Eastern Washington standout but hardly an Oregon standout. So yes fellow anon, I say to you be better!

Anonymous said...

Why would we trust you and why would anyone watch Nike U games.

Anonymous said...

So what.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to trust me but please if you are going to argue do some research and support your case that he is an Oregon standout. As for why would anyone want to watch Oregon games. It's football and for a time they played a very explosive, entertaining brand of football.

Anonymous said...

Blades are folding and moving to Nanaimo. they got 2,600 the other night and costs are way too high at SaskTel centre for those pitiful attendances.

Anonymous said...

Some day the idiots will understand Rod. Some day they will get it, but today isn't the day.

Anonymous said...

Hey in Sask we care about the Riders and CFL not the Raptors and NBA. In Tor they care about the Raptors but not the Argos. To each there own.