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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today the addition of Crescent Point Energy and Dream Unlimited Corp. as new Mosaic Stadium Founding Partners.

This select group of corporate partners receive lifelong recognition within the new facility and the ability to secure exclusive multi-year sponsorship and partnership assets, naming rights and other activation opportunities with our fans.

Founding Partners will also have access to premium hospitality areas, including suites and lounges that will provide an exclusive environment for building relationships with clients, vendors and preferred customers.

Crescent Point Energy is a leading North American light and medium oil producer with assets across Western Canada and Utah. Established in 2001, Crescent Point has quickly grown to become the number one driller in Canada. The Company holds significant assets in the Williston Basin in southeast Saskatchewan and throughout southwest Saskatchewan. Since inception, Crescent Point has invested over $20 million in community donations and sponsorships, with the majority of that funding directly benefitting organizations in Saskatchewan. Crescent Point’s founding partnership of new Mosaic Stadium demonstrates their commitment to the Saskatchewan Roughriders community and symbolizes the Company’s support of the entire province, something Crescent Point cares deeply about. Crescent Point is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange, both under the symbol CPG.

“Crescent Point’s significant commitment to Saskatchewan makes our Founding Partnership with the new Mosaic Stadium a great match,” said Scott Saxberg, President and CEO of Crescent Point. “In 2017 alone, our capital spending in the province forecasts to be over $1.0 billion. We have always made a point to give back to the communities where we live, work and operate. There isn’t a more appropriate way to show the people of Saskatchewan our support than by contributing to the next legacy of the province and to the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club.”

Dream is one of Canada’s leading real estate companies with over 1,000 employees and $15 billion of assets across North America and Europe. With a commitment to building better communities, Dream strives to create value for stakeholders at every stage of the real estate life cycle, including homebuilding, commercial property and residential development. Dream’s diverse Saskatchewan portfolio has played a key role in establishing Dream as an industry leader and expert in its fields.

“At Dream, we are continuously seeking opportunities that allow us to enrich the communities where we live and work,” said Daniel Marinovic, Senior Vice President of Land & Housing, Dream. “Partnering with the Saskatchewan Roughriders supports our vision of bringing people together, while celebrating the province’s diverse and vibrant culture. Saskatchewan has played such a fundamental role in Dream’s continued growth and success, so it is an honour for us to contribute to the opening of Mosaic Stadium and play a role in this significant milestone for Saskatchewan.”

The addition of Crescent Point Energy and Dream Unlimited Corp. brings the Founding Partners total to ten after the Riders previously introduced The Mosaic Company, SaskTel, Harvard Broadcasting, Capital Automotive Group, AGT Foods, Molson Coors, Viterra and Young’s Equipment.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rod, unrelated topic but any thoughts from Arash on that prick Dean Blundell being skidded by Fan 590? He was vehemently anti-CFL and wouldn't miss a chance to take a shot at the league any chance he could. Glad he's gone.

Rod Pedersen said...

They skidded a lotta guys. Arash appears to have received a promotion.

Anonymous said...

I believe Scott Saxberg, President and CEO of Crescent Point is a Regina boy. Nice to see a successful entrepreneur return something back to his home Province.

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. Think Arash will advocate for more CFL content on Sportsnet? The guy disses the CFL a lot too but at least he cares and doesn't treat it as a third world league.

Anonymous said...

Must be a way to blame Jones for the new partnerships and the loses at the Fan 590. I mean, he has to be at fault doesn't he?

Anonymous said...


Local ownership Brandt Industries Limited/Queen City Sports and Entertainment sounds a good rename rebrand for Regina Saskatchewan newly constructed football stadium. While The Mosaic Company a Fortune 500, little stadium on the prairies naming rights not necessitated expenditure, better tight leash costs spent elsewhere. Local ownership naming right holding would be a nice touch. Maybe a roof would be added somewhere along the line in the near future with local interests maximizing venue potential 24/7/365. Current state of a beautiful proud accomplishment build a sitting waste susceptible to harsh damaging Saskatchewan weather elements.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Crescent Point and Dream for your commitment and support. Please ignore the comments of Feasable?, his brain damage is permanent.

Anonymous said...

Crescent Point is the Exact opposite of Socialist NDP and I love that company.

Anonymous said...

Crescent point and Dream: have been holding onto my shares hoping for a turnaround on the dismal performance or at least a dividend hike. Didn't realize I was investing in the Riders. Anyway, enjoy the executive suite...

Anonymous said...

Dream on "feasable" there's no roof a-comin' to the little stadium on the was not built with a roof in mind, now or in the future.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys see the video. Partners from the PRIVATE sector.

Do you see any NDPers supporting the riders. No.

To busy chasing more sick time and social

Love the show Rod, love the blog too. Better than tsn.

Go riders and pats.

Anonymous said...

Bart in regina said
Feasible? No way. A roof was seriously considered and found not to be feasible. The cost of the roof and added maintenance and cost of heating was not feasible. This taxpayer understands and thanks those that thought it through and came up with the correct plan.

Anonymous said...

Bart the wasteful taxpayer,

Is there a way the reader can substantiate or verifie your statement or your info spieces. You must have been privey to the planning team and design? When there's a will, there's a way. That roof will be built come hell or high water in the near future.

Dart in Regina said.