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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Former CFL teammates Derek Dennis and Charleston Hughes took turns issuing verbal jabs on social media Tuesday.

Dennis, the CFL's top lineman last year, took to Twitter to post a video gently reminding the league's pass rushers that he's working hard preparing for the 2017 season.

Last week, Dennis signed as a free agent with the Saskatchewan Roughriders after spending the previous two seasons with the Calgary Stampeders.

"What's up,'' Dennis said. "I'm doing a friendly neighbourhood check-in with all you CFL D-ends.

"I hope you boys are out there working because the season is coming and you best believe your boy Bonecrusher is getting right. So I hope you're all working on those pass-rush moves and you're all doing what you need to do to come see me, all right? Make sure you're ready because you know I'm going to be.''

Dennis addressed the tweet to Hughes, a former teammate in Calgary, Odell Willis of the Edmonton Eskimos and Shawn Lemon of the Toronto Argonauts. Hughes had a league-high 16 sacks last season while Lemon was tied for second with 14.

Willis had seven sacks last year but has recorded 11 or more in a season three times. And twice he's registered a career-high 13 sacks, the last time being in 2015.

A smiling Hughes responded by tweeting two separate video messages of his own.

"Hey little fella,'' said Hughes, who has the Twitter handle @StampMachine. `"Let me tell you something. You better watch who you're talking to about that. While you're out there working out, or what you say (is) working out sweating from eating I'm over here spending this cash.

"You know how long I've been doing this? You ain't doing nothing I ain't seen from nobody on the playing field.''

Naturally, that prompted a response from Dennis.

"All I'm going to say is put your money where your pass-rush is at,'' he said. "If you think you can get four sacks on me come jump in my den and come highlight me.

"We can put something real on it, all right?''

Tweeted Willis: ``Ish just got real!!! Pull that (money) out @StampMachine!!!''

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Haha! Love it. Guys having fun!!!

Anonymous said...

From what I understand this Dennis fellow has an attitude/ better hope Glenn can run

Anonymous said...

Twits on twitter. Slow off season .

Dave Wiebe said...

Just like rivals in the wrestling ring, then go for a pop together after it's over. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’ͺ🏼

Anonymous said...

How is this news? can someone please give me my two minutes back!!bunch of meatheads talking gibberish!

Anonymous said...

What is the person of this crap being exchanged?