Realty One

Saturday, February 4, 2017

SASKATOON - The Regina Pats won a seventh consecutive game on Friday night, 5-2 in Saskatoon over the Blades.

The Pats led 1-0 after the first, 4-1 after the second and held on from there to improve to 36-6-6-1 on the season.

Austin Wagner scored twice for Regina while Connor Hobbs, Nick Henry and Dawson Davidson added singles.

Sam Steel was one of four Pats who had two-point nights.

Tyler Brown stopped 18 of 20 shots while the Blades Brock Hamm made 32 saves. The Pats outshot Saskatoon 37-20 in the win, the powerplay was 1/7 and the penalty kill was 5/7.

Quick Hits
- Dawson Davidson scored his first goal with the Pats in the game and also had an assist.
- Tyler Brown is 4-0-0-0 in four games since returning from injury.
- The Pats scored their league leading 18th shorthanded goal of the season in the win.
- The attendance was 3487.

What’s Next?
The Pats are right back at it on Saturday at the Brandt Centre against the Edmonton Oil Kings at 7 p.m.  The game will be broadcast across Western Canada on Access 7 and Shaw as well as on radio on 620 CKRM.

Tickets are available at or at the Brandt Centre Box Office. Come into Subway and order a Pats Fresh Value Meal (sandwich, 21 oz. drink and side) and receive a free bronze level ticket to a Pats home game! While supplies last at participating restaurants in Regina.

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william weppler said...

Looks like the Pats had another solid night. had to miss broadcast.
Can't wait for tomorrow night and another sellout.
Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

I also missed the game last night, but will be there Saturday night vs Edmonton.

Anonymous said...

1973-74 was a long time ago. Hell I was only 12 years old. But I remember the excitement the passion and the all around feeling of Pride the hockey fans and even the football fans in the City of Regina had for the Regina Pats. The names on the team that seemed easy to remember and you could just tell that at least a couple were going to be hockey names in hockey for years to come. Dennis Sobchuck, Greg Jolly, Ed Stanoiwski,, Al Dumba, Rob Laird, Clark Gillies.. Clark made that feeling become a reality winning 4 Stanley cups with the Islanders.
The 72-73 season was a build up to the 73-74 season when the Pats won the Championship and the Memorial Cup. All of SK stood tall that year. Didn't matter if you were a fan of a rival SK team. Seeing the Pats win the Memorial cup with several SK born and raised players made it all that much sweeter.
I still kinda remember the feeling the Pats gave us those 2 years. Although I was just a kid waiting for my whiskers to finally appear so I could try and grow one of those awful 70's moustaches and look like a hockey player. Nowadays referred to as a 70's porn stash. haha
I am starting to feel that pride once again. Sure it's different now. I don't know the intricacy' of today's game compared to football. I probably couldn't name more than 2 players in a quiz. Yet my SK and Regina pride in hockey is back. It's a great feeling and it's fun!!! The fun is back and it's back in a big way. I know this year and next year will be very competitive teams. I hope they have found the magic to sustain that kind of competitiveness for years to come. I think they have found the perfect fit at GM\Head Coach for the current ownership. A hockey match made in Prairie Heaven.
I no longer hear stupid remarks or juvenile name calling towards the team like the Patsy's. I don't hear complaints about the ownership like we heard all the time with the Parkersburg. The only negative is some of the people I know that attend the Wascana Rehab and are truly Handi capped. Just not in a wheel chair... can no longer afford tickets. As they do not fall under the Handi capped status for discount season tickets. I hope owner ship works this out. Even if it's on a case by case scenario. A walking cane and an inability to to function normally both physically and mentally is Handi capped. A wheel chair should not be the only thing that defines a persons inability. A fellow I know (Scott) who's life changed forever when he was just 15 was thrown from a vehicle 20 meters. He can get around with a cane but his motor skills at times are that of a toddler. Scott had been a season ticket holder for 15 years and now can not afford it under the new rules. He loves the Pats and truly misses being a season ticket holder. I beg that the Pats administration looks into this for individuals like Scott. He was there in some pretty uninspired lack lustre seasons and unfortunately not enjoying what could be one of the greatest season or seasons the team has had in 40 years or ever for that matter.
Other than that I applaud the Regina Pats owners, management, office workers right down to the water boy. WHat a turn around and what a fine establishment the Regina Pats have become. BRAVO,!!!
Sorry for rambling. I never comment on hockey as I'm not nearly as informed as I am in football.
Go a Pats ago

Regina, SK.

PS.... I wish somehow the Pats Orginization could pass along some positive advice on how to respect and rebuild to the likes of Craig Reynolds and Chris Jones. However I don't see Chris Jones as one to take advice from anyone expect maybe Bill Belichuck.

Anonymous said...

Good post 3rd and 1. This is by far the best Pats team that I have seen in my lifetime, so I am just taking it all in and enjoying the season. After seeing how well the Pats did last year as the second youngest team in the WHL, I have no doubt in my mind that Paddock and the other coaches will make sure the team is prepared for a long playoff run.

I agree about the disability issue. One doesn't have to be in a wheel chair to be disabled. It's too bad that a long-time Pats season ticket holder has gotten the shaft now that the team is successful. It doesn't seem right to me. And as of today, the team has only had 10 sell outs, so it makes it seem like the Pats are climbing over dollars to collect cents.

Anonymous said...

Best team I've seen in my years of watching since 1980