Realty One

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Keith Hershmiller Photography
Regina – The Regina Pats dropped a 5-4 overtime decision to the Swift Current Broncos on Sunday before another sellout crowd (6,484) at the Brandt Centre.

The Pats took a 4-2 lead to the third period but Swift Current scored one early and then tied it up with 13 seconds left to force overtime.

In the extra frame, Ryley Lindgren scored at the 3:16 mark to give the Broncos the extra point, 5-4 the final score.

The Pats got three points from Nick Henry, and two from each of Sam Steel, Adam Brooks, Dawson Leedahl and Connor Hobbs in the defeat.

Jordan Hollett made 26 saves in the Regina goal while Taz Burman had 43 for the Broncos. The Regina powerplay was 1/6 while the penalty kill went 2/4.

Quick Hits
- The Pats fell to 5-0-1-0 against Swift Current on the season.
- Nick Henry had three points and leads all WHL rookies with 74 points this season.
- Sam Steel had a goal and an assist and now has 14 points against Swift Current this year.

What’s Next?
The Pats are back in action on Tuesday night against the Lethbridge Hurricanes. Puck drop at the Brandt Centre is at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at or at the Brandt Centre Box Office.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the only people who wanted to go to sleep actually did so, and they were wearing Pats uni's. I think the Pats are continuing to show how they are not ready for prime time yet. Same Steel was the hero on Friday and the goat on Sunday. A complete lack of maturity on this team

Anonymous said...

Sick loss for Regina's Michelle Englot on Team Manitoba. Felt like the too many men on the field Grey Cup loss.

Anonymous said...

I like the women's curling finals, it's competitive. I never watch a second of the mens, it's a few of the same winners every year.

william weppler said...

Tough breaks today but maybe another lesson learned. Other teams are not going to give up. Broncos celebrated like they had won the Memorial Cup so you know what were thinking after the drubbing on Friday.
Took them too lightly in some areas but Pats did have an early goal called back and 2 posts right after so could have been up 2 or 3 after the 1st.
A lot of minutes being logged by Brooks and Steel with the injuries. Speaking of the injuries, IF they a can get all but Jake back by playoff time then the rest those players are getting now will be a plus. Hopefully can get Steel and Brooks some rest in between as well, but need to lock up 1st place overall then can get take a breath.
Couple of good teams coming in Tuesday and Friday so should be playoff atmosphere and some full houses again!
Go Pats Go!

Dan Season Ticket Holder said...

If the pats do not start to get some consistency it is going to be a short playoff run. Tonight's performance was very disappointing and a lack of creativity in all aspects of there game showed big time and were beaten by a team who has just played three games in a row and embarrassed the Pats.

Time and time again this team plays only to the pace that there opponents play and tonight it cost them.A 4-2 lead going into the third and they lost the game.

I am just wondering when this club is going to put a sixty minute performance together consistently and quit the disarray of losing games that they should win.

The Pats beat the broncos 7-0 Friday night and tonight lost after leading is a major concern they should have.

This team may be in first place but inconsistency will cost them in the end.
Being a huge fan of the team lets call a spade a spade and we have a hell of a lot of work to do in order to be playoff ready.

disgruntled fan said...

Ok was at the game and even though some of my thoughts stretch well beyond this singular game, this afternoon's game stamped my theory that their have been some inconsistencies that have plagued this team for quite some time.

For starters, can we discuss the Josh Mahura/Jeff De Wit acquisiton. De Wit is a stiff and I can't help but feel fair value would've been Mahura for Zablocki(both 18) straight up. The fact that we had to include Zablocki along with Barteaux AND two first rounders is unacceptable. If I didn't know any better I'd say it's the type of package that should've landed a franchise defenceman, not a glorified # 4 in Mahura.

Secondly, the cohesion of this group looks off. Too much indvidualistic efforts not in any way utilizing your linemates became increasingly noticeable today. The top six are getting overplayed to no fault of John Paddock as the depth simply isn't there right now and by extension the top two lines feel obliged to overdo shifts and aren't being attentive to the little things that is mandated to have success in the WHL.I don't know when Ahl is expected back but as any observer of the team will note it's not as if Ahl contributed much prior to getting hurt as it was nonetheless this team NEEDS three lines that can produce so in an effort to shake it up, I propose the following for the playoff run an you'll notice theirs a certain player I'm advocating play forward to enhance the attack.

Ahl Brooks Wagner
De Wit Steel Henry
Leedahl Sloboshan Hobbs
Holmes Buziak Lockner

Schioler Smart
Zborovskiy Davidson
Harrison Mahura

Anonymous said...

fire paddock now!(rider mentality)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Weppler wipe those tears away and please quit coming up with Excuses every time the Patsies lose . The Pats have gotten so far ahead in the standings and have won so many games that now they think they can walk on water.This happens to so many leaders through out the year not only in Junior hockey but many times in the NHL. You think you have got it but in the end you haven't. Be careful because it can happen to the Patsies also. Go Moose Jaw Go.

Anonymous said...

I'm not down on the Pats but I am concerned about them. A team that is so inconsistent that it can beat a team 7-0 and then two days later lose 5-4 is more than another "lesson learned". That ship has sailed and it's about time to recognize they have some fatal flaws. Steel's lack of discipline cost the team a win. He chose to take a "me" penalty by breaking his stick on a slash and costing the tying goal. The lack of "urgency" was obvious in the 2nd period. They had numerous man advantages. A 5 min major and for a full two minutes of that it was a 2 man advantage. All they were doing was feeing the puck to Hobbs and that was their PP. The got the square root of nothing when they could have and should have put the game away. Good teams do that. Their PK was no good once again as well. The third line was very good tonight playing a simple game, working hard and winning battles.

The top two lines did little hard work and looked more like guys who wanted to be cute and pad their stats. Poor defensive zone clearing and too many turnovers at the offensive blue line. They insist on carrying the puck in and won't chip and chase. It cost them a couple goals. The top lines were not good defensively either. This team seems to think it can turn it on and turn it off at will, and it's too late IMO to change that. The coaching staff set a model in place and the flaws of that plan should have been foreseeable particularly when the hard going starts. Add in the lack of foresight to acquire a couple more veteran forwards has decimated this teams depth. All of this is coming home to roost. Tonight Hollett was barely average and not good enough compared to the kind of goal tending needed at this time of year. This team is too inconsistent to go very far!

Anonymous said...

The Pats played great for the first 15 minutes of the game. They were on point and Swift Current was having a tough time getting the puck out of their own end. The Bronco's were able to capitalize on a couple of opportunities and make it a 2-2 game going into the second period, but I didn't think the score was indicative of the play on the ice. The Pats could have been up by 3 goals heading into the second period.

The Pats did not play a full 60 minutes, took some bad penalties, didn't get any production from the third line and could have had better goal tending. In fairness, the Pats hit a lot of posts (including one from de Witt, had a goal taken away due to a Bronco's player knocking a post off its mooring right before the puck went into the net (there should have been some kind of consequence for knocking the net off like that) and are low on forward depth (partly due to injuries), which is putting a lot of pressure on the top 2 lines.

Honestly, I hope there isn't any bickering / finger pointing going on between the players because that kind of stuff could destroy / sink a team really fast. There were rumours about the Pats pointing fingers after the empty net goal (in Brandon or Moose Jaw, I never saw this particular incident) and I've seen a Pats defenseman throw a hand up / point after goals in at least two games since the empty net incident. It doesn't look good and players need to realize that you win and lose as a team. And usually when you lose, a lot of mistakes have happened / a lot of bounces haven't went your way, not just the one you are unhappy about in the moment. I hope I'm wrong and it's not a big deal, but it has occurred in at least 3 games lately and doesn't look good.

Peter said...

Love all these GM's and head coaches that comment on the pats minor issues right now. you cannot expect the pats to rail road the competition every game with a schedule like they have had as of late (not a good excuse i will admit) we are standing very tall in the WHL standings right now and i have nothing but fail in the pats coaching staff to have this team ready come April.

side note also love all the keyboard tough guys who have lots of opinions to say but not brave enough to post there own name

Anonymous said...

The Warriors will teach the patsies a lesson in the 2nd round if regina can even make it out of the 1st and that's no safe bet. Regina your dream season is crumbling before your eyes.

Anonymous said...

I get a kick how the team with the racist name makes fun of the team with one of the most honourable and respectful names in hockey eg...Pats to Patsies

Anonymous said...

Agreed, too many men on the field of play.That old fuddy duddy of a Mb. coach kept interfering his time outs and his old conservative game decisions didn't serve the team very well. Team Manitoba needs a new coach who can let Michelle Englot and her team play her game.

william weppler said...

Yes those "highly inconsistent" Pats!
A record of 44-8-7-1.
In 61 games the Pats have been leading or tied at end of regulation 52 times.
They have lost 7th in OT and 1 in SO.
No 3on3 OT or SO in playoffs so I like the Pats chances if it goes past regulation in a 5 on 5 format.
Check any other WHL team record to date. None even come close.
I am sure any WHL Team would relish the record the Pats have right now.
And yes I am aware that regular season records mean absolutely nothing in the Playoffs other than who gets home ice advantage in the series. Thats what makes the Playoffs so exciting.
Any team can beat any team in a 1 game series but over 7 games the stronger team usually survives so lets not crap our collective drawers when we lose one game to the Broncos after winning the 1st six in the season series.

What Game U Watching? said...

Your making excuses. Broncos were without their two best players. Pats will not make it past the seconds round and will be a worse team next year with all the players leaving. Oh ya and posts don't count as goals it happens in every game of hockey.

william weppler said...

Follow this logic - broncos lose 7-0 with their 2 best players in the lineup but win in OT without their 2 best players in the lineup.
So with that logic they should sit those players every game. Pass that on to your Broncos coach and see if he agrees.

Anonymous said...

The Warriors will end both the Broncos and Pat's seasons

Anonymous said...

I am a PATS season ticket holder and unfortunately believe MJ will beat us in the 2nd round. But like Paddock said last week, this team is built for next year with the likes of Sloboshan, Smart, Davidson, Lockner, Leschyshyn, Holmes, DeWitt and 20 year old Tyler Brown.

Anonymous said...

Does Moose Jaw still have a team

Anonymous said...

Maybe the chl can move the memorial cup to mj when the pats lose in the 1st round next year too

Anonymous said...

This Pats team has been the top rated CHL team in the country for most of the season and is probably the best Pats team in decades (or could have been) and since they are "built for next season," we can use that as a crutch this year if / when they "lose in the second round of the playoffs this year?" That's absolutely crazy. The Pats are going to lose so many top guns next year. There's no way next years team will be better than what this years team could have been.

This was the year to build a goliath, but instead Paddock decimated the forward depth to "build for next year." And what may end up happening is the Pats have good teams two years in a row, but win nothing. The Pats better make it past the second round of the playoffs this year or what's the point of this all other than to make $? Championships should be a priority over profit, but I have yet to believe that is the goal in Regina with the new owners.