Realty One

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Prince Albert  – The Prince Albert Raiders (16-40-3-2) took a point off the top-ranked team in the CHL on Monday afternoon.

The Raiders were knocked off 3-2 in overtime by the Regina Pats (42-9-2-1) at the Art Hauser Centre on Family Day.

Sean Montgomery got the Raiders off to a good start in the first period. He pounced on a rebound at the side of the net and beat Pats goaltender Jordan Hollett for his 13th of the season to put the Raiders up 1-0.

Early in the second, the Pats tied the game on Dawson Leedahl’s 28th of the season. Midway through the frame, the Raiders regained the lead on another power play. Tim Vanstone tipped Vojtech Budik’s point shot through Hollett to tally his 11th of the season and give the Raiders a 2-1 advantage. With seconds left in the middle frame, the Pats evened it up. Josh Mahura beat Ian Scott for his 14th of the season to make it a 2-2 game after two periods.

The two teams skated to a scoreless third period, much in part due to Scott stopping all 16 shots he faced in the frame.

Midway through the overtime period, the Pats scored the game-winning goal. Leedahl notched his second of the game to give Regina the 3-2 win.

Scott was stellar once again, making 41 saves in the loss. Hollett stopped 27 shots in the Pats’ win.

The Pats are next in action Wednesday when they visit the Saskatoon Blades at 7 pm on 620 CKRM.

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william weppler said...

The WHL Disciplne decision so far for Hobbs - "TBD for charge major and g.m. at Moose Jaw on February 18". Hobbs sits out today's game pending final decision on whether more than 1 game suspension.

As I thought after reviewing replay, WHL agreed no contact with the head so they changed from "Check to the Head" to "Charging" can they change that?

And Charging is questionable? JP said WHL said Howden was in a vulnerable position. Reply shows Howden was taken
into the boards by Harrsion and was in the process of going down when Hobbs arrived. Looked like 90% of Hobbs hit was on the boards not Howden.

I am thinking length of suspension may depend on whether Howden plays the next Warriors game, which I think is a dumb way to determine a length of suspension.

william weppler said...

A great win today against a Team that played well too. Both G's played solid, and another opposition G getting 1st star even in a losing cause (3rd game in a row I think). These guys get up for a game against Pats don't they.

PK gave up 2 today and JP can't be happy with the selfish penalties but guess frustration can set in eventually when Opp has hot tender.

Will be interesting to see if WHL thinks hit on Ahl warrants some time off for Vanstone, even though no penalty called. Didn't look like knee on knee to me in the short replay on WHLLive. Ahl goes down a lot, and seemingly easy, for a big guy, but didn't return to the game so maybe WHL will rule he was in a vulnerable position, and come up with something after the fact, like they did on Hobbs.

Anonymous said...

It was certainly nice to get off the shnide! Not a good game to watch. Pats didn't play up to potential.

A win is a win but man they do appear to have a long way back. Need to get out of the tailspin.

A vicious kneeing major against Ahl but no call. What a bunch of "DUDS" the WHL employs as Refs.

Anonymous said...

Wow...not sure what game people watched last night or the entire season, but the Pats same problems I have seen all year continues to show its ugly face. I keep hearing people talking about the Pats goaltending, but both goalies have an above .900 save % & below 3 goals against. The Pats problems are not goaltending, rather bad penalties & poor defensive decisions/efforts which causes far too many high quality scoring chances. Yes, we had 40+ shots last night, but the Raiders had more high quality scoring chances than us. For example, the game against Brandon on a PK (surprise, surprise) we had three guys taking one guy behind the net leaving multiple choices for the Wheaties wide open in front- result is a goal. Last night, we did the same thing- three defenders go to one guy on the wall with a minute left in the period leaving a Raider to blow by Sammy who is floating back in the defensive zone to have a clear breakaway. This team has problems & goaltending is the least of their worries.

Anonymous said...

Goaltending has improved over the last couple of months, but don't think that poor goaltending doesn't rear it's ugly head every once in a while. Usually against the better teams.

For instance, in the Moose Jaw game the other night. Goal one was on the power play. Yes, first mistake was taking the penalty, however Tyler Brown has been giving up weak short side goals all season long. What happens on this goal? Josh Brook rips a hard shot short side to beat Tyler Brown who leaves a big gap between himself and the post. He was out of position. We've seen this before. In fact it may have been earlier in the season in Brandon or Moose Jaw. I can't remember which city it was in, but I think it was the first goal of the game at the time too. The one earlier in the season looked worse than this one though. Credit to Brook for the nice shot.

Second goal, giving up the breakaway was the first problem, but Brown missed the poke check and Moose Jaw players just crashed the crease and jammed at the puck until it apparently went into the net. Of course it doesn't help that the Pats were shut out. Can't be too hard on the goaltenders when the players in front of them don't score any goals.

There are a lot of issues and the Pats usually lose due to a combination of issues. Poor discipline (they take bad penalties), they don't play a full 60 minutes, they play down to their opponents level, GM trades away their forward depth. Goaltending has been pretty solid lately, but every once in a while, goalies make mistakes too. Lately it's been the opposition goaltenders getting game star recognition over our goaltenders. It's not a coincidence. Sawchenko, Hart, Thompson are goalies that clearly and consistently out-play our goaltenders.

Not sure if the team is just tired physically and / or mentally right now, but there's something off. They haven't been scoring a lot of goals lately. Hopefully they figure it out soon considering playoffs are less than a month away.

Anonymous said...

I seldom agree with Weppler on anything but he's right about the league and their discipline, Dorkson has abused the Pats forever. Paddock should be talking the Commissioner.

Howden was pulling away from Harrison and Hobbs tried to come across to hit him. For some unknown reason he ducks, but Hobbs still doesn't hit him in the head. It was a clean check as Harrison didn't set Howden up for a hit. Hunter was full of crap. Howden continued after the hit and scored an EN goal.

When they couldn't make checking to the head fit, the changed it to a charge, which it most definitely wasn't. Now I'm sure Dorskson will change it to boarding or "hitting too hard" in order to make it fit. The guy has been a clown for years.

Not one Ref had his arm up and it was only after Howden was shaken up and Hunter and the fans started yelling did they decide to make a call. Pathetic.

A Pats player get drilled from behind and is down a few minutes and the clown Rf gives the guy a double minor. Last night a PA player deliberately goes Knee on Knee on a Pats player and knocks him out of the game. Four sets of eyes couldn't see what anyone easily could. Besides Robson this league is loaded with incompetents with the Refs leading the way and Dorkson close behind.

Anonymous said...

Big deal they beat a team almost down and out . Lost the game against Brandon they should never lose against . Dont know what all the hype is on the Pats , yes been at the top of all standings all year but look kind of shaky during that time in some games . Lets just hope that they pick things up a couple of notches because Moose Jaw and Medicine Hat are no slouches , even Swift Current can give them a run . They havent won anything yet thats for sure . Dont think they will be coming out of the West to the Memorial Cup this year

Anonymous said...

You guys are hilarious, I was at the game and the penalty to Hobbs was called a charging major and a game misconduct in the arena.

I don't know where you guys are getting that it was changed from a hit to the head to charging to someone make sure that Hobbs would get suspended.

Continue to live in your dream world where everyone is out to get the Pats. I bet if Moose Jaw beats them in the second round, it will be the officials fault, not because the Warriors have been overlooked all season by everyone because the Pats were crowned as champions forever at the start of the season.

Anonymous said...

Hobbs served his 1 game suspension vs lowly PA and he will be out for revenge next MJ game. Heads up Warriors, come out to play.

william weppler said...

I watched on Access and was just going by what the Announcers said the penalty was. At least that makes me feel better about the Refs and League not changing their mind.

Rod Pedersen said...

In the arena they announced a 5-minute major for an illegal check to the head. It was changed on the scoresheet to charging.

william weppler said...