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Thursday, February 16, 2017


Saskatchewan Roughriders Head coach & GM Chris Jones met with the media on Wednesday afternoon at New Mosaic Stadium regarding the team's free agent moves, including the recent signings of S Marc-Olivier Brouillette and PR/REC Chad Owens


CJ: I thought our personnel department - John Murphy, Jeremy O'Day and Mike Davis - did an outstanding job.  They get all the credit for the guys that we acquired.  I think that we got some very good players to put into positions that will add depth and build our team.

We've got some other guys to wrap up but we got six players that we have listed at different positions.  It depends on who's available as to whether we'll stay busy.


CJ:  He's a very good player.  Voted-on awards are what they are.  Again, he's a very good football player and we fully expect he'll come protect the backside of our QB.  We needed to solidify our offensive line and protecting our quarterback has been a problem.  We feel very good that Derek can do that job.  I can assure that whether you're a veteran or rookie QB, if you can't protect the blindside, you're going to be in trouble.


CJ: Labatte, we're gonna see.  There'll be some information coming out on Best pretty soon but Labatte has got some positive prognosis but we'll have to reserve judgment until we actually see it.


CJ:  That's how you win games in the CFL; quarterback play and Canadian depth.  That's one of the things we've been trying to achieve, try to get picks and acquire as many quality Canadians as we can.  That's been a priority.


CJ: It gives you some versatility and we also signed Aaron Milton who can play fullback and tailback which will give depth behind Spencer Moore.  He catches the ball well and is a good special teamer so if we have to, we can go Canadian at tailback.


CJ:  Owens' name popped up a few days ago and we reached out to C.O.  We wanted to target a solid returner so we don't have to worry about catching the football.  Chad's averaged 11-yards per return in his career and his 13.1 last year led the league.  If we get that out of him, that's what we're looking for.

He's a dynamic player regardless of where you put him.  He's not the youngest guy in the world and we spoke to him about that.  He keeps himself in great condition but his primary job here will be to flip the field.


Anonymous said...

the truth is the riders have only signed 1, thats right one good player.
The rest are 2nd and 3rd stringers at best that other teams do not want or they are done in the cfl.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Interesting that now Jones is back to conceeding that pass protection was an issue last year. I thought his take was that it was mainly a quarterbacking issue last year? Thats sure what he made it sound like there for a while.

Anonymous said...

According to you. And you are. ..who?

Handy Andy said...

More excellent signings ... there has to be some veteran experience on the team ... a few old dogs to teach the new dogs how it's done. Looking forward to an exciting season!

gman80 said...

The Truth? The truth is Mr. Anonymous #1 is that you have no clue what your talking about! Yeah, nobody else would want a young promising Canadian RB in LaFrance who made a big impact in the West Final against Edmonton or in the Grey Cup! The DB from Montreal who was an All star last year, he's only 31 He will make an impact for the Riders! The SIX guys (NOT just one!) that Jones and the Riders have picked up are solid players who will add depth and will help the team immensely! Owens is getting up there in age but he'll be used mainly as a returner and to add leadership! AND if it happens that he doesn't make it through camp, then he's gone! simple as that! ..have a little faith in what Jones and Murphy are doing!

Anonymous said...

Jones said, "I can assure that whether you're a veteran or rookie QB, if you can't protect the blindside, you're going to be in trouble."

This is a month after throwing Darian under the bus and they say he's got a plan. Ha!

Anonymous said...

That was according to Jones own comments.

Anonymous said...

The Owens signing might be news, if it was 2012. I hope Mr Jones did not commit alot of upfront money to this guy. ean At this rate lets sign Sheets and Mr Vince Young as well.



Anonymous said...

The plan seems to be unveiling itself, and pretty obvious.

Build a solid to excellent receiving team, a strong offensive line, and give the new quarterbacks a half ass chance to work with something.

That is how Darian got his chance, and pretty much how every QB that has ever developed got there chance. If you are running for your life with no one to throw just do not cut it.

Is this the combination? I guess we will find out in late June!


Anonymous said...

Bart in Regina said

Yeah what he said! Very true. Really good signings.

Anonymous said...

This isn't twitter...

Anonymous said...

no sh*t sherlock

Anonymous said...

Show me the quote where Jones threw Durant under the bus. I'll be here waiting.

Anonymous said...

So Vince young last played a game in 2011 and now this coach thinks he can play. Jones thinks he is the cfl Bill Belichuk and can make anyone a player in his system, he reminds me more of Rex Ryan where nobody can play in his system... Does he know O.J. is up for parole later this year.. Yep Barnum and Bailey has arrived