Realty One

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Keith Hershmiller Photography
Regina – The Regina Pats fell 4-1 to the Lethbridge Hurricanes at the Brandt Centre on Tuesday night.

Lethbridge jumped out to an early 1-0 lead and added a shorthanded goal late in the first to lead 2-0 after 20 minutes.

Early in the second the Hurricanes scored on the powerplay to lead 3-0.  Dawson Leedahl got one back late in the second to make it 3-1 heading to the third.

Lethbridge would score an empty netter with less than a minute left to lead 4-1 and take the two points.

The Pats outshot the Hurricanes 43-27 in the loss.  Regina was 0/3 on the powerplay and 3/4 killing penalties.

Tyler Brown made 23 saves for Regina, Stuart Skinner 42 for Lethbridge. The Pats are back in action on Friday night against the Medicine Hat Tigers.

Quick Hits
- Dawson Leedahl extended his point streak to five games (5G, 4A).
- Sam Steel has points in five straight games as well (5G, 6A).
- The attendance was 4594.

What’s Next?
The Pats are back in action on Friday night against the Medicine Hat Tigers on 620 CKRM and Access 7. Puck drop at the Brandt Centre is at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at or at the Brandt Centre Box Office.

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william weppler said...
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Anonymous said...

4,500 to witness the champs Tues at Brandt?

Anonymous said...

Pats assistant coach Dave Struch told Phil Andrews after the game that the players didn't play the way the coaches wanted them to play (e.g. they weren't listening).

John Paddock, after the game, reiterated the same thing to reporters. But also ripped Tyler Brown for not making key saves, specifically the first goal, Hobbs for coughing the puck up and the team in general for not getting the puck past Lethbridge's defense (approx 30 times).

The other problem is that the Pats got worse at the trade deadline, while other teams like Lethbridge got way better. Case in point, the Pats went from having 4 solid forward lines to now only having 2 solid lines (or not even 2 solid lines as Ahl hasn't been playing like a first line player since the World Juniors and doesn't belong on that line). People think the Pats got better since the trade deadline, but they did not. They thinned the heard to build for next year. Meanwhile, Lethbridge added a bunch of solid forwards (Zak Zborosky, Matt Alfaro, Alec Baer, plus they got defenseman Brady Poutea from the Pats). It's not a surprise that the Hurricanes beat the Pats tonight and have less losses since the trade deadline than the Pats.

Truth be told, the Pats are still taking unintelligent penalties, goaltenders are not keeping them in games, the forward depth just isn't there anymore and apparently the players aren't listening to the coaches, which is not a good thing either.

Something needs to change. I can't see the Pats making it very far in the playoffs if they keep playing the way they are. And I'm not trying to be a downer, I want to see the Pats win Championships. They just aren't playing very good right now as a team.

The players should consider themselves lucky that the punishment for tonight's performance (or lack there of) will be a long "movie" session and not a hard bag skating session (according to Paddock).

Westman RidersMB said...

There are always a few rough waves to navigate in a 72 game schedule, although with less than a month to go before the start of the playoffs, teams want to be hitting their stride now, and to get any injured players back with an aim to rest the stars a bit, if necessary, build some consistency and confidence, and pushover a long playoff run. However, the cracks in the Patsbarmour continue to show. Not a situation for panic, as lots of good hockey has been played and still can be played,but as everyday goes by, the less surprised I will be if an upset occurs, and someone knocks the Pats out of the playoffs before the Eastern Conference Final.Time to work on the fundementals and play as a team, or face "next year time" pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh, a very bad time to be in a slump! The leaders need to find a way to get the house back in order or there could be trouble ahead.

Anonymous said...

The sky is falling! lol.

Anonymous said...

So what will the excuse be for the LOW attendance?
Regina is not a hockey town, never will be.

Anonymous said...

Haha I love reading the asinine comments after a Pats loss, it's always good for a morning laugh. The first poster's must have been real juicy to get deleted. Burn the Brant Centre down, fire the coaching staff and replace all the players!

Anonymous said...

Usually weppler's comments are the only logical ones when it comes to the pats. Would like to have seen what he posted.

Poor effort by the pats last night. They'll be fine come playoffs. I'm not concerned. I just hope they can get healthy in time.

GO Pats

Anonymous said...

A guy who has sat beside me for years at games turned and said "we were better before the trades and we are now". he then rolled his eyes. He's right but a lot of of people for their own reasons don't want to hear it. Zablocki, Smith, Cole, Woods, and Gardiner as forwards are all OUT. Slaboshan and DeWit are IN. Hilsendager, Freadrich, Pouteau, and Barteaux age OUT and Davison, Smart, and Mahura are IN. Anybody can tell we got younger, less experienced, and our depth took an enormous hit. An injury to youngster Lecsyshyn who is only 17, and some poor play by a few guys and this team is in a tailspin. I doubt they recover. Instead of adding more talented 19 year olds like Letrhbridge did, we opted for nothing much in forwards and a couple average d-men, and the youngster Smart. We had a youngster in Barteaux.

We had enough d-men to stay competitive with depth. Now Hilsendager, Freadrich and Poteau are all top 4 d-mwen with their new teams. Zablocki was a power forward who plays great playoff hockey. Smith was a big tough kid hard to play against and Cole gave them lots of grit on the wall. Now we have none of that. How good would a line with Snith, Cole, and Zablocki look now?? Would we have needed Slaboshan and DeWitt?

Could Freadrich not provided what Davidson is? Could not Barteaux been the 7th d-man that Smart is? Was Mahura a third round NHL pick worth the kings ransom paid? That is reserved for top end guys. We paid more than we would have for Jost, had he reported here// There is something seriously wrong in our management and some people are turning a blind eye. You can't "play right" if you don't have the right players. Paddock said the first year here that you need 19 year olds to win a championship yet he brought in youngsters. You can't worry about next season when you have a good team this year. It's like cheating the warriors that are here now. Plus the players brought in may not be here here by trade deadline next season. They aren't good enough. The play of the Pats isn't a passing phase, it's a serious problem that someone will have to answer for. A while back Paddock was saying he had an elite team and now he's saying there are clubs just as good as the Pats. Perhaps they are even better…something is wrong.

thestoneman said...

I agree we were better before trade deadline.

All we needed was a goalie - Brown ain't going to carry us to the MEM Cup - believe that!!!

Build a team for next year after this year is over - our 20's deserved that.

william weppler said...

Actually I got my 1st post deleted! 1st time for everything. Guess no one has a sense of humour as I had some tongue in cheek advice for some bloggers. Oh well was fun writing it anyways :))

I'm still not jumping ship guys...surprise surprise. Was a real good fast skating wide open game...the kind I like to watch as a hockey fan. Sure the Pats lost but had oodles of chances and a couple costly mistakes. 3rd goal went off Hobbs leg so can't blame Brown for that...think JP blamed the lack of clearing on the faceoff the Pats won. Last goal into an empty net so really Pats got outscored 2 - 1...that's a good game in my books.

You've seen the comments from JP and Struchy so not much more to add and they will get the house in order.

Skinner played well but gotta admit a lot of pucks hit him in the chest and quite a few hit him without him knowing where the pucks were. Good position you say... well I say gotta be lucky to be good. I never mind getting beat by a Team when their Tender gets 1st Star.

If bloggers think that JP and Crew don't have a plan this year, next and future you better shake your heads. No one can predict just hope they don't happen. The talk about all the traded defensemen being Top 4 with other Teams (If that's true I am not sure and don't know how you know that)...that's good for the young D-Men as they weren't going to be Top 4 here and JP gave them a chance to play, and got something in return to help immediately and in the future.

It's so easy for people to say if JP hadn't of done this or hadn't of done that Pats would be a better Team, or the Pats are going to lose early in the Playoffs, etc.etc....they have nothing to lose by uttering such remarks and most hide behind an Anon. True fans enjoy the games and watching the players mature. Only 1 Team comes out of the East and 1 out of the West. A lot of good, even great, teams are going to lose in the playoffs, and some don't even get there. Their time will come. I will be cheering for whomever the WHL rep is in this years Memorial Cup and if it is the Pats, great, as that is my Team. If it is not then I look forward to next year and see what comes. Going to be a Season Ticket holder for a long time as I enjoy Junior hockey.

Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

The trolls are getting long winded, I guess that makes them smart!

Anonymous said...

Up and down kind of season. Gut check time for them just like every other team.

Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised Mr. Weppler didn't think Brown should have been 1st witnessed last nite what a teams needs for playoff goaltending...yes lots of pucks hit Skinner but that's his job and he was awesome...we had better get a tender before memorial cup or it will be a short tourn for Pats

Anonymous said...

If ands and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I said it before and I'll say it again, the Pats lost their bench when they started retooling via trades. They had a solid overall "4 line team nuculous of contributors" to a game day effort with questionable goaltending. If one line wasn't clicking the others picked up the slack carrying the team to a win, not the case anymore.


william weppler said...

Anon - Why would I think Brown should be 1st star? ...and why would you be surprised I didn't think he was? It's pretty simple so I'll spell it out for you "He didn't deserve 1st star".
He gave up 1 goal he would probably like back but the Team in front of him wasn't up to snuff last night on any of the goals (as per JP), so let's not blame the goaltender for every loss. I call it as I see it every game, unlike some bloggers who only criticize losses and have nothing to say when the Pats win. Just my opinion.

Also, I have never said Pats are going to win the Memorial Cup this year or next year...and if you are on this blog regularly you will notice that it's mostly the "non-Pats" fans who are continually saying the Pats don't have what it takes to win the Memoria Cup.

True Pats fans don't mention it as they know how hard it is to get to the Memorial Cup much less win it. We are enjoying the great year the Pats are having and overjoyed the Pats are hosting the Cup next year. We've seen a lot of great hockey this year and will next year as well.

Yet, those same bloggers who talk down the Pats won't say their Team is going to win it either, or even identify who THEIR Team is or who they are, so what kind of fan of Junior hockey are they?

Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

Our defence has improved since the deadline, but we have lost forward depth. We are a 2 line team without jake but rumour has it he is starting to workout. I think ahl got hurt in the semi at the wjhc and will return strong and at the top of his game. Sloboysn has been a real plus on the team a complete player, come playoff time I feel this team will be fine. With the young guys getting playing time we will be a four line team again come playoffs I sure like the play of Pearce he is starting to find confidence. Brown will be just fine.

Anonymous said...

Struch will bring his winning ways from the Saskatoon blades. To the person posting negative comments on here after ever lose ......please go back to cutting hair.

Anonymous said...

Listen guys jps hands were tied he had to get better for next year too. Our team lacks sand paper now due to trades and injuries. I noticed in two years prior jp would roll 4 lines no matter what even though we weren't as good it gained experience and we wore teams down. Lately we play either steel or Brooks on either line and the whole team just looks tired. Let's hope we get guys healthy because teams have figured us out. Hockey is about adjusting.we used to score off tbe rush. Now other teams clog us up and get physical it's hockey 101. They adjusted. Now can we adjust with the horses we have. That's up to jp and his coaching staff and getting key horses back to health. Here's hoping but i still think we have a great team and jp knows their skills and talents and abilities better than us. Let's hope he gets through to them because he sure got through to them last year in the playoffs so relax nay sayers. Enjoy the ride. Go pats go!

Ps. Stick et too em weppler, love your commentary man!