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Saturday, February 11, 2017


OTTAWA - Greg Ellingson will help the Ottawa Redblacks defend their Grey Cup title in 2017.

The veteran receiver signed a contract extension through the 2018 season Friday. He was scheduled to become a free agent Tuesday.

"Greg is an integral part of our offence and we're very pleased to have a player of his calibre experience and character in the Redblacks' organization for another two years,'' GM Marcel Desjardins said in a statement. "Trevor (Ottawa starter Trevor Harris) and Greg have a good relationship and this continuity will only benefit our offence.''

Ellingson had 76 catches for 1,260 yards - both career highs - and four TDs last season. The six-foot-three, 197-pound Tampa native recorded 69 receptions for 1,061 yards in 2015 with Ottawa.

Ellingson's 93-yard TD pass from Henry Burris led Ottawa to a thrilling 35-28 win over Hamilton in the 2015 East final and secure the franchise its first Grey Cup berth.

MONTREAL - Defensive end Gabriel Knapton agreed to a two-year contract extension with the Montreal Alouettes on Friday.

Knapton was scheduled to become a free agent Tuesday.

The six-foot-three, 263-pound Knapton is entering his fourth CFL season, all with Montreal. The American has appeared in 51 regular-season games, registering 137 tackles and 29 sacks, along with two forced fumbles.

"The re-signing of Gabriel is very important to our team, in particular to our defensive squad,'' Montreal GM Kavis Reed said in a statement. "His character and leadership are two elements which we hope will help lead our team to success in 2017.''

Last season, Knapton, 27, was seventh in the CFL with nine sacks and also had 49 tackles.

EDMONTON - The Edmonton Eskimos signed receiver Natey Adjei and linebacker Blair Smith to contract extensions through the 2018 season Friday.

The two Canadians were scheduled to become free agents Tuesday.

The five-foot-10, 193-pound Adjei, of Toronto, appeared in 12 games last season. He recorded six catches for 52 yards and added five special-teams tackles.

Smith, of Mississauga. Ont., appeared in 15 games with Edmonton last year, registering four tackles and 15 special-teams tackles. The six-foot-two, 225-pound linebacker is entering his third season with Edmonton.

VANCOUVER - Ryan Phillips would always tell his younger B.C. Lions teammates that if Geroy Simon was expendable, they all were.

Simon, the CFL's all-time leading receiver, couldn't agree on contract extension with B.C. before the 2013 season. So after 12 years on the West Coast, Simon was dealt to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Phillips knew his day would also eventually come. But the 34-year-old didn't expect his tenure in B.C to end this way.

On Friday, the Lions announced they and the veteran defensive back had "mutually decided'' to part ways, cutting Phillips loose after 12 seasons and just four days before the start of CFL free agency.

The Seattle native said in a telephone interview with The Canadian Press the term "mutual'' was technically true. However, what the Lions offered in terms of a contract and potential playing time were a slap in the face.

"The starting point was nowhere near worth the value of someone of my calibre,'' said Phillips, who joined B.C. in 2005. "The pay cut was outrageous.

"It's one thing to restructure and it's another thing to pay cut all the way. You don't ask a 12-year vet with my resume to go back to making third-year type money. That's just kind of insulting, let alone the role of being behind some guys that haven't done anything.

"If you want to say 'mutual' I guess so in that sense ... it's mutual I wasn't going to settle for something like that. They weren't going to budge, they weren't going to give me a legitimate shot to compete.''

Lions head coach/GM Wally Buono didn't fault Phillips for his reaction. But Buono reiterated it's his job to make tough decisions to try to improve his team.

"We wanted Ryan to be a part of our football club,'' said Buono. "We wanted him to be a part of our locker-room.

"We wanted him to be a part of our team going forward. The role then had to change. Unfortunately we couldn't agree.''

Notes: The Lions announced Friday defensive back T.J. Lee, who missed all but four games last season because of an Achilles injury, has signed a contract for 2017. Lee could've become a free agent Tuesday. B.C. also signed Canadian defensive lineman Dylan Ainsworth and announced the retirement of offensive lineman Tim O'Neill, an 11-year veteran.

(Canadian Press)


John Knight said...

Is anyone going to say Wally is dumb because he wouldn't pay a 34 year old player what he thought he was worth or do we just single out Jones?
Sorry, I guess wally is a god and Jones is a Fool

Anonymous said...

You are exactly right John Knight, "Wally is a God and Jones is a fool."

Christopher Evans said...

The problem being... any thoughts on the matter (or any personnel decisions) at this point is just speculation. The proof is in the pudding in all of these decisions! If Phillips goes out and has a monster year with another team, I feel that's a draw. If he goes on to have 2-3 productive years, that's a win for Philips... but does he have that long?!?! Buono looks like a genius if Phillips has a mediocre/good year ahead... better to cut a player a year early than a year late! However, how does the defensive system translate into the overall perception of the player's success??

Of course, no one is going to flame Buono for his decision in Riderville (well, not many anyway! lol)... there is no emotional attachment to Phillips as a player or the Lions as a team. I would speculate that a majority of Rider fans have no idea who Phillips is... and possibly even don't know who Buono is!! lol

Anonymous said...

Philips was one of Durant's go to guys back in the day! Time keeps on flowing by, sigh ..

Anonymous said...

The difference being that when Wally releases an older player, you can bet he has a backup for him. Has Wally ever gotten rid of his starting QB without a bona-fide starter waiting in the wings? Has he ever cut a player and cited age as one of his reasons, only to sign an even older player? Have you ever heard Wally say he would be turning over stones to find a replacement? No because Wally always has a succession plan. So that is what makes Wally a god and Jones a fool.

John Knight said...

deny, deny deny

Anonymous said...

Deny,deny, smoking or drinking something or both

John Knight said...

Wally did nothing different than Jones did except he got nothing in return. Jones has other Qbs signed and Wally has other Dbs. Neither are experienced. Why the constant complaining about Jones? We realize you just don't like Jones. Get over it. Also, why not sign your cowardly name.

Anonymous said...

John Knight said, "We realize you just don't like Jones."
My question is, 'who is we?' You're the only one I know of that hasn't seen through the smoke.


Anonymous said...

You are right. I just don't like Jones. He has done more in the last year to kill the brand and the pride of this team than anybody I can remember. If the Riders win more games than they lose this year, I will have to rethink my position but I don't see that happening. I have never seen a roster in such disarray. And I resent the fact that he has made a laughing stock out of a once proud organization. If you don't believe that to be true then check out the comments from the fans of other teams on 3downnation or TSN/CFL.
I don't sign my "cowardly" name because Jones fans have called me so many names that I don't know what name to go by anymore. If you notice, the folks that don't like Jones do not revert to name calling; the Jones fans seem to have nothing else to fall back on except derogatory remarks.

Anonymous said...

It's not the part of not liking or liking, it;s the part of doing something productive and accountable...being investigated and fined multiple times does not match either. Also what has he done in the time he has been in Sask...explain it all point by point.

Anonymous said...

I will start with,
fixing a broken salary structure
turning over an aging and declining roster
acquiring draft picks
developing a young core
bringing in young talented players like jefferson, gainey, cox, carter, holley, collins, muamba, eguavoen, newsome, etc.

He has absolutely made mistakes. But he has also made progress with a team that was already a laughingstock when he was hired.

Anonymous said...

1.fixing a broken salary structure...tell me how he has fixed that because he has taking fines reducing this and it isn't fixed until they are on somewhat a winning note and that remains to be seen.
2.turning over aging and declining roster....if you mean Chick, Dressler and Durant then you are incorrect again, Chick 2016 had 40 defensive tackles, 14 Qb sacks and 4 forced fumbles and Dressler in 14 games had a 1000 yds receiving again so if this is your idea of declining you might want to look at that again...oh and by the way, replacing Durant with a 38 year old no grey cup Qb is also in the wrong direction. Getzlaf would be the only one declining.
3.What draft picks did he gain?
4.Has some young pieces I won't disagree but they have a lot to prove yet and that goes for all them players you listed, one year means nothing, doing it over and over is when they prove there worth.
5.Progress with a laughing stock team...I will promise you this, I haven't laughed so hard at a team as I did last year through there play, off field disaster(management), and on top of that being caught plain out breaking the they weren't the laughing stock nearly as they were last year and this year looks to be the same kind of year. On a good note though laughing is healthy for the body.

John Knight said...

Thank you to the last post, I agree with you 100% but it appears there are idiots that can't see the forest for the tree's

Anonymous said...

Thanks John Knight, I may not be a riders fan but do pay attention to all of the league and watch 80% of Cfl games. I do not mean to down god riders as I would rather see competitive, clean and fair football. In my opinion right now Jones needs to straighten up or get out because he is ruining a major tag of the Cfl. I do cheer for the Esks all the way but do want all teams to be top notch so when you win it means something.

Anonymous said...

Jones cut 19 players in one day and I think one of them found another spot in league. You pick out the two most obvious ones that were cut later and were making a combined $500,000. That's a proper cap structure? No one ever said Chick and Dressler weren't good players. But no GM in the league would pay chick the 260,000 he was due. Dressler also lost over 60,000 to sign with Winnipeg.

Durant never wanted to come back despite how he wants to appear publicly. That's fine. Jones flipped him for two picks when Kavis could have just waited two weeks and had him for free. He then replaced him with a 38 year old making 150,000 less so they can spend money on the offensive line and other needs to make a better TEAM! Time will tell.

Jefferson, Gainey, Carter and Muamba haven't proven to be good players? They must play in the 20% of games you didn't watch.

He made mistakes, like I said like getting fined and a reduction of LAST YEARS cap. He has full cap and a much better roster than 12 months ago.

He isn't perfect but nobody is. Only the Redblacks have more cups than the riders in the jones era. Go Riders!

Anonymous said...

Not long ago the Riders were the pride and joy of the league, the flagship that every organization aspired to imitate.

Now, they're still talking about the Riders but there's a sneer on their faces when they do and no one wants to duplicate them.

In Jones I DON'T trust.

JPR said...

Boo hoo Chick and Dressler are gone get over it already. Durant as much as I liked him time to move forward. Not going to call names or harass people but we seem to have a lot of new coaches, gm's to take over for Jones (I think he is doing just fine). Please submit your name now so we can see what the old school fans have in store for us. I cheer for the team not the players but some of you cannot seem to get past it. Seems to me all the people agianst Jones do not like to post their names an make comments but they are ready to call the rest of us supporters out would be nice to be able to interact a little more peraonally with some of you.

Lee said...

Jones has grey cup rings from Toronto, Calgary and edmonton....i ask you this how much input on those 3 teams dis he have on personal decisions TRY ZERO

Anonymous said...

And you wonder why Rider fans get flagged as being one sided...'speaking that only Ottawa has more cups then anyone in the Jones era'...what a stupid comment. Remember this, with the players your calling now great and want to cheap out on the most important position as your qb we will see how well the riders do coming up. The history of the Cfl grey cup list works farther back then one year and also the Jones era in the Cfl has started before the riders had him.

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is Wally has proven himself as a GM over and over again. He's also has the most wins of any coach in CFL history.
Where as Jones has only proved he knows how to waste money with signing bonuses to players retiring. Over pay on contract to get free agents only to release them where they go onto having a great season elsewhere. Break CFL team rules and guidelines by not just crossing the line but passing the line further than anyone else ever has. Bringing in and releasing the most players ever in a CFL season. Trade away the starting QB with zero plans in place. Sign Glen as the starter because his lack of planning left him no other option. Embarrass a fan base numerous times in his 1st year. Became the brunt of jokes at the CFL awards ceremony. Above approach when questioned on breaking the rules. Really an Egotistical maniac that believes the money the Riders have makes him a football God.

signed: Green with illness due to the current spend happy, don't have a plan, last place defence regime.