Realty One

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


It's the most talked-about, speculated-upon, non-trade in the history of the CFL.

Rider fans seem adamant that the team is poised to pull off a trade with the Edmonton Eskimos to land quarterback James Franklin in the 306.

It's not a far-fetched notion that Saskatchewan would be more than interested in acquiring the Missouri product's services.  Head Coach & GM Chris Jones brought Franklin into the league in 2015, and is looking for a franchise quarterback for the Green & White.

The trouble is, NO signs point to this trade happening.

I'd mentioned on Monday's SportsCage that a rumour out of Alberta on the weekend was that Franklin will be Saskatchewan-bound because Eskimo GM Ed Hervey is in need of receivers and the Riders have plenty of those.

That casual mention spawned a wild Facebook debate on Jason Fichter's The Rider Prider Fan Page.  Fake News if there ever was any.

That's because moments later I received a message from a Roughriders official who said there hasn't been any trade talk involving Franklin since the Chris Jones regime put down stakes in Riderville 15 months ago.


That's why as wild as this "rumour" is, I still can't foresee any scenario in which Franklin plays in Saskatchewan in 2017. There's been no reports of Jones, Murphy, & O'Day et al even talking about it amongst themselves, let alone in the media.

Franklin himself has caused a stir, mentioning on Twitter last week "Patience is a great teacher", alluding to the fact (we think) that he has one year left on his current contract.

But that Tweet could also mean any one of a million other things.

And for just one second, put yourself in the shoes of Eskimos GM Ed Hervey. You've got James Franklin under contract for one more year and #1 pivot Mike Reilly has a history of being unable to stay healthy for an entire season. Franklin has been the "next man up" for the past two seasons and has gotten key wins while Reilly was down.

Why would Hervey want to make a change there, even if he needs a receiver? To placate Chris Jones and give the division rival Roughriders "the next big thing"?

It continues to make no sense, and yet that's all I hear about every day on social media.

Yet, we hear nothing from the Roughriders nor Eskimos about it.



Anonymous said...

Deny, deny,deny. Folks its a done deal. Watch for the official announcement the week after training camp ends.

The Soothsayer

Christopher Evans said...

Don't forget the bad blood between these two regimes.... there ain't a hope in hell a trade doesn't cost the Rider a huge amount! Best to be patient a year and snag Franklin in free agency. Receivers are a dime a dozen for someone decent, with a few still availabe as free agents... QB's... not so much!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod
Thank you for bringing that up with fact,maybe we can put that nonsense to rest for this season.

Anonymous said...

No trade coming, just get used to the fact that the Riders will be fifth in the West.
Hey, they're only going to miss the playoffs by two spots.


Anonymous said...

Not so fast. Argos with new GM/Coach may somehow stir up the pot. Not sure about J Manziel. But Popp is very shrewd. May go after J Franklin. Argos still no QB for 2017. Willy/Ray, well enuf said.

Anonymous said...

When can we expect an announcement regarding Franklin's induction into the CFL Hall of Fame? Apparently he is the greatest quarterback ever after playing 9 games in the CFL. Take a breath people.

Unknown said...

Going back in time to the days of dunigan, green, Ray, a normal trade for Edmonton would be to promote the next one and trade the current if Franklin is the next big thing. Ryley would be the one to trade, unless Edmonton plans on selling the future to win in 2017

Anonymous said...

Again, whats with the love for Franklin. We've never seen him play other than a few downs (I dont remember him at all). I read his bio etc on the net. Nothing special.

Maybe he is the next great one but there is certainly nothing to indicate that. Probably another Mitchell Gale. Highly touted as the next one, then sputters out.

Anonymous said...

The Riders are wise to wait for next year and bid for Franklin in free agency and not give up any big assets this year. Franklin can decide whether he wants to come here and feel the love of Rider Nation and its top notch receiving core, or go to Toronto and feel the apathy of Argo Nation.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Drew Willy the next one in Saskatchewan? The uproar by the Chicken Little's when he signed with Winnipeg was deafening, now Chicken Little has a boner for Franklin.

Anonymous said...

Why would Harvey trade franklin?

As referenced above he's a free agent next year. The value of franklin goes down every day he gets closer to next years free agency. Harvey has to decide if he wants something for franklin or risk losing him for nothing.

I agree that franklin won't be traded to the Riders for one of our receivers. If franklin gets traded it'll be after the draft so that the compensation will be next years draft picks.

Anonymous said...

To the guy that can't recall seeing Franklin.
You obviously don't watch much CFL football so why comment?

Anonymous said...

It makes no sense Rod? What makes no sense is sitting on the guy for a year and getting nothing for him. He will walk for nothing as a free agent next year. May as well make a big deal. He may not even end up being any good..which would make Hervey look like a genius.

Christopher Jones said...

Great Article Rod.. down to Earth, level headed. Franklin is not going to the riders in 2017. Yes, he is a free agent next year and Hervey will have to deal with this before that time ... but I doubt anything will happen before the Eskimos are eliminated from the playoffs or hoisting the Grey Cup. Even then I highly doubt Franklin will make it to free agency... Edmonton will either resign him or trade him to an Eastern team. Hervey is not stupid enough to allow Franklin to come back and bite him in the ass in his own division... Everyone learned from Buono's mistake with Reilly. Is this not exactly what Chris Jones did with Durant... Trade him before you lose him.

Anonymous said...

Even though Franklin may "walk for nothing" as a free agent next year, they get this year with a solid backup QB. Everyone knows you need at least two quality qb's in the CFL. Who would back up for them if he was gone? Edmonton is obviously under the belief they have a shot for the cup next year or they would consider the trade.


Unknown said...

Its cfl not NHL look at all the players that changed teams with old team getting nothing

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster that figures Reilly will be the one that gets traded.

Anonymous said...

Article is basically bang on. Which is exactly why the Durant trade was at least one year premature. EDM holds him until the year is done and reassess at that point. Alot can happen in a year and the tread on Reilly's tires is wearing down. If they believe Franklin is their future, they wont let him get to Free agency.

Anonymous said...

Actually the Durant trade is a year late. Wasted another season on him.

They should have got rid of him as part of the full rebuild.

Anonymous said...

Franklin is the only one who decides whether he gets to free agency or not, no one else decides for him. Saskatchewan could not have held on to Darian for "one more year" because they wouldn't have been able to come up with a one year deal. Darian wanted a long-term deal.

George Porge said...

It is more likely that Franklin will sign an extension with Edmonton than it is that Edmonton will trade him any time in 2017. They need a backup for Reilly or they lose any chance at winning the cup this year. Reilly just doesn't stay healthy long enough to play a full season himself.

If Edmonton trades Franklin, it will be between December and February of next year. And it is very unlikely that the trade would be made with Saskatchewan unless Chris Jones wants to pay dearly for two-months negotiation time.

Anonymous said...

"To the guy that can't recall seeing Franklin.
You obviously don't watch much CFL football so why comment?"

You got me there. I somehow missed his 100 completions over the last two seasons.

And you're right again. I tried so hard to watch games last year but could never get through one until the end of the year (did watch all the rider games). Too many penalties and delays. Got better near the end of the year though.

Anonymous said...

To say Franklin will sign an extension with Edmonton is absurd! The guy has the potential to start just like Harris when he was in Toronto and as well as Collarous. They were both on an Eastern rival yet they ended up on Ottawa and Hamilton. Franklin is better equipped that Willy ever was. Look for Franklin to go to Free Agency in 2018. eskimos GM will know full well that trading him 2 Months before free agency will get them nothing as Franklins agent will let it be known he is going to free agency no matter what.
Besides Hamilton nor Ottawa or Montreal or Toronto need a QB.


Anonymous said...

If Mr Jones wants Mr Franklin, than Mr Franklin he shall get. I'll personally make the call to Mr Hervey in the morning March 1st. Enough said on the subject bucktooth cowpokes from Regina.

Little Edddy Bucanan

Anonymous said...

Toronto does need a qb...I know nobody should need Franklin but the riders but in real life other team or teams will need a qb by next free agency and you bet Hervey will trade him for next to nothing before free agency so the riders won't get him...mark my words. Reilly stays healthy and he isn't going anywhere...also mark my words, he is one of theirs in the league and maybe the best in the league. Go find your own qb's with your great scouting you claim you have...seems you have signed a team of free agents, shows how good your scouting systems is.

George Porge said...

Speaking of good scouting - the CFL National Combine is in the Rider's own house in a few weeks. A "scouting powerhouse" should be able to find a few talented players given the advantage of hosting them. If they don't, then I think it becomes pretty clear that Murphy was never the scout in Calgary (he's still there, in the GM's chair).

Randy Ohlmann said...

I agree with some of the posters above. I frankly do not want Franklin here. I would just as soon develop a quarterback in our own camp(s) than bring him in. Way too over-hyped as far as I am concerned. Plus, if we have to trade some of our receivers (or anyone for that matter) for him, that is a price I am not willing to pay. I feel confident enough in our receivers that they could catch a pass thrown by pretty much anyone behind centre, rookie or veteran; but time will tell I guess.