Realty One

Thursday, January 5, 2017


MONTREAL - The United States has won the 2017 world junior hockey championship.

Troy Terry scored the shootout winner as the U.S. beat Canada 5-4 at Montreal's Bell Centre on Thursday to capture the gold medal.

The game needed a shootout after a 20-minute overtime decided nothing.

Canada held a 2-0 lead after 20 minutes on goals from Thomas Chabot and Jeremy Lauzon.

Charlie McAvoy responded for the U.S. early in the second period and Kieffer Bellows made it a 2-2 game heading into the third.

Nicolas Roy regained the lead for Canada less than two minutes into the third and Mathieu Joseph made it 4-2 but, again, the Canadian squad blew the two-goal cushion.

Bellows scored his second of the night 39 seconds after Joseph and Colin White tied it with nearly 13 minutes to still play in the period.

Carter Hart was in net for Canada while Tyler Parsons started for the U.S.

Earlier, Russia beat Sweden 2-1 in overtime to claim bronze.



Arash Madani said...

Should never end a gold medal game with anything but playing the actual game.

Oh well, great game nevertheless

Anonymous said...

May as well have fastest skater or hardest slap shot win the Gold , what's the difference?

Anonymous said...

If the would have had Steel, they would have won a better metal...get it

willie said...

What a DISGRACEFUL way to win a Gold Medal and become a World Champion. And I would say the exact same thing if Canada would have won. Brilliant hard working end to end hockey with these young kids working their asses off and ending it like that.
If they would have stuck to their guns and played 3 on 3 until it ended it would have been fine , but Oh No once again this year they had to change the rules and it ends in a Pitiful Shootout.
Hats off to Both teams for a wonderful evening of nail biting entertainment. But they can stick their shootout you know where.

Anonymous said...

Great game! Neither team won or lost the game but the USA won the shootout!!

Anonymous said...

Plain and simple. Not enough WHLers.

Red Neckerson

Anonymous said...

Anon # 3 . "Steel ". Give your head a shake or is it made of STEEL ?

william weppler said...

A hell of a game!
Congrats to both Teams.

Anonymous said...

Agree on the Steel comment. They would've been better off defensively with Hobbs as well!

Anonymous said...

Canada deserved to lose based on the team they picked

Anonymous said...

Bad day all around for Moose Jaw Warriors Head Coach Hunter, losing the gold medal, coming home to a team without one of its key star players Pappaguyev or however you spell his name.

Anonymous said...

(Previous poster) The puck knows more about hockey than any other nation except Canada,


Anonymous said...

If it ain't Gold, it's Failure!
Better luck next time Canada!

Tim from Kansas said...

Ignore the trolls, they're probably from Winnipeg or Calgary anyways.

I've lived half my life here in suburban Kansas City. I seriously don't know one person down here who has even heard of the World Junior Tournament. No doubt there are a few around, but I have never met one.

And I never got to watch any of the games. It's not on TV here so nobody could watch it even if they wanted to.

It was on NHL network, which most cable companies don't carry and if they do it is often a premium package that nobody buys. NHL is also on the dish networks, whose customers are the ranchers and dairy farmers, not exactly the target audience.

If the Junior Tournament guys want the Americans to show interest, they need to seriously re-think the TV strategy. You can't ask them to get on board when they can't even watch.

Happy New Year to Rod and all the Rider fans.

Anonymous said...

Absolute failure Team Canada