Realty One

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Photo courtesy Darwin Knelsen
SWIFT CURRENT – The Regina Pats overcame a one goal third period deficit to beat the Broncos in Swift Current 6-5 on Saturday night. The Pats led 1-0, 3-2 and 4-3 in the contest but Swift Current scored twice in the second half of the second and led 5-4 going to the third.

In the final frame, Dawson Leedahl scored on the powerplay to tie it and Connor Hobbs got the eventual game winner with 4:30 left to play.

Jordan Hollett made 23 saves in his return from injury and improved to 8-0-1-0 on the season.

The Pats were led offensively by Adam Brooks who had three assists.

Regina went three for four on the powerplay in the win and outshot the Broncos 35-28.

Quick Hits
- Josh Mahura scored his first goal with the Pats in the win.
- The Pats powerplay went three for four and are a 32.0% for the season.
- Connor Hobbs set a new career high in goals with his 20th.

What’s Next?
The Pats are right back at it on Sunday at home to the Brandon Wheat Kings. Puck drop is at 4 p.m. at the Brandt Centre. Tickets are available at or at the Brandt Centre Box Office. Come into Subway and order a Pats Fresh Value Meal (sandwich, 21 oz. drink and side) and receive a free bronze level ticket to a Pats home game! While supplies last at participating restaurants in Regina.

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Anonymous said...

20 goals against in past 5 games, now that's real Memorial Cup Contenders. Patsies are slowly dying now that the 2nd half kicks in and they start to play REAL HOCKEY.

Anonymous said...

They've given up a lot of goals lately but their #1 and 2 goalies have been hurt. I wish the strong defence would step up a bit more but at least they got the win last night. Great to see Hollett back. He looked a bit rusty but he'll get back into it.

The pats are facing some adversity right now (what good team doesn't?).

Unlike the negative posters, I still have faith in this team even if they're going through a rough patch. I hope it's a good one this afternoon.

Go Pats!!

Anonymous said...

50/50 was just over $200,000 at Saskatoon last night for a Lacrosse game. But hard to draw 2,600 for a junior hockey game. Not a hockey city Saskatoon. Move Blades to Nanaimo.

John Knight said...

Rod, I just want to say, thank you for doing your blog every day and even weekends

william weppler said...

To the Anon who stated "20 goals against in past 5 games etc." ....well the Pats have scored 28 times! Anyone who thinks Pats are going to win or lose games 1-0 or 2-1 are obviously misinformed.
The "run and gun" is here so get used to it, or not, your choice, but quit bitchin' about it and let the GM/Coaches do thier job.
If all you want to do is comment after games about how Pats give up to many goals win or lose, without going to or watching the games, or listening to JP when he gives interviews that's your perogative but don't think you will be taken seriously.
He has publicly stated (and I paraphrase) the Pats have quick and skilled forwards; a solid puck-moving defense (even better now with trades) and a solid goaltending duo. Their game plan is to have the defense move the puck out of their end to thier skilled forwards and score goals. They do not want to "play" defense, they want control of the puck.
Hence the moves at trade deadline and over the past couple of seasons. They may have given up some forward grit for skill and some hard-noses on D for more offensive style D BUT that is JP's plan.
Personally I like the "run and gun" vs. a highly defensive game (i.e. Curtis Hunt style...ugh!) and believe it creates excitement for the fans (obvious by the sellouts lately). If you don't then maybe trade in your season tickets for a few years. Offense attracts fans which equals more $$ for the Owners and Brandt Center. Do you see them complaining?
Only 1 Team is going to come out of the WHL so that means several good teams will not make it. If the Pats make it out that will be super but in the meantime I am going to enjoy the ride and enjoy watching these young men play their hearts out for US the fans. Are they going to have an off night? you bet, just like everyone has an off day on the job.

PS - speaking of off nights. Medicine Hat (#1 in the Central Division) have lost 2 of last 3 games to teams 10 pts (Brandon) and 20 pts (Saskatoon) below them in the standings. So much for the weak weak East Division Teams that Pats play more games against.

GO Pats GO!

Anonymous said...

Move Regina to Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Think one of these anonymous posters is a little bit too obsessed with the Blades...must have gotten cut by them sometime in the past.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy, why do you hate Saskatoon teams so much?

Anonymous said...

Regina was the same in the nineties as Saskatoon is now. That is the way it is in sports. Fans are a fickle bunch. Fans is Saskatchewan are the worst.

Anonymous said...

Hey when we had teams as bad as Saskatoon it was a good night if there was 3000 in the arena. I don't remember too many big crowds except when Moose Jaw was in town.

And I went to the Subway at the Exhibition grounds at the soccer centre and asked for the Pats Fresh Value Sub. The girls behind the counter had no clue what I was asking about.

Anonymous said...

I got the same blank look at Subway when I asked for the Pats Fresh Value Sub. Like the sub maker had zero clue what I was asking. Great promo Pats.

Anonymous said...

"20 goals against in past 5 games, now that's real Memorial Cup Contenders. Patsies are slowly dying now that the 2nd half kicks in and they start to play REAL HOCKEY."

Moronic statement that was not thought out whatsoever. They had two backups playing and how many wins did they get? 28 goals for, 20 against, this will happen when 16 years olds are forced into being a starter in the middle of a season. Enjoy our Mem cup win. Thanks for paying so much attention to us that you feel the need to comment on OUR blog. Thanks for reading OUR blog as well. The comments you made show the inner issues that you personally struggle with, I truly hope you can get help with those because that is not a nice disease to live with. It forces un-needed stress upon the body and then people act out because of how they feel inside. Really sad disease you have, I wish you all the best in trying to overcome it. :)

Pon Jaddock