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Monday, January 16, 2017



1 - In the end, I was wrong.  Very wrong.  But you could fill the internet with the things I'm wrong about or don't even know.

Friday morning's news that Roughrider legend Darian Durant had been traded to the Montreal Alouettes was like a splash of cold water to the face.

First came the email at 7:15 am on Friday that Chris Jones was to address the media at 9:00 am at Taylor Field.  Frankly at the time I had no idea what Jones was to talk about.  Then 15 minutes later I received a text message that read, "Wake up.  Durant to Montreal for two picks."

I was wide awake by that point.

2 - I was wrong because as recently as Thursday, I'd written in this space that I didn't expect an abrupt end to the Darian Durant situation with the Roughriders.  No matter how it was going to turn out, I expected one side or the other would leak the news to the media days in advance.

However that didn't happen.  None of the CFL media insiders had any idea when they awoke Friday morning that the Durant trade with Montreal had been consummated.  All of this while Chris Jones was arriving in Regina at midnight on Thursday after travelling all day from Florida.  No one said a peep, which is the way it should be.

It was also important to Jones that he deliver the news in person, before a jam-packed news conference at the Rider offices.

3 - It has not sunk in yet that the Darian Durant Era in Saskatchewan is over.  Frankly I haven't yet allowed my mind to process the situation and I don't think it'll truly set in until Day 1 of Roughriders Training Camp when Durant isn't out there slinging the ball around like he has for the past 11 years.

As former Rider and current CKRM football analyst Luc Mullinder Tweeted on Friday, "Don't cry because it's over.  Smile because it happened!"

There hasn't been a bigger Rider news story come down the pike in the social media age as this one and Friday's news of the trade definitely "broke the internet" in Saskatchewan.  Heck, the Saskatchewan Roughriders were even trending on Twitter in Calgary on Friday.

Rider fans far and wide were posting selfies of themselves and Darian from his many public appearances over the last number of years.  It had to make you damp at the eye.

I was scrambling to find some selfies myself with Durant, but soon realized I don't have any in my collection.

4 - But that's okay because I have something far better.  MEMORIES!  Darian Durant attempted 3453 passes as a Saskatchewan Roughrider and I called each and every one of them.  His exploits on the field are the stuff of legend, but I'll also remember the many road trips where he mosied onto the team airplane and settled into his seat across the row from me with his shades and headphones on.  That was his time to escape from the world, if only for an hour or two.

We also did several sports dinners around the province over the years and I saw him blossom from a shy, young man into a franchise icon right in front of my eyes.  One night in Estevan in the spring of 2015 we did a Q&A at the Bruins dinner and when he walked off stage, he received a long and raucous standing ovation.  Frankly I don't think he'd ever been happier and his smile was a mile wide.  He asked me to send him a pic of the moment afterwards.

5 - There was only one other time where I think Durant was happier as a Roughrider and it was immediately after the 2013 Grey Cup.  You all saw it.  Darian was a mix of elation and agony because even though he was celebrating with his teammates and the millions in the Rider Nation, his family was back home in the USA.

Durant had instructed his family to stay home that Grey Cup Week because he didn't want any distractions.  His sole focus that year was delivering a Grey Cup in the biggest game in franchise history and as you all know, the club wouldn't have even got there without his 97-yard rushing effort in a division semifinal win over BC.  But delivering for the Riders was more important than his family on that November day at Mosaic Stadium.

He gave every ounce of sweat, blood and tears that he had for this franchise for his 11 seasons.

Now it's over.

6 - But don't cry for Darian.  When I spoke to him on Friday, he was in good spirits and said, "These things happen."  He was intent on attending Weston Dressler's wedding in Bismarck, ND on Saturday and would deal with the trade in the days which follow.

And he's got a new lease on life.  He's going to a team where he's wanted BIG TIME, and it appears he'll get the money he feels he deserves.  He'll also get a multi-year contract too, although as of Friday I'm told the contract has not yet been signed.

I'm told not only do the Alouettes want Durant for 2017, but for the immediate years ahead.  They feel he's got plenty left in the tank and theirs is a team that's set up to WIN NOW.  All they felt was missing was a proven, veteran quarterback.

Darian's going to be just fine, and he leaves here with his head up.

7 - It struck me too that this latest contract squabble should serve notice to any future quarterback of the Roughriders that one thing is abundantly clear: the team always wins.

Whether it was Kent Austin, Henry Burris, Kerry Joseph or now Darian Durant, they've ALL ended up playing elsewhere the next season after being embroiled in heated contract talks.

And the General Managers in these scenarios were Alan Ford, Roy Shivers, Eric Tillman and Chris Jones.

The team always wins.  Or at least, it looks that way.  I can't recall a situation where the quarterback won but maybe we just didn't hear about it.

8 - As for Chris Jones, he's still comfortable wearing the black hat at this point in time. writer Drew Edwards wrote on Friday that this contract dispute all boiled down to Chris Jones' ego but I hope and pray that isn't the case.  I really don't think that it is, and the second year HC & GM is simply putting the needs of the organization first.  Not his own.

Amidst all the furor that's been blasted at the team through Twitter and Facebook since Friday, one reasonable fan offered this assessment of the situation Saturday night at the sports dinner in Indian Head I spoke at: "Chris Jones' job depends on this move," the gentleman said.  "I can't imagine he'd do anything that would jeopardize that."


And Jones and his righthand man John Murphy aren't fazed at all that they don't have an established quarterback at this point in time.  "It's January 13," Murphy said flatly on the SportsCage on Friday.  I'll be writing about that later this week on the Roughriders' official website.

9 - Let it be said that I think Jeffrey Orridge is doing a wonderful job as Commissioner of the Canadian Football League and am glad he'll be back for Year 3.  Remember, I had his back over the concussion debate at the 2016 Grey Cup.

On stage with Tiger and the Big D
10 - Some other last things: Saturday night's sports banquet in Indian Head was the first of its kind in that community for many years and it featured Tiger Williams, Matt Dominguez and me.  The local folks were raising money to build a skateboard park for town kids and we had a million laughs in the Memorial Hall.

Dominguez said he's on board with the Durant trade, and that if this is what's best for the franchise, he's all for it.

Meanwhile someone from the crowd asked Dominguez who his best teammate was during his time with the Riders and his answer was "Wes Cates".

The same question was posed to Tiger Williams and his response was Darryl Sittler and Lanny McDonald.

One patron asked, "Tiger, were you ever afraid to fight?"

He quipped, "Every night when I go to bed with my wife!"

When one of these events is coming to your town, I encourage you to buy tickets because it's win-win.  You get to support what's going on in your community, enjoy a good meal and be entertained by some legendary sporting figures.  I get to tag along for the ride.

11 - How about those Regina Pats?  The Riders and Darian Durant stole their thunder over the weekend but they had some wild, topsy-turvy games over a three-game weekend if you weren't paying attention.

On Friday they jumped to a 4-0 home lead over Tri-City just 10 minutes into the game but unfortunately decided at that time their work was done for the night.  They went on to lose 6-5 to the Americans and while fans were howling for the head of Pats goalie Tyler Brown, I maintain the entire team should've been fitted for goat horns.

On Saturday they fell down 4-0 to the visiting Prince Albert Raiders before rallying for a 7-6 home overtime win. Then on Sunday then went to P.A. and routed the Raiders 5-1.

Tyler Brown didn't play in the last two games because of an upper-body injury however he's expected to be back in the crease next Friday night.

The fact remains: the Regina Pats are the best team in the league and should win every night.  However apparently they're not good enough to "turn it on when they want to" when they're facing a quality club like Tri-City.

John Paddock has two months to figure it all out, and the team is vastly better after the trade deadline.

It's going to be a fun ride.

12 - One thing that continues to irritate me: Pats fans are starting to talk about booking travel arrangements for the Memorial Cup in Windsor, ON in May.  The trouble is, who wants to spend 10 days in Windsor?  Or 10 days in Red Deer, or Brandon, or dare I say Regina, or anywhere other than a sunny, tourist locale?

No, the Canadian Hockey League needs to tighten up the Memorial Cup schedule and play two games per day.  I've been saying it for the past few years.

The World Juniors are doing it.  Even the curling people have it figured out, as evidenced by the soldout Continental Cup of Curling in Las Vegas this weekend.  Four days of fun and then it's over, rather than sitting around your expensive hotel room all day waiting for games in the evening.

13 - The clock struck midnight on the Cinderella season of the Dallas Cowboys in Sunday afternoon's Divisional Playoff game at AT&T Stadium, when they fell 34-31 to Green Bay in a wildly entertaining game.  What can be said?  The Packers outplayed the Cowboys and Aaron Rodgers was as good as he's ever been.  The Cowboys' defense let the team down, not rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot, and it left Cowboys alumni like Lance Frazier spitting mad.

"All I have to say is horrible defensive playcalling and even worse execution," the former Rider DB fumed on Twitter.  "Our D-Coordinator and D-players were on the same yacht!"

I've got to agree with the pundits.  If Tony Romo was at quarterback for Dallas with this result, it would be world-ending.  However with rookie Dak Prescott at the helm, the Cowboys are set for the next decade.




Anonymous said...

Celebrate Saskatchewan, Celebrate!

Larry said...

Just finished attending the final draw of the Continental Cup of curling in Las Vegas.
What an exciting evening,loads of Canadian fans and tons of Rider fans.
At last years curling event, Chick and Dressler got released and then this year DD gets traded!
What's going to happen next year?

The Professor said...

The current issue of Harper's Magazine (Jan. 2017) is worth searching out. An enjoyable article by Austin Smith titled "The Lords Of Lambeau: On family, fate and Packers football" is a must read.

Also in the January 9, 2017 issue of the New Yorker the lengthy article "Can Football Be Saved?" by Nicholas Shmidle, about experiments with technology to make the game safer, is superb and another must read for anyone who cares about football.

Anonymous said...

Drew Edwards is right, Rod.


Anonymous said...

You may hope and pray all you want but I believe that Drew Edwards was bang on. I am angry about trading Durant away without knowing who will replace him. An open competition? With only two preseason games? I am afraid that we will have not one starting QB next year but a different one every two or three games. That's how the whole roster was last year; a new team every week. The Riders became like the weather in Saskatchewan; if you don't like it, hang around for a week, it will be totally different next week. Not necessarily better but certainly different.
But what really has me seeing red was the things coming out of Jones' mouth at the press conference. Only won five games with Durant last year. That's the reality! We dressed 102 players and only won five games! That could be part of the problem. That is the reality. The O line was dreadful so he traded the Canadian left tackle away. A left tackle that was rated third best left tackle in the league. That is the reality. A running game that was so pathetic that Durant was the top rusher on the team. That is the reality. In spite of that O line, Durant's interception percentage was second only to Bo Levi Mitchell's. That is the reality. The fact that Jones gave cap money to players who promptly retired but now is concerned about paying a starting QB. That is the reality. The fact that Jones paid good money to players such as Cappicotti and Lemon only to find out that they didn't want to play for him. That is the reality. The fact that, through Jones' stupidity, our salary cap was actually lowered as a league reprimand. That is the reality. I could go on and on. But for Jones to have stood in front of the press and belittled Darian Durant was totally unacceptable. Jones holds three titles but takes no ownership for any of his mistakes but instead throws everything on Durant's shoulders; that is the reality and is totally disgusting to me. Those are not the qualities of a leader. They are the qualities of an egotistical bully.

Anonymous said...

Just after I sent the reality comment, I realized I had made a mistake. Fulton is international, not Canadian. Sorry. I will own that mistake.

Anonymous said...

we finally have the football guy everyone wanted and now every rider fanboy GM can't seem to handle losing a bit of control they thought they had. Look at the new talent that has come into the league in the last 3-4-5 years. Going to be a fun start to the year.


Anonymous said...

I would argue Kent won his situation. He wanted out back in the early 90s, not the team. Al Ford was forced into making a trade. I'd call that a win for the player.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod the debate about if it was time for the team to move on from DD can go on for years, but you and some of your media buddies should be ashamed for not questioning Jones for blaming last year's mess on DD. It was a classless move by the franchise on the way out the door and none of the local news guys are calling Jones out for it.

Anonymous said...

So everyone is on Jones' back. And Dunk says its about his ego. Ya', ok. Like it or not, there are three egos in that room, Jones, Durant and worst of all the agent. To hang this all on Jones is ludicrous. You're all assuming Durant was a cooperative negotiator and his demands were reasonable. How do we know that or should the Riders have given him whatever he wanted? Sad part is, no one will ever know and Jones will forever be know as the guy that dumped Durant.

There is ALWAYS 2 sides to every story

Anonymous said...

Bang on article by Edwards. Jones is an ego maniac and I cant wait until he, and Reynolds, are shown the door. Life long fan and I'm going to step back from anything Riders until someone with more integrity is running the show. Shouldn't take that long considering how pathetic of a GM Jones really is.

Anonymous said...

Gee Rod what's with the about-face regarding commish Orridge? Did you lose a bet? Or has he hired Pedersen Media to do some marketing for the CFL? No complaints though, you guys working together instead of against is definitely a good thing.

Robert said...

This isnt Jones first mistake and from his poor track record, with the releases and signings that were the norm for him last year, it is just par for the course. Saying the team is comfortable with the 3 QB's that were behind Darian is like saying the team is okay with losing. To quote someone we all know "How dumb can you be?"
We had 2 years of QB's that were "highly ranked" as Jones put it and how many wins did that translate into? Just ask yourself how comfortable you were last year when the 2nd stringers and 3rd stringers were brought in? Also remember that last game of the season when Jones ego told Darian he wasnt playing in order to teach Darian who was boss, how comfortable was that game with those so highly ranked quarterbacks?
Up until now I had given Jones a pass on all his mistakes, thinking the poor play of those high priced signings not panning out arent his fault but I now see that the man isnt capable. When you have a quarterback that is one of the top of any in the league and you already made him take a pay cut, you dont ask that he take another pay cut the following year so that you can have more money to cover up for the mistakes you will undoubtedly make again this year.

Kelly Bale said...

How many times has Drew Edwards chilled with Jones and a bottle of JD? He could be right but the theory is based on a hunch given the lack of any relationship.

Anonymous said...

Durant could have chosen any offer from the Riders if he really wanted to stay. Like many others, he is greedy and went for the highest dollar. If I remember right, he signed a one year deal last year. If he wanted to stay, that would have been two or three years. Thanks for the service DD, but its new man up time.

Anonymous said...

Oh so now people are s**tting all over Reynolds too? Give me a break. He inherited one hell of a mess when he became president and was forced to clean house in order to stop the bleeding. There was no question that this franchise was in free-fall and if we'd had stuck with the status quo it wouldn't have taken long to be necessary to schedule more telethons. Reynolds wasn't afraid to hire established winners from outside the organization instead of the Old Boys Club's preferred choice which was the popular way of doing things around here for 105 years. That's why this team only has four Grey Cups: putting sentimental feelings ahead of what needs to be done. But no, the OBC in this province can't handle having outsiders making the decisions. They got Roy turfed out, then Tillman and they won't stop until Jones is shown the door as well. Even if Jones runs the table and wins multiple Grey Cups in the next few years they'll still try to find something to get him skidded.

Gunderson's Yorkton

Anonymous said...

For me, Jones will forever be the guy that threw Durant under the bus on his way out of town. He could have simply stated that Durant has been a great QB but the team has decided to go a different route. By putting all the blame on Durant's shoulders, he proved how classless and egotistical he is. Durant has not replied to that trash talk and I don't think he will; Durant has always been a class act. Jones proved with those statements that he has no respect for Durant or the fans or the team itself.
And where is Reynelds in all of this? A lot of angry fans and no word from him in months. Did he take his passport and run to some country that Canada does not have an extradition treaty with? Perhaps he should have hired a speech writer for Chris Jones because every time he opens his mouth, he angers yet another group of fans.

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!

Dennis said...

I remember telling my wife a few years ago to enjoy watching Darian as our qb, cause once he is gone it could be years till we found the next great one. When I said that never in my wildest dreams thought it would happen this soon and so unexpectedly.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase a comment I've seen here, your horse got traded, get over it.

Anonymous said...

People keep saying these players are greedy...go out on the feild and have a 250 to 300 pound guy in shape coming at you full tilt then let's talk but till then be quiet because these guys can have serious health problems in the end such as concussions and remember in the CFL you make hundreds of thousands if your lucky, not millions. Durant is not greedy, he just wants to be paid for what he feels he is worth just like anyone else would but because he now isn't in your teams colors he is greedy...what a bad fan you are. A player will only be as loyal as you treat him and in the end Durant was thrown to the wolves so by right...the words bye are good and proper.

Anonymous said...

Jones has no class and never admits making mistakes. We learned that it was Durant's fault that the Riders only won 5 games last year - give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Keep em coming Jonsey!!! He's the smartest man in football.

Anonymous said...

People please, it was Darian Durant quarterback not Mother Teresa saint. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Zerr, Woods, and Vanstone were on full attack mode during the press conference and they got the intended quotes to make Jones blab. Jones is only to blame for stating the reality of the situation and not just saying the standard quotes. He gives honest and up front answers to his questions and that is his fault. I guess people just want to hear the same old quotes instead of what the actually thought process is. I for one appreciate the candidness of Jones and Murphy, at least you can say you get a good idea of what happened and how negotiations went and in what direction the club is going.

Most of the complainers are venting through their emotions. If you actually look at performance the last couple years and the offer made you will realize that DD was given a reasonable offer for where he is in this point of his career. But no one wants to look at it from that standpoint. Its easier to just takes DD's side of it and be a cheerleader instead of looking at it from the teams point of view and seeing what's best for the team moving forward.

DD was a short term solution. It's time to find the next one. You can look backwards or you can look forward. Problem is everyone is scared of change. It's more comfortable to go with what you know instead of taking a different road. Sometimes the road less traveled can lead to better. Glad to have had DD as a Rider QB but not afraid of the future. Man we just won the Grey Cup in 2013, couldn't imagine what some of these fans did in the past when we never won.

Mark D said...

At the person who thinks Reynolds should be given a pass because he inherited a mess: that may be so, but he tried to take a shortcut approach to fixing things, and threw money at the "sexiest" name out there. Handing Jones the keys to the kingdom for anything football related was absolutely ridiculous. Now we are all reeping the results of that monumental screw-up.

Anonymous said...

Great comments & they are ALL bang on! Jones ego knows no bounds. Got rid of DD by low-balling his contract offer as he simply didn't want DD to be the Rider's QB. Drew's article is also so true!

Totally agree that /17 will be a full season trng camp for QBs. Don't think the fans shld be subjected to this crap when we pay huge $s for out season tix.

Disappointed that Reynolds sat back & let it get this far. The Riders management get what they deserve & I hope the fans let them know how they feel by not purchasing any more merchandise.

I wasn't happy when they signed Jones but I thought he deserved a chance. Well, after the disaster of +100 players last season, & now Jones turfing DD & THROWING HIM UNDER THE BUS - showing NO class whatsoever, this fan has ABSOLUTELY NO faith/trust in Jones. Or in the Rider management for letting this happen.

Anonymous said...

Agree, why didn't anyone question Jones on it?? NO class at all & I would have expected someone to call him on it.

Anonymous said...

You should look backwards and forward. Backward to see want happens to a team without a true starting QB. Forward to see that you don't have a starting QB on your team. Perhaps sideways as well to see that the team went sideways at best last year. And in the off-season, is now again sliding back down hill with the loss of Knox, Durant, and who knows who else before Jones is done.

Anonymous said...

To everyone telling others to 'get over it' the fact that Durant is gone .... I'll be curious if you see things the same way when the season is half over and the Riders are on their 4th starting QB.

Anonymous said...

Jones was just telling the reality of the situation? You mean that everything is Durant's fault and that he is completely blameless in the dumpster fire that this team has become? Give me a break. You are living in a Jones bubble. Come on out and smell the crap.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, you're referring to one season worth of results in declaring that Jones has been a "monumental screw-up". A full-scale rebuild takes more than just one season to turn around. If after three or four years things haven't improved and we're still stuck in the league basement then yes things will have been a failure. But if he does turn it around and we're hoisting the Cup in 2018 are you willing to come on here and admit he's been a success? Highly doubt it.

Reynolds had a lot of time to find the guy he wanted and he is not the type to just go ahead and hire someone just cause they're the sexiest name. In fact, the sexiest name was JO because all the local media was hollering for his hire even immediately after Taman got tossed. Reynolds could have folded like a cheap tent and hired him instead for sexiness and convenience but he went with who he felt was the right guy for the job.

Gunderson's Yorkton

Anonymous said...

Durant: Overrated! Soon to be the highest paid backup QB in the CFL!

Anonymous said...

Durant always took the team on his shoulders and took the blame. I know every interview with Durant he always took the responsibility for his team.

When he got hurt, Chamblain had no one to take the blame, and then the heat came on him and he couldn't take it and lost his marbles and his job.

DD is not the best QB in the league, but he could lead a TEAM, and football is a team sport. I think he learned a lot from Coach Miller in that respect. Like they said in 11 years, and two he really didn't play, we were in the hunt for the Cup for many of those years. We were a winning team, how many sellouts with DD as QB versus other QB's? Regardless if he is past he best performances or not, he has a lot to offer.

Super Disappointed that Jones threw Durant under the bus, 2016 year was not Durant's fault. 102 players on a roster would be a more convincing argument. I think Jones was just pissed that he couldn't get him signed for what they wanted to pay and didn't get his way.

We don't know what they offered and never will, so we don't get to judge. They could of offered him peanuts....and no one can tell me different, because that offer is filed in the garbage. Maybe DD just wanted out, and no offer would of made him happy, we will never know.

I was personally hoping he would go to Winnipeg, LaPolice, Hall, Dressler, would of been a good fit.....

I think Montreal was very smart, Montreal has a great Defense, and with Calvillo now in charge of the Offense, Durant will get an offensive line. Chapdelaine won 4 out of 6 games as head coach of Montreal last year. It will be interesting for sure. Durant is already on their website roster!

On the first game this year, I hope the Riders O line is a lot better, because with the likes of Bowman, Woods and Venable - it should be interesting for any quarterback.

A hunt for a new Quarterback should be exciting, I just hope it is not painful as last year because I had a hard time watching the games last year.

My thoughts, FWIW


Anonymous said...

Yes we will. The only constant is change.

Anonymous said...

If after three or four years pass and the team is still in the basement...are you kidding? No team has the luxury of a three or four year rebuild. After that much time in the basement, there will be very few bums in the shiny new stadium and the Riders will be bankrupt. Jones has this season to get it together. There are already too many disgruntled fans.

Anonymous said...

3 or 4 years???? No chance. This is the CFL. Look what Ottawa did. Back to back Cup appearances in years 2&3 of the franchise.

Jones has used up year 1 already, resulting in little improvement and still many question marks as far as who his horses actually are. And he has now made the choice to start over at rhe QB position, meaning the chance of this team being truly competitive in year 2 have gone down substantially.

If he hasnt got the next franchise QB in place and has the team winning games by the end of this season he has failed, period.

This is the path he chose, so he has to produce a better QB now.

Ed said...

The sky is falling! the sky is falling! the fellow who said it's just DD not Mother Theresa......well said lol...well said. The reaction from the DD die hards on here was reason enough for the trade just to see the reaction.

Anonymous said...

Alot of you anonymous commentors are pretty brave behind your keyboards. Would you say these things directly to Jones? Highly doubt it..pretty close to slanderous and defamatory comments. Good thing you dont leave your name.

Rod S in Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Over the next week or so people will find out it was never about money. As much as Jones and Murphy may not have wanted Darian, Darian didn't want to be here. There was never a deal to be made.

I still don't understand where people think Jones threw Durant under the bus. I listened to the full interview a few times. He was essentially asked how they expect to improve without a proven quarterback. Jones said they only won five games with Durant. The only thing he is wrong about is they only won three games with Durant.

Anonymous said...

There is only one Rider left that Jones will want to get rid of and that is Rob Bagg. After that, he will have cleaned out all the players that fans know and identify with. After that, if he sends someone down the road, most of the fans won't care because they are people who are not recognizable or part of the community. Should be a lot less stressful for the Rider Priders.

Anonymous said...

As does Mr. Jones.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else recall what Durant's response was back when the new stadium was announced, and he was asked how he felt about playing in the new stadium? It was "I'll be run of town by then" or something to that effect. Well, there you have it!

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!!!!!!!

Armanti Edwards_ Saskatchewan Roughriders qb 2017?

Anonymous said...

The question is can Chris Jones and company find and/or develop a QB? I'm not so sure. Last year is proof of that. Bryant Moniz, who was brought in just after training camp ended up being number 2 during the season opener against Toronto. He was a disaster, and you can hardly blame him for that given the situation. They had to make a trade for Mitchell Gale just prior to playing Ottawa and had to start him immediately because they failed to find anyone during the offseason despite an open check type scouting budget. In summary, Chris Jones and company failed to find and develop a number 2 QB last year. Now they have the daunting task of finding a number 1 QB. I have to say I'm very skeptical that they can do that. You need to be a good team to develop a young QB, like we were in 2008-2009 for Darain's development. And right now, we are not a good team. Our O-line sucks, we have no running game, and we're average on defense at best.

chopper said...

Ottawa also had the luxury to swipe any player they wanted in the expansion draft. Kind of like how we bought the 2013 Grey Cup.

Anonymous said...

2008-2009 team plus qb Darian Durant courtesy of Mr. Roy Shivers astute long term football organization build, Thank you Mr. Shivers. That build has played out, time to move on under the astute football leadership of Mr. Jones, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

Leaving no stone unturned Mr Jones will now give Division I NCAA qb superstar Armanti Edwards the chance to quarterback in training camp 2017. Right???????

Anonymous said...

Yeah okay. But they also got to pick every other teams cupboards for players. It's a little different when you start a rebuild. Not start an expansion team.

WesternMBRiders said...

Who is the starting QB for this season?Who? Names anyone? Experience or last gig playing flag or touch football? Even if all the Jones' supporters are correct, and there are some valid points, this question has not been answered by anyone. One thing for certain is that there will be no DD to be a mentor and assist in a transition to a new starter. There is also no time for the heir apparent to take a couple of years to gain composure and maturity. Can you order a new QB on Amazon? I guess Jones plans on running a Help Wanted ad online? Maybe he can get some QB's to come out of retirement? Timo, where are you? Or I know, how abut Kevin Glenn. Is he not about ready to go around the circuit again and play for every team? Oh well, what does it really matter? When the team continues to lose, less people show up, merchandise sales will drop, and the momentum as well as financial strength associated with Riderville, which has been accumulated over the years, will be flushed down the drain. Anyways, these are facts and can stand apart from everything else being debated here. And another fact; sorry Rod, but Regina is not the best team in the league hand down, but one of them; the two teams outside west, Everett and PG, and even Moose Jaw, will give the Pats a run for their money. I hate to say it and single out one position, but the refusal or inability of Regina to add some depth or insurance in goal could end up being the biggest reason if someone gets hot for a couple of weeks and beats them in a seven game series.

Anonymous said...

Who is Zerr?

Bubs said...

If Brandon Bridge does end up as Rider starter at QB:

1) Will his teammates call him Doubles?
2) Or will he be called Troubles if he starts throwing too many picks?
2) Will a Double B win more games in 2017 than Double D did in 2016?
3) Or will they make a trade with the Bombers to get QB Dominique Davis, so there will still be a Double D at QB on the Rider roster?

Glenn said...

I think we all knew that when DD only signed for a year, leaving was a huge possibility. He's not being greedy, it is a business decision. He has been loyal to the ream for 11 years. Wish him the best, except against us. The only concern is a succession plan. Offences need to mature together. The online is a priority. The defense is going to have to win some early games for us. Give this team a chance.


Anonymous said...

The folks saying Jones failed to develop a new QB. For that, he would had to have given another guy tons of actual playing time. You all would have lost your minds if he'd done that.

2nd, Durant would had to have been a willing mentor. Are you sure he was?

Anonymous said...

Look at the comments Brandon Bridge made about DD a few days ago. I think it may have been in an interview posted on this blog.

Paul Woldu said, having played with both of them that he found DD to be a stronger leader than Anthony Calvillo.

So yeah, Id say he'd probably be a pretty good mentor.

As far as getting a backup some playing time, that to me should have been a progression over the next few seasons, once someone with a chance at being DDs heir apparent had been found.

Anonymous said...

Any player that was left UNPROTECTED. Chris Jones had the opportunity to retain at least some veteran experience and he chose not too. He CHOSE to blow the whole thing up and start from scratch.

When he tried to fill some gaps through free agency, most of his moves tanked (Lemon, Capicotti, Price).

He doesnt get a pass on any of that as far as Im concerned. He chose his path, now we find out where it leads.

Anonymous said...

Take note mr. Jones " if you listen to the fans, you will soon be sitting with them " rider ( so called ) fans , chill out complete rebuilds take time . DD was average at best

Anonymous said...

Hear ! Hear !

Anonymous said...

Sure, complete rebuilds take time. What is being challenged is whether a complete rebuild strategy was the best strategy to take, how much time Jones has been given to deliver on it and frankly whether Jones actually knows what he's doing, from a management perspective.

Remember, this is his First Pro gig that goes beyond coaching, and he has taken on 3 (or is it 4???) titles at the same time.

If he was such a master strategist, why waste a year with DD as the quarterback last year? If he was truly rebuilding, why not use last year to start fresh at QB as well?

Because he bungled the DD situation, period.

Why dido the riders break a record for players dressed during the year? Because for the first tome in his career hes got FULL control of EVERY aspect of football ops, both on and off the field and with no checks or balances, he went haywire with his new found toy.

The result? 5-13 and only marginally closer to fielding a team with some continuity and direction. With the DD move you can argue they're actually further away from that now.

Anonymous said...

DD was average at best????
Now most of the twerps that were not even born when SK went a long long time between Kent Austin and Kerry Joseph. Will find out what it's like to go season to season putting your hopes on a QB that has zero CFL experience.
Hell that song 11 years is enough will be brought out of the mothballs and be a a Rider top hit once again. The pain of being a bottom dweller will continue for many years. Jones gets canned this year when the Riders start out 0-7 and Reynolds will get the boot the same day. With no core group left it will take years for thus team to even become competitive.
It's a sad sad time in Riderville.

Anonymous said...

The games this year against durant....I love my riders!!!....but I hope Darian sticks it to Jones and lights him's juss like when Burris went to Calgary. ..he lit us up....imo

Anonymous said...

Yes dd was average at best, this twerp has been watching the riders since the late 50s, rider management has always had no replacement in place since Dobbs, all you arm chair general managers should get a life .