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Monday, January 30, 2017


Duron Carter is no stranger to Rider fans

1 - What did I miss after a week in Mexico?  It appears like ... a lot.  Let's recap: the Riders signed Kevin Glenn and Duron Carter, released four fairly high profile players such as Mitchell Gale, Shamawd Chambers and Curtis Steele, Henry Burris retired, Argo fans feel their team should be renamed the Toronto Titanics after the departures of GM Jim Barker and HC Scott Milanovich, and U.S. President Donald Trump J. has turned the world upside down.

We'll delve into all these situations here today, and more.

2 - Rider fans who say, "I can't cheer for this team because I don't know any of the players" will have to find a different complaint after last week's signings of Duron Carter and Kevin Glenn.  Neither is a stranger to the Rider Nation and we all know this is Kevin's third tour of duty with the Green & White.

Is Glenn a legitimate contender to be starting at quarterback in Week 1?  I'd be shocked if that's why he was signed and it's a question I'm eager to put to the Rider brass at the next opportunity.

At the very least, he's great insurance and it's likely Glenn's career is far from over.  I was honestly surprised to learn he's only 37 years old.  It seems like K.G.'s been around forever and in fact, he has.

3 - Back to Duron Carter because it's a fascinating signing. He immediately has the talents to be the best receiver - or even player - in the CFL. I have an inclination to compare him to Randy Moss or Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson (or even Terrell Owens as a I did last week) as NFL players who bounced around at the end of their careers but that tag just doesn't seem to fit in Carter's case.

Those greats put up 1,000 yards almost every year while Carter's only done it once in his three seasons in the CFL (1,030 in 2014, earning him a contract with the Indianapolis Colts).

But Duron Carter is only 25 years old.  He has barely scratched the surface when it comes to what he's capable of in pro football.  I think Rider receivers coach Markus Howell can turn him into a superstar but that's only IF Carter's ready to get serious about his career.  Chris Jones will likely have the biggest hand in that.

It's a great signing and remember that although Carter comes with a lot of baggage, he's never been in trouble off the field.

4 - Rider fans moan about not knowing who the current players are but they're still 100% dialed into this team.  GOD BLESS RIDER FANS.  Hits to this website have never been higher and that includes both IN-season and off-season.  We're at 13,000 per day and climbing, and will hit 18-million all-time hits this week.

So Rider fans are very much paying attention to what's going on and my guess is there's likely already a rush for #89 CARTER jerseys.

But the fans do have a point.  The signings of Kendial Lawrence, Curtis Steele, Shamawd Chambers, Justin Capicciotti and Shawn Lemon were much-hyped 11 months ago but none of them lasted a calendar year here.

Hopefully there's no revolving door on the Rider locker room in New Mosaic Stadium.

5 - On the retirement of Henry Burris, honestly I was very surprised.  It had to be verrrry difficult for Hank to pull a "Jerry Seinfeld" and go out on top but that's exactly what Henry Burris did by retiring just a few months after winning a championship.  That's Peyton Manning-style too, but Peyton's body just wouldn't allow him to go on any longer.  Henry Burris looks like he's 25, particularly his trademark rocket arm.

But good for Hank!  He's a very solid dude who leaves the game as a Hall of Famer and will immediately jump into a position at the Ottawa CTV television affiliate.  Politics is likely in his future too, just like his father.

Henry, of course, served two stints with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and his finest game in Green & White was the 2004 West Final at BC.  He threw for 411 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions in an eventual 27-25 OT loss to the Lions.  That was the famed "McCallum Miss" game.

The attendance that afternoon at B.C. Place Stadium?


Those were the days.

6 - Am I the only one who's noticed a Winnipeg Blue Bombers billboard on Saskatchewan Drive, just south of Taylor Field?  The blue sign has a photo of Weston Dressler on it and blares, "WINNIPEG IS ONLY A SIX HOUR DRIVE".

My first reaction was, "Ya, so?"  Then I wondered if the Bombers don't realize we have GPS in Saskatchewan?

And then I chuckled as I headed east towards downtown on Sunday.  It's all in good fun and the Bombers have taken a page out of the Riders' marketing handbook.

It's my belief that the CFL should participate in 12-month marketing because, after all, the stadiums were far from full last year and the league wasn't #1 in the TV ratings week-after-week.

Going "dark" or underground is the silliest thing I've ever heard of.

7 - One last note about the Darian Durant Trade: the Chicken Littles in the Rider Nation are in a major panic that the team is without a marquee quarterback for the 2017 season.  It seems to me that Darian finally won over the entirety of Rider fans just in time to be dealt away.

Isn't that always the way?  You don't appreciate what you had until it's gone.  For some.

8 - Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan of Regina could have a career as a political commentator after his pro football days are over.  Consider Jon's Facebook comments on the weekend about some of the new policies under USA President Donald J. Trump:

"Please stop disrespecting our intelligence and saying you're pro life. You're pro birth, you're pro white, male, upper class, American born. You don't give a flying f--k about the people you are sending out of this country to places you could never imagine. In many cases you are sending them to their deaths by sending them out of this country. In one week you set this country back 100 years and the most sickening part of it is that there is actually people in this country applauding your despicable actions. Embarrassing."

*As one of my Greek cousins pointed out on Sunday, there's not much we as Canadians can do about what's going on in America so try to sit back and enjoy the ride.  Hopefully we don't get blown to smithereens in the process.

9 - There's still time to join us in Arizona next month!  The Riderville Arizona Tour III is going to be the biggest event yet as we now have planned the Coyotes-Canadiens NHL game February 9 as well as the Suns-Bulls NBA game on February 10!

Of course the SportsCage will be broadcasting live from the Whiskey Rose adjacent to Gila River Arena on February 9 and as an added bonus, Rider legend George Reed, other Rider alumni and I will be at The Draft sports bar in Mesa, AZ for a Rider party from Noon-3:00 pm on Friday, February 10!  For details on these events or to confirm your attendance, please click here.

For Coyotes-Canadiens tickets (to sit with other Rider fans) please click here.  The promo code is RIDERS.

And for Suns-Bulls NBA tickets (again, to sit with Rider fans) please click here.  The promo code is RIDER.

If you have any issues with these links, please email me immediately at and I'll handle it personally.

10 - About the Toronto Argonauts.  A very wise hockey man once told me, "What other teams do is their business."  I've never forgotten that so I'll skip comment on the current plight of the Double Blue other than to wish them good luck.

Their fans are livid and even some of their players have taken to social media to voice their displeasure over the loss of Barker and Milanovich.

It certainly appears to be some unorthodox management but you never know what goes on behind the scenes.  At 5-13, it's reasonable to expect a housecleaning after how long that regime had been in charge however I'm told Barker and Milanovich were handcuffed by a lot of factors including a paper-thin football operations budget.

Again, good luck to Argos President Michael Copeland.  Just like in Montreal, perhaps new GM Kavis Reed will turn out to be the next Bill Polian.

11 - How shocking that the bid put forth by the Regina Pats and ownership group QCSEG last week was one of the best the CHL has ever seen! (Not shocking at all).

The Leader Post's Greg Harder did a nice job of his story on the Pats' bid last week and my heart sang with glee all the way down in Cancun as I read the comments from selection committee member Gordon Kirke (the former agent for Eric Lindros),   It certainly looks positive for the Regina Pats to land the 2018 Memorial Cup.

Now we cross our fingers and hope the vote turns out in Regina's favour.  As we know, there are no slam dunks in sports boardrooms.

And don't forget ... the Pats visit the Saskatoon Blades Monday in the annual "school" game at 11:30 am.

12 - All Star Games are a necessary evil in sports but it didn't stop media pundits and fans alike from bemoaning the lack of intensity in the NHL and NFL games on Sunday.  NBC's Pierre McGuire was raving about "the pace" of Sunday's game in L.A. and for all-the-world, I couldn't figure out what he was talking about.  Even the Pro Bowl in Orlando looked to be in slow-mo but they cranked it up a notch from their hockey counterparts.

Hopefully you enjoyed it for what it was: a collection of the games' finest stars.


BIRTHDAYS: Happy birthday to Regina Pats alumni Rob Tudor and Rocky Dundas!




Travis Jerkovits said...

I sometimes wonder what these fans said during the 90s when the riders were horrible. Saying you don't know who to cheer for ?...would you rather cheer for a losing team of "old" players because you know their name....or would you rather cheer for a winning team who makes changes and does whatever it takes to win...even though it make take you a game or two to learn their name.
There's so much pressure from sask people on the riders. We've won 4 cups in over 100 years. These things don't happen overnight. You have to believe in the process. These GMs and coaches are in the league because they are good at what they do. Put yourself in their shoes before you make goofy comments about not knowing who to cheer for. It's not even free agency yet...there's a lot more of new players to get to know.

Anonymous said...

"there are no slam dunks in sports" may go down as an all timer...

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt there's been a big run on #89 Carter jerseys.
Anyone I've talked to is boycotting the Riders Store, but I guess you wouldn't hear that in Mexico.


Jason G said...

CFL needs and should advertise the bleep out of league especially during Superbowl week and game itself. I love Burger king and Canadian tire but commercials are annoying cause its so frequent but still go. Same with Riders and fans in other places but to someone who never has gone to Canadian tire Burger king and same with CFL advertise advertise advertise.

Let Carter prove himself on field. Otherwise who cares.

Good for Bombers using billboards in Regina for misplaced Bomber fans, imitation closest form of flattery.

Good luck to Regina Pats, nice to see Warriors playing in Regina 2018

Respect Henry Burris sad he left Riders but who wouldnt for more $$$$. Great career he is still human being very nice one might add.

Anonymous said...

Where to even start? " I don't know any of the players". Perhaps you should change that to " I don't respect any of the players". Hard to respect Carter. They are signing characters, not character players. There is a huge difference. As for Kevin Glenn, I like the guy but he is a backup QB, not a starter. Great for an insurance policy but not the guy to lead the team when you don't have a bonafide starter. When Jones says it will be an open competition for a starting QB, it is obvious that Glenn will be the starter. As for Carter, he doesn't have to be in trouble with the law to be a cancer in the locker room. I would be surprised to see a lot of #89 jerseys this season that don't have Getzlaff's name on them.
I guess that you can count me in on the "chicken littles" of the Rider nation. I appreciated Durant when he was here and still appreciate him. Unlike a great deal of Rider fans who have tarred and feathered him since he has left. Why must we disrespect any player that leaves here to sign with another team? I wish Doubles all the best and will continue to cheer for him wherever he is.
I have been a Rider fan for forty years but you can count me among the few {or maybe more than you realize} who certainly are not 100% dialed into the team. I would say it is not God bless Rider fans as much as it is God help Rider fans. A very vocal group of fans seem to think that Jones walks on water. I happen to think that he is walking on thin ice. You may crow all you want that he has signed Carter and Glenn and Jefferson, but the sad fact to me is that the team still has some major gapping holes. The Riders need offensive tackles, linebackers, interior D linemen, running backs, defensive backs, good Canadian talent and adequate backups for just about every position on the field. Way more than Jones can fix through free agency. Last year was twenty games of preseason games. Now, the Jones faithful are claiming it may take another twenty preseason games; some even saying it will be a five year rebuild. I say that is not acceptable.
So let the name calling begin. I have been called an idiot, a bonehead, a "simple prairie rube", a dummy and just about every derogatory term that you can think of because I do not see any good coming from this regime. If you are so confident of Jones "plan", you should not have to defend him by calling me names. Let his plan prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to John Ryan and so many others for speaking out! Great to see that the right - including Brad Wall and Jason Kenny in the west- and the left in Canada are united against Trump's warped demagoguery. Trump is a big baby and perhaps a certified lunatic and is being advised by guys like far-right loons Steve Bannion who are straight out of a Batman comic. The US government is fast becoming a joke worldwide but few are laughing.

Anonymous said...

NHL all stars was a sleeper. Skills got my interest a bit and Carey Price made a classy move by allowing a goal. It would be nice to see some effort made to actually try to win the games but no sense getting hurt for a measly million bucks spread over the entire winning team.

Anonymous said...

😎ok, I keep hearing on your radio show how it should take 1 1/2 years to rebuild in the cfl, well the riders have spent a year so far, so the should be rocking by labour day??? Now Ottawa , a new team won the grey cup in their 3 Rd year as a franchise and have made it to the cup 2 of their 3 years in the league, so I'm saying a grey cup appearance is the worst we should do this year, . If the new regime is all what some say they are, we will have to wait and see I guess, or will it be another year of exhibition games????? Personally I've been watching riders for 53 years, and I am losing interest after this last year of getting rid of our well known players, seemingly not even trying to negotiate contracts, and laying blame for losing at the players feet . Is this the winning at all costs the new way of the riders ???

chad said...

Great MMG Rod ,only suggestion is keeping politics off of here . The other station is constantly voicing there opinions, I tune in to get away from all of that even for a few mins home at night.

Anonymous said...

I never thought Ryan for a left wing lunatic who clings to fake news stories. People in Canada only hear the propaganda by garbage news like cbc. Ryan has a severe complex of supposed white privilege. Sheeple only believe the crap they are fed by fake stream media. Do a search sometime of what is happening in these countries that have their visas temporarily suspended. Our knucklehead PM takes anyone in to our country because it makes him look good. No one is against immigration as long as they are willing to abide by our laws. Globalists will win however and the deluded will get what they want.

Anonymous said...

Hi "SkRrs fans known as Riderville" worldwide!

Don't worry, be happy.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like starting the week with Rod telling us how he's better than everything happening in the world. Read every point, it has an air of arrogance.

This has been the theme here for what, about two years now I guess.

Anonymous said...

John Ryan has been strong in his beliefs of helping humanity since he was in university. He is completely opposite to what his brother in law who is running for the Conservative Party stands for. Regarding Brad Wall this was the guy when Syrian refugees were needing to come here was on board with Stephen Harper for not letting them in. I guess the wind blew a different direction so whatever the polls show that's where he's going.

Anonymous said...

John Ryan should actually stick to sports, and facts. Read the whole executive order, then look at the facts of what happened this weekend. Lefties still don't know how to handle losing the election. 109 people out of 325,000 migrants that entered the US this weekend were detained. Does that seem drastic?

Over reactions, and left wing rhetoric is what's causing civil unrest, not the governing that's happening.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect, his brother ran for the provincial NDP and he's married to a hollywood left winger.

Cal said...

Remember it's a lot easier to get to the grey cup in the east than it is the west

John Knight said...

SWC, maybe you should get out more. Most of us cheer for the RIDERS, not Durant, Dressler, Getzlaf, Chick etc. I would cheer for the Riders even if we were winning with Trump as QB

Rod Pedersen said...

More like about 10 years.

Sorry that you don't feel good about yourself.

Anonymous said...

Made in the USA, pipeline steele.

Whooo Rah!

Anonymous said...

Thats NO Excuse. Then maybe Jones shouldve kept a FEW vets around here, instead of starting from scratch.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion interest in the CFL started to ebb a couple years ago. Not because we didn't recognize any names but because games became so hard to watch. Good play? Penalty. Someone 4 blocks away from the play tugged slightly on a receivers jersey. Didn't matter that the contact did not effect play, 4 minutes of review finally determined that in slo-mo in fact there was a slight contact.
The strict enforcement of idiot rules and the lengthy video reviews changed the game to a point where I didn't care if I went to a game or watched on TV. Once a fan is lost it is very hard to get them back.
It was once told to me it is easier to look after your client and keep him than to replace him.

Anonymous said...

The Alouettes, with the worst offensive line in the league last season, have released Jeff Perrett. The cost of signing Darian Durant in a salary cap world.

I also have it on good authority that another high priced veteran will be released soon in order to get their cap back in order.

Make no mistake, Duron Carter had his issues but he was easy to cut last season because of how much over the cap the Alouettes were.

Christopher Evans said...

I would give the Riders a little more time than what Ottawa had... Ottawa pilfered the existing CFL teams via the expansion draft! 3 players per team of which a good number of them were starters or on the verge of working into a starting roll. And, I agree with the other poster... put us in the East and we could compete every year for a Grey Cup. The West has been a much tougher Division for most of the last many years!

Anonymous said...

This is not you Roddy but CKRM. Get them to upgrade the bandwidth for streaming of the radio. Three years in a row I've tried to listen to the Pats afternoon games and I am unable to connect to CKRM. I can connect to other radio stations just not yours.

The Professor said...

Reading Peter King's MMQB today about the 49'ers hiring of John Lynch to be their GM got me to thinking how a similar scenario in the CFL would see Glen Suitor being hired as the Argo GM. Ponder that for a moment!

@mrt_man said...


Anonymous said...

I enjoy watching the CFL for the most part. A previous comment about the application of rules and unnecessary flags and delays however is spot on. What a load of crap. As for the Riders I can allow for adjustment and changes in order to upgrade but last year was not even entertaining and this year does not promise much better. I watch any game I have time for because I enjoy them. My loyalties to non-Rider teams change depending who is playing who and what the standings are. When the Riders play I cheer Riders.Being out of province a long way I only get to attend a couple Rider games a year. I will begin the new year with open mind and watch what develops but there has to be some sign of hope and an entertainment factor or I'll be mowing the grass.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ but even if the Riders had been in the East division the last two years, they would possibly but not likely, have been in the playoffs and certainly were not good enough to compete for the Grey Cup. They would not have made it past the first round. That is a pipe dream.

Anonymous said...

Red Neck Alert.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

By seasons end the CFL averaged less than one penalty more than the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Jones chose his path. It was not forced on him. He decided that NONE of the existing players on the Rider roster were going to remain. It was his choice to pursue a TOTAL housecleaning. That does not afford him extra time in my books.

He thinks he can do better, so he has to prove it. Im not saying he camt, but Year 1 of his plan is in the books. He is on the clock.

Anonymous said...

"He is on the clock"????? Who do you think you are? Did you just recently take over from Mr. Reynolds? Wow, talk about arrogance...

Rod S in Saskatoon

Dennis said...

I'm sure if you polled a 100 Rider fans on whether Chris Jones is on the right path, the results would be fairly even. The latest cuts are a real head scratcher as Gale was one of the only young qbs that showed some promise last season, given a full pre season expected him to compete for starters job. Curtis Steele was injured and never got to see his full potential last year. If these two ex riders are signed elsewhere and excel then we are in real trouble because the man leading us cant judge talent like we hoped for when he came in. Jones is making huge money to make these decisions, I still have faith, but some of these moves really make me wonder.

Anonymous said...

Bart in Regina said:
Jones has at least 2 more years of job security. I believe we are still paying Cory Chamblin not to be here next year for heavens sake! All the anons who yap about giving up their supposed seats are just blowing smoke. There was a couple of fans with names that admitted to not renewing seats but there really is long list of people looking to buy seasons tickets. Yes Rod in Saskatoon the anons are arrogant but who cares? They are anons.

gary f said...

the 4 players released were all free agents and whom I assume the team had already talked to their agents to no avail.Are we really going to miss any of these guys as none of them really did anything of note while they were here.give jones a chance people.

Anonymous said...

It is easy to say the east is an easier division now. But trust me even 5 years ago no one was saying that as Montreal beat some very good teams and grey cup caliber teams were beaten by Callvio and company in the division finals years after year.

Anonymous said...

Where was Jon Ryan in 2011 when President Obama banned Iraqi refugees for six months?

Anonymous said...

3 out of 4 of them were Jones recruits a year ago.

Anonymous said...

To John Knight;

Do you have your Carter jersey yet?

Anonymous said...

Oh Oh, Jon Ryan has got another Trump redneck with his knickers in a knot!

BC Nasty said...


Handy Andy said...

Great blog, but i agree with many others who say keep the politics outa here!

Mark D said...

When Trump's policies are having drastic and devastating impacts on families and real people, I won't just sit back and enjoy the ride. Just because he became famous as a reality TV star, doesn't mean we should treat his presidency like the same sort of cheap entertainment. For the guy who asked if 109 people being detained out of 325,000 was really a big deal, I guessit depends on your perspective. Pretty sure he'd have a different opinion if he, or someone he cared about, was one of the 109, but then, that's the redneck right wing view of the world: do what you want, as long as it doesn't affect me.

Anonymous said...

The person who stated that Jones is on the clock is part of the paying public that keeps this team afloat and they have every right to state their opinion. It is after all a publicly owned team. If anyone sounds a bit arrogant, it is only a fraction of the arrogance displayed by Chris Jones. If you did a survey I think you would find a lot of fans in Rider Nation would put Jones on the clock. This plan of his has to have an expiry date. And Mr. Reynolds is answerable to the board and ultimately to the paying fans of Rider Nation

Anonymous said...

Jones' clock will run out about Labour Day.

Anonymous said...

Assuming whiney close minded nimrod loser, Its only January, season hasn't started. Go cheer on Montreal this 2017 summer with their over priced Glass Eye Joe Darian Durant who left on his own accord. Git! Your either in or out with the Roughriders.

"In Jones We Trust"

Anonymous said...

If I am understanding the Salary Cap correctly, the team suffers when they have a large Salary Like Durants that partly gets paid out early in a Signing Bonus. The players that get the Signing Bonus have these dollars count right away to the Salary Cap. If they get injured during the Year like Durant did for two years the team could only exclude the remaining Salary while the player was on the Long term Injury list. I am wondering if Brendan Labatte and Chris Best might be in an Awkward position if their injuries are to prolong. These players can be cut early in the season and loose considerable income. I guess that is why there agents are playing for the large signing bonus. Since we are a well off team we could keep players on the Long term injury list, but if they have guaranteed money coming in February they risk getting cut now. I expect this was the logic behind letting Dressler and Chick go last year. I like Chris Jones strategy… least what I think it is. Keeps the off season interesting.

Anonymous said...

More libtard rhetoric. The sky is falling! Quit watching canadian press or mainstream media, they are full of liars and propagandists. You know what Google is? Do a search and see what is happening to countries that let in anyone into their countries.

Anonymous said...

To "In Jones We Trust": Really, is that the only defence you have for Jones? No good reason, no logic. Just blind trust and name calling. And you call others "close minded". Why is it okay for you to call Darian Durant names but no one can criticize Chris Jones? Which one has done more for the Riders; Durant or Jones? If your answer is not Durant than you really are close minded. I am a Rider fan, have been for forty years but that does not mean that I have to like what Jones is doing to them. I will be a Rider fan long after Jones is gone and the respect and pride are restored to this team. It is only January but there are far too many holes on that team to fill before July. Being January only means that the Riders haven't lost yet. And yes, I will continue to cheer for Doubles, who did not leave of his own accord but was thrown under a bus and dragged out of town by your wonderful Mr. Jones.
"In Jones I Do Not Trust"

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself, only change the forty years to fifty five years.

To "In Jones We Trust": Really, is that the only defence you have for Jones? No good reason, no logic. Just blind trust and name calling. And you call others "close minded". Why is it okay for you to call Darian Durant names but no one can criticize Chris Jones? Which one has done more for the Riders; Durant or Jones? If your answer is not Durant than you really are close minded. I am a Rider fan, have been for forty years but that does not mean that I have to like what Jones is doing to them. I will be a Rider fan long after Jones is gone and the respect and pride are restored to this team. It is only January but there are far too many holes on that team to fill before July. Being January only means that the Riders haven't lost yet. And yes, I will continue to cheer for Doubles, who did not leave of his own accord but was thrown under a bus and dragged out of town by your wonderful Mr. Jones.
"In Jones I Do Not Trust"

Evan Wiome said...

"I am a Rider fan, have been for forty/fifty years but that does not mean that I have to like what Jones is doing to them. I will be a Rider fan long after Jones is gone and the respect and pride are restored to this team."

Seriously? The Riders have won four Grey Cups in over 100 years of existence, and that is a brand that is worthy of your support and admiration? Pathetic.
I understand that you have been a Rider fan for longer than the rivers have followed and that is something you should be very proud of, but the organizations track record for over 100 years is nothing to be proud of.
This organization has been run in a manner similar to a small town general store for long enough, and it is time to move forward and become a professionally run organization.
It is understandable that some people are not emotionally mature enough to handle this amount of change this quickly, but welcome to the world of professional sports. Deal with it.
If you hadn't noticed, the amount of player transactions December/January 2016 has slowed considerably compared to December/January 2017. As Jones/Murphy/O'Day find the pieces they want the player turnover decreases.There are still holes in the roster, but with the cap flexibility the team has because of the professional manner in which it is now run these roster holes can be filled through free agency and the draft.
Mistakes were made in 2016, absolutely, but this organization is well on track to becoming a true professional sports franchise.
In the process of modernization, progress and development I trust.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately for me, I haven't cheered for the Riders for a hundred years. Only forty years, in which time they have won three Grey Cups. The rivers have flowed much longer than that! I am emotionally mature enough to handle change. As you point out, I have been around long enough to see a great deal of change. The challenge is to recognize good change from bad. Check out the free agent list. There are not a lot of left or right tackles around. Bear in mind, the Riders are not the only team trying to fill holes in free agency. That is not to mention the holes in the interior D line, running back, defensive backs, QB and a lack of excellent Canadian talent. You really think Jones can fill all those holes through free agency and mini Camps? Pathetic. I think it has run off the track and is farther than to being a true professional sports franchise.

Evan Wiome said...

Seriously? Last years outstanding lineman and a lot of other good OL are available for free agency. That list also includes some good, young Canadian OL. You can adress two issues at the same time with a few signings.

Shakir Bell is going to be available at running back.

We need DB help? Cauchy Muamba will come to Regina to play with his brothers, so that takes care of the FS spot. His most productive year was under Jones in Edmonton in 2015.

The replacements for Knox Jr. and Foster are already on the roster, Eguavon, Hunter and Francis.

Interior DL, Drake Nevis will hit free agency, look him up.

And don't forget, the Riders have more picks in the 2017 draft than any other recent draft, only missing a third round selection. A good draft will go a long way to helping further replenish the Canadian depth.

I'm sorry you don't have the vision or knowledge to see or understand what is happening.

I am really starting to think that just as the Riders have turned the page on the previous generation of players, perhaps it is time to turn the page on some of the older generation of Rider fans who clearly can't comprehend or understand progress.

TSOG said...

"Ottawa pilfered the existing CFL teams via the expansion draft! 3 players per team of which a good number of them were starters or on the verge of working into a starting roll."

Far more were players with no future, which is why they went 2-16 that first year.

The expansion draft is not why they won a championship. Of that expansion draft, I believe only 6 players were on the roster at the end of 2016. Guys like Patrick Lavoie, J'Michael Deane, Moton Hopkins...Decent enough players, but Ottawa's major contributors were college draft picks, trade acquisitions and free agents.

The expansion draft has played a very small role in Ottawa success. Jones inherited a FULL ROSTER, not just 24 guys cast off from other teams. Asking for signs of life halfway through year 2, as one poster does above, is not outrageous.

Anonymous said...

Git ! No place for Roughrider bandwagon jumpers.

"In Jones We Trust"

Anonymous said...

Ill be in if they win and all over Jones if they dont. Seriously. Ive NEVER waivered from this team in nearly 40 years. Jones has changed that. Ill always be a rider fan, bit unless this approach by Jonrs pays off BIG TIME, Ill take a minimalist approach to supporting the team until hes gone. Ill Keep my season ticks - but skip games, buy zero merch, etc.

Up to him to prove he knows what hes doing as GM. So far I am far from optimistic.

Anonymous said...

I guess if everybody listens to Evan Worm the new stadium won't be big enough. Mind you, I don't know why Evan would attend a game. It's obvious he's blind.

Evan Wiome said...

LMFAO I knew you wouldn't have anything intelligent to say, because none of your previous posts have had even the slightest relevance or intelligence.
Run along now, you've got into a battle of whits unarmed and paid the price.

Anonymous said...

Heres the problem Evan, its not just what you do, its how you do it. Jones has shown exactly just how green he is as a GM. He went crazy, fielding a CFL record number of players in a single season, had virtually all of his big name FA singnings tank, and crapped all over DD before trading him.

We won a total of 5 games in Year 1 of the Jones regime, and he has decided that he now wants to start over at QB. If he knew what he was doing, why not part ways with DD last year instead of now?

He has to produce a competitive team and the next viable long term QB, this year, othetwise I will be confident hes in over his head.

Anonymous said...

Hear ! Hear !
Well said Evan Wiome.

Evan Wiome said...

I can agree with most of what you post, Jones made mistakes as a rokkie GM. Some of them were incredibly stupid (Matt Sewell? WTF?).

He also made a ton of mistakes as a rookie HC in Edmonton, but he learned from them and won a GC in his second season. He learns and improves, that is how you move from a DL coach to defensive coordinator to HC to HC and GM.

Unless injuries become a major factor again in 2017, there won't be 100+ players coming through Regina this year. The administration has found a lot of the players they want moving forward, and now the continuity and gelling will start.

Yeah free agency was a bust in 2016, but I doubt anyone saw Capicotti and Lawrence decling that much. Also remember Greg Jones and Ed Gainey are still with the team. The Riders must have a much improved 2017 free agency to continue to progress. The new stadium will go a long way to bring good FAs to Regina.

Remember that DD took a paycut to stay with the Riders in 2016? If DD refuses that paycut, do you think he is with the team in 2016? Exactly.

And yes, all of that is irrelevant unless the team wins. I strongly believe that the Riders are headed towards contention very soon.

Anonymous said...

To Evan: Lets address O linemen first. There are five offensive tackles listed on the free agent list. I eliminated Fulton because Jones obviously doesn't want him. Of the five, two are thirty or over so, according to you, lets turn the page on older players. Of the three remaining, only one is Canadian. One of those was the top O lineman last year so he will undoubtedly be expensive. Lets remember that the Riders are not the only dog in the hunt. And the Riders badly need both a left and a right tackle. There is still two weeks before free agency so it is very possible, in fact likely, that another one or two of them will be resigned. So the odds of the Riders getting two tackles out of the four or five that might be available are slim, even if they sign one that is thirty or over.
Lets go to offensive guards. It sounds more and more likely that Best will not be playing. Who knows about Labatte. There are two guards about to become free agents. They are both Canadian but one is thirty years old.
Shakir Bell would be a good signing but if there isn't a good O line to block for him, he will also be ineffective.
Linebackers. Hunter and Francis are not of the same calibre as Knox and Foster. Equavon did look promising.
As for draft choices, a lot of draft picks are not ready to be starters in their first year but need developing. Draft picks are undoubtedly important but Jones did not pick well last year, even though he is supposedly a great talent evaluator.
I am sorry that you believe every thing that Jones feeds you. How many more losses before you realize that Jones is in over his head?
The older generation of fans has seen and remember a lot. Don't disrespect them. They have seen progress and regression and maybe they recognize the difference. They know what the mark of a great team is. Do you?

Anonymous said...

Evan: if you are as smart as you think you are, then perhaps you should know that "whits" is actually spelled wits.
I am not unarmed. Some of us work for a living. But I am glad that you feel so superior.

Evan Wiome said...

I didn't not say lets turn the page on older players, I said the Riders had. Recent events also show the Riders are willing to bring in veteran players at the right price if they fill a need.
Derek Dennis will make it to free agency. Hufnagel has let International OTs leave in free agency before, such as Stanley Bryant. MacMillan, Deane and Steward are the best of the National OL available. I think it all comes down to health of Labatte. From what I have found Labatte is going to play in 2017. If he plays, then the Riders only need a OG and an OT in free agency and the draft, which is more than achievable. Don't forget that Jarriel King has started at OT before in Toronto. Josiah St.John could also fill Best's spot if he doesn't play. And if they can bring in another/better starting OL even better.

The OL was decimated by injuries in 2016, with three or four starters out at times. That group will be much improved in 2017 because of what they went through in 2016, if they can avoid injury.

We'll have to disagree about Tyler Hunter. I think he will eventually be better than Foster. Sooner rather than later.

The draft does need to be much better in 2017, but with the number of picks they have and the considerable talent available that is also achievable.

I am not buying what Jones feeds me, I'm evaluating things based on logic and common sense, not throwing myself into a fit because my favourite players have moved on.

Evan Wiome said...

Typos happen to everyone.

Love the "I work for a living" defence. You can't work that hard if you have the time to shoot your mouth off as much as you do. And without knowing what you're talking about, bravo.

Unknown said...

Where is the schedule of events for CFL week in March in Regina?

Anonymous said...

"In Jones We Trust"

From the engine that drives In the 306, V8.

Anonymous said...

I haven't mentioned any favorite players that have moved on. And I work plenty of hours. Do you? You are on here commenting as much or more than anyone else. You see, you are having conversations with more than one person here. There are apparently several posters that agree with me and have taken up the disagreement while I am working. As is typical of Jones fans, your views are all logic and common sense while anyone that does not agree with Jones is "shooting off their mouth". And of course, none of us sceptics know what we are talking about. Why does it always get down to derogatory remarks with Jones fans? We will all be proven either right or wrong by November, or sooner.

Evan Wiome said...

Why do I think the Jones haters don't know what they're talking about? The theme of their complaints generally fall into a few categories.

Whine 1: Jones has damaged the Rider brand.
So merchandise sales and the marketing department are the sources of pride? Must be, because only having four Grey Cups in over 100 years is nothing to be proud of. And lord help anyone who tries to facilitate change because the pitchforks and torches are coming out. Its almost like the acceptance of mediocrity is so engrained that it has become a way of life.

Whine 2: Jones has disrespected veteran players.
This is true, but only to a certain extent. Lots of these players had been overpaid by the previous regime. Proof? The market paid them fair value when they went to other teams, which was significantly less than what they were paid in Regina. These salaries had to be lowered so the rebuild could begin. I will concede the comments in public about Durant were unnecessary.

Whine 3. Jones cut too many players from the 2015 team.
How many of those players are still in the CFL? Less than 10? They were cut because they were not good enough. Period.

There are plenty more, but they are all superficial and not really worth discussing.

The whole point is that the haters fixate on the past, with no forward vision at all. The team is finally moving towards consistent and sustainable success, and frankly it is mind boggling how the fans of a team with only four championships could be resistant to change. If you want to see what Jones/Murphy/O'Day have for a goal for the Riders, watch the Superbowl this weekend. The Patriots success is what they are trying to emulate. The road won't be easy, but it will certainly be worth it in the end.

Just sit back and enjoy the ride, it will at the very least be entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Whine 1: The brand and marketing is very important. It puts a great deal of money into the coffers and supports the on field operations. If you don't agree then perhaps you would prefer buying a pizza and getting free game tickets. Contemplate the fact that the Riders have won 3 Grey Cups in the last 28 years. Certainly that should be improved on but is much better than a lot of teams record. Change is expected and accepted but change must also have sound reasoning behind it.
Whine 2: Treat players with respect. Handle them in a way that other players and fans can be proud of, not with disdain. Respect does not cost anything, does not go against the salary cap but can be very valuable. Jones has been very disrespectful to players and fans alike. Respect breeds loyalty.
Whine 3: It is impossible to replace 26 players in one year so why get rid of that many in one year? Sustainable change does not come from rash wholesale change but rather from a constant seeking out of improved talent to replace what you now have.
Perhaps you should watch the NFL through the whole season. You won't learn too much by just watching the Super Bowl. Billichick is lauded because he is well known for NOT making wholesale changes. Football commentators in the US applaud him for having a knack of taking whatever players the GM gives him and recognizing those player's strengths and designing a system that utilizes those strengths. Just yesterday, Tom Brady said that the reason for his success is because Billichick never tried to change him, never tried to get him to do anything he was not comfortable with but planned an offence to take advantage of what Brady does well. I don't see that in Jones, he is often trying to fit a square peg into a round hole because every player must fit into his system. That is why Cappicotti and Lemon were ineffective here; they are very good players but Jones refused to make use of their strengths. Check out Chip Kelly in the NFL. He is a coach much like Jones, going from team to team and blowing up rosters to bring in players that fit his mould. However, he never stays in one place long because he can not achieve a winning record and ultimately gets fired in a few years and moves on to yet another team. Please do not compare Jones to Billichick or McCarthy or Tomlin. He is no where close to that calibre and never will be. He could however work for Chip Kelly.

Evan Wiome said...

Wow you're just so happy with your mediocrity that three championships in 28 years is acceptable because some teams did worse. You'll never go wrong only trying to be better than the worst.

What talent there was left from 2015 wanted to be paid too much. If you're going to rebuild a team you can't have 10% of your salary cap tied up in two players. And what 2015 talent? More than half of those 20+ players couldn't find a job anywhere else in the CFL!! Sorry but you've totally missed the point on that one.

Interesting Tom Brady fact, do you know how many QBs in the NFL are paid more than Brady? Eleven. Thats right the GOAT isn't even in the top 10 in salary. Another fact, Belichick is 14-6 in games without Brady. The point is that Brady fits into the system and does what is asked of him. If he doesn't do that and keep his salary resonable so the team can have salary cap flexibility, Brady probably doesn't play for the Patriots for very long. Belichick and his SYSTEM can win regardless of who is at QB.

I do agree that Belichick has never blown up a roster the way Jones did, but he does get rid of players for two big reasons:
1. Their salary demands have become larger than what the team is willing to allocate to that position; and
2. They don't fit into the system in New England. Belichick traded his best defender, Jamie Collins, because he refused to play within the system. Sound familiar? The system and salary structure Belichick has in place allows him to frequently change players who fit what he wants to do. These are similarities between what is being done by the Patriots and what the Riders are trying to do.

Oh, and Belichick won five games his first year in New England.

Anonymous said...

You have missed the fact that Billichik designs a system around the talent that he has available, not fit the player into his system.
No one wants to be mediocre but Jones had not proven to anyone that he can get the team to that level. Up to now he is at the dismal level. And has shown nothing to make me think he will get beyond that and even have a winning record. Perhaps it is the Jones fans standing behind mediocrity because he has proven absolutely nothing here. Nothing. This season will tell whether you are promoting mediocrity.

Evan Wiome said...

There is 100+ years of data to support my conclusion.

There is one season of data for yours.

Let the process happen.

And its Belichick, genius.