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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Regina, Saskatchewan – The Regina Pats have acquired 19-year-old forward Wyatt Sloboshan and a third round pick in 2017 from Spokane. In exchange, the Pats send 19-year-old forward Rykr Cole and 18-year-old forward Riley Woods to the Chiefs.

Sloboshan, in 30 games this season, has four goals and 12 assists for 16 points. He started the year with the Saskatoon Blades but was traded to Spokane just prior to the Christmas break. He played in just one game with the Chiefs. For his career, Sloboshan has 33 goals and 91 points in 146 games.

“Sloboshan adds skill and leadership to our club,” said Pats Head Coach and GM John Paddock. “He will be a valuable contributor on our team down the stretch.”

Rykr Cole was drafted in the third round of the 2012 WHL Bantam Draft by the Pats. In 166 games, he has scored 27 goals and has 57 points. Riley Woods is a list player and has 15 goals and 27 points in 59 games.

“The entire organization wishes Rykr and Riley success with the Chiefs,” said Paddock. “They have contributed to our success this year and we know they will translate that to Spokane.”

The Pats return to action Tuesday night in Medicine Hat against the Tigers. Puck drop is at 8 p.m. Regina time on 620 CKRM.

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Anonymous said...

Great trade for Pats! Sloboshan was former captain of the Blades and will thrive in Paddocks system! Pieces are falling in place for Mem. Cup run. Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

Chase Harrison to Brandon for Jordan Papirny to Pats. Straight across the table trade. Make it happen Mr. Paddock.

Anonymous said...

Agree with first poster. Quite the trade for a proven leader. I'm actually shocked they got him and a 3rd round pick. Home run by Paddock. Let's see what's next Pats fans.

Anonymous said...

I will say this paddock has Made me a believer in him. That said gotta feel for life long pats going the other way in these deals. Best of luck to them. Here's hoping out chemistry remains intact as well. Go pats!


Anonymous said...

Just wait until the next deal is announced....... Go Pats Go.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the trade 100% Cole and Woods weren't the missing pieces after Pats superstar players.

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate aspect of losing Luc Smith and now Rykr Cole is that the "starch" has now been effectively taken out of the Pats hockey team. You can't expect Hobbs your super star to be scrapping twice in a game. He risks breaking a hand on a helmet or a concussion like he got last year on the USA trip, while fighting. Leedahl has proven he can't or wont step up. I hope they don't try to place Lockner in that position. Maybe Bruce but he doesn't play regularly. We now have absolutely no gritty presence up front and limited on the back end which has gotten smaller, We will see how far that takes them over the tough final grind.

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy ! Memorial Cup for sure and maybe the Stanley Cup also.

Anonymous said...

Don't know much about Sloboshan, but sounds like there's a lot of excitement from other posters on here which is encouraging. Cole and Woods were both decent contributors to the organization and will be missed, so it'll be interesting to see how this all works out for the Pats. I'm cautiously optimistic! Go Pats Go!!

Anonymous said...

To the annon saying the "starch" has been taken out. Have you seen Davidson get the hit of the night in almost every game since he came? Do you know how gritty Sloboshan a former 18 yr old captain is? Obviously not because this gave us way more starch than we had. You either don't know very much about hockey or are personal friends or relatives with one of the two guys. Great trades by my alter ego. And Harrison for Papirny??? Hahahaha. And what, send Hollett down? who will probably end up a 4-5 round draft pick? Goaltending is set unless we can get Ingram which I doubt. If you think Brandon is gonna trade us their only chance to beat us I say pass that sh*t to the left dude. lol

Pon Jaddock Esquire

Anonymous said...

Starch boy it's not the seventies anymore. Fights happen but very rarely, the game is actually hockey now, goons have no role in the game unless they actually have some hockey skills.

william weppler said...

In reference to the Anon who talks about "starch". Luc and Ryker were both gritty players I agree but how many fights did they entertain? "Goon" hockey is long gone and speed combined with skill & leadership is the hockey player being looked for today...and that is what the Pats strategy is obviously based on. I liked all the players traded and wish them the best with their new clubs. I am sure they will be successful but trust JP is doing best for the Pats (short & long term) and maybe even for the traded players. I am sure Woods will be playing in a top six position soon, if not right away, giving him more of a chance to show his offensive skills.
As far as Wyatt I know he played well against the Pats and sounds like he has both leadership and skill. He was an offensive player thruout his Bantam years so adding that to an already skilled Team can only bode well for him and the Pats.
Tonight's game in the Hat will be a very good test as they too have concentrated on offense this season, scoring just slightly fewer goals than the Pats...may be a 10-9 score!...gulp :))

Anonymous said...

Well we know this gritty "leader" refused to report to Spokane so we will see if this pans out.

I would image Paddock and the group have considered this prior to making the deal.


Anonymous said...

Pon Jaddock Esquire,

Your totally wrong about Harrison for Papirny. It makes total sense. Just wait for it by end of week. But for sure by Jan 10. Good times ahead in the crease if your a Pats Fan.


Anonymous said...

I swear to you , the Pats will get a goalie by January 10th. That's the word in the Pats laundromat.