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Thursday, January 26, 2017



- Things are about to get a lot more interesting in Riderville.  TSN's Gary Lawless reports CFL bad boy receiver Duron Carter has agreed to terms with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the move will be announced by the club in the coming days.

While playing for Montreal, Carter was suspended by the CFL last season for bowling over Ottawa RedBlacks Head Coach Rick Campbell on-field during a game in June.  The Alouettes later released Carter with three games remaining the regular season in statement where no reason was given.

The son of Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter, Duron reminds me a lot of former NFL megastar Terrell Owens.  While Owens was often labelled as a distraction - and he bounced around with six different NFL teams - he's still in the Hall of Fame discussion.

However like Owens, Carter has never run afoul of the law off the field.

Carter spent 2015 with the Indianapolis Colts before returning to the Alouettes, the team with whom he broke into the CFL in 2013.


- Okay, okay, so the Wednesday report on this blog that Roughriders' personnel man John Murphy has been linked to the Toronto Argonauts GM job may have been a tad premature.

As it turns out, the Argos haven't even asked the Riders for permission to speak with Murphy and it doesn't appear as though they will.

The rumour now is Argonauts President Michael Copeland will look south to the NFL for Jim Barker's replacement and the sexy pick seems to be Chris Rossetti.

Rossetti - a former QB with the Guelph Gryphons - served with the Argos in the past in the personnel department before jumping to the Miami Dolphins in 2015 as a personnel assistant.


- And finally the Roughriders may be on the verge of losing another veteran to the NFL.  I got a tip on Wednesday that Rider long-snapper Jorgen Hus is heading to Arizona for a workout with the Cardinals.

The Saskatoon product has spent time previously in the NFL with the Rams, Seahawks and Chiefs before spending the past two seasons in Saskatchewan.  However the 27-year old missed most of the 2016 season with an upper body injury.

The Riders have already lost linebacker Jeff Knox Jr. to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and LB/DB Otha Foster has had workouts with the Saints and Ravens.

So there's lots of CFL talk down here in Mexico!



Anonymous said...

Riders store better be prepared for a mass production and out of this world sales of #89 jersey reading Carter on the back side. Riderville drooling and frothing at the mouth like hungry pigs at the trough waiting to purchase and spend their money on a bonofide football superstar collectible for the decades.

Anonymous said...

I understand that having Carters play on the field will boost any teams receiving core. It's just something I remember Chris Jones stating after he was hired. That he was going to bring in good people who happen to be good football players. In the past 12 Months Chris has shown that those words were just smoke and mirrors. As he brought in an Anti semantic racist last Summer and now trouble maker Carter. As well, Jones has talked to other troubled players down South. The latest being a QB that flopped big time in the NFL.

GWil26 said...

I'm just speculating here but maybe this is a move to add depth to our most talented position, opening up potential trade options. The last position that needed an addition was receiver it was not a weak spot so I am assuming that this would be the reason for the move. Maybe Jones is planning on using one of our top recs in a trade with Edmonton?

Anonymous said...

Looks like he's getting desperate, we had those players here already. Durant , dressler , chick , all gone

Anonymous said...

Carter is a elite player,The riders just need him to be a team player and a professional.
hope Regina is big enough him.

Great signing if it works out!

Christopher Evans said...

Not desperate... I see it as changing the culture of the locker room. Durant, Dressler, Chick, and Smith all seem to be the quiet, keep-to-themselves, lead-by-example, boy-next-door type players, even as leaders. Jones is changing over the locker room into fiery, play-on-the-edge, smack-you-in-the-mouth type players. Sure, you can have some of those lead-by-example, quiet players on the team, but you also need an attitude of domination from our leaders & core players!

Dick Rubnutz said...

Love the move to bring in Duron Carter. The kid is an elite talent and it's a zero risk, massive reward signing.

Sucks potentially losing Hus and best of luck making the show, but really, a long snapper is easily filled.

It's coming together people.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. All proven commodities. All nice classy guys. All gone. Only wants to negotiate with trouble makers but they are his guys.

Anonymous said...

Carter has more talent than Dressler and Jones is paying him less than what Dressler was making with the Riders

Jefferson is younger and more athletic and just as good or better than Chick and Jones is paying him less than what Chick was making with the Riders

Glenn was the QB of the top offense in the CFL in 2015 after Durant went down and is paying him less than what Durant wanted from the Riders

See a theme here?

Anonymous said...

You people have no clue! Is he really worse than many other players in the CFL?

Do a google search! Lots of 'Fan Favourites' are in the CFL for a reason!

This is an unbelievable signing by Jones. Carter was likely the #1 available free agent on the board and the Riders got him him at a very cap friendly price. Roosevelt-Holley-Carter. Are you kidding me! My grandma could QB this team.

Jerome Messam got cut as a young player because of attitude and actions.

Anyone against this is either clueless to reality or just has an unsubstantiated hate on for Jones.

Anonymous said...

I was very surprised that the Academy never announced Rick Campbell as a nominee for best actor for his performance on that "bump" by Duron Carter. I'm not defending Carter's past. But like Chris Jones, I'm willing to give him a fair shot to be successful in Saskatchewan. Evan

Anonymous said...

desperate picking up a top 5 receiver in the league? nice try.

Anonymous said...

Durant 400
Chick 250
Dressler 225

Chris said...

Yep you did have those players, and now you have talented players that are costing a lot less money. Its not solely about talent anymore. It is about the the proportion of the talent with respect to the $$$ you have to pay. So not desperate but is just good budgeting.

Anonymous said...

Get over the Dressler Chick thing already...jeez

Anonymous said...

Kalif Mitchell if that's whom you are referring to is not anti semetic nor is he racist.

Anonymous said...

All old hasbeens all gone. Good!
There's a new sheriff in town... Jones the name, Mr Chris Jones.

Anonymous said...

Duron Carter = all world first class athlete, speed, fast, sure handed, elite, versatile, confident, the best receiver in the CFL_ Saskatchewan Roughriders Football. AWESOME!!!!

Anonymous said...

Get over the Dressler Chick thing already...jeez

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anti "semantic"?

Lol...the irony.

Anonymous said...

To Anony #1 - let's ask all the people that rushed out and got Lemon and Capicotti jerseys last year how that worked out for them. Think I will wait a couple of years to #1 see if the player actually shows up and stays and #2 see if he contributes anything to the team.

Anonymous said...

They are gone. Get over it.

Bob said...

Chick is the only one on the list of 3 that should still be here. Dressler is a good guy but production wise u can't seriously think he is on the same level as Carter, come on now. You people who just wanna bash Jones are brutal. Go cheer elsewhere and don't ever try to jump back on the bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Carter had a couple tussles with his qb in practice last year...two times for sure, guess if that is the type of punch you in the mouth attitude you want in your locker room go ahead but it won't get you far. New Sheriff in town and his name is Jones, Mr.Chris Jones...Bahahahaha is all I can respond to that lol.

Anonymous said...

That's your prerogative, your money. Me, myself and I are "all in supporting the Roughriders football franchise" and will be purchasing Carter #89 white with green trim jersey, way kool!!!! You? you can wait at the back of the bus.

Anonymous said...

The riders are moving forward into the future not going into past

Anonymous said...

Intelligent comment with the "hahaha". #sarcasm