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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Former Roughrider running back Kory Sheets livened up an otherwise dull day on Tuesday when he Tweeted the following:

"@Sheets24K: I been thinking a lot lately that I need to make a comeback this year still unfinished business north of the border.  What yall think?"

As of Tuesday evening, the Tweet garnered 37 Retweets and 218 Likes.

However it remains to be seen if the ploy will generate a look-see from any CFL teams.

Sheets spent three years in the NFL (2009-2011) with San Francisco, Miami and Carolina before finding his way northward and becoming a star with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2012 and 2013.

In 2013 the Purdue product tied a Rider franchise record for most 100-yard rushing games in a season and set a Grey Cup rushing record with 197 yards in the Riders' 45-23 victory over Hamilton at Mosaic Stadium.  He was ultimately named the game's MVP.

In 2014 Sheets signed a free agent deal with the Oakland Raiders but ruptured his Achilles tendon in a nationally-televised preseason game against Green Bay and hasn't played since.

Sheets (left) with the Alouettes
Almost a year ago Sheets suggested a comeback via Twitter and landed an invitation to the Montreal Alouettes' spring minicamp in Florida.

He participated (as evidenced by the photo on the right), but reportedly wasn't offered a contract.

The Roughriders passed on Sheets' availablity last year and it's unlikely they'll give him a look one year later.

I like Kory Sheets - a lot - and his contributions to the /=S=/ are undeniable, but it's time he faces the fact his pro football career is over.

I hope I'm wrong.


- The B.C. Lions announced they've granted early free agent status to kicker/punter Richie Leone in order for him to pursue an NFL opportunity.

“We thank Richie for his contributions to our team over the past two years. He brought excitement to our kicking game and we wish him the very best in his future football endeavors,” said GM and head coach Wally Buono.

TSN reports Leone is poised to sign with the Arizona Cardinals.

- And the Edmonton Eskimos granted early free agent status to star linebacker Deon Lacey.  It's been reported Lacey is set to join the Miami Dolphins.



Anonymous said...

Given some of the poor performances by NFL place-kickers this year, one can only think that Leone would be a 'shoe-in' for a job in the NFL.

Larry said...

Wally needs a kicker and we have an extra one kicking bait?

Anonymous said...

you have an extra one bait? If I remember right your kicker that was playing was pretty inconsistant so what do you want for your second string, a bottle of gatorade.

Anonymous said...

No thanks. He may have had a lot of talent but he was also an awful teammate. I seen it in person when he was doing community appearances. Rod I'm sure you seen some things you can't report here on the blog with that guy.

Rod Pedersen said...

Nothing too bad.

Anonymous said...

Sheets is not eyeing a comeback. Sheets is eyeing attention and it is exactly what he got.

Giving this an ounce of actual attention is really lame. Tell me you can dig up more of a CFL story than this after blasting teams for not making news.

Rod Pedersen said...

So what's your insightful analysis on the Riders re-signing Jordan's Reaves?

Sherry said...

This is directed at Anonymous about the inconsistency of the Riders kickers. FYI Crapigna had a much higher field goal percentage (85.7 36/42 made, missed 3 converts) than Leone (68% 35/51 made, missed 5 converts). Leone averaged 4 more yds per kickoff than Crapigna. Remember it was Leone who was benched and Paul McCallum brought in at the end of the year. Plus on the bonus side all our kickers were CDN.

Anonymous said...

If Gordie Howe could do a come back when he was old, why not Kory Sheets. Look how well old guys like John Chick and Nic Lewis are still doing!

Anonymous said...

Like I said...a bottle of gatorade should do it.

Anonymous said...

why do you think people are so miserable on here? Why give them an audience to voice this type of vitroal.

Anonymous said...

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