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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


TORONTO - The Toronto Argonauts have restructured quarterback Drew Willy's contract.

According to a league source, the restructuring includes an extension through 2018.

Willy, 30, was reportedly scheduled to receive a $100,000 bonus later this month.

Toronto acquired the six-foot-four, 220-pound quarterback from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers last September.

Willy completed 137-of-191 passes for 1,473 yards with five TDs and four interceptions in 2016.

(The Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

So Durant's options come down to Montreal and Sask?


John Knight said...

More likely Sask or sit

Anonymous said...

Count me as skeptical that Montreal wants to pay a 36 year old QB a bunch of money while having two young quarterbacks stand on the sidelines all season. DD is known across the league to not be an ideal mentor because he is so focused on his own role he doesn't share knowledge.

I believe he will be back in green before the end of January.

Anonymous said...

I believe and hope that hes back in Green as well, but if he goes to Mtl ("if") I would gladly take Adams JR.....


Anonymous said...

He's 34, not 36. Count me as skeptical that you know anything about DD's mentoring abilities.

Pat Strain said...

Durant is 34 . He could end up a number of places this year . As player's contacts are not guaranteed,he could be signed for whatever amount and then released if the team feels it's not working out.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Pat! But you wouldn't give a player $250,000 up front then cut him a few weeks into season.

To me each passing week jones/murphy look smarter and smarter. (if they actually have a quarterback in mind after darian)

34/36 does the point ultimately change?

Anonymous said...

Its not the starting QB's role to mentor if he doesn't want to. His job is to win games and not prepare someone to take his job. If the coaches want the backup prepared let them figure it out.

If the backup needs to be mentored to be any good then he probably isnt who we want anyways.

Mike D.

Anonymous said...

Brett Favre's views on mentorship:

Favre famously said it wasn’t his job to get Rodgers ready to play.

His attitude on his role as a mentor for Rodgers when he was in Green Bay is pretty simple, and it makes sense. He already had one pretty tough job for the Packers.

“I think as a starter my job is hard enough to win ball games and be a leader,” Favre said. “You’re not a babysitter. So the next quarterback comes in, whether he is a first-round pick or third-round pick or free agent, but they like him. Nowhere does it say that you have to take that guy under your wing and teach him the ropes. You don’t have to do anything but win ball games for whoever it is you are the starting quarterback for. Ultimately, that’s what keeps you around or doesn’t.”

Anonymous said...

Maybe DD isn't in any rush to sign because he wants to see if Calamity Jones makes any moves to improve the worst o-line in history.

Anonymous said...

Ya agreed worst O-Line ever. What and idiot for not re signing Best and Labatte. Our o-line would have been so much better. O wait.....


Anonymous said...

Archer; an O-line is 5 guys, not two.