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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


The Toronto Argonauts relieved general manager Jim Barker of his duties on Tuesday.

In his second stint with the team, Barker has been with the Argos since 2010.

Barker started as head coach of the Double Blue in 2010, was promoted to head coach and general manager for the 2011 season, and relinquished the head coaching job in 2012, hiring Scott Milanovich.

Barker and Milanovich led the Argos to victory in the 100th Grey Cup in 2012. It’s unclear if this move affects Milanovich’s standing as head coach.

Barker, who also coached the Argos in 1999, finished with a 15-21 record as head coach for the Argos from 2010-11, and a 49-59 record as general manager from 2011-2016. He was named CFL Coach of the Year in 2010.



Larry said...

Should have been canned after he gave away the farm for Drew Willy!

Anonymous said...

Say what? Its the end of a era for that franchise. CFL back to 8 team league.

Anonymous said...

This seems really late. Why now?

Anonymous said...

No, should have been fired BEFORE he did that.

Anonymous said...

Took long enough! O'Day or Popp soon to get the nod?

Dean said...

Oh wow you can’t even call that moderately successful.
Without that grey cup win that’s pretty moderately terrible!

Anonymous said...

Tillman Time!!

Anonymous said...

Not.a Barker fan but I agree the timing is awful

Anonymous said...

So you have a high priced, "older" QB that is often injured. Is it worse to keep him when you have very capable backups (Collaros or Harris under Barker), or to get rid of him when you have unproven backups (under Jones).

BB said...

Best case scenario for Riders: Tillman gets the GM job. Tillman trades Ricky Ray to the Eskimos for a draft choice. Eskimos with a good insurance at back-up QB now trade Franklin to the Riders for a draft choice and wide receiver Caleb Holley.