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Monday, December 19, 2016



1 - The vacation is over for the MMG and I'll be back on the air on 620 CKRM's SportsCage Monday at 4:00 pm for our usual Rider Monday program.  What did I miss?  It appears not much, at least with regards to Canada's Team.

In fact the only news to come out of Mosaic Stadium last week was broken by Sportsnet's Arash Madani who reported the Roughriders had fired their training staff.  It's true, and that group consisted of Schad Richea and Trevor Len who were terminated on Wednesday.
Richea (left) and Len
And that was a difficult situation for this blog to cover.  CKRM football analyst John Lynch was confused as to why the news wasn't covered on this blog immediately but I had to point out that I'm the Voice of the Riders first, and this website comes second.

Clearly it was a delicate situation for the Roughriders and not typically the kind that would call for a news release to be issued.  This might be the only market in pro sports where the trainers being fired would garner discussion on the local sports radio talk shows but it did in Regina.

It's obviously a tough situation for me personally because I have a close association with Schad and Trevor which goes back several years.  Having spoken to the football club on the matter - and received a satisfactory explanation - all I can offer is a "no comment".

2 - Despite being on vacation, I had three appearances late last week and all of them were outside of Regina.  It gave me the opportunity to speak with Rider fans in Meota, Moose Jaw and Milestone, Saskatchewan as well as with several Rider fans in the Phoenix area.

Here are some of the questions they posed, and the answers I gave:

WHAT'S THE LATEST ON DURANT?:  Absolutely nothing.  In the middle of last week I spoke to a source close to Darian and asked how he sees this situation playing out.  "If the decision were to be made today, I'd say he's gone," the source surmised. "But we're still at least two months away from a decision being made so anything can happen."

Some of the farmers in Meota (just outside North Battleford) feel the closer this gets to free agency, the more pressure will be applied on Chris Jones from the fans to sign Durant.  However I'm not sure that will make a difference.

WHAT SHOULD DURANT SIGN FOR?:  That's debatable but Darian is a career 6-3 in the playoffs and one of those losses includes the 13th Man incident (clearly not his fault).  Over in Winnipeg, free agent quarterback Matt Nichols is asking for $400,000 or more per season and has never won a playoff game.  Neither has Ottawa's Trevor Harris.

But market value means he's worth whatever someone's willing to pay him.

ARE WE ANY FURTHER AHEAD THAN LAST YEAR AT THIS TIME?:  I'd say we have to be, but that's a tough question to answer.  Rider fan Pete Johnson sent me a list of all players signed by the Riders in 2016 and it totals 192!  That's from Melvin Abankwah (A) to Devrin Young (Y) and a heckuva lot of players in between.

Chris Jones was given a blank canvas, complete autonomy and an open chequebook to try and resurrect this franchise from the dead.  Did we think he, John Murphy and Jeremy O'Day were going to do it in one year?  We'd have been naive to think they could.

But in all our discussions on the air over the years about how long it should realistically take to complete a rebuild, I think we settled on a season-and-a-half.  Therefore, this group should be rocking and rolling by Labour Day of 2017 in terms of being amongst the league's elite.

IF IT'S NOT DURANT, WHO WILL QUARTERBACK THIS TEAM?: I don't know.  Darian Durant and Mitchell Gale were the only quarterbacks to win games for Saskatchewan in 2016 but both are free agents so it's conceivable we'll have all new quarterbacks to open the new stadium.

Sunday night a Rider representative told me via text message that no decision on Mitchell Gale will be made until the Durant situation is rectified.

As we've written and said many times, Rider management must have a Plan B for the quarterback position but they're not obligated to tell us what it is.

WHICH NEW PLAYERS DO YOU THINK WILL MAKE AN IMPACT NEXT YEAR?: That's another good question but at the rate that Jones switches jerseys on a week-to-week basis, it's tough to know exactly who will be around.  Remember they cut 19 vets with one fell swoop in mid-December last year, but those were holdovers from the prior regime.

Assuming these guys come back, I'd expect big things out of LB Henoc Muamba, REC Ricky Collins, RB Curtis Steele (if he can stay healthy), REC's Armanti Edwards and Jeff Fuller and DE Willie Jefferson.  These are the guys who figure to become household names in Saskatchewan.

WHAT'S CHRIS JONES REALLY LIKE?: As advertised, he's a tough-as-nails, ruthless taskmaster who expects no more out of the people around him than he does himself.  His bedside manner may leave a lot to be desired but make no mistake: every move he makes is for the betterment of his football club and ego will not get in the way.

For years I've looked around at guys like Wally Buono, Hugh Campbell, Jim Popp and even Kelly McCrimmon on the hockey side, and wondered why we can't have someone like that.

Now we do.

He also treats me as well professionally as I've ever been treated so I still have no complaints about the man.

WHAT ARE THE RIDERS DOING NOW?:  They are not holidaying.  Jones and Murphy have already coordinated free agent workouts in California, Las Vegas, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.  They've also scouted Division II playoff games as well as the New Orleans Bowl.  They'll be in attendance for the Pinstripe Bowl, Sugar Bowl and other assigned Bowl games.  Jeremy O'Day will attend the CFB championship game in Dallas on January 7.

3 - Of course of the 20-some free agents that the Roughriders have, they are all elligible to work out for NFL teams.  DB/LB Otha Foster has worked out for New Orleans, and I'm told the Saints also have strong interest in free agent BC Lions LB Adam Bighill.

Meanwhile the CFL's secret negotiation list draft was held on Friday.

Saskatchewan made five selections, national offensive lineman James Bodanis (Alouettes), imports offensive lineman Rogers Gaines (Lions), quarterback Jake Heaps (Eskimos) and defensive back Chase Minnifield (Ticats).

4 - Another thing is certain: the Riders have an enormous amount of work to do on and off the field to get their brand back to the top of the heap.  A lady at a dinner party in Phoenix said last week, "I don't even enjoy watching them anymore".  Presumably she was referring to the fact that the household names like Dressler, Chick and Getzlaf are long gone and the fans have a tough time identifying with players who are going in and out of a revolving door.

Winning, of course, is the best marketing tool and at 5-13, the club couldn't even hang its hat on that last season.

So for now the club is going through some excruciating growing pains and all they can really hope for is to do their talking on the field.  Sadly we're a long, long ways away from that happening.

5 - Another Rider note: former Rider quarterback Cole Bergquist (2009-2011) popped the question to Regina's Kelly McDonald on Sunday in his home state of Montana and she said yes!  Kelly's probably better known to Rider fans as the face of the Regina-based Hillberg and Berk jewelry company.

Bergquist - one of my all-time favourite people - announced the news on Facebook Sunday night.

6 - Happy belated birthday to Roughrider receiver/returner Nic Demski who turned 23 on Wednesday.  The first round pick in 2015 was the youngest member of the Riders in his rookie campaign and was the second-youngest last season.

7 - Tell me why someone would rather stand outside in -30 degree weather and beg for money rather than get a job pouring coffee and work indoors?

8 - A heckuva story from the 9th Annual Milestone, SK Sportsman's Dinner Saturday night.  I was the MC in my hometown with guest speakers Russ Howard and Paul Coffey however as of 6:30 pm Saturday night, Coffey was sitting on an airplane runway in Toronto.

However he made it, and he strolled through the doors of the Milestone rink at 10:40 pm and went straight on stage to deliver a tremendous 45-minute address.

Coffey, just as cool as ever
Here are some of my favourite quips from his speech:

"What's the most important thing about playing sports?  Fun?  NO!  Hard work.  If you want fun, go on a family vacation to Mexico or go to Niagara Falls.  Sports are about hardwork and the fun comes later."

"Wayne Gretzky was the one who started the sports tradition of taking the Cup from bar-to-bar on a pub crawl.  We did that first in Edmonton in 1984 and it was Wayne's idea.  Although we got in some trouble when a photo of the Stanley Cup on stage at a strip club ended up on the front cover of the Edmonton Sun!"

"I know you Rider fans are impatient and you only had five wins last year but please wait a month before you hang Chris Jones this year!  He's the best in the business and he will win here."

"I'd say Saskatchewan won the Grey Cup last year just because Calgary lost it.  I didn't want them to win either!"

9 - Interesting news out of the Regina Pats front office on Friday that COO Marty Klyne is stepping down to accept another executive position in the Queen City.

I'm told the Pats already have a replacement in mind, and it's someone with a great sports and business background.

Stay tuned.

10 - Next to the Darian Durant situation, the Regina Pats will be the #1 news item worth watching over the next several months.  Regina goes into the WHL's Christmas break with the 4th-most points in the league (50) but they have several games in hand on the teams ahead of them and the #1 winning percentage at .806.

It was a treat to call Friday's 5-4 loss in Moose Jaw on Access and Shaw TV and the Warriors showed the template for beating Regina that night.  However the Pats turned the tables on Saturday, erupting for five goals in the third period on the way to a 7-3 victory before another sellout crowd of 6,484.

The fact remains that when the Pats get serious, there's no one that can skate with them and they've done that on the vast majority of nights so far this season.  The good news is they've got 41 more games to perfect their game and it seems they've still got plenty of potential to reach.

Sure starting goaltender Tyler Brown had an off-night on Friday but he wasn't the only one.  The WHL trade deadline is in three weeks and we'll know then if John Paddock truly believes he has championship-calibre goaltending.  He says he does, between Brown and back-up Jordan Hollett.

The Pats continue to be a treat to watch and I'm getting asked about them more and more at these sports dinners around the province.  That's a great sign.

11 - Having two Regina Pats cut from Canada's World Junior Team has sparked a ton of debate around here.  The whole thing surprised me, to be honest.  I was surprised Austin Wagner got an invite ahead of teammate Connor Hobbs, but Sam Steel was a slam-dunk to make the club anyway.  Hobbs might have been the best fit for Team Canada out of all of them. 

In the end, the whole works cut shown the door.  Call it an Eastern-bias or what have you, but all it means in the end is that Canada had better win gold or they'll be facing an avalanche of criticism.  Even TSN's Bob McKenzie said Steel would've made his team.

The bonus is the Pats will have their top guns in the lineup over Christmas and this team's chemistry will continue to build.

The bad news is the Regina Pats - the team who's produced more World Juniors than any other - won't have a player on Team Canada in 2017.  That's about the only negative as this won't hurt Sam Steel's career at all.

12 - The Columbus Blue Jackets' nine-game winning streak under John Tortorella is a franchise record and proof that the Vancouver Canucks' problems go way above the bench.  I don't care much for Tortorella but it's hard to look past Columbus's record.  We saw them play live in Phoenix and although it's not saying much, this is the best Blue Jackets team ever.

Furthermore as Paul Coffey stated the other night, great players make good coaches so a lot of the credit has to go to Columbus GM Jarmo Kekäläinen.

13 - Meanwhile the Dallas Cowboys' 12-2 record is proof that teams get lucky from time-to-time.  Head Coach Jason Garrett may be this smart, but Owner/GM Jerry Jones is not and this is coming from a Cowboys fan.  Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot are the pearls of the 2016 Draft and a pair like that never happens!

At least Jones knew enough to let his coaches and scouting staff make their picks at the draft table in the past (building the offensive line rather than drafting Johnny Manziel) and now the Cowboys boast the best O-line in football.

It's what Jones, Murphy and O'Day are trying to do here.




Anonymous said...

He's the best in the business and he will win here.
For years I've looked around at guys like Wally Buono, Hugh Campbell, Jim Popp and even Kelly McCrimmon on the hockey side, and wondered why we can't have someone like that.

Now we do. --- BS!!!

When are you goys going to stop peddling the BS and admit that Jones and Murphy are a couple of losers and dumber than doorknobs when it comes to football. I could give you a list that is 3 feet long of examples and reasons to back up why Jones needs to be fired asap but to you it would not make any difference. Both have been riding on other peoples coattails ever since they got into the league

Anonymous said...

Hey Roddy i have to apologize because I scrolled right through the rider non news (Latest I heard is Durant is injured now?.. I mean really? . I love him but he's a long ways from 2013.. pay him what he's worth for 2017 or move on .. see Edwin or bautista). Anyways my beef is with Hockey Canada. Why bother with the tryouts. The wj team is picked long before. If it was me I'd take tbe players who are at theyre best RIGHT NOW! Your telling me that kale clague (who's great) is better than Hobbs? Really?? Or Speers who hasn't played in forever and still might not because of a broken wrist is better than by far the dubs best player (at 18 yrs old ) almost 2 half point a game player plays both ends of the rink in Steel? I am biased admittedly but this is a shame on you hockey Canada and I lost allot if respect and interest in thier program. Shame . Politics are alive and well in amateur hockey and nothing has changed. I've watched this kid become extrordinary and I know it's a long shot due to his size and the club that drafted him but I for one can only hope that cruel irony bites hockey Canada in the arse and Sammy makes the ducks next year. Never say never. For now it's the pats gain. Sorry for the rant but that's two kids that got seriously jobbed.


Anonymous said...

If I was the person drawing up the 2017 CFL schedule I would be sure to have the Rider's home opener in the new Mosaic stadium being against Montreal. I would hope that the Craig Reynolds would be on board with this to ensure that come what may, Darian Durant will be on the field that day.

Rod Pedersen said...
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Anonymous said...

haha nice

Unknown said...

its tough when a great player like Sam Steel doesnt make team canada, but id really like to see mention of a kid 139km north of Regina get some mention. Connor Ingram has been unreal in Kamloops this season and hes worked his way on to team canada. not only is he the only only is he the only kid from Saskatchewan to make the team Kris Knoblauch (also from Imperial) is the only Sask coach. Imperial is a town with less than 300 residents and 1 minor hockey team this year, it would be huge for the community to get some recognition.

Anonymous said...

Rod, your thoughts are appreciated on this: I support Chris Jones, and I understand that football is a business and at some point the team must move forward without Darian Durant. But... in understanding the fine art of negotiations and the give and take of that game, I do not understand Chris Jones' position in calling Durant a "moderately successful" quarterback. In these negotiations it is not fair (or maybe it is I don't know) to compare season to season, win-loss records, and overall stats to all other current (or recent past) QBs. Here are a two indisputable facts: #1. Darian Durant has appeared (been on the roster) in 22% of ALL Grey Cup appearances, in the Saskatchewan Roughriders ENTIRE HISTORY - all 106 years of it. #2 Darian Durant has won 25% of ALL Grey Cup championships for the team, in the Saskatchewan Roughriders ENTIRE HISTORY - all 106 years of it. How many other QBs in the history of the CFL can claim these stats - and while being with the same team? I have yet to do that research but I believe the answer is: "less than three". He has at least a year or maybe two or three left of great play left in him. He has been with us, and only us, for his entire career. He took a pay cut last year for gawd sake to help Jones build a 5-13 team. Give the man a contract deserving of his OVERALL CONTRIBUTION to this organization and let's try and get one more championship with the QB who has the stats THAT MATTER at this point in time.

Rod Pedersen said...

I had lots of meetings this morning. You'd have to specify which one.

Rod Pedersen said...
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Anonymous said...

Ingram is a great player and a credit to Saskatchewan and his community. The Speers pick leaves something stuck in a lot of peoples craw. Bob McKenzie is a pretty shrewd evaluator of talent and if he says Steel should have been there, then so be it. Every year there are at best three Quebec league picks. The show is in Montreal and this year there are what, six or seven. Go figure huh?

Under the current Hockey Canada head scout, the team has been out of the medals three out of four years…not my opinion but a fact…and not a complimentary one. Make no mistake politics are alive and well at Hockey Canada. If you think otherwise you are probably trying to blow smoke.

Bill Eng said...

I really enjoyed your play by play with the Pats-Warriors game. A real professional touch. You gave the game extra life with your enthusiasm.
Great job!

Anonymous said...

"Did we think he, John Murphy and Jeremy O'Day were going to do it in one year? We'd have been naive to think they could." - Wait...didn't a certain media homer pick them to finish first in the West last naive of him!

Anonymous said...

Your basing all you 'FACTS' on Rider history which is very impressive. Fact is Darian is a .500 quarterback. Yes, he has been impressive in a few playoff runs - three, six, and seven years ago. I love the guy and hope he's back but time marches on.

Chris Jones doesn't care about Rider history. He wants to make Rider history by creating a winning team year in and year out. Can he do it? I have no clue! Time will tell.

Is DD really still ailing?

Count me as one who thinks Ricky Collins is over rated and will be on outside looking in. In fact your own point includes Edwards and Fuller. Where's the room?

Bergquists gain is Reginas loss. We will always have Instagram.

Anonymous said...

DD's 6-3 Playoff record also includes the Rider Defensive bust on the last second Drew Tate winning TD Toss, moments after DD hit Greg Carr in the end zone for the go-ahead score, late in the 2012 WSF in Calgary. Save for 2 plays out of his control, he'd be 6-1 in playoff contests. The bottom line is that DD is CLUTCH. To say that this is ancient history, that he hasn't done anything lately fails to recognize that he had two freak injuries through 2014-15 and then a Terrible supporting cast last year.

I can relate to the comment that some folks don't even feel like watching this team anymore. I'm getting there myself - there's no identity to them. Further, I have little to no interest in watching some unknown QB take the reins and work through his own growing pains, along with the rest of the inexperience on this team, for two more seasons. If Jones wanted to go that route he should've shipped DD off last year with the rest of the previous regime's stars at that point in time.

George Porge said...

"Darian is a career 6-3 in the playoffs "

In a league where two-thirds of teams make the playoffs and you can have *at most* one playoff loss in any given season, the only use a win-loss playoff ratio has is to prop up an otherwise mediocre player or team. The fact that you even have to use that statistic to make an argument for paying Durant more should give anyone pause.

Rod Pedersen said...

It's fact. What's wrong with people like you?

Anonymous said...

Rod, don't be so sure Jones has a 'plan B' for the QB situation.

He sure didn't have a "plan B' for the O-line last year!

Personally I think he's highly overrated. He only found less than half a dozen keepers out of the hundreds he looked at last year. Maybe with proper coaching some of those other prospects could have made it.


George Porge said...

"DD's 6-3 Playoff record also includes the Rider Defensive bust on the last second Drew Tate winning TD Toss, moments after DD hit Greg Carr in the end zone for the go-ahead score, late in the 2012 WSF in Calgary. Save for 2 plays out of his control, he'd be 6-1 in playoff contests."

Might want to re-watch the 2012 WSF again. Calgary only needed a field goal to win that game and was already knocking on the door. And Calgary's kicker was having a career year. That "defensive bust" really only provided icing on a cake that was already coming out of the oven.

Cloud Strife said...

With the anonymous "stat guy" above, the overrating of Darian Durant has hit a ridiculous high.

Let's look at his professional accomplishments: he's won a Grey Cup (where his running back set a professional football record for yards in a championship football game), made it to two more Grey Cup games that he lost (a lot of people want to blame the 13th man for this one, but gloss over the pick Durant threw with six minutes left on his own 33, or that his offense had the ball with a two point lead with 1:45 left and went two and out), and that's it. No league MOPs, not even any divisonal MOPs. It's not unfair to say he's had a moderate amount of success.

What blows my mind is that people say things like "Give the man a contract deserving of his OVERALL CONTRIBUTION to the organization." This is not how you build a championship team. It's nice that he won a championship over three years ago, and made it to a few championship games a decade ago, but you can only pay him what he's worth today, through an incentive based contract.

Look at the Stamps, the class of the league. You have Bo Levi Mitchell, reigning MOP and top quarterback in the league, making a pittance at $325k to ensure the team has enough dollars under the salary cap to be competitive. That's how you build a team.

If Durant won't settle for a contract worth the same as BLM's (incentives included) then Chris Jones should tell him to take a hike.

People need to keep in mind that on the two sides of this negotiation, you have one guy negotiating with the team's best interests in mind, and one with his own best interests in mind.

Anyway, hope you had a great vacation Rod, excited to have you back on the Cage.

Anonymous said...

Did the Pats stay pat a couple years ago or did they sacrifice a year to bring on some inexperienced potentially great young guys? Look how that paid off. My feeling is never mind the Riders play in a new stadium in 2017. Bring in those potentially great young guys and give them some experience. If they do that maybe 2018 will be the start of a new dynasty. Unfortunately that means not signing some older still good players like Durant.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh, you do realize that even in the NFL all playoff teams can have *at most* one playoff loss in any given year, right? The point is that when its win or go home, DD typically wins. HE IS CLUTCH.

Anonymous said...

The real question is who will the Riders have at QB if it's not Durant? Can anyone honestly say that they would feel more comfortable going into the season without Durant? I don't see many better options available than Durant. I think at very least he should be re-signed for this season. Bring in some new faces and get them reps. The guys we had last year behind Durant clearly could not cut the mustard! Fact: It is NOT easy to find an all star QB. Fact: To win a Grey Cup you NEED an all star QB. I can't think of many Grey Cup winners that had a sub par QB.


Anonymous said...

Tell me why someone would rather stand outside in -30 degree weather and beg for money rather than get a job pouring coffee and work indoors?

Your comment show how little you know about the reality of what is happening - typical redneck comment !!!

Anonymous said...

George Porge - you should revisit your definition of "knocking on the door". Tate hit Romby Bryant on a 68-yard touchdown pass with 20 seconds remaining in that game.

Even with your ridiculous assumption that Calgary somehow gets credit for a field goal from its own 42 with 20 seconds left - it still stands that DD put the team up at the end of that game and put his team in position to win it. It was up to the D to make a stop, and they failed to do that.

Anonymous said...

Four Grey Cups with four different teams is heckuva lot of coat tails to be riding on for years without being found out . . . So we can deny reality say it never happened or maybe suggest another factor is in play . . . Competence.

Glen T said...

The quality of ths QB is written about after the win not before. So is the coach and GM.

I do understand how difficult it is to be a fan of a losing team. And, I applaud all My fellow Rider Fans in the passion they bring to this team.

But John Gregory was celebrated, and given a new contract, after winning the Grey Cup in '89, after being 9 and 9 in the regular season and having an overall record of 56-74 and a 4-4 playoff record.
But when he won he was loved.

Chris Jones was closer to having a winning season then he is credited with. If you rematch each game there were MANY opportunities to win.

I want to watch him build a winner and I am excited about the coming year.

Fact: Chris Jones is 31 and 23 as a head coach in the CFL including the 13 loss season this year. He is unique and is clearly less j terestwd in being liked before the team starts winning. I for one want my losing coach to be grouchy and driven.

And for all the detractors, please post your record as a CFL coach or GM on this blog so that the rest of us can understand why you know better then our current coach and GM!!

Anonymous said...

Jones is 5-13 as a GM in the CFL. Jones graded F as a coach this year.
Fact or Fiction?

George Porge said...

"It's fact. What's wrong with people like you?"

What's wrong with people like me, Rod? You mean people who ruin your "Slick Jimmy" routine by bringing context to incredibly misleading "facts"? Sure it's a "fact", Rod. Heck, it's a fact that Durant's been undefeated in the playoffs since 2013. Incredible feat, really, until you realize that he has played exactly the same number of playoff snaps as Drew Willy has since 2013 as well.

There are two very good (and not very flattering) reasons why Durant's playoff record looks so "stellar":

1) He's never. Ever. In his entire career. Led his team to first place in the West. He has gotten lucky a few times after backing into the playoffs, so he managed to rack up a few wins before choking, so he was able to get a couple of wins before hitting the loss column. 2009 and 2010 were really special years for him on that end.

2) He's missed the playoffs twice as a starter, and he didn't play in the playoffs in 2014. So three seasons without a playoff loss to tarnish his record.

Big Earn said...

Why does anyone bother to read the drivel posted here from so many anonymous yahoos? It has indeed been polluted by a few haters and some Eskimo fans who still feel jilted when Jones took the promotion here.

Rod Pedersen said...

He led the Riders to a first-place finish in 2009.

George Porge said...

"Tate hit Romby Bryant on a 68-yard touchdown pass with 20 seconds remaining in that game. "

It was 33 seconds left, and it was first and ten. Calgary had the league's best running back in the back field, and the league's best kicker kicking. You really think that Calgary wouldn't have been able to get 20-30 yards in 30 seconds? You really think Parades couldn't hit from 50 yards out?

George Porge said...

"He led the Riders to a first-place finish in 2009."

Ah. You are correct, he did. My bad.

Anonymous said...

George Porge - hahahahaha. I see Rod already corrected you re: 2009, so I'll leave that alone. You do also realize that your other point is also just a bunch of bunk, which proves nothing? DD went 0-0 in years the Riders missed the playoffs, so those "facts" of yours have no bearing on his playoff record. Every comment you've posted consists of ridiculous assumptions.

Nobody, besides you, is citing fantasies here. History shows that when he's got a decent team behind him, he wins. Period. Every comment you made is rooted in hypotheticals.

Anonymous said...

This blog is once again proof "You can't fix Stupid". I know it costs you money but it's time to eliminate the anonymous comments.

Anonymous said...

2009.... It's 2016 almost 2017 people

Samuel Hofer said...

how can u take that s... rod it the pats or riders would not lose they still whine

Anonymous said...

Still thinking its Eskimos fans when in reality it is unhappy Rider fans. Yes, unhappy Rider fans, we are not haters as your limited IQ thinks.

Anonymous said...

He comments anonymously. Hilarious, well, not really.

Anonymous said...

I hope Paddock isn't fooling himself about his goaltending. When you get a chance to perhaps go the distance with a team that has a chance of greatness, you had better be right. You don't want to be sent home because you didn't have championship calibre goaltending to go with a championship calibre team. It's been the undoing of many good teams and has taken many just so so teams to greatness. Goalies usually win or lose it when it comes to championships. The Canadian Juniors can tell you all about that. You don't get many chances to have a great team but it's not the first great team to fall short because of goaltending. When your starter is rated in the bottom third of the league, you don't have championship calibre in net.

Anonymous said...

The Riders signed 192 players last year and we only have less than 2 dozen that are any good. Wow - that does not bode well for 2017. Sounds like another rebuild coming up. YEAH!!!

I am not sure that there is a Plan B when it comes to the QB situation. Jones needs to smarten up and get DD signed. I am afraid that his ego is going to get in the way again!

I am not surprised that the Rider brand is taking a huge beating. Two losing years in a row. Players who are on the team that no one knows or cares about. Season ticket holders who are being asked to pay huge price increases for their tickets next season. Lots of negatives right now. 2017 is going to be an interesting year!

Anonymous said...

So tired of the Durant arguments. Started out pro signing but now so sick of it that I am ready for a new QB, whom ever that may be.
Bobby Lou

George Porge said...

"DD went 0-0 in years the Riders missed the playoffs, so those "facts" of yours have no bearing on his playoff record."

You are explaining my point, yet not getting my point. How oddly hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Mr. Shivers. He would surely up the team ante heading up the scouting dept. Roy knows football.

Dicky Doo Doo

Anonymous said...

John Frenzy surely spoke for 99% of Rider Nation today on the Sports Cage. I just hope that the Rider brain trust takes to heart his important observations about the 2017 season because they were right on the money. We cannot afford another blunder like the one with John Chick, and gambling on an inexperienced QB in season one of the new stadium would be a disaster. The last 3 years have been grim enough.

Anonymous said...

Nealon over Hank. Uhm, no to Shivers.

Parkside said...

DD puts the team on his back. But it is a team team sport. You only go as far as your QB, O-line, WR, RB, SB, D-line, DB, LB will take you.

So a veteran playoff proven QB such as DD can take us back to where we want to be. But he does need a supporting cast.

See: every other team in every sport.

Anonymous said...

Qb mentor Ricky Ray with James Franklin a awesome sight for the green and white 2017+ playing in the new stadium. Go Roughriders.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of whiney snow flakes.

Larson said...

Hey unknown that thinks Jones is riding coat tails is part of the Rider NUTCASE Nation . Go cheer for the Stamps or anyone but us cuz your an embarrassment to Rider Nation. Be gone with thineself oh Shoddie Ness.

Larson said...

Ive had enough of the Nut Case Nation Faction that dont know football and constantly call for people to be fired. Its embarrassing to the real Rider Nation who know the game and realize the process Mr Jones and his team are going through. There is not many in the league who knows and loves cfl football more than CJ. He has worked tirelessly and continues to do so even as we tweet and post. We have the best recievers in the league and our defence will kick ass next year. If CJ thinks DD is done here so be it . Support the team amd its coaches and management and quit thinking and talking like your dumb ass knows more than Jones and Co about football amd how to win the Grey Cup.

Anonymous said...

Ricky Ray and James Franklin? first they need to be on your team, case closed already

Anonymous said...

I can just as easily say DD would have gone 3-0 in the playoffs in those years, the same you can say he'd simply have lost games. How oddly hilarious that you dont get that you dont have a point.

George Porge said...

I don't believe that Chris Jones thinks DD is done. He just believes DD is asking more than he is worth. As soon as that is resolved, DD will be re-signed. Or DD will not and he'll either sign with another team. Or he will retire. I would say that all three are about equal in probability at this point.

George Porge said...

"I can just as easily say DD would have gone 3-0 in the playoffs in those years, the same you can say he'd simply have lost games."

Sure, you could easily "say" that. You could also easily say that you have a magic spinning wheel that can turn wool into gold. Neither would make you look like a particularly sane person, though.

Anonymous said...

Patience grasshopper. They be here 2017. Possibly Smilin Hank. Patience.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, I totally agree with your statement, 'give DD a contract deserving of his overall contribution to this organization.' We'll be completely disappointed if he's not signed. We were actually angry when his receivers Dressler, Getzlaf and Smith were sent packing, not to mention Chick. That was so disappointing. Our team seems decimated.

Anonymous said...

Bob McKenzie said when asked who the biggest surprise was from the cuts : "Auston Wagner, with his speed and how well he played at camp they really could have used a guy like that"

Pon Jaddock