Realty One

Thursday, December 15, 2016


FRESNO, Calif. - Orlondo Steinauer joined Jeff Tedford's Fresno State staff as defensive co-ordinator Wednesday.

The former Canadian Football League player and assistant coach was the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' assistant head coach and defensive co-ordinator this season after three as defensive co-ordinator.
Steinauer starred as a defensive back at Western Washington and played 13 seasons in the CFL.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations, smart move going to US College system

Anonymous said...

Mr Orlando Steinauer deserves his promotion to the big leagues. New exciting challenges await, good on him, congratulations! Predictable on field CFL product in a downward spiral, unstable across the board. Real football (soccer) is the new sport of Canada.

Mr. Danekie Dink

Anonymous said...

He's a smart man to leave the sinking ship that is the Hamilton Tiger Cats organization. Important note: Oskee Wee Wees are a losing football team!

Anonymous said...

Yes the CFL is going the wrong direction. Soccer is #1 in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver the past two years and will continue stealing all the young former CFL fans