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Friday, December 16, 2016


Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order:

- GAME ON!! Kavis Reed and Jacques Chapdelaine didn't publicly say it, but you know the Montreal Alouettes would love nothing more than to have Darian Durant under center in 2017 if he can't come to terms on a new deal with the Riders.

Does this change anything? It gives Durant some leverage now that another team is (or should be) interested. Does this make Chris Jones open the wallet a little wider? I still say DD goes to free agency meaning Rider Nation has more time to twist in the wind.

- The Saskatchewan Rush do a lot of advertising and marketing in Regina, but it would seem as if the team is happy in setting up roots in Saskatoon.  The Rush are playing a game in Saskatoon tonight called "The Christmas Showdown" against the Calgary Roughnecks as they get ready to defend their title. I have had many person ask me "Do the Rush do anything in Regina?" The answer is no.  Have their been any player appearances, clinics or exhibition games here?  Saskatchewan's other professional team does a good job in catering to their northern fan base. I know there's a solid Rush faction in Regina and southern Saskatchewan--so much so to the point they should do some things in Regina.

- Steve Bryce just gets it.  The Regina Rams coach knows his bread and butter is right here at home and why wouldn't it be when there are some very talented football players playing for the Thunder and in the high school system. Bryce got 4 local recruits to commit to the program Wednesday including a pair of players from Leboldus who have won the last 5 provincial championships. Of the 16 players Bryce has gotten to commit, 13 are from Saskatchewan and of that 13, 9 are from the Queen City.  One Rams coach may have let some players get through the fence, but Bryce isn't.  What you saw this year was not an anomaly!

- If Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid are the best two players in the NHL, who is the 3rd?

- Zdeno Chara played his 1300th NHL game on Wednesday night. Is he a hall-of-famer? If they let Eric Lindros in, I say why not?

- Week 15 NFL Lock of The Week --  Chiefs over Titans
  Week 15 NFL Upset of The Week ---Broncos over Patriots

- The "unis" worn by the Seattle Seahawks Thursday night in their game against the Rams are definitely one of the ugliest set of silks I've seen.  Who approves some of this stuff? Who's kidding who, they looked like sidewalk chalk out there.

- I just want to make sure I have this straight.  The Regina Pats are the number 1 junior hockey team in Canada, but will have no representation on Team Canada at the World Juniors. OhhhhhK!

- Is the WWE ever going to come back to Regina?  Perhaps the more important question is will I get my Christmas shopping done!

That's all I got.  Have a great weekend. Stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Scruffy doesn't have much to say so he takes a poke at Saskatoon, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Don't the lacrosse players fly into Saskatoon for the game then take off to where ever they're from once the game is over? No one even remotely local.

Anonymous said...

Canada will not be able to score with the group they have assembled, and Steel would have helped that. I think Hockey Canada stops looking at the big picture and over analyzes things. Since Jankowski has been involved, Canada has finsihed 4th, 4th, 1st(with McDavid) and 6th. Maybe time to change things up?

Anonymous said...

Where does Scruffy take a poke at Saskatoon? The Rush do nothing in Regina, but the Riders are in Saskatoon for camp every year and make a number of appearances. Please explain yourself Anon 1?

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see the Rush play an exhibition game or two in Regina.

Anonymous said...

If Durant chooses the Alouettes over the Riders then he is not the quarterback or person that our province thinks he is. With Darian, the Riders have a chance to be in the mix next season. In Montreal, Darian is likely to back up Cato or Adams by seasons end as that franchise starts over.

And personally, I don't believe Montreal or Toronto have any interest in signing Durant.

Comparing the Rush to the Riders is pure and simple crazy talk. Despite their recent failures the Riders are by fact one of Canada's largest sports entities. The Rush although considered pro are more on the financial and public following of a major junior hockey team.

That's not a shot at the Rush. They have been uber successful. But lets be realistic about where their market is.

Carey Price is the third, or more accurately among the top three players in the world.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have specify McDavid? He's Canadian. That's not Jankowski's fault.

Truth be told, there is no other junior team in the world more difficult to put together than Canada's. You get to put together a team expected to win every year, yet missing upward of 6-8 of the top eligible players.

Good luck!

Kris Moen said...

It is tough during the season for the Rush players to get to Regina or other Sask places since they do only fly in for the game and fly out. Did you know that NLL teams are only allowed 1 practice per week and it is usually just a game plan run through. The rest of the week players just practice with other players in their area. BUT as a franchise I think the Rush need to start spreading the attention. With the exception of Thompson who spent a decent amount of time at Standing Buffalo I dont recall anything Rush related was in Regina. I know that you cant even buy merch here.... I know many season ticket holders in Regina that are not overly happy at the moment. To pick up your season tickets they want you to pick them up from the office downtown (not even the stadium) or its $10 to mail them to you. Its only $10 but add it on to my season ticket price and hide it and it would be a better PR move or have a place to pick them up at the Rink so I dont have to leave extra early to make it to Saskatoon before the office closes. They are new here and new to the attention so I am sure they will figure it out. All in All I am excited for the season to start.


Anonymous said...

Anon 1, please explain yourself because there is no shot at Saskatoon. Scruffy has a valid point here, so please go on.

As for the WJ's, the tournament is being held in Quebec and players from the Q will draw people into the rink. I guarantee if this tournament was held overseas or in Western Canada, Steel would have made the squad.

He will be on the team next year. No worries!


Anonymous said...

If Durant goes to Montreal he is not the qb or person the province thinks he is...why is that? What is he supposed to do take a low contract for the best of a team and not worry about his own financial situation or his family and health...the guy took a contract cut once and is doing it again but wants it in guaranteed money and the way he was knocked around and running for his life cause of a crap O-Line I don't blame him. Who am I to say anything I guess, only the franchise and fans matter so he should sign for whatever they believe is fair right...grab a clue people.

Anonymous said...

The point I was making is the opposite of what you are saying. It is actually an easier job than they make it to be. Simplify and take the best players rather than worrying so much about 'fit'.

Missing the top 6-8 eligible players should be a non-issue with the depth of players here.

Anonymous said...

Note: Shortest This N' That column the Sruff Dawg he has ever written.

But as far as the Riders not ensuring Durant is signed for the 2017 season, I can only wonder how the brain trust in the Rider office fails to know its CFL history when it comes to QB's, especially in Saskatchewan. John Lynch or Rob Vanstone could tell them about the grim years of QB's thought to be "the answer": Steve Jyles, Rocky Butler, Nelone Green, Joe Adams, and Micheal Bishop to name a few. Durant has much to offer and has a year under his belt under the system. It is beyond belief that the Riders would gamble on the teams fortunes when heading into a new stadium.

@mrt_man said...

Any word on tweets about rider trainers all getting the boot?

I'd probly go to Montreal for an extra 50 or 80k. Likely wouldn't even think about it too long. However, one doesn't really know the value of the other endorsement deals that would be lost.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree 100% the Seahawk Lime uniforms are Ugly beyond words.

Anonymous said...

Third best? Thats McD. 2nd is Sid. 1st? Thats easily Shea Webber. He's the guy most guys fear and don't wanna play against. THATS who the best player in the game is.

Pon Jaddock

Anonymous said...

Durant is injured and the Riders are in a wait and see mode. DD might even need surgery. The other teams know this. Jones has the hammer in this situation.
I wonder if the trainers being fired go hand in hand with DD being injured. Trainers didn't handle Best's injury properly is the word.
Toronto and Montreal DO NOT want DD.

Clarkenstein said...

I wonder if Jon Ryan has stopped seeing stars?? What an ignorant call by Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Come on Scruffy . When it was 1st announced that the Rush was going to Saskatoon many comments on this very Blog tried to make Saskatoon the Laughing Stock of the Province because Lacrosse was going to be Saskatoon's only Professional team and that it would only last for a few months. Well Regina you were proven wrong . The Rush sells out pretty well to every game ( 15,500 ) and now Regina wants a piece of the action. How can they have players, practices or games in Regina when they only go to Saskatoon on game day and never ever for a practice. One of your followers mentions that the Riders hold training camp in Saskatoon . Well Scruffy, where else would they get to camp other than Saskatoon with it's great Griffith Stadium set up and the University right across the street for accomadations?
Would it be Swift Current, Moose Jaw or perhaps Davidson ? NOT.
As far as Steel not being picked by Team Canada. This happens, this is not the first time this has taken place in any hockey, NHL or you name it. He just wasn't what they needed at the time but we all know he will be in the NHL someday and that he is a great kid and wonderful hockey player...That's my opinion. Thank You.

The Professor said...

Awesome new book to recommend - "The Perfect Pass - American Genius and the Reinvention of Football" by S. C. Gwynne. It starts in 1906 when the forward pass was legalized and goes on from there, an illuminating history of the game.

Anonymous said...

Did not think it possible for the Seattle uniforms to get more ugly than they were then last night happened and they did, they did indeed get more ugly.

Anonymous said...

Carey Price is the best player in hockey so naturally he fits in your top 3.

Anonymous said...

If the comments about the Rush from the one poster are true about lack of practices and players not being in their community then it shows what a joke that league is. If you can't have players being in your community during the season doing what has to be done to raise awareness than why bother.

Oh yeah, if this team wasn't a winner there would be tumbleweeds blowing through the rink, but Saskatoon finally gets something they can crow about while still dreaming for a CFL or NHL team.

If the Riders can go to Saskatoon to hold training camp when really they don't have to and show Saskatchewan's 2nd city some love, the Rush can do the same.

I went last year because it was new, and yeah I liked it, but I don't watch on TV. I won't be back this year. I will spend my $$$ elsewhere. Many in Regina will likely do the same.


Anonymous said...

One thing about the Montreal Al's, they know what it feels like to suddenly be without a franchise QB. Riders could be in the same boat if they fail to sign DD

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear about the concussion suffered by Jon Ryan from the helmet to helmet hit. Hope he can recover okay and there is no lasting impact.

Anonymous said...

Rob....... You stay in Regina please. Saskatoon does not need Cry Babies like you. Saskatchewan's 2nd City has gone far and past Regina population wise and the only reason Regina has any population is because that is where all the Govt. workers are and you know it. I guess it will really hurt you when you read today that the Rush had a exhibition game last night and only drew a measly crowd of 13,000. Eat your heart out buddy and get a life.

Anonymous said... Rob, Saskatoon does not want crappy semi-pro CFL football.
What we want and eventually wil get, is an NHL team.

Anonymous said...

Twenty years later and Saskatoon is still yapping about the NHL coming there, that will never happen, its about money , population and who the hell wants to go to Saskatoon ? they don't support junior hockey. With 3 CFL cities in trouble, the CFL could fold ,Saskatoon would be the last place the CFL looks too. The Rush will eventually leave ,support will stop once the rush stop winning.

Drake ( know your ducks) Mallard

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon is nothing more than a soccer/ LaCrosse town now. Just like big cities of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Anonymous said...

i have heard same rumour bubbling up
durant injury at end of year more significant than reported
why contract talks stopped and why no further discussions have happened

Anonymous said...

Riders haven't had a franchise qb since Mr. Lancaster/Mr. Austin. A terrible franchise history at that position, hence four Grey Cup titles in one hundred plus years of existence.

Aunt Liz said...

If you haven't heard a rumour by noon, start one!