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Friday, December 30, 2016


2017 is upon us.  2016 wasn't the greatest, so let's hope for a better 2017. Here are a list of wishes for the upcoming year

FOR DARIAN DURANT -  Stay or go, the Saskatchewan Roughriders will live on without you like they have without the likes of Dressler, Chick, Jurasin, Austin and many others over the years. May you stay in Rider colours for a few more years, and you may stay employed by the organization in some capacity once your days are over.

FOR THE REGINA PATS -  That you get to see what Windsor, Ontario is like in the month of May, and that plans for what is expected to be a tremendous 100th Memorial Cup move forward

FOR NOAH PICTON  -  A repeat of 2016 and the hope that someone in the CFL starts to do something about the Canadian quarterback in the Canadian game. Time is running out.

FOR STEVE BRYCE - No sophomore jinx

FOR THE CALGARY STAMPEDERS -  A seven win season. Sorry Marc Mueller!

FOR CFL FANS - A game we can watch and enjoy again.  Your game is broken and it shouldn't be. Please make the appropriate fixes! The fact we are a month into the off-season, and there has been very little from you makes me wonder.

FOR HENRY BURRIS - That you're days in the CFL are over. Do a Peyton Manning and go out on top. There is nothing left for you to do.  Unless of course, you wanted to apply to be commissioner because well you know.

FOR THE U OF R COUGARS WOMENS BASKETBALL TEAM - A 2nd national championship. Yes, it would mean I would have to tone down the grief I give to Dave Taylor, but I am willing to make that sacrifice.........................for a while!

FOR THE SEATTLE SEAHAWKS -  An offensive line. Ben Heenan, are you sure you don't want to give Pete Carroll a call? C'mon! I'm guessing Big Ben is better right now after not having played all year than the stiffs masquerading as o-linemen for that team right now.

FOR EDMONTON OILERS FANS - That in its first year of existence, Rogers Place does what Rexall Place didn't do in its last years. That is play host to a playoff game.  This just might happen and may prompt a 3rd visit to that facility in the spring.

FOR TSN - To please realize that you don't need to put the same program on 4 of your 5 channels.  Love the 5 channels, but the same thing doesn't have to be on all of them.  You could also refresh the CFL panel a little bit in the off-season. Keep the guys you have for Friday Night Football and bring in new blood for weekend or Thursday games.

FOR TIM AND SID -  To be replaced by Jackie Redmond!!

FOR HIGH IMPACT WRESTLER ALEXANDER PRIME -  That you find an opportunity to take your game to the next level. If it happens, you could see the kid on NXT within the next couple of years. He is a talent in the making.  So is fellow HIW wrestler Mike McSugar, but in a completely different way. The "man" is quite amusing when he wants to be.

FOR THE CHICAGO CUBS -  A repeat performance from 2016, but please let's not take it to extra innings in Game 7 of the World Series. That was almost too much for this blogger to take.

FOR THE REGINA THUNDER - To find a way back to the PFC Final. It has been three years in a row the team has been tripped up in the semis.  More games at Leibel Field would be nice too.

FOR REGINA DRIVERS - That many of you discover what your signal light is for!

FOR READERS OF THIS AND THAT - A Happy 2017! Thanks for reading, and that includes all members of the Anonymous family.


Anonymous said...

Tim and Sid hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

How bout some thoughts from Arash Madani on the lack of a sellout for the Centennial Classic? He knows where his bread is buttered and there's no way he's going to bash something his employer is keying on to bring in many viewers (and subsequent advertising dollars). No, he'll stick to going after the CFL which Rogers actively and freely voices disdain towards.

Obviously Rod isn't going to throw his buddy Arash under the bus for the double standard. But Scruffy, you and Meyers should call this nonsense out. Any bad press from the NHL and NFL is all ignored by Rogers but as soon as it's anything CFL, "bush league bush league!" Obviously the CFL has it's issues but this double standard of reporting by these supposed professional media outlets is a real piss-off.

Gunderson's Yorkton

Anonymous said...

The RIDERS will be lucky if they win 7 games in the next 2 years

Anonymous said...

Spengler Cup, Davos, Switzerland,

>>>>>>> Go Canada Go<<<<<<<

PS, no square Lada/Skoda cars on display in the corners, why? It's not Spengler Cup without the cars.

Anonymous said...

Ben Scrivins HC Dinamo Minsk goaltender, since when?

Anonymous said...

I honestly appreciate the passion Mitch has for CIS football and support for Candian quarterbacks. We have heard the argument for Orban, Mueller, and now Picton.

The fact remains, most if not all CIS qb's simply aren't good enough to make the next level. Imagine the uproar if the Riders signed a 5'7 160 pound quarterback!

Look at a player like Nic Demski at a different position. He was a unreal in college football but has had a tough time adjusting to the jump. So we want to make a stipulation for Canadians to enter at the most important position with inferior players?

IMO if the CFL were to expand they would have to drop the number of Canadians dressed and the number of Canadian starters down to six in order to save the quality.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

✔✔✔✔ Happy New Year ✔✔✔✔


Mr. Mitchell Blair

Regina Pats Hockey Club

Saskatchewan Roughriders Football

To one and all a renewed 2017 year!


Anonymous said...

I echo your Calgary wish!

Anonymous said...

Thirty years ago today...

Never forget.

George Porge said...

"FOR THE CALGARY STAMPEDERS - A seven win season. Sorry Marc Mueller!"

Yeah. Good luck with that. :)

Anonymous said...

FOR TSN - To please realize that you don't need to put the same program on 4 of your 5 channels.

I'll second that.

Anonymous said...

Rod, u used to advertise " blogging the 306 ". Appears now with all the Pats talk it's "blogging the city of Regina ". How about a mention of the other junior teams. Not that I care as I only come for Rider news. Just a little suggesion.
Go Riders and "how about them Cowboys "

Anonymous said...

FOR SCRUFFY - to learn the difference between channels and regions. Important that an apparent media guy understands this.

Anonymous said...

TV in heaven for me would be Natasha S from TSN and Jackie Redmond doing sports with Tiffany Lizee doing weather. WOOHOO!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Guberson's Yorkton, but Arash hung up his tweet machine while enjoying his winter vacation.

Anonymous said...

If you are criticizing the difference between channels and regions, you have some serious issues. You should maybe sit back and do some re-evaluation there cowboy.

George Porge said...

Anon: "If you are criticizing the difference between channels and regions, you have some serious issues."

The anon above you wasn't criticizing the difference between channels; he was criticizing Scruffy's lack of knowledge on how TSN's regional channels work. Since you seem to also lack said knowledge, here's a small lesson:

Each of the 5 TSN channels is actually the "main" TSN channel for different regions in the country (TSN1 is the main channel for Alberta, and I think other Western provinces). In each region the main TSN channel is included in basic cable TV packages - you have to subscribe to a sports package or more premium cable TV package to get the other four TSN channels.

Showing the same game on multiple TSN channels means more of the country can watch out-of-market CFL games without subscribing to a premium sports TV package. I like to watch as much CFL football as I can, but I've already cut the premium cable cord and only get TSN1 now. Hopefully TSN keeps the same format they had in past years and shows the majority of CFL games on TSN1 so I can still see them. If they don't I will have to use other, less convenient or reliable methods.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Scruffy, but Ben Heenan can do his thing at New Mosaic with the green and white and not the Seahawks. #SIGNDARIAN

Anonymous said...

Who is Jackie Redmond?

Wayne said...

Can it get anymore sickening than Ferraro and Miller on doing the World Hockey broadcasting mostly when Canada plays. These two yap all night about stats after stats , where the players played , their age, being drafted. Ferraro shows replay after replay even on off sides some times as many as 3 times. He yaps when Miller should be doing the play by play . Miller throws stats out between lines when doing play by play announcing. By far the worse two in hockey and that includes NHL which they do to often.

MC Matt said...

For the anonymous commenter who pointed out the double standard that sports and football reporters have when editorializing on an CFL matter.... I could not agree more. I like Arash but if a CFL ref makes a bad call, it is a systemic problem indicating a major weakness in a declining game. They love the "declining" CFL narrative and as the alarmists garner the most attention, perception comes closer to reality. Honestly, NFL refs are no better, each crew is entirely predictable in what they will call and when they will call it. Yet everything the NFL does is amazing and everything the CFL does is fodder for ridicule. Legitimate complaints about the game are fair ball, and Mitch does this with his evaluations of the replay system and how it is managed. But generally speaking, the Canadian media attacks the CFL with a nasty slant that they apply to no other sport. Rogers Media has declared CFL bashing to be the norm and an accepted standard. Imagine if they bashed curling, Canadians would stand up to it. But for some reasons trashing the CFL is okay. How does that make sense? Don't bother answering. It does not make sense. CFL is a different game that requires different types of players. That's the fact and any need to impose some superficial hierarchy is just a dumb waste of time.

Next, DD. It is said that there is 200K left in cap space for 2016. The Darian deal could be done tomorrow. I would like to believe that football decisions are being made but I do not. Ego is in play here. The diminishing of inherited star players is obviously part of an overall strategy. Darian Durant, they guy who has more to do with the wealth of this team and the new stadium, is being treated reprehensibly by the same people who have benefitted mightily from what he has accomplished. Darian Durant created the success that now lines the pockets of the Rider brass, all of whom I'm sure are very happy with their salaries.

Trashing yet another player who created the atmosphere that so closely bonded the team and community, that led to an exponential increase in ticket and souvenir sales ... thats bad business, bad form, bad strategy and just petty. Message to fans, do not bond with a player on a Chris Jones football team because that individual's value will not garner one iota of consideration.

The Riders have the resources to properly pay their quarterback. That they are choosing not too and engaging in a campaign to smear Darian and make it appear as though it is DD's fault that no deal is done is cowardice. They say they want him back and have made an insulting offer. The same tactic they used with Chick and Dressler. The renaissance of the Riders has been built on the bonds built between the team and fans. What will the character of that relationship be going forward? All business, what have you done for me in the last five seconds and loyalty is for losers? Rider's are not seeing the big picture. They need to sign DD and they can. He is a proven quarterback, one of a very few. Show us that character means something.

Anonymous said...

Say what you will about Steven Harper as a world leader, no way, no how he would be engaged in such public ass kissing as Trump is with Putin! Yuk and Yikes!

Anonymous said...

MC Matt said, "engaging in a campaign to smear Darian and make it appear as though it is DD's fault that no deal is done is cowardice."

I totally agree with everything you said, especially this quote.
By the way, I spoke with my wallet. For the first time in years there was no Rider green under our Christmas tree.


Anonymous said...

I'm betting sales at the Rider Store were down big time this December.

Parkside said...

Interesting comments today. Happy New Years all.

Go Riders!

Anonymous said...

Who is Jackie Redmond maybe you dont have access to google, she is a little sparkplug over at Rogers- does lot of their top 50/100 etc shows, backs up the main talent on Sportsnet.

Anonymous said...

Listened to CFL Critics Corner on the Sports Cage yesterday with Madani and his lap dog. Madani made one point that he and other CFL critics should take to heart. The "CFL is not the NFL" and should not try to be. Same thing with the CFL critics, why compare it to the NFL? The NFL is based in a country 10 times larger than Canada. Revenue,attendance, TV ratings and players salaries are obviously higher. The CFL is a different game requiring smaller faster athletes. The USA also has a culture of pride and support for all levels of football. Canadians only support what they perceive to be the best. CFL critics call the CFL bush league because we have Canadian players. Take some pride in the CFL, you might enjoy it.

Rod Pedersen said...

I wrote that in my column the day after the Grey Cup.

Anonymous said...

To MC Matt: you nailed it. Durant has treated the team, the fans, the province with nothing but respect. And also has been an elite QB. He has filled the stadium. Pity that he cannot be treated with respect by Chris Jones. It does lead to a question though. If there is only 200k left in the coffers to pay DD, then which of Jones' personal favorites are being overpaid? How can you possibly only have 200k to pay for one of your key positions?
As for "green" gifts this Christmas, our house also had none for the first time in recent memory. In fact I was in the Rider store a few weeks before Christmas...alone. No one else was there. The merchandise was obviously different too. There were no jerseys available from present day players, only retro jerseys available. Narcisse, Elgaard,etc. Players that cannot be cut by Chris Jones.

Anonymous said...

Professional "collective team" sport is a business based on positive plus production/results. Saskatchewan Roughriders last regime recklessly brought long term consequence to the organization by haphazardly doling out outrageous monetary contracts to a "select few" in a mandated salary cap league, not good business practice to a professional sports entity, immediate, long term. "One, two, three man does not a team make". The new administration has offered quarter-back Darian Durant a new contract based on "their current evaluations moving forward", not on production in a rear view mirror. Whether Darian Durant re-signs with the Saskatchewan Roughriders or not, that decision is his and his alone not subject to gossiping speculation by a fawning public as he will do what's best to his personal interests. One player contract offer fairly on the table, more to come with negoitiation, take it or leave it. 2017 CFL season awaits with questions across the board. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy: Why are you just picking on TSN???? Sportsnet does the exact same thing......why do we need a rousing game of darts on 4 of 5 channels?? That's as much fun as watching paint dry or grass grow.

One thing I agree with you about is your comment to Regina Drivers. They are the worst I've ever EVER seen. You would think that some cars do not even have a turn signal cuz if they did, you would think the drivers would use them, no???? Seems no one in this town knows how to make a proper lane change by signalling your intentions first. No one uses their signals when in a turning lane.....its not that you aren't required to use them when in a turning lane, duh, you use them ANYTIME you are turning. Idiots on the Lewvan using the curb lane to zip past everyone in the other two lanes who are obeying the speed limit. No one knows how to make a proper right turn, you are required to turn into the right hand land and THEN merge into the left lane if you so want to, you don't turn directly into the left lane. Likewise applies when making left turns. Clear the snow off your car before driving, I really don't like how your car is covered in snow, except for the space cleared where your windshield wipers are. I could go on and on and on and on.........

HNY to all, and NO drinking and driving!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Any good business plan involves having a product or service to sell. In football, that would mean having a winning team or at least a competitive team so that you can put butts in the seats and sell the brand. Sometimes that means spending the money to get to that end. It certainly means having a starting QB that fans want to see. Sometimes it might mean signing a fan favorite. Yes, I know I will be criticized for that statement. I have heard it all before. It still remains that Durant will sell tickets. As opposed to starting who? Mitchell Gayle? Lefoevre? Some raw rookie? Fans like to see a starting QB that they have some confidence in. Ticket sales are money. You need money to build a winning team. Even the new stadium will only fill up for a short time without a competitive team.

Evan Wiome said...


John Knight said...

After what we have paid DD over the last 3 years in guaranteed money, I for one agree with a base salary and bonuses for games played. Bodies break down with age and I don't think we should be paying full salary for only a few games played. If he plays enough games, he will get what he is worth

Anonymous said...

Darian Durant alone is not the draw to any stadium across the board_CFLeague. (He's a mediocre qb at best). The Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club name and it's "collective on field product" (due to hard work of all involved in the organization included this blog site and the long storied team history) is the reason continued fanbase support reaches far and wide, win or lose_ Rider pride.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Okay, lets go over that list of players that you mentioned.
1.Rodgers-was on the Edmonton Eskimos practice roster in 2015. Jones
did not find him.
2. Armanti Edwards-28 years old. Played 41 games in the NFL over 4
seasons. Looked good but injured too soon to know for sure.
Not new talent.
3. Caleb Holly-a friend of Naman Roosevelt's. Jones cannot take
credit for finding him because Roosevelt invited him up here.
4. Ricky Collins-signed with Winnipeg in January, 2016.
5. Mrabure-signed with B.C. Lions after they drafted him.
6. Ed Gainey- played with Hamilton.
7. Jefferson- played with Edmonton Eskimos in 2014 and 2015.
8. Fuller- 26 years old. Signed with Calgary in 2013. Played 14 games
in Calgary. Signed with Seattle Seahawks in 2016.
9. That leaves Justin Cox and Equavon. Chris Jones saw 30000 young players, signed 192 players and dressed 102 players in the 2016 season and yet you can only name two players that he found as good young talent. The rest were "discovered" by other teams; some already played in the CFL for a few years. I do not call that a success at finding NEW talent. You are right in that you will not find 20+ new players in one year but then why would you release 20+ players in one year. And not being a superstar in their first year; right again. Which is exactly why we need Durant signed. Chris Jones has not found a backup QB, let alone a starter. He traded away our starting left tackle without a real good backup. He can't find that either. "Next man up"? By the end of the next season, we will be looking for the next man up in the coaching and GM position.

Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Who is Jackie Redmond? Please tell me you are not serious! Jackie Redmond might be one of the hottest women on sports television on both sides of the border.

I actually ran into her at a Blue Jays game this summer and talked to her for about 5 minutes. She is legitimately a nice person, and not stuck up unlike some others in the media, and some in Regina. (not referring to you or Rod either)

Happy New Year gents!

Dave W

Anonymous said...

I would rather listen to Tim and Sid over Duke Myers. I hope Rod has listeners when he comes back.

Greg adlemam

MC Matt said...

Lots of agreement here about DD. Jan 1 is now gone so obviously no last minute announcement with an allocation of remaining 2016 salary cap money being paid to offset a starting QB contract for DD for the next 2 to 3 years. The Riders don't want him and are giving him the silent treatment hoping he will just go away and you wont be mad at them when he leaves.

Imagine that the Yankees had told Jeter to take a walk once the team was not as competitive. Would that affect the binds between the Yankees and their fans? I belive so. Technically, the Yankees were paying a fortune to a guy who was still very good but an argument could have been made that they needed to be rebuilding. But they treat Yankee legends like gold in NYC. How many Yankee fans abandon their team after a couple of down seasons? How does respecting and valuing the contributions of successful veterans work out for their business?

By the way, Darian Durant is an exceptional professional qb right now.

The Riders appear to be going down a dangerous road. A road where they use "it's a business' to be oblivious to all of the elements that enable that business to begin with. The Riders now have no allegience to the names that provide bonds that make the business something more durable than the immediate win/loss record. By deciding that players are interchangeable and unimportant to a winning strategy, the new Rider leadership group is betting the house on winning. Because winning will be the only way to keep fans interested.

Fans won't have patience or connections with players because those just will not have a chance to develop. Basically, fans will not have a chance to connect with favorite players so the ONLY thing to connect with will be winning. If the Riders lose, the reasons to cheer diminish because hey, we don't know these players anyway. The average Rider career will be a couple of years at best. I think it is a mistake.

Poeple love the Riders because we know them. Like Rod said before Christmas, the Rider chef is a celebrity! Things are changing. The Riders may eventually be a winning team, although I feel that a CFL strategy of picking players by measurables does not work in 3-down ball, they may win. Chris Jones has always worked with other people's players and now that he is picking the players maybe this will be the time when picking by measurables works even though it has failed countless times before. He is a talented football man no doubt about it. But he is certainly going to have to win to keep people interested.