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Thursday, December 1, 2016



The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced the following roster moves:

·       International defensive back Buddy Jackson
·       National fullback Bryn Roy 
·       National running back Matt Walter


Anonymous said...

No big loss there.

RIP Joe McKnight said...

"Was Race Involved? The shooter was white and McKnight was black. I'll let you decide on that one."

How about we let the facts of the case come out rather than make assumptions that it was motivated by race.

Also, could a moderator of this website please remove the post of the anonymous idiot who posted "No big loss there."

What a troll, BS like that is incredibly disgusting.

McKnight was a teammate, a brother, a son, and was taken away from us far too soon and in such a senseless way. No big loss?!? For the play by play voice of this team or someone who works for him to let this sneak through is horrendous

Anonymous said...

Relax dude, your on the wrong article.

Val B said...

Are you nuts? What team were you watching...he was doing well and only with us since Sept. Two families have lost a brother and son.
You're rude and should be offering an apology to all of them. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Can u not see the first anon was taking about the transactions??