Realty One

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


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REGINA - Before a third straight sellout of 6,484 fans in the Brandt Centre, the Regina Pats downed the Brandon Wheat Kings 7-4 Tuesday evening in the first post-Christmas game for both WHL clubs.

Veteran forwards Adam Brooks (3-2-5) and Sam Steel (1-4-5) led the way for the Pats, each with five point nights.  As much as the Pats tried to pull away, they just couldn't shake the Wheaties as the game was tied 1-1 after one period and Regina led 4-2 after 40 minutes.

The Pats led by as much as 5-2 in the third period however a pair of quick goals from Brandon's Tyler Coulter and Ty Lewis made it a 5-4 game midway through the frame.

However Steel scored the eventual insurance goal with 9:14 to go and Brooks iced it with an empty-netter with just :56 left on the clock.  Also scoring for the Pats were Austin Wagner, Dawson Leedahl and Connor Hobbs.

Hobbs was my first star, engaging in a pair of fights as well as finding the back of the net.  He wound up with 25 penalty minutes including a 5-minute major for kneeing and a 10-minute misconduct at the 12:50 mark of the third.  That ended his evening.

Regina outshot the Wheaties 36-35 as they improved their home record to 13-0-4 on the year.

Tyler Brown picked up the win in the Regina goal making 31 saves while Brandon's Jordan Papirny took the loss making 29 saves.

The Pats were 2/4 on the powerplay and 10/10 killing penalties.

Regina (23-3-6) visits Brandon (15-15-4) in the back-end of the home-and-home series Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm on 620 CKRM.



Anonymous said...


william weppler said...

That was a wild affair tonight. Exciting action and a bit of everything. I don't say much about the reffing usually but it did leave a bit to be desired tonight I thought.
Hobbs was a beast but it may cost him a game or 2 for 2 fighting majors, and a "kneeing" penalty. From the replay I am not convinced it was a knee but assume the League will review, and make the call.
The PK was unbelievable tonight...I think in the 1st period Wheaties had 4 PP's and a total of 8 shots for the entire period...10 for 10 PK's overall will certainly move up the %.
Brooks was also flying tonight, and if Wags didn't have "stone hands" would have had a few more points. Wags can fly but his touch is non-existant most of the time, especially on break aways :))
Should be a good one tomorrow night back in Wheat country.
PS - thought the new DMan Davidson made a great impression, especially with the "hit of the night"!

Morgan said...

The boys from Brandon were no match for the men from Regina tonight!!!

Anonymous said...

Big League play by Hobbs and it most definitely wasn't a kneeing penalty. As for the new guy Davidson it was as great hit to show his teammates what he can do, but I hope it was just nerves in his first game because he gaffed the puck up a few times in the Pats end. Brown looked allot more comfortable and made some great saves, looking like the Brown of old. Going to be a spirited game in Brandon. Go Pats!

Anonymous said...

I will agree that Bennett and Watt did a terrible job last night. Our guy get nailed from behind and blood is drawn, and they give Brandon a 4 minute minor?? The call a goal off twice and from upstairs, and then reverse after the timeout?? That's unheard of and crazy. Hobbs and the Brandon guy got caught in awkward positions and Hobbs gets a major…and the Brandon guy didn't even go down??? How about a 4 minute minor?? The disparity in calls is becoming alarming.

However other than that it appears some posters live in the Willy Wonka world. Listen to the post game and read the LP and it clearly matches the game. Like the last MJ game, the Pats really only played the last period. Brandon was with them all the way. Brandon are big and have speed to match. They're very physical while the Pats are not physical at all. The two fights don't count and it was the same guy both times. Where is anyone else?? ie; Leedhal or Smith. Right he's gone. Brandon will get back the best young player in Canada and maybe the world in Patrick. They will have Clague back after the WJC. If they make a couple good trades, the Pats are going to be in big trouble if the face them first round. The Pats were fortunate tonight. Brown was weak again with three soft goals and 4 on 35 shots which is a sub par performance again. The good thing is that Papirny was equally bad.

Anonymous said...

Refs were reeeeeeal bad, have been a lot against us this year. We will continue to beat them too. And to the annon who said Davidson "gafted" the puck a few times in his own end........ WTF were you watching? the kid didn't make a mistake. Don't throw out dumb comments if you don't know the game please.

Pon Jaddock

Anonymous said...

A guys gets 25 minutes in pentalities and has two fights and he deserves 1st star. Hey Rod this is the CHL not the WWF. You are a great sports person but sometimes you make dumb comments!

Rod Pedersen said...

My blog, my opinions.

Anonymous said...

whl refs now attending in-season on the fly cfl referee school.

Anonymous said...

It was a spirited game, both teams had plenty in the tank and you could tell with the speed both teams displayed.
The officials...Not sure what they witnessed on the goal that was not allowed then allowed. Knee to knee not a chance happened directly in front of us. 4 minutes for boarding to the Wheat Kings C'mon Refs
Who was the back up for Regina? Paddock?

william weppler said...

I guess WHL felt it was a knee - Hobbs out for 1 game...assuming that will be tonight :((...I think the call was crap. Just MY opinion RP...LOL

I saw Davidson make a couple of mistakes but 1st game jitters and Hobbs makes mistakes too...liked Davidson for the most part...and a good couple years left. Paddock looking to the future but he will indeed help this year however far in the playoffs the Pats go.

Anonymous said...

"Pon Jaddock" I didn't condemn Davidson for the rest of the season I just stated I hope it was first game gitters, and I agree with William Weppler there was more then him that made mistakes on the D. As for him playing a perfect game I hope you are not a scout for the Pats!

The Professor said...

There is an amazing new coffee table type book that is worth picking up:

"The NHL 100 Years in Pictures & Stories" by Bob Duff and Ryan Dixon.
The quality is off the charts.

Anonymous said...

Hobs will either be in NHL starting every game for Capitals next season, or their AHL team. Just like Provorov (Brandon last year) has started all Philadephia Flyers games this season.

Anonymous said...

Pedersen states:: My Blog My Opinion. How Childish Can That Get ?

Anonymous said...

I was at the rematch tonight in Brandon, and posting my comments here as there is no story up as of right now. I will also state upfront that I live in Brandon, so you can attach any perceived bias you wish, although I am a fan of the game first and foremost, no different than most who regularly comment upon this great site which Rod hosts, and I am also one of Western Manitoba's Riders diehards (and have been since the time when the team was mired in dysfunction for years with there being no bandwagon to jump on or off like in recent times). Anyways, maybe there was too much turkey or Christmas cheer, or it was yet another example of the inconsistency which comes with junior hockey, but in my humble opinion, Regina is not yet at a level where they stand out head and shoulders from the pack. They had plenty of chances up front and just could not finish, with the speed of many of their forwards on full display. However, and I recognize Hobbs and the Russian D were not in the lineup, the D played fairly soft, and it makes me think that a team with some bigger more aggressive players could cause the Pat's some problems in a playoff series. WhileI believed he looked good when they were in last year, as did Hallett, Brown seems to lack some confidence; he made some good stops but was a tad shaky at other times, which is not made easier when your team is peppering the other goalie, and that tender is standing on his head. Paddock seemed frustrated on the bench, and I can understand why to an extent, in that while the front runner, this team is not unbeatable, and as a comparison, is not as strong as what Brandon was last season. Actually, and not to stir the pot, but Moose Jaw looked as good if not a bit better when they were in Brandon earlier this year. Actually, it was a bit of a disappointment tonight as Steel was largely ineffective, while Brooks had the effort but no results. Wagner was electric with his speed but had no touch around the net. So, one game, and half a season to go, with playoffs being a grind, and while this teamay very well win it all, I would not be planning a parade down Albert Strest just yet. It is not the same without Kelly's constant presence this year, but once Patrick is back as is Clague, and if Papirny could stand on his head, I would call it an upset but not an unthinkable event if Crimm's club was to beat Regina yet again if they met this year in the playoffs. Sorry to be a realist, but as much as this is a good team with a solid coach, they did get out worked at times tonight and appear to lack a killer instinct at this juncture of the season.
Time will tell if this will be their year to advance to the Mem Cup.

william weppler said...

Some very astute comments.I watched the game on whllive and it certainly wasn't the exciting game it was the night before.
Given that Hobbs, Sergey and Ahl weren't playing we were missing a lot of size on D and upfront so not too worried about that.
The Pats have 3 regulation losses and every good team is going to have a stinker once in a while...actually JP tought they stunk the night before in the 7-4 win,so what do we know. Haven't heard what he thought about last night.
Both goalies played well but the posts helped Wheaties more. You say Brown looked shaky? In what way. He is an unorthodox goalie so is down a lot and looks scrambly but if not for him last night would have been a lot worse. Only goal he let in was a deflection off our D's stick.

As far as a parade...only some non-fans and non-Pats fans are talking about a Memorial Cup win. The Team was built for next year when we hope to get the Cup in Saskaatchewan, and Paddock is surpirsed they are as good as they are this season. It puts them in a predicament for sure.